Love Song


Len loved her since the time he can't remember. He loved her more than anyone else. However, she was his SISTER. That didn't stop him from loving her romantically, so how can he when he needs to?

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Normal POV

"Ahh! We'll be late if you don't hurry up!" a short haired blonde with a large bow on her head, propped to the side, shrieked.

"Alright! Alright! I'm coming." A sweet yet playful tone answered her. She tapped her foot and fingers impatiently as she waited for her to descend from the stairs. After a few moments, the girl finally raced down fully groomed and looking so radiant.

"I'm FINALLY ready." she beamed at the once annoyed yet awestruck blonde. The blonde just rolled her eyes and proceeded to the car awaiting them.

"You always do take your sweet time preparing for everyday, don't you?" she complained yet again as she hopped inside the car.

"Well, I am a lady after all." the teallete reasoned.

"You do know that someone gets so grumpy whenever we make him wait." she said and darted her eyes towards another blonde that looks like her, a male counter-part that is. His bright aquamarine eyes glared at the two ladies but softened immediately when he saw them grining widely. He let out a sigh and asked their chauffer to take them to their school. It was about a 30 minute drive before they reached their academy.

"Hey! Did they repaint the school's name again? It's like gold. They really are a bit showy." The blonde girl mentioned when she noticed the change.

"Well, Vocaloid Academy, after all, is a prestigious school. It's not that easy to get in here." The tealette said, trying to defend the unnecessary show off.

"Don't just stand there chatting, Hurry up or we'll be late." a deep, cool voice called for them and caught their attention before they all took off in a sprint to get to their class at least on time.

Miku's POV

I am Hatsune Miku, the second eldest of the siblings, my brother and sister is Len and Rin Kagamine, the twins. We don't have the same last name since I took my Mother's maiden name before she passed away. Father said that she wasn't able to marry him because she wanted to deliver me first, saying she'd look like a bloating fish wrapped in a nori* if she wore a gown and walk down the aisle. Meiko-neechan, the eldest of us four, got married already and left the twins in my care. We may be still high schoolers but we can manage ourselves, though the only guy in our household does the chores, Len. He is very talented, sweet and kind. He can get grumpy, cold and annoying sometimes but that only adds to his charm. He does the housework since Rin and I can get a BIT clumsy sometimes. Rin is the sweetest little devil you could know. She is kind in a way but a devil when she schemes. She has a sharp mind which she developed from watching crime solving movies and dramas, I swear, no one could tear her away from the TV once it starts. She is a bit shorter than Len, who is the same height as me. She has this short blonde hair that she always ties in a big white ribbon. She and Len, being a twin, have the same eye colour; bright aquamarine. We all live in a mansion which our parents left in our name. They seldom go home so we were always in charge of things, not that it's anything surprising. And Oh! We are all students but a celebrity at the same time.

"Hatsune-sama!" someone called me.

I whipped my head to their direction and saw a group of boys wearing a headband with scribblings 'We Hatsune-chii'. I flashed them a smile before turning back to my way. We were already passing by a lot of students and they always say the same thing.

"It's them, the trio."

I swear, I just want them to treat us like normal and not like some heavenly beings, it really puts me off. I sighed as we continued running till we completely came to a halt in front of a door. Len stepped in, opening the door for us.

"Uhmm.. Good Morning." he said to grab their attentions, but honestly it was uncalled for, since he already got their full attention, even the teacher stood there frozen, awkwardly gaping at us.

"Ermm.. Sorry if we were late." I said when they didn't move a single muscle. The teacher cleared his throat and paced forward us.

"Please do introduce yourselves to the class." he said with authorative voice.

"Okay! I'll go first!" Rin beamed and skipped to the front while Len and I followed her silently.

"Well, as you all know already, I am Rin Kagamine. I am the twin sister of Len Kagamine and the younger sister of Miku Hatsune. Pleased to meet you." she said with a wink and turned to us. Len followed after her and introduced himself.

"I am Len Kagamine, as Rin told you, I am her twin brother. Nice to meet you." he said shortly and coolly while keeping his hands inside his pockets and turned around with a shrug. I followed after him and this is where all of them stared intensely, boring holes right through me.

"Uhmm.. I'm.. I'm Hatsune Miku. Please take care of us from now on." I introduced, feeling a bit nervous under their scrutinizing stares and bowed.

"Well then, please take the chairs at the back, front and the window-side portion." he instructed as he pointed the current empty seats.

"Thank you sensei." I thanked him as I flashed him a smile. He stared at me for a few moments, when he didn't seem to want to let me out of his sight, Len finally stepped in between us and held my wrist.

"Excuse us Sensei but you wouldn't mind it if we all sit together at the back portion, will you?" he asked and threw him a stern look, which almost seemed like he was glaring.

"Oh." he finally said when Len successfully snapped him back.

"If you insist, that's if your class-" he paused as a clatter of chairs reverberated in the air, catching our attention. A group of three people stood up and sat at the chairs that were supposed to be ours.

"-mates agree." he finished.

I guess they're letting us take those?

