Love Song


Len's P.O.V

I was stuffing my stuff away when Miku and Rin came to stand beside my desk.

"Are you done yet?" Rin asked as she adjusted her bag's strap on her shoulder.

"Uh.. I have an errand to do, actually.. so I'll return quite late. You can go ahead of me though. You don't have to wait for me." I excused and hurriedly dashed out after I waved them farewell.

After I knew I was far away from them, I walked calmly and leisurely towards the rooftop. I had to face that person who knows my supposedly "secret". I climbed that staircase and went directly to the place.

I turned the knob open and saw that bright red haired guy I hated just as much as I hated his master. I think I'll start to hate the innocent color of roses because of this man.

"Hey." I called him. He jolted a bit before he whipped his head towards my direction.

"What do you want?" I asked as I waved the parcel of paper he placed in my shoe locker.

"I want you to leave Lady Miku alone." he answered straight to the point as he pushed his glasses a bit and turned to me.

"Tell me why I have to listen to you? You can't order me around like that and especially not that command." I told him before I ripped the paper into tiny pieces.

"I always wondered why you'd always be on her tail, why you hated my master, who loves her so much, why you kept trying to keep them apart as much as I try to keep you both apart. Now it makes sense. You LOVED her." Ted pointed out as he crossed his arms across his chest smugly like he had the victory dancing in his palms.

"What are you talking about?" I asked back with a brief chuckle as I looked at him stupidly. "Of course I love her, she is my sister after all."

"There. You said so yourself. You are aware of your relationship with her as siblings. So tell me, do siblings do these kind of things?" He asked me with a smirk before he held up a photo of me and Miku kissing.

That got my guard up and I dashed towards him to snatch the photo when he dodged me and snickered.

"See? I knew you'd lose your cool when she is involved." He said and looked at me mockingly.

"I'll warn you once and only once. Give it to me and leave us alone before I snap you into two." I threatened him and dropped my bag to the floor.

"Come and get it then." He challenged.

I wasted not a second as I dashed towards him and drew my left arm back, preparing to land a blow. As expected he'd dodged back and I took another step as I quickly drew my right fist and successfully landed a blow after that feint.

He staggered back and was fortunate enough to lean against the bordering rails that went around the rooftop. He wiped the trail of blood from a wound near his lips, I probably created.

"So strong, but I wonder if that strength will be able to protect the girl that you love." He said and turned to me with a glare.

"Did you ever think that if this gets out and the press gets wind of this she'll lose everything she worked hard on and her dream? Didn't it ever cross your mind that you will most probably destroy the music that she considers like her life?" Ted pointed out as he stood up and stared at me scornfully.

I dashed towards him again and he reacted too late as I twisted his arm behind him and snatched the photo he had.

"I warned you, Ted." I told him, coldly, with venom and hate in my words. I tore the photo just like what I did to the paper he wrote.

"I'll be able to protect her just fine as long as you don't go and blabber or I'll have to deal with you too."

"Even if you take care of me, I am not the only one who knows this. If you don't stop this foolishness then I am telling you, she will definitely suffer!" Ted exclaimed as he struggled to remove my hold on him.

"Then I'll hunt all of you who's aware of this if you don't leave us alone." was all I told him before I turned around and grabbed my bag and walked out of the rooftop leaving him behind, but not before he warned me.

"I warned you, Len. Please don't wait for her to suffer because of your stubbornness. If you really love her, then release her!"

I walked back home and pondered on his words. I had been careless. Everything was so peaceful I had been lax. I was too disturbed with being jealous over insect Kaito sticking close to Miku that I had let my guard down.

"Damn this." I cussed lowly before I turned for a different route and went to this shop to relieve myself from my problems.

I arrived home quite late, a little past dinner time, and a little bit tipsy. Now scratch that. A lot. I repeatedly tapped the doorbell and didn't stop till Miku opened the door and greeted me.

"Welcome ho- Whaaa!" she exclaimed when I staggered towards her.

"O-Oh.. Ish my wovwy girfwen~ Can I get a wecwome hwome kwish? (It's my lovely girlfriend~ Can I get a welcome home kiss?)" I slurred as I grinned at her.

