Love Song

Duet Partner

Len's P.O.V

"I'm going ahead!" Miku cried as she skipped out of the door and waved farewell gleefully. I watched her retreating figure and waved back weakly.

"Nii-chan? Where's Miku-nee off to?" Rin asked as she came to stand beside me and watched our car drive away.

"She has a separate schedule today, so she needs to go to the studio." I informed her as I walked back inside, leaving her standing by the door.

"Oh?" Rin voiced before she closed the door and followed me to the Kitchen. "Where's Luka-nee?" she asked.

I pulled a chair out and sat to eat the pre-made breakfast for us and shrugged my shoulders at Rin. "I don't know. She must've gone to the studio too."

"So both Luka-nee and Miku-nee are out huh?" Rin pondered as she too took a seat to eat the breakfast. "By the way Len-nii.. Are you and Akita-san perhaps.. dating?" Rin asked out of nowhere that it surprised me so much I choked on my food.

"[cough] [cough] Where the hell did you even get that? Of course not!" I denied strongly after I gulped down plenty of water.

"Hohuum~ You don't have to get shy, you know? It's as clear as day that the lady is inlove with you. You'd have to be a real idiot to not notice it." Rin teased and wiggled her eyebrows.

True, I did notice her feelings but even though I can't show it publicly, there's no way in hell I'd replace Miku for her. Hell I love Miku so much I don't know what to do with it. Even thinking about myself being with somebody other than Miku is disgusting, unpleasant and ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE.

"Eww, that's gross Rin." I told her and made a face as I went back to eating my breakfast.

"Oh! Come on. What are you? Gay? Akita-san is cute, beautiful and kind. What could you possibly ask for?" Rin exclaimed and peered closer to my face. "Or is it you already have someone you like?" she asked and suddenly had that teasing smirk again.

I unconsciously blushed when Miku's smiling profile popped up and I looked away, finding it really embarrassing for me to be blushing like a teenage girl.

"I-I-I don't." I just had to stutter. Sure, that was convincing.

I thought sarcastically and turned slightly to the chuckling Rin.

"Wh-What?" I asked, my blush reddening.

"I didn't imagine you'd really look like that when the one you like is mentioned." Rin commented as she tried to reel in her mirth, after a few trials, she finally calmed down and asked. "So? What is she like? Who is she? Do I know her?"

"She's like a Goddess, an angel sent from heaven above. She's so kind and sweet, a real beauty too." I told Rin, which left her mouth agape and speechless.

"Woah. There's no girl in my mind that matches your description Len. Is she really real?" Rin asked worriedly.

"Of course she is!" I snapped at her.

"Woaah! Calm down! I was just teasing you. Anyway, what song is she recording today?" She asked. I breathed deep to calm my self down and took my seat again.

"If I remember it correctly, it was Cantarella I suppose." I told her as I pondered on it. It sounded right so maybe it really was that.

"Oh.. that song? I heard that song is a duet. I also heard we have a newcomer and that person will be singing the song for his debut." Rin said and went back to her own unfinished breakfast.

The mysterious newcomer got me curious. The fact that Miku is featured on that song could probably mean that with her in there, it could lure listeners to listen to the unknown guy's song.

Oh well, as long as it doesn't bother Miku, then I'm fine.

I thought to myself and went to the living room and enjoyed our day off from school.

Miku's P.O.V

I bid Len Goodbye and kissed him softly on the lips before I skipped away and rode the car. Just this morning, I was informed of my separate schedule and they asked me to go. It was sudden, yes, but I had no choice but to go. It was my job after all.

My song this time however was different. I was tasked to support the new singer of our company. They said when they let the new one choose its partner, it chose me.

"Who could this new comer be? I hope we can get along just fine." I murmured to myself as I tried to calm my excitement and nervousness.

As I walked down the corridor leading me to the recording room, someone suddenly covered my eyes and I stiffened.

"Guess who?" the smooth yet deep baritone voice asked me.

I.. I know I've heard that voice.. so.. familiar.

"Ka..Kai-chan?" I guessed, really unsure of it.

"You got it!" He exclaimed and took his hands off my eyes and I sighed in relief.

So it was just him.. wait what?

"What are you doing here?" I asked when it puzzled me why he was there when he wasn't a singer.

"Well.. about that-" He said and got cut when Masataka-san, our music director, went out the door and called to us.

"Oh! Hatsune-san, Shion-san, I see you finally met." He beamed and walked closer to us.

"Excuse me, Masataka-san, but why is Kai-chan here?" I asked and pointed to the tall blue-haired man beside me.

"Kai-chan? Oh so you're acquainted already? I see, so that's why he didn't bat an eye as he chose you to be his duet." Mastaka-sensei gleefully said and patted Kai-chan's shoulders. "Man, you've got nice eyes for choosing girls, I see." He said before he laughed loudly and Kai-chan just sweat-dropped and laughed along softly.

"Sir?" I called his attention again, reminding him he still did not answer my question.

"Oh. Shion here is the new recruit, didn't I tell you before? Hatsune-san you should really hear him sing. He's awesome!" Masataka-sensei praised that flustered Kai-chan.

