Love Song


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Len's P.O.V

"-sama? -en-sama! Len-sama!" Neru called as she waved her hands in front of me. I jolted out of my reverie and watched her worried face.

"What is it?" I asked, coldly.

"What's wrong? Why are you so out of it?" She asked and sat at the chair of the person in front of me, which was currently vacant.

"Nothing." I answered briefly and turned away. I watched the winter's flurry slowly float down. It was certainly growing cold already.

"Why are you always lost in a daze then?" Neru pried further. I felt my patience growing thinner and I got extremely irritated of her presence.

"I said it was nothing! Can't you get a clue? It means Leave. Me. Alone!" I burst as I shot up and caused my chair to grind against the floor.

My sudden outburst and loud voice made our very noisy classroom turn cemetery silent. I turned to Miku to see her very surprised, as well as Rin. I fumed and walked out of the room. I know it was very rude of me to yell like that to someone who was only worried about me but I couldn't help it. I wasn't in my best mood.

I went directly to the music room to get some relaxation, because when Miku wasn't mine yet, music could always do the trick and maybe I could get myself to calm down. I closed my eyes as I sat at the piano's bench and struck a few keys.

"Len?" I heard a soft voice call my name. I jolted to a stop and hurriedly turned my upper body around, expecting that sweet teal-haired girl to be standing on the door. "Mi-" I was about to call her name when what my eyes saw wasn't her but a golden-haired girl. "Neru?"

"I-I'm sorry about earlier. I didn't mean to stick my nose into your business but I just didn't like watching you so down in the dumps like that." she explained as she fidgeted and played with her fingers. I sighed before I turned back to the piano, the disappointment clear.

"I'm sorry too. I didn't mean to shout at you. I am just really on the edge today. Just please leave me alone." I told her softly before I went back to playing with the piano.

"Len.. Did I somehow do something that made you mad at me?" she asked, sadness dripping in her sweet soft voice.

"No, you didn't." I answered her briefly and stopped playing. "Look Neru, I just really need some time alone for myself." I told her and she walked close to me.

"But you must not keep that all to yourself Len! You can always confide to me. I will listen to you. I'm always here by your side Len!" she exclaimed as she stood by my side and engulfed me in an embrace.

"Le-" Miku cut when she saw Neru and I. I turned to the door and saw her standing by the door with a shocked and tear-stricken face.

"Mi-Miku... N-No.. Th-This is.. It's not what you think it is!" I hurriedly exclaimed and pushed Neru away. I walked close to her but every step I took closer to her, she took a step further away from me.


"It's enough Len. This is enough. I should have known. Haha..ha..ha. I-I'm sorry for the disturbance." Miku said and dashed away.

"No, Wait! Miku!" I cried but she didn't stop. She dashed further away from my grasps.

"Len?" I faintly heard Neru call me.

"Shit." I cursed and dashed after Miku, completely forgetting Neru was there.

There is no way in hell I am letting you get the wrong idea. I won't let this ruin everything we have and end here.

I dashed back to our classroom and slammed the door open which startled the whole class and our current teacher. Rin walked close to me and whispered "What's wrong, Nii-san?"

"Did.. Did Miku come here?" I asked her.

"No she didn't. She left a minute earlier telling she needed to tell you something. You didn't see her?" she asked back. I did not bother to answer Rin and dashed away again. I needed to find Miku. I must explain what she saw wasn't what she thought it to be.

"Miku.. where are you?" I thought aloud and continued to run aimlessly. I happened to stop by the library and I don't know what made me but I opened the door and went in. My eyes darted across the room searching for a particular teal haired maiden when a royal blue colored hair stuck out against the rest.

I walked close to him slowly and soon the sound of sobbing flitted in my ears. I walked closer and closer till I was able to make out the figure of the girl I loved so much bawling in the chest of the man I loathed to my core.

"I should've known! He's such a jerk! I hate him! I hate him!" Miku cried.

"Yes, he is." Kaito consented and rubbed her back comfortingly as his other hand ran through her beautiful long locks. I itched to just burst there and punch the living ghost out of him but I restrained. I was the reason Miku was in a state like that and I hurt her so bad. I didn't have the right to go charging in and hurt the one comforting her.

But I hell was not just gonna stand there and let her get the wrong idea about Neru and Me. I went out from hiding in the shelves and called her. "Miku."

She looked up from Kaito's chest and stared at me furiously. It was the first time I'd seen such fierce emotion from her eyes.

"Why are you here?" she growled.

"I'm here because I need to explain. I don't want you to get the wrong idea." I told her and side glanced at Kaito, trying to gesture to him that we needed some space and privacy but the pest couldn't get a clue.