"Why are you drunk? Ugh. You reek!" She said and held her nose while her other hand supported me. "Come here." she said and pulled me inside.

She passed by Rin and Rin supported my other side, helping Miku carry me up to my room.

"What.. ugh.. the hell is wrong.. ugh.. with you?!" Rin asked, annoyed, in between her grunts.

"Notwing~ I'm *hic* fine. Just drank a wittle~" I told them, to which I got glares in return. "Whaaat~?"

"Whatever happened that got you like this?" Miku scolded as she threw me towards my bed and I rolled to my side.

"Evwething's fwine~ Nothing chu worry about~" I told her and grabbed for her hand. "Just stay here with me. Forever."I whispered.

"Miku-nee, please look after him. I'll just go and buy some ingredients. I'll make him soup for when he sobers up." Rin told Miku and closed the door behind her. I listened to her footsteps as did Miku.

"I never should've left you alone. I had a bad feeling since you started to act strange. Now, tell me what happened that you got drunk to this extent? You are not like this, Len." she scolded me again, but what her mouth spouts and her gestures were completely different. Her tone maybe harsh and cold but the way she caressed my face was so gentle and soft.

I held her hands and rolled so that we exchanged positions. She was under me now and she looked incredibly surprised. I looked straight to her teal orbs as I brushed a few stray locks that obstructed her face.

"You are so beautiful, do you know that Miku?" I started. She started to blush as she stuttered her answer.

"Wh-What's up wi-with you Len?"

"Isn't this normal?" I asked her.

"Wh-What on earth are you on about?"

"I love you, Miku, so much that it hurts so badly here." I told her before I placed a hand over my chest. "I love you so much that I don't know what'll become of me if you leave me." I whispered lowly before I slowly brought my lips down to hers.

She responded to my kiss and I deepened it by sliding my tongue in and I played with hers. Her grip on me tightened as I felt her slowly get deprived of air. I parted our lips and she breathed heavily.

Her flushed cheeks, glazed eyes and heavy breathing made her look divinely alluring and tempting. I closed my eyes, trying to gain control over my overflowing desire. I treasured this girl laid before me so much I can't afford to violate her.

"Len?" she breathed sexily with her soft voice. "Why are you crying?" she asked.

My eyes flung open and I watched her quite blurry. Tears were cascading down my eyes and wetting her cheeks. She held my face and I broke out into a sob. It pained me to the point I could die just thinking about the pain that I was about to cause her.

"I'm so sorry, Miku. I'm sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I'm so sor-" I repeatedly whispered my apologies till sleep suddenly snatched me and I collapsed beside her; pitted into a dark abyss without dreams.

Miku's P.O.V

After Len kissed me passionately, he cried. I just realized then that it had been a long time since I last saw him cry. I held his cheeks and he suddenly started to apologize repeatedly.

He must've exhausted himself and maybe due to him being drunk that he collapsed beside me. I pushed myself up and brushed his hair away from his handsome face.

"If you tell me all those things in one go, I can't help myself to fall all over for you again, can I?" I whispered as I played with his golden locks. "Sweet dreams, Len. I love you too." I told him and planted a kiss on his forehead and his lips.

I heard a soft click and I whirled around. I thought someone was watching us, but the doors were closed. I stood up after I shifted Len to a more comfortable position. I walked out and found no one in the hallway. I went to my room and opened the door to find Rin rustling about.

Oh, so it was from my door. I thought it was Len's. I am being a paranoid here.

"Hey Rin." I called her. She stiffened and she whipped her head towards me.

"Uh.. Y-Yeah, Miku-nee?" she stuttered.

Did I scare her?

"What are you doing here? I thought you went out to buy some ingredients?" I asked her and arched a bow.

"I.. uhmm.. I forgot the money. Yes! I forgot the money. teehee." she said and giggled. I sweat-dropped at her, thinking she could be clumsy sometimes too.

Oh my cute little sister.

"Shall I help you search for it?" I asked her.

"Ah? Yeah. sure." she answered and returned to searching for her purse.

I searched through her desk, since we had separate desks, and didn't find it. I moved to our vanity yet it wasn't there too. I searched under the bed, over the wardrobe and even in the tiny gaps between furniture, but I found none.

"Oh, there it is." Rin exclaimed and showed me her purse.

