Love Song

5 years

Len's P.O.V

In life, everyone will come and go. Some would leave something behind, some won't. Some would be important and some aren't that much too important. Some would be precious and irreplaceable and some would be just nothing. But one sure thing in life is that when you love truly, it'll take a whole lifetime to forget that person.

"Len-sama?" A sweet voice came behind my closed room door as it was accompanied with a knock.

I groaned and rolled to my side and maybe attempt to return to the endless pit of abysmal despair and empty dream of mine.

"Len?" she called again. This time though, I forcibly pushed myself up with a grumble knowing full well that if I won't get up and talk to her then she won't stop.

I opened the door and regarded her harshly.

"What?" I half spat as I glared at her. I don't know if she had grown immune to it or she just doesn't care how I talk anymore.

"Breakfast is ready, honey. Oh, and Happy Monthsary too." she said, her voice so sweet and soft you'd think it was coated with lots and lots of chocolates and sugar, and she stood on her tiptoes and kissed me gently.

When she pulled away, for a second there, I thought I saw [her] again. I thought I've felt her soft and sweet lips again and gazed at her lovely teal orbs and touched her long teal locks. I blinked once and everything vanished. There stood before me, with a pink blush on her face and smiling awfully sweet, was a golden haired girl who's been with me for the past 5 years.

She was the one who stayed beside me when [She] left me. She was there keeping me company when [She] disappeared all of a sudden. She was the one who kept trying to fix my shattered heart when [She] vanished, left me, and tore me into shreds. It was only right that I try to repay her by trying to love her back like how she loves me.

"Yeah, Happy Monthsary too." I answered, trying my best to sound nice and gentle. The girl had done no wrong for me to vent my anger on her. She deserves all my love that was wasted on [Her].

"You should come down now or the food will get cold." she reminded me before she turned around and walked away.

"Is Rin up already?" I asked her. She paused and nodded her head softly.

"Luka-san too. They said to hurry up." and with that she turned again and finally vanished from my sight.

I closed the door and slumped against it. Even now, even after five years had passed, I still can't forget [Her]. In my mind, [She]'s all I can think about.

Why? Why can't I forget [you]?I walked to my television and switched it on before I went to the bathroom. For five long years, I've grown to hate the deafening silence.

*Today is the day our dearest idol, who was faced with many rumors such as having an incestuous relationship with her brother, faking her voice, and fixed her assets suddenly disappeared. Many questions are still left unanswered, like is it really true that she and Len Kagamine ventured into the world of forbidden love? Or is her voice really fake? Or that she had some of her assets fixed? Or why did she suddenly disappear? Is she perhaps dead? Stay in tune for latest updates regarding our ONCE world's diva.*I turned the faucet on and let the water's sound drown out the television. I certainly did not need anyone or anything reminding me of [Her]. Yes, it'll be five years today since she suddenly left me.

It couldn't be that she died since we're sure to have found her body by now, but no. It could only be that she's alive but in hiding. Actually, that mindset has helped me get by day by day. I finished rinsing my being and went out with nothing but a towel draped around my lower hip.

"I-I-I di-di-didn't mean t-t-to intrude Le-Le-Len bu-but yo-you we-we-were taking lo-lo-longer than expected so I.. uhh.. I de-decided to uhmm.."

"Please step out." I cut through her stammering, with my usual cold and monotone voice.

She looked surprised and taken aback for a moment before she laughed it off and smiled brightly.

"O-Of course. I-If you'll excuse me." She said and hurriedly went out of my room.

I just pulled whatever fabric my hands would choose and put in on. I walked away from my wardrobe and had a glimpse of myself from my tall mirror.

My hair was dripping wet and my hair looked incredibly weird. My eyes were dead of emotion and my face looked wan. I sighed as I ignored those. I went out of my room and found Neru beside my door, silently waiting for me.

"Why are you still here? I thought you had gone down already." I told her. Her face visibly brightened up as soon as I talked to her.

