Love Song

Whose Cooking?

Whose Cooking?

Miku's P.O.V

He stalked towards us and ripped my hand out of Kaito's grasps that it actually hurt me. He bowed before the doctor and began to pull me away as he said "Class is still going on, Miku."

He dragged me out of the building and brought me to the back where a sink used by those sports club members is. He opened the faucet using his free hand and then drenched my hand that was in his other hand with the running warm water.

"Le-Len?" I called his name, but he didn't seem to have heard me as he picked a soap and started to rub my hands painfully.

"O-Oww. Le-Len.. It.. It hurts." I managed to say and tried to pry my hands away from him. He suddenly stopped and rinsed my soaped hands before he kissed them.


"Was it enough?" He suddenly asks.

"What?" I asked back. I didn't understand what he meant with it after all.

"Was I able to rinse off the feeling of his hands?" He exclaimed as he raised his gaze up to me. Hurt reflected clear as the sky in his eyes. He was really hurt that I could feel him tremble a bit.

"I.. I didn't like the fact that you offered to take him to the infirmary.. You even had to hold his hands. I hate that. Whenever I think about it. It hurts so bad right here." He said and placed my palm on his chest.

"I'm sorry, Len. I just felt responsible he was injured. Well, it really was my fault, but when you chose to enter in the scene, he just suddenly held my hands." I told him honestly. He held my shoulders before he engulfed me in a hug so tight I'd normally want to break free from its tightness. But I didn't. I needed Len's embrace. I needed to feel that everything isn't one-sided at all.

"Please Miku.. Please don't let him touch you carelessly again." He whispered in my ear.


"I am not normally like this, but when it comes to you I am overly greedy, Miku. I know it's not good but I want all of your attention to be mine. I want everything about you to be mine Miku. I want you to be completely mine and mine only." He confessed.

Normally, a lot would feel repulsed by this kind of over possessiveness, right? But to me, it's kind of sweet. I mean, it only means he loves me so much, right? So, call it me being weird and all or whatever but I felt really giddy with happiness when he confessed those to me that I couldn't help but kiss him.

He was taken aback when I suddenly initiated the kiss, but who cares? I could hardly keep my happiness and those hyperactive butterflies contained, you know? And it's not like anyone could see us in this secluded and hidden part of the campus.

After a few seconds, he returned the kiss by deepening it and letting our tongues dance sweetly. He nibbled on my lower lip as his mouth gradually went lower. He licked my neck and down to my sternum. The love bite he left there vanished days ago and when I felt him nibble on that spot again, I quickly bit my lip to stop a moan from escaping as it felt incredibly good and I grabbed his shirt strongly.

He left the spot and then kissed me back on my lips before his lust filled eyes gazed at my glazed orbs. He smiled sweetly before he pecked me on my lips again and fixed my uniform. I swear, he's really amazing for making it that far but still controlling himself. He really does know how to treasure a person well.

"Why did you redo the mark?" I asked, my voice a bit weak and soft.

"I'll redo this mark over and over again to tell anyone that dares to lay a hand on you that you belong to me and only me." He said and stared at me coolly and lovingly. "Also, you sound really sexy right now." He teased. I blushed when I heard him say that that I immediately lowered my head and let my fringes hide my face. I heard him chuckle before he swept my fringes away and he lifted my head, this time kissing my forehead.

"You're just too cute." He said and adjusted his own tie too. "Well, we better return to our class now."

I nodded in agreement and we walked together back to our classroom. I still can't forget about his and Neru's kiss, but if Len doesn't want to tell me about it then I won't pry. I know someday, whatever happened will be unveiled anyway. I just don't want to believe he's cheating on me.

We entered the room for our second class of that morning and settled down on our seats. Kaito was not in his seat so I figured that the doctor must've let him rest on the infirmary.

"Psst." I heard someone call from my side. I turned to Rin and gave her a bewildered look.

"Was he fine?" she whispered softly.

"Who?" I asked back to her.

"Kaito-sama." she answered readily.

Eh? Sama?

I thought as I sweat-dropped at her. She stared at me as she waited for an answer and I went back to writing notes after I answered her "He's pretty fine. No worries."

I heard Rin let off a sigh of relief before she too returned to taking down notes. All the while, as the discussion went on, I kept on taking side-glances over Rin. She was acting really girly, which is weird. Rin was always the tomboyish hyperactive little girl. So her brooding over something like a lovesick girl is too foreign in my eyes.

One minutes she's all smiling cutely, the next she's sad for unknown reasons, after, she'll just suddenly blush and next she'll be sad again.

Seriously.. this girl's got a really bad case of being crazily in love. To whom? Well, only one person enters my mind.. Kaito.

