Love Song

Not giving up

Not giving up

Len went home a few hours after he had calmed down and thanked Neru. Neru only smiled sweetly at him and answered "Anything for you, Len-sama."

He reached home and found the door already open.

Rin or Miku must be home already.

He thought to himself. He climbed up the staircase and held the knob to his room's door before he stopped to listen at the hushed voices coming from Miku's room.

"Yeah. I'm sorry you had to accompany me home." A soft voice apologized quietly. Her voice seemed a bit stuffy too.

"It's no big deal. You do know I'll always be here whenever you need me, right?" then came a low baritone voice.

"It's just that I feel really ashamed having to rely on you all the time."

"Oh come on. It's not like we're strangers, right?" the male voice said. "Why don't you take that off now? So I can treat you better?"

"Bu-But.." the soft voice tried to say otherwise.

"Hep! No buts okay? Now take it off." the male ordered and there was silence. Every second that Len spent eavesdropping over the door felt like a million days to him. He was so nervous he could hear his beating heart loud and clear.

"O-Oww." the feminine voice complained.

"Sorry. Di-Did I hurt you? I'll just go slowly, okay?" the male said.

"Yes, please do."

Len couldn't take any more of it as he bursts through the door and slammed it wide open while crying "STOP THAT!"

Miku and Kaito both turned to him and arched a brow, each wearing confused faces.

They're clothed.

Len thought and sighed in relief before he stalked to them with a stomp and quickly grabbed for Miku's wrist and ripped her out of Kaito's hands.

"STAY AWAY FROM HER!" Len cried possessively. Kaito gave him a meaningful look to which Len only ignored.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" Miku suddenly exclaimed and yanked her hands from Len's grasp as she walked to stand by Kaito. "Why do you do that every single time when Kai-chan didn't do anything wrong?!"

"Mi-Miku?" Len whispered her name. Miku was acting strange. She was acting really hostile against him. Something was wrong. Whatever had the pervert done to her to make her act like that from her usual sweet self?

"Don't you know how to knock? You should really try to learn mannerisms some other time." Miku told him and grabbed Kaito's hands. "Let's go, Kai-chan."

"But Miku-!" Kaito tried to complain but let Miku drag him otherwise. "Your wound." he whispered.

"A wound as shallow as this can't compare to the pain I feel whenever I see his face. Kai-chan.. What am I to do?" Miku asked as tears fell down from her eyes and she collapsed on the road side. "What do I do? It hurts so much."

"Mi-chan.. you know that I am aware of your feelings for him, right?" Kaito suddenly asked and bent to pick her up in a princess carry and walked while Miku was stunned with what he said.

"I always look at you and observe you. I've noticed long ago, ever since we were children, that he views you not as a sister but as a girl he'd want to spend his life with.. but I do too, Mi-chan." Kaito said before he placed Miku down on the grassland by the riverbank and he settled beside her.

"Why don't you give yourself a chance? Start brand new. Start a new life.. with me, Mi-chan." Kaito asked her as he turned to face Miku, the moon's light shining down on them and the cold night breeze made it so sakura petals rained down on them.

Miku was stunned. She did not know what to answer Kaito. He was a friend she could always lean on, someone who was always there whenever she was sad, someone who was willing to help her out of the mess she let herself get caught up.


She doesn't want to leave Len. She loves him so much that the thought of leaving him did not cross her mind. She can't afford to anyway. No matter what she saw that afternoon, she could just be wrong.

"I'm.. I am-"

"I'll wait Mi-chan." Kaito cut her. "I will wait for your answer. It doesn't have to be now. I'll wait." Kaito said with a smile and reached for the back of his neck and unhooked his necklace and passed it to Miku.

"Remember this necklace? It's the same one you gave me the day I went abroad. I've kept it with me always hoping I'll be able to see you again. It had become a very precious thing for me." Kaito told her and flexed Miku's hand so she held the necklace inside her clenched hand.

"And I'm giving it back to you, hoping you'll give US a chance. The moment you return it to me will mean you're letting me in your life but if not, then it means I have no place there. You can just throw that away if you really don't want to."

"But Kai-chan.. such a thing is-"

"I am not forcing you Mi-chan, that's why I'm telling you that I'll wait. Well then, enough for this heavy atmosphere. Shall I take you home?" Kaito suddenly diverted the topic and offered Miku his hand to help her stand up.