"You don't have to explain, Len. I saw it with my eyes. Tell me, were the both of you practicing too?" She asked sarcastically and stood up to face me.

"She was worried about me and she said she was willing to listen to what was bothering me then she suddenly hugged me!" I explained.

"Oh great. So getting counseling from your fellow classmate comes with a hug too. This isn't some promo Len. Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it too." she argued.

"No! I didn't enjoy it even in the least bit and I know that you know that too." I told her before I turned to the spectating pest named Kaito. "Can you please give us space so we can settle this? ALONE." I told him and emphasized the word more.

He looked towards Miku and waited for her confirmation, to which she fortunately gave as she nodded her head. Kaito stood up and petted Miku's head as he said "Just call me if you need me, okay?" and left the room.

"Now what?" Miku asked sternly and sat back to her seat. I pulled the chair to her and sat before I held her shoulders and made her face me.

"Please trust me Miku. What you saw back there is just Neru trying to comfort me like how that [cough] pest is doing to you."

"Why did you let her then?" She asked as another batch of tears streamed down her cheeks that pained me so much, knowing I was causing her that pain.

"She just did it so suddenly. I was caught off guard and then you went in. I swear Miku there's nothing between us!" I told her and engulfed her in a tight embrace. "I would never ever do something that'll hurt you. I love you too much I can't bear thinking I am hurting you."

"Oh Len.. It's just.. she's cute, beautiful and kind.. possibly everything you'd search for a girl.. I know she likes you and the fact that it's not hard to love her threatens me. I don't know what I'll do if I'd ever lose you Len." Miku said and returned the hug.

"Oh, Miku.. There is one thing she doesn't have, you know?" I said as I gently broke our hug and wiped her tears. "She isn't this little crybaby girl that I love so much." I told her with a loop-sided smile and gently kissed her lips.

"Leeeeen~" she cried and tackled me but fortunately we didn't fall back. I laughed at her as she continued to cry.

"Oh come on, stop crying now or I'll cry too." I joked and she immediately stopped. I smiled at her before I kissed her forehead, down to her nose and finally to her lips all the while whispering "I. Love. You."

"By the way Len, yesterday, why were you so mean and bad?" She asked as she wiped her own tears and gently broke our hug. The image I prayed would soon just vanish by itself popped up again and I looked away.

"I.. uhh.. I kinda saw you with.. ermm.. Insect Kaito." I told her and didn't dare face her. I didn't want to let her see the ugliness I, myself, didn't like at all. I heard her snort before she giggled.

"Don't tell me.. you're getting jealous again?" she asked with mirth in her voice and she peeked at my face. I turned away again and blushed a bit. I can't help it, can I? I instantly feel really possessive with her. It's like it's my male instincts and I bet you wouldn't want to watch your girlfriend being chummy with another male that is clearly going for her, right?

"Yeah, Yeah. Happy now?" I murmured with sarcasm in my voice. I felt her small hands on my face and she made me face her this time.

"Yes." was all she said before she kissed me. I wished every problem we would soon face would be solved as easily as this. It was a torture when we were not on good terms. "Can you please tell me you love me again?" she asked as she broke our kiss.

I smiled before I pecked her and told her I love her. She smiled against our kiss and broke our kiss for the second time.

"I love you more, Len." she said with a sweet smile.

"I love you most." I told her with a sly smile and kissed her forehead before I pulled her up with me and walked back to our classroom together.

Normal P.O.V

As Len dashed after Miku, Neru ran after him, all the while following him wherever he went from a good distance. He went inside the library and there he sneaked towards a corner of the library.

Len and Miku confronted then Len asked Kaito to leave. Neru hurriedly hid behind a shelf and watched Kaito leave the room. She walked closer and watched Len and Miku converse and kissed.

She gasped and cupped her mouth as she watched Len and Miku, who were siblings, sharing a kiss and having a relationship that was far more than being siblings.

A tear slid down her cheeks as the scene before her tore her heart into pieces. Soon, they settled their problem and Neru learned two things from her eavesdropping, even though it was so un-lady-like.

First was that even though the both of them are aware that they are siblings, they still ventured into their own desires and created a tabooed relationship. And Second was Neru knows that Kaito likes Miku and she's gotta collaborate with this man if she wants Len to be hers only.

I know you spent a whole lot of time together from when you were kids to now, but I can't allow you to monopolize him any longer, Miku-san.

Neru thought as she watched them walked out of the library, hand in hand, while they gazed at each other full of love. She bit her lower lip and clenched her fists as she vowed to the empty silence of the room that she was going to break them apart, one way or another. Neru was willing to do just about ANYTHING to make Len hers.

