Love Song

She Died

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Miku's P.O.V

"Waah~! Miku-nee~ you're so beautiful~~" Rin exclaimed the moment she saw me enter our auditorium.

I blushed when her loud voice attracted a lot of attention. Well, ever since I hopped off Kai-chan's car, I've been attracting lots of attentions really, but with what happened just recently? I really can't handle everyone's stares that much.

"S-Shh! Not so loud Rin! It's embarrassing!" I complained and hang my head down. Rin glomped me and hugged me tightly.

"You're too cute~!" she cooed.

Len, however, was just there. He was just standing, watching us wordlessly. He continuously shifted his gaze from me to Kai-chan then back to me. I can't tell if he was adoring me or being skeptical why we were together again.

"Well then, let's not freeze here gawking at each other and find a seat. I don't want to stand the whole duration of this founding party." Rin complained before she grabbed my wrist and dragged me away from the two boys.

Yep, this party being held by our school is the founding party of our school. Today is exactly the day the school was founded and our teacher said our principal deemed that everyone MUST attend. It was once a year after all.. or so they say.

"B-By the way.. W-Who's with you Rin? Who did you take as your date?" I asked to open a conversation with Rin, who suddenly turned silent the moment we settled in a table.

"Ah?" she flinched as I seem to have snap her out. "I.. uhmm.. I went with Len-nii. No one interested me anyway."

"I see." I only said then everything silenced again. Music was blaring against the big speakers and some songs were our songs. I hummed softly along before I felt someone sit beside me. I turned and saw Kai-chan's princely demeanor.

"Oh Kai-chan. What took you long?" I asked.

"Ah! I had a chat with someone and got hang up. Why? Did you miss me already?" He asked with a teasing smirk. I smiled lightly before I retorted with an "As if."

"Aww~ you could've just answered honestly, you know? I swear I won't laugh at you for missing me that fast." He continued to tease.

"Aren't you the one who missed me though? Passing the blame unto others is bad, Kai-chan." I retorted with a wink and laughed.

"So if I say I did, would you tell me that you missed me too?" he whispered which almost slipped my ears.

"What?" I pretended to have not heard.

"Nothing." He said with a smile and brushed it off. Till now, I still don't know how to deal with Kai-chan. He was so open with his feelings for me yet I'm sure he knew it well that I can't reciprocate those emotions.

A slow song suddenly played. I closed my eyes and swayed my body softly with the song, singing it inside my head since I knew it so well. It was my song after all.

"Mi-chan?" I heard Kai-chan call my name.

"Hmm?" I hummed in response as I turned to him and watched him get up from his seat and bowed from the hips while extending his hand for me to take.

"Would you like to dance with me?" he asked. Honestly, I hesitated a bit. I wanted my first dance to be Len but like what Kai-chan said, I can't recklessly let my desires take over me and possibly ruin Len's life.

"Sure." I answered after a minute of hesitation and pondering and took his hand. He led me to the dance floor and saw lots of couples taking the floor too. Most of them probably lovers.

# Anata wa ima doko de nani wo shite imasu kaKono sora no tsuzuku basho ni imasu ka

Ima made watashi no kokoro wo umete ita monoUshinatte hajimete kizuitaKonna ni mo watashi wo sasaete kurete ita kotoKonna ni mo egao wo kureteita koto

Ushinatte shimatta daishou waTotetsumonaku ooki sugiteTorimodosou to hisshi niTe wo nobashite mogaku keredoMaru de kaze no you ni surinuketeTodokisou de todokanai

Kodoku to zetsubou ni mune wo shimetsukerareKokoro ga kowaresou ni naru keredoOmoide ni nokoru anata no egao gaWatashi wo itsumo hagemashite kureru

Mou ichido ano koro ni modorouKondo wa kitto daijoubuItsumo soba de waratteiyouAnata no sugu soba de

Anata wa ima doko de nani wo shite imasu kaKono sora no tsuzuku basho ni imasu kaItsumo no you ni egao de ite kuremasu kaIma wa tada sore wo negai tsuzukeru

#* English lyrics:Where are you now and what are you doing?Are you somewhere beyond this endless sky?When I lost everything that has been in my heart until nowI realized for the first timeHow much you supported meHow much you made me smile

The pain of losing them was unbearableAnd it was too much to considerEven though I struggled so desperatelyTo reach out my hands and take them back

Like the wind, they slipped throughLooking as though they would reach me, but did not

My chest is tightened by loneliness and despairMy heart felt like it would breakBut your smiling face remains in my memoriesAlways encouraging me and making me smile

Let's go back to those days againI know this time, it'll be alrightAlways smiling with youNext to you

Where are you now and what are you doing?Are you somewhere beyond this endless sky?Will you smile for me like always?That's all I keep wishing for *#the song ended and I broke from Kai-chan's hold on me. I needed to get out of that room. As big as it may seem, at that moment I felt really suffocated.

"E-Excuse me." I said and dashed away while hanging my head. I didn't understand what I was feeling but I really just needed to get away and breathe.