I thought as I studied her yet again as she let her pen dance and circle around her fingers. She leaned on top of her table while brooding about- probably- Kaito and not focusing on the discussion.

Lunch time came and the bell rang loudly. The teacher handling us fixed her things before she bid farewell and went out of the room.

I took my bento and was about to go and eat to my secret hideout again when the door suddenly slid open and in came a smiling Kaito.

"Oh! Mi-chan? Great timing! I see you're about to have lunch, let's have lunch then?" he invited and opened the door again for me. I nodded my head in agreement and was about to pass through the door when I was suddenly stopped by someone who caught my wrists. I turned to see an overly pissed off Len, who was glaring coldly at Kaito.

"She's going with me." he stated awfully calm.

"Oh, I beg your pardon, but Mi-chan decided to come with me. It's none of your business, *Ototo." Kaito retorted, the smile not leaving his face as he looked unfazed by Len's dark aura. I know something inside Len snapped because he pulled me back quite harshly and kept me behind his back as he confronted Kaito.

"It IS of my business, *Ojii-san." Len said with a smirk and held his head high as he stared at Kaito like he was the lowest life form on the food chain.

Kaito still with his smiling face on, grabbed for my other wrist too and tried to yank me out of Len's hold, but Len just had a strong grip on me that he failed.

"I humbly ask that you let go of the lady's wrist, Ototo." Kaito said.

"Why don't you do that then, Ojii-san?" Len shot back at him as they had a staring contest.

"Uhh, guys? Can I have a say in this?" I intervened before things get nasty. They both snapped their heads at me that I was thankful they were ready to lend me their ears yet pressured as they looked like waiting for me to choose. I turned to Len and saw him smile brightly. I decided to look away, knowing what I'll do next would terribly hurt him, but I have my own philosophy in life. I have my own rules to live by and one of them is never ever breaking a promise that I made. I pried my hands off of Len's grasp and he stiffened.

"I'm sorry Len, but not now please. I.. Kai-chan.. I'm going with Kai-chan today." I answered him and quickly turned around. Looking at him right now would surely turn things 360 degrees. It really is unwise to glance his way right now.

I walked away while Kaito closed the door behind us and led me to the field outside. Apparently, he wants to try eating outside while under a tree. We settled down under a large cherry blossom tree and he opened his lunch while I did too.

"Mi-chan, I made this for you. Do you remember you used to ask my family's cook to make you these because you really liked them and then you'd throw tantrums when she won't make them?" He asked with a happy smiling face as he let me see the dish. My eyes widen in glee and sparkled when I saw my favorite dessert in his hands- a strawberry short cake and chocolate mousse cake.

"Waahhh! Thank you so much, Kai-chan!" I thanked him and on impulse hugged him for the treats.

"It's.. It's fine." Kaito said and hugged me back. I gently broke the hug and hurriedly dug into my lunch so I can eat my desserts already. Kaito suddenly held a viand up with his chopsticks and held it close to my mouth as he smiled widely while saying "Say Ahh!"

I hesitated but decided to play along and was about to open my mouth when someone else ate the dish. I turned to see who did it and saw a blonde handsome boy who apparently, though secretly, belongs to me.

"L-Len?" I called.

"Hey Miku. I thought that we could just all have lunch together and it'll be fine." He said and smiled as he took the vacant seat beside me before he leaned close to my ear. "Besides, Rin was so happy when I told her we'll be eating with him." he whispered.

I giggled at what Len just told me as my suspicions were cleared. My dear little sister IS in love! Len chuckled too that a blushing Rin screeched at us. I swear, it was so funny teasing Rin that I couldn't help let out a loud laugh.

"Jeez! Stop teasing me, Miku-nee~!" Rin complained, still red from blushing.

"But you've never been this cute before. Is my dear little sister finally having a.. Crush?" I asked as I whispered the last word on her ear that made her overheat that I swear I saw steams coming out from her ears.

"So cute~~" I sang and gave her a bear hug.

"Now, now. Let's all play later. Right now, let's take our lunch." Len said and pulled me away from Rin. "Here Miku! Taste this! I made it this morning." He exclaimed and held an omelet up.

"But Len.." Don't you make all of our lunches?

Was what I wanted to say if not for him stuffing the delicious omelet in my mouth. I chewed on the dish and let my tongue taste it.

"So? How was it?" He asked as he waited for my answer.

"It's.. It's good as always." I beamed and gave him a very sweet smile before I took another of the omelet MYSELF.

"Try this too, Mi-chan." I heard Kaito say and I turned to him. He held a fish fillet up while accompanying it with a graceful smile. I turned to Len, who was glaring daggers at Kaito, before I hurriedly chomped the fillet and chewed on it while giving Kaito a thumbs up.