Miku took his hand and pulled herself up. Together, they walked in heavy silence. Miku was starting to get confuse now. She loved Len, yes, but she liked Kaito as well, though not like how she loved Len but he was still an irreplaceable existence in her life.

They arrived home and Kaito bid farewell to Miku and told her "I hope my confession won't make things awkward between us, I'd like things to still be the same."

"No, it won't. Thanks for letting me hear your feelings. I appreciate them, but I'd like to think about it." Miku answered quietly.

Kaito only smiled before he planted a quick and soft kiss on Miku's forehead while he sported a light tint of pink blush.

"Take all the time you want."

Miku said no more and she turned around and went in her house while Kaito walked home, wearing a soft smile thinking he might have a chance at his pursuance of Miku.

"I'm getting a good feel to this turn of events. Thanks to you, Akita-san." He said and turned to his right where the golden-haired beauty lied in wait.

"I'm telling you this ahead, Shion Kaito. I am only doing this to get Len-sama for myself. All you have to do is take Miku as far away from him as needed. I can't have myself be troubled by a rodent sneaking around MY Len-sama." Neru told him as she turned to him.

"I understand... but really, I couldn't believe what I felt was true after all.. that Mi-chan was in love with her own blood-related brother. I knew Mi-chan was smart enough not to let herself get carried away but I guess she's just a girl after all." Kaito said as he raised his head up to look at the dark night sky slowly raining down snow flurries.

"We still have the advantage here because we are not related to them by blood. So do your part well and you'll get her while I get Len. For now, act as my cousin that's all." Neru said and turned around to walk away.

"I am deeply sorry for causing you this pain, Mi-chan, but you'll thank me soon." Kaito whispered before he, himself, resumed walking back to his house.



Miku held the necklace above her as she lied on her and Rin's queen-sized bed. She watched how the plastic star, that she won on a slot machine back when she was still young, glow a bit as the light of her room shone against it.

She rolled to her side and opened one of the drawers of her bed-side table and placed the piece of jewelry inside and closed it back. Right now was definitely not the time to be considering Kaito. She had more disturbing matters to attend to.

"Miku?" a baritone voice came from her balcony window before a light knock was heard.

She got up from her bed and paced towards the tall windows and watched his silhouette standing just directly opposite of her.

"I know you can hear me and its fine if you don't talk. I just want to tell you I'm sorry if I hurt you. I didn't mean to. I just.. I just found myself already ripping you out from his grasps." he apologized as he sat down and leaned against the window.

Miku was thankful for the curtains then because it made it that Len can't see her from the other side. She sat down and leaned against the window too and cupped her mouth to muffle her sobs.

Oh Len, why can't you see that it wasn't that that made me mad at you? Why can't you see that you yanking me out from Kai-chan's hold wasn't what's hurting me?

"But Miku.. you know why I acted like that, right?" he asked softly.

Miku reminisced the time Len pulled her to the back of the campus and vigorously rubbed her hands, saying he wanted the feel of Kaito's hand on hers to go away. His words rang on her head as more tears fell down and she closed her eyes.

"I am not normally like this, but when it comes to you I am overly greedy, Miku. I know it's not good but I want all of your attention to be mine. I want everything about you to be mine Miku. I want you to be completely mine and mine only."

"You must be really asleep huh?" Len suddenly said and stood up. "Goodnight, my love. I'm sorry." he whispered before he walked away from Miku's balcony window and possibly jumped towards his.

"Why do you keep doing this to me? You act all lovey dovey and the next you act distant. Do you want to torture me, Len?" Miku murmured to herself and went to bed straight away, missing dinner.

The next morning, Miku readied herself. If Len was going to act like what he just did yesterday, then she won't run away anymore and confront him. She had no intention of giving up.

"Good Morning, Len~" she greeted happily and tackled Len, who was still sleeping on his bed.

"Oof! Oww!" Len complained and shot his eyes open only to be greeted with a kiss from Miku. "Mi-Miku?!" Len asked, befuddled. Miku only giggled before she stood up and ripped his blankets off his body.

"Rise and Shine, sleepyhead. Time for school~!" she beamed and happily skipped towards Len's door. "Come downstairs when you're done, Okay?" and with that she vanished behind the door, leaving a shocked, frozen and confused Len.

What the hell was that?

Len thought as he kept his stare at the door, not moving. After a minute of staring at the wooden door, he climbed off of the bed and started to fix himself.