"Well, I wanted to- Len? Your hair is dripping wet. Wait." she said and dashed inside my room and sprinted back to me with a towel on her hand. She was about to reach for my hair when I slapped her hand away and suddenly burst out.


She froze at my sudden burst and irritation and looked incredibly shocked. I snapped out of it and averted my eyes. She looked hurt as she drew her hands back.

"I-I'm.." I tried to apologize but I couldn't seem to say the word.

"Its okay, Len-sama. It's.. It's my fault." she said in a quiet voice just a little above a whisper.

It's not like it really was her fault. It's me for being not able to move on from Miku. She had been gone for almost five years already and yet I can't seem to forget her. What Neru tries to do to please me were things Miku used to do to be all cuddly with me. Her actions greatly remind me of her and it just opens up old wounds I try so hard to forget.

I turned around and walked ahead of her. There was nothing more to say to her. We both walked towards the dining area in silence where Rin was waiting for me.

After we had graduated, Rin and I decided to continue being singers. Neru later on decided to join us as Luka-nee finally conceded to take her as her new talent but still they think that she did that just to get close to me.

"Oh Len, come have a sit. Breakfast is ready." The gentle and kind voice of Luka-nee infiltrated my head as I stepped inside the dining area.

"Finally you're up. We have a recording later so hurry up and take your breakfast. We'll leave as soon as you finish." Rin said with a cold and serious tone, gone was her cheeriness.

Well, Miku's disappearance took its toll on her too. They were incredibly close, after all. But it wasn't only Miku's disappearance that made her like that, but Kaito's as well. I learned years after they vanished that she loved the man.

"Yeah." was all I answered.

We took our seats and ate our breakfast in silence. It had always been like this since she disappeared. We were living like zombies. Miku had that much influence in our lives. She was my reason to smile and she was Rin's reason for her cheerfulness.

After all was done and all, we hopped into our car and sped to Crypton company. When we reached there, we were shocked to see most of its singers present. There was Miriam-neesan and Lola-neesan. Sweet Ann and Prima were there too. It was amazing to see your senior singers that was amazingly popular.

"Oh! Are you the Kagamine Twins? Both of you sound so adorable together~" Sweet Ann said as she came up to us.

"Yes, we are." Rin answered with her usual forced smile. We were professionals after all. We can't let our personal emotions get in the way of our job.

"Congratulations on upgrading to your append. You both deserved it." Prima praised with her cool and soft smile.

"What's with this gathering anyway? It's unusual that you, worldwide performers, are here. What's the occasion?" I asked, feeling curious about it.

"Well, we were invited back to watch a comeback of an idol." Miriam-neesan, who happened to overhear what I said, answered and flashed me a ticket as she crossed her arms across her chest. "Some mysterious Diva, Master said."

"Why weren't we informed of this though?" Rin muttered and gained all of our attention.

She was right. It's unusual we weren't informed when everyone else was. Even senior idols were informed and was required to watch.

"It's weird." I whispered under my breath before a booming voice caught all of attention and we silenced.

"Welcome back, my dear children. Tonight, we shall all celebrate the return of one of my dearest children. So for today, you can all take a break and prepare for this evening. Very well, that will be all." was all Master said over the P.A. System before he vanished and left us all confused and curious.

"But what about our recording?" Rin asked and turned to me. I, for one, didn't have any idea at all so I shrugged my shoulders and turned back to the idols filing out slowly.

"Guess it's cancelled. Why aren't we informed of it? Are we invited or not? Are we supposed to go tonight and watch?" I asked Rin and she gave me the look that I expected, completely bewildered.

"Maybe we should just go home." Rin said and turned around. I followed suit and went home peacefully, though the mysterious diva still bothered me a bit and the fact that we were not told.

"Rin? Are you not going to that concert?" I asked and found her buried under her sheets when I opened her door.

