Love Song


Miku's P.O.V

Have you ever experienced that moment when all eyes was on you? I do. I am an Idol after all, but that day was the start of my downfall as "The world's Diva" and the start of my impending death.

As usual, Len, Rin and I went to school like always. Len and I had fixed the thing that caused a rift between us. I can't stand him avoiding me all the time. It hurts so badly.

We entered the school and like our everyday life, all eyes were on us- But it wasn't like how it used to be. In their eyes were skeptical looks, disgust, disbelief, and perplex as they talked in hushed whispers.

I immediately cowered behind Len and Rin as they held my hands tightly. Len's confused look mirrored Rin's and my look. We didn't understand what was happening to them. It wasn't like the normal school days where they'd go and flock around us the moment we entered the school's premises. This time, they kept a good distance.

"Wh-What is wrong with everybody?" I asked Len and Rin softly as we walked down the corridor that lead to our homeroom.

"I really don't know. They're acting obviously strange." Rin said and stared back at the people staring at us and they would avert their eyes.

We reached our classroom and they all paused talking as they stared at us. We cautiously walked to our desk and what I found there brought me to tears.

There was a dead rat on my table, with its blood dripping to the ground. Trashes were scattered on top of it and a scribbling was written there. "Filthy whore." was what it said.

Rin hugged me and made me look away knowing I was really weak to things like that. Len suddenly snapped and kicked his table.

"Who. Wrote. This?" He asked, his voice deadly calm. There was silence though. No one answered.

"ANSWER ME!" He screamed that shocked everyone. The ferocity of his voice was so terrifying I felt my knees tremble.

"W-Why do you care anyway?" One spoke up.

"She's just a filthy whore who seduced her own brother; you!" Another chimed in.

"Yeah." came a chorus from all of them, which is mostly girls.

"Miku? A filthy whore? Seduced me? Where in nine hells did you even get that? Miku did no such thing! So stop spreading rumors without evidence!" Len defended and walked to our trash bin, threw all of the things on my desk inside and wiped the blood off my desk.

"Oh, but we do Mr. Kagamine." A girl said, I recognize as the one who spoke first, and handed out her phone. In it was me and Len, sharing a Kiss at the library. I gasped.

Who took that picture? This is really bad.

"What the hell? Where did you get that picture?" Len asked and snatched her phone.

"Even if you delete that one it's fine. Everyone has a copy, you know?" she told Len. "Why don't you explain it then? Explain why you and Whore Miku are kissing?"

"This is an edited picture. Seriously, you guys should learn not to easily believe absurd lies like this." Len defended again and scoffed at the random classmate who owned the cellphone.

"You can say all you want Kagamine Len but know this, Love between siblings is an extreme taboo." she said before they all turned around and went back to their seats.

"Miku-nee don't mind them. Let's take a seat." Rin said and let me sit down. I was still quite shaken up as I slowly sat on my chair. I didn't know that I had been too relaxed that everything of these happened.

Tears streamed down my face as I thought about Len distancing from me again. I looked up to him and saw him watching me worriedly.

I must not think about this. I need to be strong.

I thought and stifled my sobs, stopped crying and wiped my tears. I forced a smile on my face before I faced Len and Rin again.

"I'll be fine guys. Don't worry too much." I told them.

The doors slammed open and Kai-chan stormed inside. He stomped his way to the teacher's desk and slammed his fist on the wooden table.

"I am very disappointed in you everyone! My fiancée is not that kind of a woman! Stop making her look like dirt just because you are nowhere close to her! It doesn't mean just because you all have inferiority complex you can go ahead and ruin someone else's reputation! I'm warning you, do this again and you'll miss this school. I mean it." Kai-chan exclaimed before he stalked towards me passing through our shocked and speechless classmates, pulled me up and hugged me tight.

"It's fine now, Mi-chan. I'll always be here for you. I'll always protect you." he whispered in my ears.

Maybe it was just the huge wave of appreciation and relief that my tears streamed down my face once again. You know? That feeling you get when all you want is to let it all out. I felt relieved that there was still someone else who believed in me.

"Do you want to skip today?" He whispered. I only nodded. Maybe it was for the best, staying there would only burden me more. I'd be very conscious of them and I won't be able to focus on the lesson so I need to get out and breathe.

Kai-chan dragged me away, leaving a speechless Len and Rin silently watching us vanish behind the door. He took me to that cafe we first went to together, that time when I saw Len and Neru share a kiss.

"Thanks Kai-chan." I told him as I traced my finger across the teacup's mouth. "This really helps." I added with a sigh. "..running away, that is." I whispered.