I thought to myself. I turned to Len, who took a quick glance at me and turned back to the teacher.

"It's settled then?" Len said, a trace of smirk slowly crept up to his face.

"Then please take your seats." the teacher said and looked at Len with annoyance in his eyes. They continued their staring contest till Rin yanked me from Len's grasp. Len stiffened and abruptly turned to Rin, happily skipping to our seats with me being dragged by her. Len just sighed and followed after us. I was supposed to sit at the chair near the window when Len took a seat there. I settled in the chair beside him while Rin was beside me. Nothing was too special about the day except for the students taking sideway glances at our way and a few whispers, giggles and chuckles which is obviously directed at us. It was becoming uncomfortable, so I shifted endlessly on my seat. Rin and Len seemed to have noticed me and so both of them diverted the attention from me to them. Rin smiled awfully cute and Len smiled so coolly that everyone who was looking at them blushed furiously and turned away. I let out a breath I didn't notice I was holding and relaxed. Len and Rin both grinned at me which made me somehow a bit embarrassed and blushed slightly.

"What?" I whispered loud enough for them to hear.

"You're so cute." both of them said with an adorable smile and grin, thus intensifying my blush.

"Sh-Shut up!" I whispered and pouted. They just giggled at me.

Len's POV

Miku sure is cute when she's embarassed, well no, not only when she is embarassed but in every expression she does. I'd always find myself staring at her longer than I'd expect.

"Len?" her sweet angelic voice called me.

"Yes?" I answered as I stared into the teal orbs of my angel.

"Is there something on my face?" she asked tilting her head to the side and furrowed her brows.

"No, you're just cute that I couldn't take my eyes off you."

"There's nothing." I answered with a smile I only show to her and my twin.

"Then why are you staring at me? If your gaze was a drill, I'm sure I'd be full of holes by now." she joked and giggled.

Ah, she's just so cute.

"Well, There is. Here!" I told her and reached for her face. She just stared at me and remained still.

"Close your eyes." I commanded softly which she obeyed. She closed her eyes as I softly trailed my fingers on her smooth skin. I pulled my hand back and waited for her to open her eyes.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, just some dirt." I said with the usual pretense and shrugged. I did a little wiping of my finger to convince her there really was one, when in fact there wasn't.

"Thank you." she said, accompanied it with her sweetest smile only me and Rin has seen.

"You're Welcome." I replied with my cool smile.

Miku is older than me by a few months only, that's why I never call her Onee-chan or Miku-nee, it feels awkward to call her like that too. Ever since I was about 7 yrs. old, I have always liked her, not like a sibling love but I love her as a woman I'd want to marry someday. I wasn't aware of how the society would see it nor did I care, I just loved her honestly. By the time we first entered middle school, the feeling never ceased but instead deepend. I was already aware that siblings are not allowed to fall for each other, and it was killing me from the inside just thinking about it. Yes, I was in that age too that I'd start having erotic dreams about her and I'd always find myself wet when I wake up.

Well, I only do react to her.

It was bugging me so much that I started distancing myself. I even admitted to myself that I really do have a sister-complex. I mean, I love my sister and am having wet dreams about her, that certainly is not something normal. I know it hurt her that sometimes I'd be cold towards her but if I won't do that, who knows what I might do to her? I simply couldn't bear to hurt her like that. It's fine that I suffer alone, just not her, just not the one that I love.

"Len?" her voice snapped me off my trance again.

"Uh, yeah?"

"Do you not want to eat lunch with us?" she asked in a sad face and voice.

aww! don't give me that look! it's harder to refuse if you're like that.

I complained to myself.

"Of course I'm going, you didn't have to look like that, and besides I want to see your reaction on your bento." I said and smiled at her. She smiled back at me and grabbed my wrists.

"Then, Let's go? Rin said she'll catch up later, turns out because of hurrying me, she forgot her lunch." she said as she dragged me out of our room.

Oh? Is that so? Wow! Thank Goddesses for Rin's clumsiness. I certainly owe you one for letting me be alone with Miku.

I happily thought to myself as I let her drag me around. I was so happy that I couldn't help but grin at the thought. She led the way to the rooftop where the breeze was cold even though the sun was at it's peak. It can view many spectacular areas and certainly relaxes the nerves. I stared at her as she gaped excitedly at the sceneries before us.

"Hey Len, Isn't this place awesome? to be able to view scenes like our house does, it truly is magnificent." she beamed like a child.

Yes, this girl, loves the nature so much, no too much that I'd sometimes feel a bit jealous over them. Yeah I know it is pathetic, but come on, the plants get to recieve so much love from her but I only get a small share? What the heck is wrong with her world, but, ironic as it may be, I also love to see her happy even if it's because of that. I want to preserve that sweet and relaxed smile forever.

"Stop twirling or you'll-Miku!" I cried as I dashed to catch her. Fortunately she landed in my arms with a soft thud. She was squeezing her eyes shut but reopened them as she wondered why she didn't feel pain.

Of course, she didn't collide with the floor after all.

"Are you fine?" I asked when she remained still. I'm sure I looked so worried about now, why wouldn't I? she almost fell on the floor with a strong impact.