Even after 5 long years, the room didn't change even the slightest bit. It was still the room [She] occupied years ago.

"I plan to but I don't know." she mumbled softly.

"Why don't you accompany me then? If it'll be boring then I want at least a companion I could talk to." I asked her and leaned against her door frame.

"Why are you going anyway? Weren't we uninvited?" Rin asked, her expression slightly annoyed though I know why.

"Neru kind of asked me to go. She was asked to perform a song on that concert. As to what song, I don't know." I filled her in.

"Then why don't you go alone? I'm sure your *cough* slut *cough* lover would want you alone anyway." Rin retorted and dove back under her covers.

"So.. You don't want oranges then?" I tried to bribe her and successfully she slowly rolled out of her bed sheets.

"Just so you know, I'll demand a box for this annoying request of yours." Rin said and pointed at me like I just owed her big time.

"Yeah, Yeah, Fine, now hurry up and get dressed. We're late." I told her as I spun on my heel and walked back to my room to get dressed myself.

In all honesty, if only I could just fake illness and not go I would, but she specifically told me that she wanted me to go and just make that as my monthsary gift to her. I sighed as I ran a hand across my hair and wove my arms through my jacket.

"Let's go! I'll need to buy me a dozen of oranges while we're there." Rin demanded and skipped away, feeling excited not with the concert but with the prospect that she'll be having her dear oranges.

"Yeah, let's." I answered her and gave her a small smile before we walked to the door.

# He held out his hand, it was small nothing grandWho knew that joy was hiding all along and began to grow?I know that I must tell you the truthWhen you look at me, there's no way I can just leave

I grew once upon in a castle so grandThe king and queen protested that I have the best yet"Accept your fate" you were always running awayGod just won't forgive how greedy now my heart is

The liar inside of me, CinderellaThe big bad wolf would eat her, if she treaded nearerOh god have I been always living a lie?Who can save me now? Knowing that I'll gulped downPlease save me just like you're the prince I love so deep. #

Neru sang as we only caught only a bit of her performance. The audiences all clapped their hands as she bowed in gratitude. I clenched my fists as to why I just had to remember [her] again. Why did Neru have to sing her song?

The host then came up to the stage and introduced Neru once again as she smiled brightly and bowed again. Neru slowly exited the stage while she waved goodbye.

"Now then, let's give it up to your most awaited singer. Her comeback as the 'Ghost Diva', our World's sweetest Diva, Hatsune Miku!" the host exclaimed excitedly and stepped away from the center.

Surprised gasps filled the whole area and we watched the stage with anticipation.

It can't be.. She's really alive and back?

I thought and Rin clasped a fistful of my jacket.

"Len-nii.." Rin softly called as she clung to me harder. I know more than anyone in this damned area longs to see her more than us.

The stage dimmed and in the center was a small spotlight. Everyone silenced as she waited so patiently on their seats. I clawed my arm's rest as the anxiety crawled up to me.

#Setting all the words and feelings for you free from me tonight

I'll let them go, but I just know they never were really mine.#

The voice sang and she stepped in the spotlight. As she raised her voice, the lights flooded on the stage as it looked oh so magical.

Her long flowing hair was no more but had a medium length hair. Her hair was still the same shade of the lovely and beautiful teal.

# (Where art thou Romeo?)

I didn't see you right beside meJust can't believe that I did not seeBut aint it funny how we grew up so close

and yet we never could take the leap

Us two together we'd always weatherNo matter happiness or terrorI'd know you better than all of the rest thenNever to notice that our hearts had become one

# But begging God not to keep us too far to reach fromTowers to climb I wait here for youChanging into people who may never meet againAnd they just say all the same things trying to protect me"Oh how she runs away, so cute"They never see the real me, the Cinderella

And once upon a true love that was long long agoBurning bright as a flame that we would soon let blowNow l'm left all alone, slowly watching you goAnd broken Juliet, she criedHey, thinking back, do you ever remember the past?We were young and you promised "that" which never lastsIt was you, no one else, it was me, no one elseAnd yet the story is at it's end and curtains fallRidden me of all the past that I knew never lastedBut I am begging you don't let it end