"A-Ah! I-I am not that good! I-It's ju-just coincidental that I go-got the notes correctly." Kai-chan stuttered and blushed cutely as he averted his gaze away from me. I smiled and giggled softly before I patted his arms.

"I know it wasn't a fluke. Kai-chan really is talented." I praised him and a big smile formed across his face, while still sporting a hint of pinkish blush as he bowed down.

"I swear I'll do my best! I'm in your care now, Mi-chan!" He exclaimed.

"Du-Dummy! Raise your head!" I flustered and immediately had him raise his head again.

"Well now that I don't have the trouble of getting the both of you to know each other, shall we get started on your debut song, Shion?" Masataka-san said and lead the way to the recording room while both Kai-chan and I followed.

"I didn't know you were into music too, Kai-chan." I told him as I put the headphones on and I watched him smile before his lips moved as if he said something.

"What did you just say?" I asked, took the headphones off again and waited for him to repeat what he said, but he only smiled and wore his headphones too.

"Okay guys, I'll let you hear the melody first okay?" Masataka-san said through the mic that reverberated around the separated room we were in before an upbeat classical melody flowed out from the headphones we wore.

I fell in love at first 'hearing' of the song that I unconsciously closed my eyes and enjoyed the music. It was kind of gothic yet it was lovely. As the last note was hit, I opened my eyes slowly and my eyes met a pair of royal blue orbs staring back at me, intently watching me.

"Kai.. -chan?" I called softly.

As if he just realized I was watching him watch me. He jolted and immediately flustered and turned his back at me.

"Well? How did you find the music?" Masataka-san asked us through the speakers.

"It was wonderful, Masataka-san." I confessed.

"Well, shall you try singing it this time then?" He asked.

I looked back to Kaito's back and was about to maybe just push it some time later and let Kai-chan get accustomed to it first but paused when I heard Kai-chan answer Masataka-san.

"Yes." He said, firmness clear on his voice.

"Well then, here we go. In 3, 2, 1..."

Staring back at you,Staring back at me,[Locked inside our own closed off world.]Acting oblivious,but yet we both pretend[our intoxication will be sensed.]

As time passes by,I felt that my heart,Must keep hiddenSo I may approach (you).{I heave a sigh,because around you,I feel far from myself.}

[In an ordinary feeling of love, my heart pounds,And I,]Will set up my trap for you.Even though I'm eagerly after you,[I won'tleave fingerprints behind.]

Things are not this clear,my words are all sincere,and you begin letting your guard down.It's something you should knowof such a dangerous liquid.I expect you to drink every last drop.

{Rusting from time,The chains fall apart,}You run away,With no place to go.[The more seconds......echo by...The more you try to fight.]

Let me just say that inside of you, I seemyself, hiding in your memories.To be linked with the scent of your fear,Makes me feel quiet unsure of my choices.

[In an ordinary feeling of love,my heart pounds.And I]

will set up my trap for you.Even though I'm eagerly after you,I hear,"{Make me yours.}"

Let me just say that inside of you I seemyself, hiding in your memories.[To be linked with the scene of your smile,makes me feel so very in love with you.]

a/n notes:[Duet Part]{Miku's Part}/Nothing: Kaito's Part/

"Well.. This is your first time singing together so I guess it's only natural you wouldn't sync well. Let's just have you practice together, okay? Final recording will be next week." He said through the speakers.

I took the headphones off and felt confused. I didn't get it. I really thought I was synchronising well with Kai-chan but turns out I wasn't. We weren't. I looked to Kai-chan who wore a sad face.

"Kai-chan... Don't worry. We'll get it right. We'll practice everyday if we must." I told him to try and cheer him up when he smiled softly yet sadly as he turned to me.

"I'm really sorry I'll end up troubling you, Mi-chan." He said.

"Not at all, Kai-chan." I said and smiled brightly at him before I held him by his arms and pulled him out with me.

"We'll be going ahead to practice then, Masataka-san." I bid farewell and bowed while Kai-chan followed and we exited together.

"So I go in here.. you keep on singing.. I alone sing this part.. ehmm.. what else am I missing?" I murmured as I scanned through the score sheet.

"Here, Mi-chan. I think we're supposed to sing this together." Kai-chan said and pointed to a part I thought belonged to him.

"Oh? Then?" I asked and peeked at his scoresheet too.

"And then here is your part.. then together.. then yours." He said and pointed to all those parts I missed.

"Woah. Incredible Kai-chan~ How did you know those were my parts? I mean I missed them myself yet you noticed they were mine." I said, amazed how observant he was and looked back to my own scoresheet.

"Well.. err.. It's because.. I.. I.." He stuttered and seemed to hesitate to tell.

"I really don't mind if you won't tell me." I said and smiled. "I just find it amazing you noticed all those."

"It'sbecauseIalwaysobserveyou,Mi-chan! MyeyesalwayslingersaroundyouandIdon'tknowwhy!" He said all at once that I really didn't make out one coherent word and I stared at him dumbfounded.

"What did you just say? Can you go a little slower?" I asked him and his blush intensified as he shook his head vigorously.