"Uh.. Ye-Yes." she answered with a slight stammer.

Boy, must have scared her.

I set her down and sat beside her, running a frustrated hand through my blonde hair.

"Geez, you always are reckless aren't you? Can you stop being like that?" I blurted out rather in a harsh way. I quickly turned to her to see if she was hurt with my words. She was! Panic suddenly took over my system and I froze.

"I..I'm sorry for being a pain in the head Len.. I'm sorry so please don't be mad." she said between her sobs. I felt so horrible and angry at myself for allowing such words to come out of my mouth. I quickly wrapped my arms around her, engulfing her in a hug. My hand was on her nape, pressing her closer to me while the other rested on her back.

"I'm sorry too. I didn't mean it that way, I was just scared to think what might happen to you if you collided against the hard floor."

She stopped sobbing and wrapped her arms around me too. Just that gesture was enough to make my heartbeat rise a few notches.

"I'm so sorry." she whispered against my chest.

"I know." I comforted her till she completely relaxed. It was hard to separate from the hug but I know better than to do that.

"Hehe, Len really is reliable. I am sure your girlfriend would be so lucky to have you." she complimented as she wiped her tears and replaced them with a smile.

I did all of these things for you Miku. I learned everything so I could be of use to you, so that you would notice me. Are my efforts still not enough?

I thought as my smile came out weaker than I expected. She looked at me with worried eyes and was about to ask me again but Rin chose to save me at that time.

"Hey! Sorry for making you wait!" She burst in, pushing the door open, halting Miku from reaching out to me while we both turned to her.

"What's wrong?" Rin asked when we literally froze.

"Uh.. Nothing." Miku said and brushed everything off.

"Shall we eat then?" Miku asked and walked toward Rin. They both turned to me while I stayed sitting on the floor. I glanced to my hand but didn't see my lunch there.

Wait. I had it with me.

I thought as I tried to recall, my sight then drifted to the upside down lunchbox not far away.

"Oh." I said as I stared at it. Miku and Rin both stared at each other before they burst into fits of laughter.

"What?" I growled at them but was just really intended for Rin, I don't care if Miku makes fun of me, at least I was able to make her laugh.

"Nothing, it's just that you're so pathetic." Rin said, finally able to control her mirth.

I AM pathetic but not in that kind of sense.

"It's fine, I'll just share my bento with Len since it's partially.. my fault." she almost whispered the last part. If we weren't too close, I sure am gonna misunderstand her slight blush.

Whoa! Talk about lucky! Today's a lucky day for me! Thanks lunch!

I screamed mentally as I felt all giddy with just the thought of sharing a meal with Miku.

"Are you really sure you're fine with that? You do have a big appetite Miku, I can share with him if you like." Rin offered.

Oh no you're not ruining this moment.

I threatened, but just inside my head as I stood up. I was about to dash to her and maybe lock her up for a while or something, just render her incapable of ruining this moment.

"It's fine." Miku's voice snapped me off my evil schemes.

Now I really just had an idea which was very Rin-like.

I thought, and just the thought sent cold shivers down my spine.

"It's my fault so it's fine." Miku continued and immediately ended the discussion with just one sweet smile. She then linked her arms with Rin and mine and started dragging us to a space in the rooftop. We squatted on the floor, we may be celebrities but we aren't that much of a snobby brat that won't squat, we are just like normal teenagers if not for our early occupation.

"Say did Luka-nee scheduled us for a voice-recording tonight?" Rin suddenly asked.

"No, I don't remember having any today." Miku answer as she opened her lunch box.

"Then we are free, right?" Rin asked excitedly. Miku turned to her and appeared as if thinking before she gave off a sweet, happy smile.

"Yes." she answered.

"Then can we stop by somewhere on our way home?" Rin asked her. Miku turned to me before turning back to Rin.

"It's fine, I guess." I answered when I got what she tried to tell Rin. Rin pumped her fists and cheered.

"Yeyy! Thanks Len!" she beamed before turning to her lunch and started devouring it. Miku, on the other hand, turned to me with the chopsticks pinching an omelette on it and held it over to me.

"Ahh~" she said with a sweet smile. I couldn't stop my blush at that time and so I chose to turn away.

"I-I'm not a baby! so don't feed me!" I said defensively.

"Okay." she said with a sad voice. I whipped my head back to her about to say something when she immediately took that chance to push it in my mouth.

"There!" she said happily.

What the-! I know it's like a dream to have Miku feed me and I am so happy, but at the same time, it is just too embarrassing!

I screamed mentally and was about to complain again when she plopped another food in. So our lunch went through with her feeding me as she fed herself. I was too happy at that time that I wished time would just stop at that moment.

I really do love this girl.

I admitted as I stared at her happily munching on the food I made her.

"Call me Weird, Call me Idiot, Call me Pervert, Call me Crazy. I don't care, I just really love this person before me; my Sister."

And so, I'll be waiting for reviews okay? Tell me if you have some problem with it and I'll fix it right away! Please do review guys cause my decision to continue thos or not all depends on your reviews. Thanks.


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