(You are my one Romeo)

"How good for you, I always knew the two of you would be looking oh so cute as you do"I never meant a word and you know it too,But I'll still just smile and nodThe two together you saved from weatherShe holds the dog you went to get herI know that feeling, know it wellNever did I notice that then I just can't be herAnd underneath all the smiles, lives a very vileGirl changing fate like poison daggersCutting deep and taking me from pages left to writeBut can't complain knowing I am always keeping quietlyI continue hating her to deathOh god have I become the monster in this fairy tale? #

She sang and to our pure shock, tears started to roll down her face as she continued her song.

# And never knowing anything but the fear and painThinking over you again like I had knifed my brainTurn it all back around, so I'd never had foundThat cursed love was in my heartWe made a vow never caring what others would thinkSo we hid and we loved but gone when I had blinkedI don't want you to leave so I just won't believeThat I'm the tragedy Juliet who dies of loveRidden me of all the things, so I can finally drinkAnd just forget how I loved you so deep #

As she breathed for air to start another stanza, I caught her glance at me. There was something new in her gaze and I couldn't put my finger in it. It was like she was a whole new other person.

# Looking back into your eyesI see that you are blinded by a whole new loveIt's her love"You're the only friend I've had""And I've been just so glad"Please stop or this get's badHe's smiling!Don't you know that's what I never wanted you to say? #

She sang as she stared at me with an emotion I can't quite decipher and averted her gaze from me. I listened into the song's lyrics and maybe stop wondering how she'd never gone back home from the past 5 years and only decided now to return. Why now that I had accepted Neru?

# And once upon a true love that was long long agoBurning bright as a flame that we would soon let blowNow l'm left all alone, slowly watching you goand broken Juliet, she criedHey, thinking back, do you ever remember the past?We were young and you promised "that" which never lastsIt was you, no one else, it was me, no one elseSo please I beg don't let it end

We made a vow never caring what others would thinkSo we hid and we loved but gone when I had blinkedI don't want you to leave so I just won't believeBut I'm the tragedy Juliet who dies of loveRidden me of all the things so I now finally drinkThis is the end of us now Romeo

(Fair thee well my Romeo) #

She ended and garnered a thunderous clap from everyone as she bowed. She gently wiped her tears away and smiled brightly again. Oh how I've missed that sweet smile but there was something odd and weird about her.

"It's weird." I heard Rin mumble. I turned to her and found her tear-stricken face. Oh my dear sister.

"Yeah.. but let's just be grateful she's alive and back now." I told her softly as I joined in with the rest and clapped my hands. She always never ceased to amaze everyone.

"Oh gosh.. that was.. That was Amazing! I've missed your voice Hatsune-san and I know everyone present here does too, am I right?" The host asked and pointed the microphone he was holding to the bustling audience.

"Heck Yeah!" We all answered, as well as Rin.

"See? So, we welcome you back, Hatsune-san." the host said and bowed from his hips.

"My, I've missed everyone too." she answered with her usual sweet and lovely voice. "Though it wouldn't be made possible without the help of my loving fiancee right there at the back." she said and I froze stiff.

She couldn't mean me right? I mean yeah I promised her she'd be my only bride but I.. I'm already with Ne-Neru and I-I don't mind breaking it up with her and.. and-

I was cut with OOOHs and AWWs as everyone looked past me. I turned around and there I saw Kaito standing behind me and waving his hand gently with a sweet and gentle face. I looked back to the stage. There was her smile again but this time..

It wasn't for me.

Oh gosh! I'm back! How long has it been? I am sorry but I really just had fun with my summer and I kinda forgot about updating and stuff. Sorry~. Well, I'm back now and I hope to get reviews, okay? I love ya guys :) CIAO~~


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