Somehow, he was happy yet conflicted. He cannot be anymore closer to her than he already is. He must not. It would be more painful if he does. He cleared all the stressful thoughts away and enjoyed the warm shower water.

"Say, who's taking you to the dance, Miku-nee?" Rin asked as they ate their breakfast. Miku paused for a moment before she contemplated on what to answer.

"I still don't know yet. I haven't chosen my partner. What about you Rin?" Miku asked and took a bite from her pancake.

"We-Well.." Rin stuttered and fiddled with her fingers as she fidgeted. "I..I was.. err.. kind of thinking.. about.. err-" Rin was cut when Miku's phone blared off.

"Oh, sorry. It's Kai-chan. Just a moment." Miku excused and stood up as she answered the call. "Hello? Good Morning too. Yeah. At home. About a few minutes from now, why? Eh? S-Sure, If that's what you like. Okay. Bye." Miku spoke and ended the call as she went back to her seat.

"What did he need?" Rin and Len asked at the same time. Miku stared at the both of them before she giggled.

"Well, he wanted to tag along with us and go to school together. He's heading here right now." Miku answered.

"WHAT?!" Rin exclaimed and hurriedly jumped off her chair and dashed upstairs making her laugh. Suddenly, a heavy silence loomed over the both of them as Len continued to eat his breakfast in silence that it was starting to get awkward.

"What about you Len? Who are you taking to the dance?" Miku inquired, a bit curious as to how he'll answer.

"Of course, It's -" He suddenly trailed off and paused from eating. He put his fork down and stood from his seat. "I'm sorry. I lost my appetite. I'm going ahead." He said and walked away.

What went wrong? What happened?

Miku thought as she watched Len's back go out the door without even as much as glancing towards her and tell her that he was leaving.

Is it about Kai-chan again? Is he getting jealous again? But isn't this a bit too cruel from him being jealous?

Miku thought sadly and repeatedly stabbed her pancake before she slammed the utensil down, grabbed her bag and dashed after Len, bursting out the door.

"Len! Len!" Miku called him. Len stopped and turned to her, extremely surprised. Miku tackled him and they both fell down to the ground.

"Oow! What is wrong Miku?" Len asked her as he looked through her orbs, worriedly. He checked her for wounds and heaved a relieved sigh when he couldn't spot one.

"Len.. Are you being jealous again?" Miku asked straight to the point that, again, surprised Len.

"Wha-What are you talking about?!" Len asked and helped her up.

"If you don't like me hanging around Kai-chan, just say so. I will do it just don't avoid me like this." Miku said as tears welled up in the corner of her eyes, threatening to fall.

Len suddenly pulled Miku into an alley way and crashed his lips against hers, letting out all his held back feelings. Tasting her luscious sweet lips once again.

"Why does everything seem to crumble whenever I see you? When you do that everything I worked hard on doing will go to waste.. but I don't care anymore. I only want to be with you." Len whispered in Miku's ears. His hot breath fanning Miku's neck made her shiver with pleasure.

"I don't know what kind of game you were playing but I don't like that Len. It really hurts whenever you avoid me." Miku murmured against his chest as tears silently fell down.

"I give up. I won't do it again. So can I.. uhmm.." Len faltered and gently broke their embrace before he knelt before Miku. "Can I take you to the dance?" he asked.

Miku need not think about it anymore because there was only one option and there was no way she was gonna reject it.

"Of course, yes." Miku answered a bit teary eyed and hugged Len. "Yes! I'll definitely go with you!" Miku exclaimed.

Len laughed as he rubbed Miku's back and kissed her forehead. His little girlfriend was definitely the sweetest, cutest, and childish-iest girl and she was the only one he wanted.

"Let's go before we get late." Len told her and they walked hand in hand not knowing someone, who happened to see them, was intently watching them whilst clutching her phone.

"Hello? Yes. Did you know? The Kagamine and Hatsune siblings have a forbidden relationship?"

I know after this you'll be hating it more.. but patience people~ All good things come to those who wait. Anyway, our final exams is finally next week and after this then it's… SUMMER~! I can hardly wait for it but before all the relaxation we're gonna have one long week of stress first. Oops! There goes my rants. Anyway, I'll be expecting you're reviews okay? I need all the encouragement I need for this last stretch of exams. Byebye, see ya next chappy :3


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