Kai-chan reached for my hand and squeezed it reassuringly. "Oh, Mi-chan. It's all I can do. I can't magically clean your name in one day but I promise you.. I'll definitely prove to everyone that you are not what they think you are." he swore.

I smiled a bit before I squeezed his large hand encasing mine. "But, it's the truth.. I am having a.. forbidden relationship with my own brother.. kissing my own brother.. hugging my own brother.. and loving my own brother romantically. That's not normal at all. Its incest and I know it perfectly well." I said and started to sob as tears welled up.

"But why? Why does it hurt so much? Why can't I un-love him? I know it was selfish of me that I forced him into this kind of world! I know what the girls have been calling me is true! It's just that.. Why did I ever let myself fall into my own desires and even get Len into a huge mess? And is me letting myself love the person I want to love really that much of a crime? Tell me, Kai-chan? Is it really?" I cried and cupped my face, sobbing, letting all my frustrations out.

"Mi-chan.." Kai-chan called my name. "You know, it actually hurts hearing you say those in front of me." he said with a slight mirth in his voice. I gasped. I actually forgot he had his eyes on me.


"But it's fine. I want you to let it all out. It's bad if you keep it inside you. Still.. Can I suggest an idea to you?" He asked and fixed himself as he sat straight.

"I-I know it's quite presumptuous to hear this from me and you might not actually want it and you might be opposed to it and all bu-but I just want to help you a-and-"

"What is it Kai-chan?" I cut him off his stammering. He cleared his throat before he told me in a clear and firm voice.

"Would you go to the dance with me instead?" He asked. I was taken aback with his suggestion that I literally froze. I blinked my eyes twice, pinched my cheek once- and heck it hurt, and tried to clean my ears. I couldn't believe what I heard.

"What?" I asked after a couple of seconds.

"We-Well I figured you'd be going with Len because, you know and I know, that you like him back and right now isn't exactly the moment where you should be seen with him because of the state of affairs and if you'll go with him, it'll only boost the speculations of those snobby bitches tha-that's why I think you should go with me." He ranted so fast I think I might have missed some words.

"B-But.. Kai-chan I.."

"I know. I know, you promised each other, but think about it Mi-chan. everyone's dubious of your real relationship with Len. If everyone sees you with him on that night then it'll only confirm everything for them. You could lose your life as an idol, as the World's number one Diva, as a musician, respect as a person and most of all.." He paused as he reached out to grab my hand and squeeze it strongly. ".. You could ruin Len's life."

He was right. He did have a point there.

I don't want to ruin Len's life any more than it is. This mess I've caused is enough. I don't want him to suffer any more than this.

I hang my head and shut my eyes close, trying to reformat my brain and carefully think over it. Kai-chan is right. If I push through whatever I desire, I'll end up dragging Len into a thornier path. If must, I will walk down that path alone. I don't want to hurt Len. I lifted my head and stared right through Kai-chan's royal blue orbs with a look of finality.

"I will. I will go with you to the dance, Kai-chan." I stated. His face started to brighten as both of his hand squeezed my hand again.

"I swear I won't let you down, Mi-chan. I'll let you have the most wonderful night tomorrow." he said with a bright, excited and innocent smile on his face.

I couldn't help but smile back at the handsome creature before me, giving me all of his loyalty and honesty. Len was right. Kai-chan was surely the man I wished I would be with. He was the embodiment of my dream guy, my prince and the man I'd want to spend my life with, but Len was wrong at the same time because to hell with those 'dream guy's and 'prince charming's. I am not about to trade him, the man I want to spend eternity with, to something that is only fleeting.

I hang my head. I was feeling really guilty with his pure smile. A smile full of unwavering devotion, loyalty and love. I was wasting such an important emotion. He was wasting it with someone like me. Goddesses better bless me tomorrow that I may not falter in this thing that I'm about to do.

[Mi-chan?] Kai-chan's voice came from the receiver of my phone.

"Yeah?" I answered back, just sitting in front of my vanity, getting lost in daze.

[Uhm.. I was thinking of picking you up earlier. I have some place I want to take you to before we go to the dance.] He suggested, stammering, possibly not sure whether I would agree or not. I didn't really care anymore. If it wasn't compulsory, I won't go really.

"Yeah sure." I answered briefly again.

[Okay. I'll be there in 30 minutes.] He chirped and hang the phone.

I brought my cellphone away from my ears, my eyes never leaving my melancholic reflection on the mirror. I was not dressed, fixed or anything. I was just in casual clothes, some pants and a slightly loose three-fourths white blouse. I was not into it.

What joy would there be if I can't spend it with the one I want to?

I sighed and pulled my hair tie off, letting my extremely long teal hair cascade down my back with the small natural waves accenting it.

You must do this Miku. Prove to everyone that Len had nothing to do with your foolishness.