"Glad you found it then." I said as I dusted my clothes from dirt.

"Yeah, I'll be off then." she bid farewell and dashed downstairs.

"My, she's really full of energy." I murmured to myself before I went back to Len's room and kept him company.

"Say, Len? You remember "that" which you promised me, right? You will keep it, won't you?" I whispered in his ears before sleep decided to take me away too.

I hated the dream I had that night though. In it was Len walking away from me. No matter how I called for him, he wouldn't turn to look my way. He continued to walk away as if he heard nothing. My voice had become hoarse and I could no longer hear myself say his name.

I breathed deep before I tried once again and called for his name. "LEN!" I screamed and I woke up, with my arms outstretched and my forehead wet with sweat. I turned to my right and saw Len sleeping peacefully beside me, his arms over my waist and his face beside mine.

I shifted so that I face him and I caressed his face as I sighed contentedly. My heart was still beating erratically because of that nightmarish dream.

I kissed his forehead before I climbed out of his bed and read the clock on his bedside table. It read "5:45am." I stood up and found Rin had fallen asleep beside Len too with the soup lying peacefully on Len's desk. I smiled before I walked out of the room.

I walked downstairs and heard someone cooking in the kitchen. I crept to there and found Luka-nee already up.

"Oh! Good morning, Miku." she said with a warm smile.

"Good Morning, Luka-nee. What's for breakfast?" I asked with a beaming voice.

"Pancakes with leeks, bananas and oranges, just like how you all liked your pancakes." she said.

"Waah~ Delicious~! I could already hear my stomach growl in hunger. I'll just go back upstairs and freshen up before I'll help you, okay?" I told her before I skipped upstairs.

Almost half an hour passed and I got out of the bath and found Rin and Len already up. Rin was waiting for me to finish while Len was massaging his, probably, aching head.

"The bath is free now, Rin." I told her and she hurriedly went in after me.

She could've went to the other bath. She didn't have to wait really?

I thought as I watched her enter and close the door. I walked close to Len and helped him massage his head. At first contact, he flinched and backed away. Possibly from my cold hands.

"Oh.. It's you Miku. Ugh. My head hurts." he complained.

"It's because you drank a lot last night. I opened the door and you came stumbling in. What happened anyway?" I tried to ask him.

"Nothing really." He answered after a brief silence and he stood up and walked towards his wardrobe. "I"ll just go and.. have a shower."

The disturbing feeling of doubting his actions had resurfaced again and I clutched my chest, trying to comfort myself that it was just nothing.. but boy, how wrong I was?

Normal P.O.V

Len walked behind Miku and Rin and decided on his course of actions. He knew perfectly well that what he was about to do is a one-way route and once he starts, he could never go back.. but it was then or never.

After class, he went behind the gymnasium and waited for that someone, he knew was behind all this.

"What's your terms?" He asked when that person arrived.

"I want you to leave her alone. Forever." was what all he said before he left without saying another word.

"How can I possibly do that without dying?" Len murmured and walked away too but to the opposite direction that man took.

He was so out of it that he didn't realize his legs had taken him to the music room and he sat at the bench.

"Oh Gods.. please help us." he murmurs to the silence of the room and cried. A pair of slender and petite arms snaked around him and a scent he wasn't familiar of invaded his nostrils and he stopped crying immediately as he pushed her away.

"It's okay, Len. Just let it all out. I'll stay by your side. Kaito-nii had told me everything that happened to you. Please remember that you always have me, Len. I'll always be here beside you." Neru whispered as she hugged him again.

Len didn't feel the necessity to pull away anymore. He did not care about anything anymore. To him, everything was as good as gone. His decision would surely hurt Miku but to him, it was the only way he could protect and preserve her lovely smile. What's important to her was important to him as well. So he'll do anything to preserve and protect her dream, even if it means killing his heart.

He sobbed and cried at Neru's chest as she comforted Len, not aware that Miku watched them hug as he chose to be comforted by Neru and not her.

How long must I endure all these, Len? You told me you loved me, right? So what is that you're doing?

Miku thought to herself and silently walked away from that heartbreaking scene. Every step feeling her heart tear a new wound.

"Why are you doing this to me?"

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