Love Song


The Unexpected

"It'll be fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. He's a thing of the past now. You are my present and that will never change." Miku said and caressed her lover's face to somehow comfort and reassure him that she was fine going back.

Kaito doubted it though, it wasn't that he didn't trust Miku, he was just worried about how the lady would feel to see and live again with the man who broke her heart 5 years ago; Len.

"But Mi-chan.."

"Or is it you want to live with me again?" Miku asked teasingly and giggled when she successfully extracted the expected reaction from her fiancée as Kaito flustered.

"You know that I always do. It's just that.."

"That I once loved him? Kai-chan.. Do you not believe me?" Miku asked and cupped the cheeks of Kaito as she stared straight through his royal blue orbs.

"Of course I do. Fine. If that's what you want. Call me if you ever need me, okay? Don't even think of keeping everything to yourself again, alright?" Kaito told her, still a bit worried but tried to push it away.

"Yes sir!" Miku joked as she saluted to the man before they both laughed.

Kaito was sure to miss her when he was so used to having her so close to him. He pulled her into an embrace and planted a soft kiss on her forehead before he felt Miku relaxing on his hold and burying her face on his chest, snuggling like she always do, and squeezing him tight.

"I'll visit you every now and then, okay?" Kaito said with a smile before Miku slowly broke their embrace.

"Yes, that would be nice." Miku beamed with a bright smile. Kaito picked up Miku's luggage before they went in the premises and knocked on the door.

"Coming!" they heard someone call and soon after, the door was opened for them.

"Mi-Miku-nee?!" An incredibly surprised Rin exclaimed as she stepped back.

"Hey Rin!" Miku smiled as she waved her hand before she opened her arms wide after she just stood there gawking. "Won't you give Onee-chan a hug?"

"Mi-Miku-nee! Where the hell have you been?" Rin cried as she flung herself towards Miku's arms seeming it was the only trigger she waited for and bawled while she complained how worried she was the last 5 years.

"I'm sorry. It just kind of happened." Miku explained vaguely before she squeezed Rin. "I missed you, my cute little devil."

"Rin? Who was it?" another feminine voice came from the kitchen and out came Luka, wiping her hands on her apron.

"Hello Luka-nee." Miku greeted her too.

Luka suddenly felt her eyes sting and already noticed a bit too late that she was tearing up while she watched the teal-haired beauty standing by the door, hugging a crying Rin.

"Where were you? The meals I cooked majorly went to the trash bin you know?" Luka said like the lady just didn't went missing for 5 years. She approached them after she took her apron off and engulfed both ladies in a hug. "We missed you."

"I do too. I didn't imagine that a day without your nagging and Rin's tricks would feel so lonely." Miku joked with a laugh before the other girls soon joined.

"What's all this ruckus?" Len came down the staircase, his bed hair still sticking up, still in his pajamas after an afternoon nap as he rubbed the sleep off his eyes.

His eyes went wide as a saucer plate before he hurried downstairs and approached them closer- not believing his eyes. He did not expect this. Miku was in front of him, all flesh and soul.


"Hello Len." Miku greeted with the same usual smile but Len felt weird. He felt it wasn't the usual greetings where he could feel Miku's emotions.

"Yo-You're back." He stammered.

"Yes. Why? You don't want me to?" Miku asked in a teasing manner before she narrowed her eyes at him.

There was a weird intensity and fierceness on her orbs and Len didn't understand them. The Miku he fell in love with wasn't like this. Her orbs held warmth, happiness and kindness in them that was able to attract lots of people toward her not this uncanny fervidness.

"N-No. Of course not. Everyone missed you so much.. I do too." Len whispered the last part and averted his gaze away, when he did so was he only able to notice the man with her.

"Kaito." He acknowledge and looked as hostile to the man as he was years ago. It didn't change- no, more like it even intensified now that he learned of his and Miku's relation- as he glared hard.

"Yo~!" Kaito greeted nonchalantly and smiled, which pissed Len off more.

"Oh! Kaito-san, you were there. We're sorry we didn't notice you." Luka apologized and broke the embrace as she wiped the tears off her eyes.

"Ka-Kaito-kun?" Rin looked up and found Kaito smiling brightly.

"Hello Rin-chan, Luka-san.. and Len." Kaito acknowledge them and smiled before he slung his arm over Miku's shoulders and looked down to her. "Please do take care of my fiancée again."

Kaito bowed down in Miku's stead that surprised Luka and hurt the twins. Well why not? Both of them have not moved on after all. I did mention Rin being in love with Kaito, right?