"As I though I just can't say it. Maybe next time." He said and laughed. I laughed at his sillyness and found myself getting comfortable with his presence. You know? like that comfort you'd find with your sibling.

"If you say so. So? Let's try it again?" I said and we sang the song slowly at first till we both gradually got the hang of it. Being engrossed with the song, we didn't notice the sun had gone down and the fastfood chain we were in was starting to get a bit busier.

I stretched my sore arms and drank my warm water before I gazed around the room, watching the people eat and chat lively.

"Shall we grab something to eat before we return?" I asked Kaito. He looked up from his scoresheet and immediately bobbed his head up and down while wearing a cute smile.

"Hehe. Let's order?" I told Kaito before I raised my hand and called a waitress. "Excuse me, Miss. We'd like to order please."

"Right away, Ma'am." She answered full of life and handed the both of us a menu card. We each gave our orders to her and after waiting for a few minutes, our orders were served.

Normal P.O.V

Len glanced up at the clock and back down to his phone, restlessly. He paced around the living room as he occassionally glanced at the clock hanging up on a wall.

"Len-nii! Relax! Miku-nee's fine!" Rin exclaimed when she finally got sick of watching her twin pace back and forth.

"Then why isn't she home yet?! Her recording was supposed to end hours ago! She should have been home 2 hours ago!" Len exclaimed back, worry coating his words, his trembling hands showing the growing anxiety that was building up.

"Jeez! She's not a child anymore!" Rin argued back.

"Yes but I'm terribly worried right now! I don't know what I'll do if she ever.." Len trailed off. He didn't want to think about it but it kept haunting his poor stressed brain.

Rin sighed heavily and shook her head softly. Her brother really loves to stress over their sister's well being and her whereabouts.

"Fine! Let's go look for her if you can't settle down." Rin said exasperated and raised her hands up, surrendering.

Without wasting any second, Len grabbed his jacket and bolted out the door, to the coldness of the night.

"And there he goes flying... leaving me again." Rin commented with a sigh before she, herself, took her sweater and the keys to their house before she followed her twin brother out.

After a few hours of searching for Miku around town, they decided to take a break at the station to their place and drank a soda to somehow relieve a little bit of their exhaustion.

Where could she be? She's not picking up her phone.

Len worriedly thought as he glanced back down to his phone for the millionth time perhaps before he lifted his head up again and gravely cursed the sight before him.

There in front of him, inside a fastfood chain situated opposite of the station, was Miku and Kaito eating whilst laughing at something only they knew. Len wanted to tear his eyes away from the sight but he didn't. He watched the big smile on Miku's face as she conversed with Kaito and how warm their atmosphere seemed.

He stood up and walked away sluggishly. It was then that he wished he didn't care, wished that he could turn back time, back to before he even noticed his attraction to her, change everything so he could escape the murderous pain that stabbed his heart with every step he took.

Rin watched him walk like a living dead hunting for brains and walked to catch up with his snail-like walking. She held his shoulders and called his name which somehow didn't reach him. He didn't react and kept on walking away. It was like his body moving on its own while his mind was away on a vacation.

"Let's.. go home Rin.. We're not needed here." He suddenly said when he paused for a while and went back to his zombie-walk.

Rin followed after him immediately, worried he might stumble into an accident given the situation he was in. She accompanied her twin back home and instead waited up for Miku while Len went directly upstairs and to his room.

A few minutes after they arrived home, Miku finally arrived.

"I'm home!" she beamed that sent Rin standing up immediately.

"Miku! Where have you been?! Do you know what time it is? It's way past your recording period!" Rin scolded.

"I-I'm sorry. I.. I was practicing the song and I kinda lost track of time." Miku tried to state her side.

"Because you were with him? I see, he's like the perfect prince charming you always longed to find that just being around him makes you all fluttery and giddy that you lose track of time. Is that it?" Len stated harshly, coldly and sternly as he talked from the stairs.

Miku turned to him, hurt evident on her aquamarine orbs as tears began to swell at the corner of her eyes.

"What's.. What's wrong with you Len?" she asked softly.

"Nothing. I am perfectly fine." He said straightly and emotionlessly.

"Len-nii.. Aren't you a bit too hard on her? She said she was practicing the song." Rin tried to side with Miku.

"Oh, Is eating while talking and laughing merrily about nonsense things considered practicing a song now?" Len asked sarcastically before he turned on his heel and stomped back to his bedroom.

The moment the sound of the door being slammed close reverberated around the house, Miku collapsed, her knees giving up as she bawled.

"Why.. Why is he so mad?" Miku asked in between her sobs.

"He was worried sick about you, Miku-nee. Just understand his behaviour tonight. Maybe tomorrow his mood would brighten up and everything will be fine, so stop crying now, Okay?" Rin comforted her and rubbed her back up and down.

The crack between the relationship of the two of them had started to expand. Who knows how much longer their bond could hold up? If they are faced with too many obstacles hindering their way.

It has been a while since I last updated, haven't I? Well, please enjoy on this new chapter and tell me how you find it, okay? See ya next time :)


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