My legs took me to our academy's fountain and there I gasped for breath. The sparkling stars watched me cry while I leaned against the mouth of the fountain, supporting myself.

"Control Miku. Control." I whispered to myself. Listening to that song reminded me of Len. I don't know, being away from him must have made me like this, thinking nothing but him.

"Please, just now Miku. This night.. just this night.. I don't love Len!" I burst as I scolded myself.

I relaxed myself and soon gradually felt myself breathe normally again. I decided to return to the auditorium.

"Mi-chan! What's wrong? What happened?" Kai-chan immediately asked me and checked me. He looked incredibly worried.

"I'm fine Kai-chan." I told him and made him relax. He heaved a relieved sigh and led me back to our table.

"Why did you suddenly run out then?" he asked as he offered me a glass of water.

"I just felt a little light headed and needed fresh air." I reasoned before I took a sip of the water.

"You should've told me then. I would've helped you." he said, the worry returning back to his orbs. "How about now? Are you still feeling dizzy?"

I shook my head softly before I smiled. "Thank you, Kai-chan. I'm fine now."

"Miku." someone called my name. A voice I am so familiar with but sounded nothing like I used to hear it. I turned and found Len hanging his head.

"Yes?" I answered.

"May I speak with you? Alone?" He asked, not bothering to turn to Kaito nor lift his head to look at me.

I turned to Kai-chan and back to him, not sure what was the right answer to his question.


[Well then, in this next song, everyone must dance with someone they didn't accompany tonight.]

A voice cut me and reverberated around the auditorium. Len finally lifted his head and offered his hand to me. I turned to Kai-chan, trying to find help but it was futile. Rin had already whisked him away. I turned back to Len, who was patiently waiting for my answer. I pivoted on my heel and did my next escape plan, if all else fails- Run.

I wasn't able to though, not even a single step. Len caught my wrist and anchored me on my spot.

"Miku." He called my name again. The situation was getting dangerous. Any more than this then I might just give up.

You absolutely must not give up Miku!I screamed mentally and steeled myself. I must not waver. I am doing this for his own good.

Just one night Miku, all you need is one night to prove to everybody that there is nothing going on between you two and Len can escape the darkness lying in wait for him if they knew."I-I'm-" Again, I was not able to finish my sentence as he dragged me to the dance floor forcefully.

He gripped my hands tightly and kept me plastered against him by holding my waist.

"Did I possibly do something wrong for you to avoid me this much?" He suddenly asked.

# When we grow apart its destinyIt's just how it was supposed to beBut I know that I'm not strong enough to accept that so easily #"It's.. It's not like that." I whispered as I continued to look away. Even a tiny mistake of looking at his aqua blue orbs would spell trouble to me.

# Each and every single answer that comes my wayAre sold at too high a price for me to payThey have robbed me of the courage toLeave it all and move on #Len continued to sway us back and forth going with everybody's flow. He didn't say anything for a good ten second before he spun me and held me close to his chest once again. I had only just noticed then that he had become considerably taller. Well with my 3 inch heels and he was still a little taller than me, he had certainly grown taller than me.

"So why are you avoiding me?" He asked again.

I decided to busy myself by watching the other mixed paired couples happily chatting with themselves about goddesses-knows-what while here I was, troubled by this guy and ignored his question.

# The song that I once sang and gave to youIs now just a sad love songOverplayed a time or twoLet the wind flow in and blow it awayBack to that time that summer dayWhen I fell in love with you #"Miku?"

"I-I am not e-exactly avoiding you. It's just.. uhmm.." I stammered, frantically trying to find an excuse.

"Just what?" He repeated.

"Just.. You know? The chain of events." I answered lamely and shrugged my shoulders. I was trying my best to act really, really cold towards him but why won't he let go?

# When we draw near each other it's destiny tooThe way it's supposed to unfoldthrough and throughIf I could convince myself it was meant to beMaybe I wouldn't feel so alone? #"The turn of events huh?" He whispered lightly, as if pondering on my vague answer. He led the dance wonderfully that we hadn't noticed we were already at the center with the spotlight shining down on us as we were encircled with the other hastily paired couples.

He danced like what I always imagined a prince would. That moment was like a scene straight out from a fairy tale where the prince would enjoy the dance with his princess. Only we weren't prince and princesses but just normal people and siblings too. My life wasn't exactly a fairy tale, where I'd be a damsel in distress and Len will come and save me like a real prince.

# Each and every single answer that comes my wayHave way too many hypocrisies to sayThey erase the path that I need to takeTo the other side #

We were starting to attract other people's attention as my eyes gazed Kai-chan stopping his dance and looking at us, worriedly and hurt.

I knew it. This is a bad idea after all.I thought to myself as I hang my head while letting myself get lead by Len. But then again..

There's nothing wrong with trying to enjoy just at least one dance with him right?I leaned against Len's broad shoulders and I felt him stiffen a bit before he relaxed and his hold on me softened. He continued to dance as we, OBVIOUSLY, enjoyed the slow and soft dance. The relaxing feeling of not having to care about what other people think- I certainly missed it.