I thought before I slapped both my cheeks lightly three times and got up from my vanity. I walked downstairs when I heard the brakes of Kai-chan's car. Either he was too fast or I was too out of it I didn't notice time went by.

Len and Rin, who were sitted on the couch, eating chips again as they watched a movie, looked over to me with a confused expression.

"Where are you off to?" Len asked and turned to look outside the window. He must've heard Kai-chan's car pull up the entrance too.

"I have an appointment. I might be late so just go ahead to school before me. Don't wait." I told them, lifelessly, before I proceeded to the door and grabbed my coat.

"Take care, Miku-nee~!" I heard Rin call out before I shut the door behind me. As soon as I closed it, Kai-chan stepped down from his car and jogged towards the opposite to open the door to the front passenger seat.

"Where are we going to, Kai-chan?" I asked him as soon as he settled down and hooked his seatbelt.

"That's a secret." He said with a wink before he sped off to town. The trip was silent, except for his radio which played nothing but my songs.

"Hey, Kai-chan." I called his attention. He responded with a hum so I knew I got his attention. "Why is your radio playing my songs? Is your playlist filled with my songs?" I asked, curiously.

It was impossible really, no matter who, everyone knew how to get fed up with something that's repeated over and over again. So he, listening to my songs, and my songs ONLY, repeatedly was something unbelievable.

"We-Well.. u-umm.. Y-You see.. Oh Look! We-We're here already!" He exclaimed as he pulled up on the driveway of a shop that was called "Yowane's Boutique"

He hurriedly hopped out of his car and opened my door again as he helped me off like the gentleman that he is. We entered the shop when a middle aged woman suddenly appeared from behind a blue curtain -must be their dressing room- and suddenly lunged for Kai-chan.

"Oh my sweet little Kaito~ How are you? It's been so long I missed you." she cooed as she rubbed her face against Kai-chan's while he just laughed it off.

"Well, you're exaggerating it quite a bit. I'd been here last week so it isn't that long." He retorted with a smile.

"Oh but you know that is still a long time." the woman said as she pouted and unhooked her arms around Kai-chan's neck. She suddenly looked over to me and I stiffened. She looked me from head to toe before she turned back to Kai-chan with a teasing smirk. "And who might this cute little lady be? Hm? Don't tell me you've finally moved on from little Mimi and chose this cutie?"

"Ne-Neechan. Thi-This is your Mimi. Miku Hatsune. Don't you remember?" Kai-chan asked with a sweat drop as he introduced me.

I bowed hesitatingly as I watched her face from confusion shift to shock.

"Oh! I am so sorry Mimi-chan. I've been so busy with work I tend to forget some things." She said before she held out her hand to me.

"Hello Mimi-chan~ Nice to see you again. Do you still remember me? Yowane Haku?" She asked and looked a bit hopeful. Well I did remember her face but not her name. As far as I could remember, I think she was Kai-chan's cousin, who grew up with him and practically became his big sister.

I nodded before I took her hand with a smile. "Yes I do, Haku-neesan."

She suddenly engulfed me in a hug and did what she did to Kai-chan- rub her face against mine- all the while saying "Ooh~ she's still as cute as ever. Can I have her instead Little Kai?"

"That is certainly non-negotiable, Neechan." Kai-chan said with a slightly dark aura as he pulled me out of Haku-neesan's grasp and brought me beside him. "However I would like to ask for your help."

"What is it, Little Kai?" she asked.

"Could you dress her up in the best way that you can?" Kai-chan said and pushed me towards her again. I was caught off guard with what he just said but didn't have the chance to complain when Haku-neesan hurriedly snatched me and exclaimed "Roger!" before she sped down towards another fitting room that was more spacious than the others, possibly for VIPs.

"E-Erm.. Ha-Haku-neesan? Ple-Please just don't go really all out, okay? I don't want to stand out so much." I said with a sweat drop as I held still as she checked for my measurements.

"Oh but dear, even with simple clothes, you stand out amongst the rest. You've got that natural aura that attracts people's attentions to you." she said and giggled softly. I only sweat-dropped at her words.

She continued to fumble with my measurements as she hummed a soft song. When all was done and all she returned me to the lobby where Kai-chan was waiting patiently.

"Are you done?" He asked as soon as he saw me.

I smiled a bit before I turned to the busy Haku-neesan altering the dress in her hands. "Seems like not yet." I said with a small sigh and laugh.

"Then, let's go to the next one first while Haku-nee finish the dress?" He asked and stood up from the sophisticated Victorian couch and held out his arm, the sweet and kind smile never leaving his face. I could tell quite well he was really enjoying this.