"O-Of course we will. She is, after all, my sister." Rin answered before she looked over to Miku, who was smiling jovially and kindly. "Yes, she's my sister." she whispered as if reminding herself.

"Well, would you like to stay for dinner?" Luka asked before she turned to head back to the kitchen after a shrill scream from whatever she was boiling reached her ears.

"I think our guest has other matters to attend to, right?" Len asked before he gave the man a meaningful look.

"Actually, on the contrary, I'm quite free today. Well with my fiancée asking me to cancel all of my schedules today, how can I possibly say no? Right, Len?" Kaito retorted subtly before he shot Len a look of his own- a little smug and proud.

"Of course, who fiancée would not want to spend time with their partner, right?" Miku beamed happily before she took Kaito's hands in hers and interlinked their fingers.

Len clenched his fists as he shoved them in his pocket harshly, glaring as best as he could to convey his utmost hatred towards the man who stole what was rightfully his.

But even as he thought about it, he figured he didn't have the right to do so. He cowered in fear and didn't fight for her. He didn't show her enough how much she meant the world to him, how she was his life and that everything meant nothing without her- he failed to let her know those.

He stepped aside and let Miku and Kaito in the house, with the said man bringing Miku's luggage- except for her handbag that is- while keeping his sharp glare at the blue-headed man.

"I'd like to occupy the guest room. Can I?" Miku asked as she stood by the first plight of the staircase and turned slightly towards Rin and Len, as Luka was back to the kitchen tending to their meal.

"But.. Your room was preserved.. Our room was. Don't you want to sleep there?" Rin asked, a bit worried and anxious as to why she didn't want to stay at her old room.

"Well some old things are meant to be replaced sometime soon." Miku said with a smile before she slowly shifted her gaze towards the lady's twin, who only stood there silently. "Don't you think so? Also I'd like to have my privacy. I just can't be at peace when I've been used to being alone at my room. Well, of course except the times when Kaito was there."

"If.. If that's what you want. I'll go set it up." Rin offered but Miku held her hands up to stop her and smiled sweetly.

"It's fine. Besides I have my fiancée to help me set it up. Right sweetie?" Miku said and turned to Kaito with her most adorable smile.

"Why, of course. It'd be my pleasure." Kaito answered with his own sweet smile, raised their interlinked hands and planted a kiss on the back of Miku's hand. "If my princess wishes it."

"Well, we'll go ahead and tidy things up before dinner time. If you'll excuse us." Miku bid and once again turned around before she started climbing the stairs while half-dragging Kaito up.

"Len-nii.." Rin called as her gaze drifted to Len, who was so obviously holding himself back from punching the guy square on his face or maybe tearing their hands apart and show Miku just who she really belonged to.

"Hey, let's just go and help Luka-nee?" Rin said softly before Len finally tore off his gaze from the staircase Miku and Kaito just vanished to and proceeded to the kitchen to go help Luka, when he doubt he'd be of any help at all the way he was now.

Miku closed the door behind them and let out a shaky sigh. She hadn't noticed she'd forgotten to breathe as she climbed the stairs and walked to her new room.

"Are you fine?" Kaito asked worriedly. He placed the luggage down and approached her carefully, softly cupping her cheeks with his large warm hands and raising her head a bit so she'd gaze at him.

"Yes, I'm fine." she said with a smile before she gathered her composure again with one last deep breath. "Now, shall we get started?"

While Len and Rin downstairs, on the pretext of 'helping Luka', was actually doing nothing but stare off into space. Len laid on his outstretched arm that was propped up onto the table with his hoodie on and Rin sunk on her chair with her knees up and close to her chest while drawing imaginary circles on the table.

Luka sighed as she watched them and the gloomy atmosphere that hang around the twins.

Really, what's up with these two?Luka thought before she turned back to cutting the ingredients with a huff of annoyance.

At dinner, Miku and Kaito was chatting with each other lively while Rin and Len didn't seem to be that all happy, even with her unexpected return.

"And then you know, Kai-chan caught this reaaaaally big tuna and he fell on his butt as he tried to haul it in! It was so hilarious yet bountiful as we got a big dish for our dinner that night!" Miku narrated with wild gestures and laughed.

Luka, picking up on the word 'big tuna' instantly had all her ears on Miku as her eyes sparkled with glee.

"Really? Where did you catch it?!" She asked enthusiastically.