"Forgive me Len-sama, but it'll only be for a short while. During your pain, I will always be beside you till you love me. I'll wait forever if I must." Neru monologue as she imagined herself being encased inside Len's arms and she blushed and giggled.

"Now, Now. Let's hurry back to class for now." she murmured and skipped out of the room, following after Len and Miku.



"Hey, Miku-san?" Neru suddenly asked Miku as the latter was stuffing her stuffs inside her bag. Miku looked up and wore a smile as she acknowledged Neru.

"Yes, Neru-chan?"

"Just how much do you love Music?" Neru suddenly asked out of nowhere.

"Well, I love it so much I can't imagine my life without music." Miku answered with a soft and gentle smile.

"I see. So if you were asked, what is it that is the most important to you? What would you answer?" Neru asked forever.

"Of course I'd answer Music, as they said 'Music is Life'. I think the same too." Miku answered.

"Thanks Miku-san. You really do love music so much, huh?" Neru asked with a smile of her own.

"Yep. I do." Miku beamed before she picked up her bag and bowed slightly to Neru and waved Goodbye. "I'll be going ahead of you, Neru-chan."

Neru waved back but when Miku vanished behind the doors, she clenched her fist and she wore an evil smirk.

"I'm sorry, Miku-CHAN, but soon you'll be hating me." Neru whispered and she chuckled darkly. She picked up her own things and planned for her design that she contrives to execute tomorrow. "How lovely would it be to see your sweet face contorted in pain, disappointment and tears? I look forward to it, Miku-san."

Miku felt a shiver and she involuntarily trembled. Len, who was walking beside her, noticed her shiver. He unwrapped his muffler and wrapped it around Miku's muffler.

"Are you cold?" He asked gently as he tied the muffler.

Miku shook her head and looked up to him. "How could I be cold when I have such a hot boyfriend?" she whispered before she pecked him quickly.

"Jeez." Len sighed and sported a light blush before he ruffled Miku's hair. "I better work harder so I'll stay hot forever." Len slyly said and had a smirk.

"You don't have to. I'd actually want it if you become less hot so my rivals would lessen too. It's not easy constantly watching the one you love being drowned by fan girls, you know?" Miku complained and crossed her arms as she pouted.

Len engulfed her in an embrace and rocked her back and forth, all the while chuckling.

"At least now you know how I feel when lots of guys are flocking around you. Now, why don't you try being less cute and beautiful too?" Len said before he took her hands and pulled her along.

"I can't." Miku protested and paused walking. Len turned to her, confused, and arched an eyebrow. "If I do that then Neru-chan will be able to bewitch you completely. I am not giving you to her. Not ever!"

Len blushed beet red and turned away, he did not dare show Miku how red his face was. He was acting like a teenage girl again because of how happy he was to see Miku acting possessively to him and quite cutely too.

Damn it. Why did she have to be so cute? This is really bad for my heart!

"I get it. I get it. Let's just go home." Len said and pulled her behind him again. Miku pulled Len's hand and placed it near her cheeks.

"They really are warm. I'm really lucky I have Len as my boyfriend, don't I?" Miku beamed and giggled gleefully.

"Yeah, be sure to be thankful for that." Len answered smugly.

"I really am." Miku whispered in his ears before she jogged ahead and left the stunned Len behind.

How nice would it be if she could just smile like that always and never cry again? I must protect this little crybaby of a lover so she can always smile like that.

Len smiled and jogged to catch up with his playful girlfriend. Never knowing that they were about to tumble into a big problem.



Len opened his lockers and saw a note there. It was not the usual notes he got where it contained things like "I like you" or "You are so cool today too, Len-sama" or "Please accept my feelings for you". It was nothing of the sort. It even stood out among the notes inside. It was written in a black stationary paper with bright red writings.

{I know you secret, Kagamine Len.

Meet me on the rooftop after school.

Don't bring anyone else along or Hatsune Miku goes down.}

As soon as Len read the note, his blood boiled and he crumpled the note on his fists and shoved it inside his pocket.

The person that dared to involve Miku in this better pray for his/her dear life because I sure as hell am not gonna let this slip by without him/her paying for threatening Miku.

"What's wrong, Len?" Miku snapped Len out as she peeked at his face. He smiled and shook his head No and ruffled her hair.

I promised I was gonna protect this girl. So, I'll do all I can to fulfill it. No matter the price that comes along with it.

"Shall we go in?" Len asked.

"Come on Miku-nee." Rin exclaimed and grabbed Miku's wrist as she dashed away while dragging Miku behind her.

"Wa.. Waaah!" Poor Miku exclaimed. Len just laughed at them before the smile suddenly vanished when he remembered the strange note.

Who could this person who knows my "Secret" be?

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