"If you say so." I said with a smile and held his arm. He led me out the store and walked pass a couple more boutiques before we stopped at a salon.

"Don't tell me this store is connected to you somehow too?" I asked as soon as I saw the flock of girls swooning over him the instant we entered the room and arched my brow teasingly.

"Well, yeah." he said with a sweat-drop and rubbed the back of his head, clearly embarrassed.

"Well if it isn't, Kai-nii. What are you doing here?" A pretty young girl, who looked a couple of years younger than him with her chocolate hair tied into low pigtails, greeted as she passed through the throng of fan girls.

"I wanted to ask for your help." He said.

"Ooh? This is new? You, the haughty prince of the Shion Company, who never asked anyone for help, comes unannounced and asks for my help?" The girl asked with much sarcasm and amusement on her voice.

"Way to sum it up Yuki." Kai-chan said with a sigh and sweat-drop while I just giggled.

"So? How may I help you, Onii-SAMA?" She asked with a proud and teasing smirk.

"Well could you come with us and do her hair and makeup?" Kai-chan asked back as he shoved me in front of the girl named Yuki.

"Oh? Could you be Miku-sama?" she suddenly asked as she studied my face closely.

Eh? Sama?

"Ooh~ Kai-nii told me a bunch of things about you! Like how kind you were, how sweet you were, how beautiful you were and how much he lo-" she halted when Kai-chan cupped her mouth with a nervous and awkward laugh. He started to drag her away whilst saying "Yo-You've said enough, Yuki. Why don't we get going?"

After that, we returned to Haku-nee's boutique and found the dress already altered in that short period of time. She really works fast and nicely.

"Well, it's a special request from my dear cousin for his.. Well uhmm.. We-well for his pa-partner. I must make it beautiful and incomparable!" she exclaimed with a chuckle.

It was a pink, with a little purplish shade over the edges, off-shoulder with a thin and transparent frilly fabric over the white dress that ended a little ways above the knee. It accented my skin tone quite well, I dare say. It was so beautiful I immediately fell in love with it. I twirled around and watched how the dress flowed with my movements.

"Waah~ I love it so much, Haku-nee." I exclaimed happily.

"Well, anything for you, Miku-chii~ I shall call in Yuki to do your hair and makeup now, okay?" she said before she vanished behind the door.

A few minute after she did, Yuki, I believe Kai-nii said is the daughter of a close associate in business who got attached with him, came in with a bright smile.

"Shall we get down to it?" she said and did her magic on me.

She did a wonderful job as she tied my hair up in a little bit messy bun that had tendrils flowing down here and there. My makeup was quite light though as she said that she did it so she could emphasized my natural beauty more.

"You're beautiful already, so even without make up, you'll do just fine." she said before she spun my chair so I faced the mirror and saw the girl staring back at me. Her beauty was so natural and charming that I couldn't believe it was me.

A smile quickly found its way to my face before I turned to Yuki with a leap as I thanked her countless of times while occasionally taking glances at my reflection.

"Shall we show Kai-nii then? I bet he'd be done dressing up by now too." she said and led me out.

Kai-chan was there, in front of one of the tall mirrors of Haku-nee's boutique. He was standing there looking like the perfect prince charming that he was. The way his royal blue hair was brushed up, his clean and cool tuxedo and his bowtie, which he just finished adjusting. The clacking of my heels must've seized his attention as he slowly looked my way.

His jaw slowly dropped open as he slowly eyed me from head to toe, clearly checking me out. I blushed unconsciously as I felt the embarrassment of being checked out creep to me.

"D-Do I.. umm.. Do I lo-look fine?" I stuttered as I hang my head, embarrassed, and fiddled with my dress' skirt. He didn't seem to have heard me as Haku-nee had to elbow him gently enough to snap him out of it.

"Y-You look i-incredible!" He stammered which made Haku-nee and Yuki giggle. He cleared his throat and fixed his composure. "You look incredible, Mi-chan." He tried again with a cool smile.

"Tha-Thank you." I said and looked up to him with a smile while sporting a tiny hint of blush.

"Shall we get going then?" He asked as he offered me his arm.

"Sure." I answered and linked my hands with his arms. We proceeded to our school, where the dance was to be held, after saying our "farewells" and "thanks" to both Haku-nee and Yuki. They were a great help to us.

I certainly hoped I would have a good night that evening but as I thought, I never should've went there. I would not have had to die.

For Miku's dress, please visit this and see


I'm not very good at describing dresses. Whooo~ Finally! I finally finished this chapter! Actually, I finished this days ago but I had been really careless and it got erased (TvT). Now I had to re-do it all over again.. but don't worry. It is still the same scenario (^_^) anywho, I'll be expecting your reviews, okay? Byebye~

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