"On one of our trips. Kai-chan took me to different places and let me see what the world was outside of the cramped little country." Miku said with a smile before her voice suddenly got a little melancholic and nostalgic while she reached out for her fiancée's hand.

"He knew how suffocating it was to stay here and so offered to let me see how big the world was. I am truly grateful of him." Miku continued with a sweet smile she offered Kaito.

"Well, why did you return if this 'big world' was so great and wonderful? Don't you actually love being here rather than there?" Len retorted as he paused on playing with his food and craned his head slightly to turn to Miku.

At his voice, Rin looked up from also messing around with her food and Luka back to her worried mood before she got all excited about the tuna thing.

Miku gave him a catatonic stare before she opened her mouth to counter his allusion.

"Actually, yes it was lovely there." Miku said as a smile slowly morphed unto her face, hanging her head as she reminisced the times she spent there before she looked back up again- back to stare at the brightest aquamarine orbs she knew. "But let's just say some things can't really overshadow my original place."

Len felt a spark of hope ignite inside of him after hearing Miku's words accompanied with her smile. He felt somewhere deep inside the darkest rooms of his heart something was starting to come back to life again.

"But then again, there will always be those things that are more worthy than the original." Miku added before her gaze narrowed at him and the smile slowly wearing off her face.

"Basically, the reason we returned was mainly because of me. I still have unfinished businesses here and I kinda have dragged her along." Kaito spoke while squeezing Miku's hands secretly in the process and chuckled softly, hoping it'd break the annoying and stifling tension that had, unexpectedly, enveloped the room.

"I also wanted my wedding to be held here; At the Carmelite Cathedral." Miku followed up in her austere tone while not breaking her gaze from Len, searching for a reaction from him.

She smirked when she saw him flinch and looked utterly astonished. She expected that reaction though, since if there was anyone within the room that knew the Cathedral so well, then it would certainly be Len, given that she used to talk about it on and on about wanting to be wed there. Although this time, he was already out of the picture of that dream.

"Well this had been a lovely dinner but I'd like to retire for the night. Excuse me." Miku said and pushed her chair out, picking her plate up in the process and went to the sink, passing behind Len.

"Ah.. I'm done too. Thanks for the meal Luka-san." Kaito immediately said and hurriedly dumped his plate over the sink and followed Miku out of the room.

After they were gone, Len suddenly stabbed his fork on the table as he fumed.

"The hell is with that?" He said through gritted teeth before he pushed his chair back rather harshly and went out of the house.

Luka and Rin, who was left on the silence of the room, slowly turned to look at each other and back to their meal- wordlessly.

Why is this all happening? What transpired between Miku and Len? Why was Len so outraged? What did I miss?Luka questioned herself before she also heard Rin getting up and bidding her farewell. She went up to her room, which was also Miku's old room, and pulled out a jacket before she went back down and surreptitiously crept out.

"What has this household come to?" Luka said with a sigh before she herself stood up and started cleaning.

"Mi-chan.. what was that a while ago?" Kaito asked after he had locked the door behind him.

Miku, who was continuously pacing back and forth, seemed to have blocked him out and was not listening as she threw exasperated gestures here and there, clearly losing her cool.

"Mi-chan." Kaito called her once again and this time held her shoulders to keep her still. She seemed to have snapped of it and finally noticed him there before she looked away in shame.

"I'm sorry." she said in a small and meek voice.

Kaito engulfed her in a hug, cuddling her, comforting her, and reassuring her. He knew it was hard but he chose this path knowing and placing all of his faith that there was still that slim chance for him and Miku as she chose him 'RATIONALLY'

Yes, Miku had warned him that even after all the years had passed, she still couldn't forget. They returned to have a little experiment and it backfired quite badly. He didn't expect it to be still that strong even after all the years that had gone by.

But Miku was resolved to do it one way or another and she had placed her trust on Kaito. It was his responsibility now to keep trying and help her forget the man who broke her, tore her apart, and killed her heart.

Miku wanted to let Kaito in her life but her stupid heart tells her differently than what her brain was telling her to do so.

I thought you crappy brain is the control center? Then why don't you command this freaking heart to love Kaito and not him."I am doing this wrongly. I must be hurting you now, aren't I?" Miku murmured in his chest before she, too, wrapped her arms around him. "It's okay, Kai-chan. You can leave me anytime you want. If it's hurting too much then please just let-"

"SHUT UP!" Kaito, for the first time, raised his voice at Miku.