"I see. I'm glad you liked it. I made it myself." he said bashfully and rubbed his nape while averting his eyes.

"Try this next Miku!" Len suddenly exclaimed.


I thought as I couldn't speak with my mouth full.

"No! Try this first Mi-chan." Kaito said too.


I turned to him, befuddled.

"No! She will try this FIRST!" Len complained and shot Kaito a glare.

"I'm sure Mi-chan will try this FIRST since she likes my cooking." Kaito retorted and smirked at Len.

"Oh? Is that so? Truth be told, Miku likes my cooking BETTER than yours since she always asks ME to cook for her." Len said and raised his head proudly.

"That must be because she doesn't like you to think you're USELESS. Mi-chan sure is kind." Kaito responded that hit Len's nerve.

"What did you say?" Len seethed.

"I said you're USELESS." Kaito smirked, emphasizing the word more.

"I dare you to say it again!" Len challenged and stood up after placing his bento in front of me.

"I'll say it no matter how many times you want to. You. Are. USELESS." Kaito said as he stood up too.

Len was about to throw a punch at Kaito when my reflexes reacted faster than I thought and I hugged him, barring him from landing the attack. Rin too stood in front of Kaito and tried to keep him calm.

"STOP IT you guys! What's wrong with you?" I asked and stared at the both of them, each wearing an annoyed, pissed off and mad expressions.

"Why don't you ask that parasite that keeps on clinging to you?" Len said and kept his cold gaze at Kaito.

"I definitely don't have a problem, Mi-chan. It was HIM that started this after all." Kaito said, rather calmly but his fiery gaze was plastered at Len.

"It was YOU that started it!" Len retorted.

"Guys! Stop it please!" I intervened again and pulled Len away from the spot.

"Rin, Kai-chan. You both stay there and calm down." I instructed as I dragged a seething Len away. The moment we were sure we were alone, I turned to Len.

"What was that about?" I asked him sternly.

He had calmed down as I dragged him and he kept his head down and avoided my gaze.

"I'm sorry." He whispered.

"That was rather immature, don't you think? Getting provoked by some lie. Don't you know far better than Kai-chan does? Why bite his provocation?" I asked him.

"Well.." He started but I cut him.

"You shouldn't have fought with him back there!" I scolded him and he averted his eyes, pained and ashamed.

"He said I was useless to you. I'm sorry again." he sadly said.

I heaved a deep sigh before I cupped his face with my hands and made him look up and meet my teal orbs. I smiled sweetly at him and he looked surprised; maybe of the sudden character change.

"You should have known better that no one's cooking can ever match MY Len's cooking." I said and pecked his nose. "But you getting jealous over him is so cute~ I ended up being happy rather than being annoyed." I added with mirth in my voice.

He blushed beet red before he averted his gaze and hid his face behind his arm.

"I-I-I wasn't je-je-jealous." he stuttered.

"Ooh~ Is that so? I guess you won't need my 'medicine' then?" I teased. He looked baffled as he scrunched his brows together.

"Medicine?" he asked.

"Oh, just the regular dosage exclusively for my very mean yet sweet lover, who can't help but be jealous over a friend of mine." I said and struck a thinking pose and took a peek at his expression trying to piece the puzzle out. I giggled before I planted a quick kiss on his lips.

"That medicine." I said and a look of understanding decorated his face while sporting a light blush on his cheeks.

"Then, I should start getting jealous more often if this is what's awaiting me everytime I do." He said with a sly smirk as he closed the distance between us and was about to return a kiss when suddenly Rin called our names.

"Miku-nee! Len!" she called. We both jolted and Len turned to face Rin.

"What were you two doing? Are you not done screaming at his ears yet?" Rin asked as she jogged towards us with a Kaito tagging along her with his hands shoved inside his pockets wearing a poker face as he kept his gaze at Len.

"Ah.. Y-Yeah. I-I really didn't like what happened back then.. So I expect it won't happen again, Okay?" I said, trying to act like mad and annoyed again.

Kaito looked down and nodded his head like a good little puppy while Len just pouted after he nodded his head like a rebellious little dog.

"Thank you." I said and smiled like what I always used to again as I walked back to our spot but not before turning to them and said "Let's go back and eat PEACEFULLY now?"

Rin giggled and jogged to catch up to me while we left them two boys behind. I swear that was just the first taste of the pain that was about to come our way. Something far more painful that would make me wish this feeling never existed.

So then, it was really late but I'm updating this since I promised myself I would really end this one way or another. What can I do? I'm an avid fan of them :3 Well then, I hope you, my readers, have fun in this new chapter. I'm not expecting for reviews. I just want to let my readers have a fun time reading my works. So, I'll see you next chapter. Soon. Tata~~xoxo,

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