# The song that I once sang and gave to youIs now just a sad love songOverplayed a time or twoLet the wind flow in and blow it awayBack to that time that summer dayWhen I fell in love with you ## If the past and future both decide to disappearDo you think that then I'd be finally free?If I could pick one emotionto do away with at last,If I picked my love for you,would I be able to go back? #we gently broke apart and I watched him smile softly and lovingly to me which only added to the excruciating pain that was slowly killing me. I turned on my heel and he again snatched my hand and tried to stop me.

# If I could one day hear every song that you've heardBreathe everything you've breatheFeel everything you've feltIf I could be your eyes and see the world like you didthen maybe I could love you.. #"The way I've always wanted to." I sang in a whisper as I took a step back and watched his hurtful face. "I'm sorry Len, but this is for the best."

I told him and surprised him when I slowly slid my hand off of his grasps as I mingled with the crowd and he vanished from my sight. I walked away from the spot where I last saw him, smelled him, and felt him.

This much of a sacrifice is nothing compared to the pain of watching you suffer because of my own selfishness Len. I love you too much that I would never forgive myself if it happens.I thought as unknown tears cascaded down my face. It was painful, yes. Having to do that to Len while I watch his hurtful expression is just like impaling a thousand knives to my heart, but if the consequence was that I'll see Len be abhorred by lots of people just because he chose to love me back then even a million knives would be just fine.

I had taken refuge at the music room and just watched the flickering white light from above and from the auditorium.

"The Gods must hate me very much." I whispered to myself and laughed sarcastically.

I turned to the piano and was about to approach it when I heard rustles from outside. On impulse I quickly dashed for the tall cabinet nearest to me and hid.

Why am I hiding?I thought and heard the door to the room slide open. I jolted and tried to peak outside from the tiny slits of the cabinet. I could make out a tux but I couldn't see the person's face.

Who is it?I thought again and squinted my eyes to try and take a better look. I saw that person fish something from below his tux and found it glowing teal. It was the necklace I gave Len last Christmas!

Len!I wanted to step out, after all we were the only people inside the room, technically speaking. I was really about to when someone else came in.

Who is it this time?I thought, growing impatient and irritated. I was holding myself back long enough and I just want to go and embrace that man and tell him what I wasn't able to say hours ago.

"Len-sama?" A sweet voice called him.

Oh Goddesses! It's Neru!"What is it that you want?" Len asked harshly and straight forwardly.

"Do you need someone you could talk to? I'm always here, you know?" She asked, her voice oh so sweet you'd imagine it came from a honeycomb.

There was silence for a moment before Len finally spoke up. "Why do you always know when I needed someone to talk to?" He asked back.

Neru giggled first like an innocent sophisticated lady with refinement and delicacy. "It's the power of my love, you could say." she said with a slight giggle at the end.

SUCCUBUS! Get away from her Len!I screamed mentally as I clawed my dress and desperately wanted to burst out there and say to the face of that damn succubus that Len's mine and mine only!

Len suddenly chuckled and I froze. Len never did that to any other girls in front of me, so was he this kind of man when I wasn't around? Does he only act cold to girls when I'm around?

I didn't hear what they said after as they walked out of the room together. I slowly came out of hiding too and froze for a moment. Len's attitude towards Neru certainly had me shaken up. I never expected him to be so nice and friendly to her. It didn't cross my mind that they were so close already.

I decided to follow them after being out of it for a few minutes. I didn't exactly know where they were going but I just had this hunch of one certain place. It was always the place Len would want to hang around whenever there was something on his mind.

I went directly to there and looks like I was right. There they were staring at the night sky with the gentle flurries raining down. Len had offered his coat to Neru and they seemed to be talking.

I couldn't make out their figures as it was really dark and I couldn't hear what they were talking since they were at the edge of the rooftop while I stayed at the door, silently spying them.

Moments later, when it seemed that all they would really be doing was talking and was about to walk away, I suddenly heard Len shout "I love you! I really, really do!"

I turned around, thinking that he might have known I was here watching them, and gravely cursed why I bothered to turn and not just walked away. Len and Neru had shared another kiss but this time was no longer the same kiss as it was the first time. It was longer and more passionate, so ardent that it immediately shattered me into pieces.

It was then that I died, my heart seemed to stop beating and I gasped. Someone had once again covered my eyes from that scene and I immediately knew it was Kai-chan.

"Come with me, Mi-chan. Let's go far away from here. Far away where you wouldn't have to feel this pain again. I can take all those away, Mi-chan. Just let me in." Kai-chan whispered in my ears.

He spun me around before he took his hands off my eyes and saw my tear stricken face. I clung to him for dear life and bawled so hard and inaudibly. He embraced me back as he whispered comforting and sweet words in my ears. He led me away from that spot and drove home. But! Not to my home anymore.

I was leaving. I decided to go with Kai-chan. There was no longer a reason for me to stay there because the man that had been my reason and chain to that place had found someone else and left me. He had severed his chain attached to me and will never be mended again.

"Kai-chan.. Please take me away."

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