Because of the shock, Miku sealed her mouth as she could feel her heart hammer wildly against her ribs. She'd never heard Kaito cry loudly as that. He was always cool and calm. He never lost his composure like that.

"Please.. don't talk like that.. I love you so much even if I'd want to forget you, I know I can't. It hurts when you say those Mi-chan. Am I not needed anymore?" Kaito asked as tears started to well up on the corner of his eyes.

Miku felt a pang of guilty and hurt. She did not want to see him like that. She did not want to hurt him.

"I'm sorry. It's not like that. I am grateful that you had been there for me for the past five years. If not then I don't how I'd be able to keep going. You showed me a new life Kai-chan and believe me I want to share it with you. So please.. please fulfill your promise to me." Miku told him and squeezed him tight.

Kaito brushed her hair before he placed a soft kiss on her forehead, down to her nose then to her lips. As he broke the kiss, he saw Miku flushing red and also felt embarrassed by how bold he just had been and blushed so hard.

"We-Well, I'll see you tomorrow. I'll come and pick you up so we can go together to Crypton tomorrow." Kaito said as he rubbed the back of his nape and averted his gaze, trying to hide his blush.

"Mm." Miku only nodded as she kept touching her lips, where Kaito's lips just touched.

"The-Then, Goodnight." Kaito bid farewell and drove back home. Miku plopped her exhausted body on the bed after turning the lights off without changing onto her PJs, sleep quickly snatching her away to her usual abysmal empty dream.

While on the twin's side, Len was sitting on the riverbank occasionally throwing stones towards the river and laying on the grass to look at the gleaming moon without noticing his twin sister slowly approaching him.

"You still love her, don't you?" Rin suddenly asked him that surprised Len as he shot up and stared straight to the serious expression of his twin which told him that she was already aware of it long ago.

"Since when?" He asked before he sat back down, knowing it was pointless to try and deny it right at this point where everything had already crumbled down and is beyond repair.

"Since she kissed you when you went home drunk to your core." Rin answered.

"Hmm. Did she know that you already know?"

"No. I guess I was that pretty good at acting dumb, huh?" Rin said, attempting to joke and possibly cheer her twin but failed miserably when he only just nodded with a hum.

"So you've never been able to forget her after all those years and even after having Neru? What is she to you then?" Rin asked, feeling pity for the lady who was clearly wasting her time on a stupid stuck-up man like Len.

"I don't know. I am not capable of feeling anything now. Ever since she left that night and I never saw her again."

"Why did you agree to go out with her then? Didn't you just scream your love for her on the rooftop that night?" Rin asked, clearly referring to Len screaming at the rooftop. She was there below when he screamed so loud that even surprised her.

"What feelings are you on about? She told me to let my feelings out. I wanted to tell everyone how much I loved Miku but I could never scream her name. I was so drunk that time I couldn't exactly remember the things that transpired that night. All I could remember was after Miku left at the dance, I went to go and be alone in the music room when Neru came in and told me she was willing to listen to me."

"I felt happy that someone actually wanted to listen to me about how my overwhelming feelings for the girl, who unfortunately and miserably had to be my sister, had already become too hard to contain. I drank a few beer that night hoping to drown out the misery but still even with the liquor messing with my brain, it couldn't mess with my heart and the pain that seemed to have taken residence within it." Len blabbered as he occasionally threw stones.

Rin somehow finally understood her twin. She felt she had become closer to him than she was before and that made her happy. She still could not believe her brother had fallen in love with their own sister but she learned to get by and slowly accepted it. She didn't find it too repulsive like what the normal reaction should have been but felt sorry for her brother who was currently suffering. In any case, she found his love for her lovely and enchanting, making her wish for the man she loved to look at her with those emotions more and more.

"I guess we really are twins after all, huh? Even sharing the same problem." Rin mused with a slight sarcastic and disconsolate smile before she scoffed.

"What do you mean?" Len asked, feeling intrigued that his sister was actually having problems with her own love interest.

"I am in love with Shion Kaito, Miku's fiancée- our sister's soon-to-be husband- remember?." Rin confessed that left Len gawking; unbelieving what he just heard.

Oh crap!

Hello~ I'm back with an update again. Sorry it took long. I had taken a break from writing stories to go and be inspired again but sadly I couldn't find it. Luckily my friends were there to fill the emptiness. Anyway, enough about my rants. I hope you had fun reading my latest update. I will look forward to your reviews, okay? I'd like to know if you are still reading this so I can decide whether to proceed or not. Well then, thanks in advance, okay?


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