Love Song



It had been weeks since Miku returned and everyday was normal- except the days when Kaito visited- it was always the worst. If it wouldn't become too awkward, it'd turn into one alluding discussion.

Kaito always seemed irritated with Len and vice versa. Rin always kept quiet and was just on the sidelines- spectating timidly- while Miku always looked unfazed and undisturbed with Len's implications. She always kept this poker face on.

"Thanks for the meal, Luka-nee. I'll be taking my leave now. I've got recording in a few minutes." Miku spoke and broke the silence as she pushed her chair back and stood up.

Luka looked up from her plate and watched the tealette saunter towards the sink and dumped her plate, occasionally taking sideway glances at Len, who was also following Miku's every move. Somehow, with the arguments of the two of them, she was finally starting to get an idea on what transpired between both of them but doesn't like to believe it because of how ridiculous it sounded.

"Oh, sure. Take care then." Luka beamed with a smile when she noticed the tealette pause by the entry way and looked her way.

Upon hearing Luka's answer, Miku gave her a smile and walked out. She went up to her room to fetch her things before she once again went back down and hopped into the car.

"To Cryp-" Miku paused when a sharp cry overlapped her soft voice.


Miku turned to see Rin hurrying down the steps and opened the door as she slid in the car.


"I'm going with you. I have a session too, so why not go together? Oh, and let's wait for Len-nii too. He just went up to fetch a few things." Rin babbled and left the door open.

Miku only sighed before she leaned back and stared outside the car window that displayed their manor's garden. It was so silent that their chauffer presumptuously played their songs to lift the heavy atmosphere that loomed over the car.

"Sorry for the wait." Len cried before he slid in the car and slammed the door close and wriggled to settle down comfortably.

"To Crypton, please?" Miku said without having as much as glance towards their driver and kept looking out the window with her head leaning against it.

The songs that played on their stereo were their songs, both her solos and her duets with either of the twins. A song came up and without noticing it, she had closed her eyes and hummed along to the song before she gradually sang it.

Iki ga dekimasu boku ikitemasuIkite iru noni samishii.Demo ikitemasu waratte ikitemasuKimi ga koko ni inai noni nande...?

-I can breathe I'm still aliveI'm alive and yet, it's so lonely.But I'm living I'm living with a smile on my faceHow come... when you're not here?-

She gasped upon realizing she had sung along and quickly turned to the twins, who seemed to have not heard anything. She turned back outside the window and pondered to herself.

Weird. I'm sure I sang along, didn't I?

She turned back to them, subtly, and still it seemed they didn't hear anything. Rin was bobbing her head with the rhythm and tapping her foot while Len was drumming softly on his lap along with the song.

Maybe it was just me or my voice was too quiet for them to hear.

She was convinced that was the case when she heard Len continue the song.

Nee waratte ii yo nee naite mo ii yoNee okotte ii yo suki ni natte ii yoNee KISU shite ii yo nee daite mo ii yoNee kimi dake no boku ni shite kurete ii yo

-You know, it's OK to smile you know, it's OK to cryYou know, it's OK to get angry and it's OK to fall in love with meYou know, it's OK to kiss me you know, it's OK to hold me in your arms

You know, I'd be happy if you'd make me your own-

He glanced Miku's way when he finished the chorus and that was when their eyes met. Concealing her surprise and the warming of her face, she quickly avoided her gaze and turned outside.

Not escaping when I had the chance to do so minutes before was definitely not the smartest move.

"Hey, Miku-nee.." Rin called. Miku turned slightly to lessen the view on her face. She was sure the color still hasn't subsided. "You don't have to eat your hair, you know? What's wrong?"

She, once again, let out a gasp. She flustered a bit before she fixed her hair and straightened up. "I-I wasn't.. eating my hair, you know?" she stuttered a bit, barely collecting herself.

Len chuckled at this. There was one thing that told him Miku was feeling giddy or warm inside because of him and that was when she covers her face with her extremely long hair. He somehow was reassured that there was still a chance for the both of them.

"Wh-Why are you laughing?" Miku spat, trying to become cold and mean, which failed miserably. Not when her voice faltered a lot.

"Nothing. It's just that you still didn't change after all. For a moment there.. I was relieved." Len said with a soft, gentle and loving smile, somehow the atmosphere was letting up.

Miku blushed further at this. She did not understand how he can affect her so much that no matter what she did proved to be futile. She opened her mouth, wanting to retort to his words but nothing came to mind so she decided to shut up and turn away, still pouting.

Rin watched the both of them slowly warming up to each other again that she can't help but smile. Their ride towards the company was silent but still Len was glad there was some progress that morning.

"Good Morning." a woman, an employee in the Crypton Company, greeted them with a smile and a bow before she proceeded to her own business after receiving the same greeting from them.

"Mi-chan!" Miku heard someone call and she whipped her head towards the direction of the voice, expecting her fiancée.

"Kai-chan!" Miku beamed and jogged towards him, engulfing him in a bear hug.

Kaito chuckled before he returned the hug and petted her head as he gently broke their embrace.

"Did you miss me?"

"Nope. I didn't." Miku joked before she stuck her tongue out and giggled.

"You really do love to play tricks on me, don't you?" Kaito asked before he finally noticed the other two that was with her. "Oh! Good Morning Rin-chan, Len."

"Go-Good Morning." Rin beamed, in a slightly flustered manner that immediately triggered a memory in Miku.

"Osu." Len answered lamely.

"Well, shall we get going?" Kaito asked as he turned to Miku. She nodded happily before they both turned to walk away. "Aren't you two coming?"

"Ah! Uhmm.. I-I.." Rin stuttered, seeming to look for an excuse. Miku felt her heart sink even more, she felt really bad for forgetting about Rin.. who harbored feelings for Kaito ever since they first met.

"Len-sama~!" A cutesy, accented and sweet voice suddenly overlapped their conversation before someone suddenly clung onto Len.

"Ne-Neru?" Len cried in surprise. He did not want to make what little affection is left in Miku's heart for him continue to decrease so he desperately avoided Neru the past few weeks.

But cursing the luck that he had, he just had to run into Neru now that Miku was slowly starting to warm up to him once again.

"I missed you." she said with a sweet pout. "You've been very busy these past few weeks."

"I'm sorry Neru.. I-" Len tried to speak when he was cut with another outburst from the lady that remained clinging to him.

"Hey, Hey! Are you sure you've got time to be standing and loitering around here?" her query, directed to the couple that watched them, rang loud and clear in Miku's ears.

"Yes, I believe we better excuse ourselves and make room. We shall go and proceed to our recording room and indulge ourselves with the new duet Master gave us. So, if you'll excuse us." Miku spoke in a stiff and formal tone accompanied with a kind, professional smile before she tugged Kaito's arm and walked away.

"Wa-Wai-!" Len was once again cut with Neru's persistent tugging on his sleeves. "How about we eat something before you go to your recording, Len-sama?"

"I'm sorry but I already had my meal. You can just go ahead and eat. I can't be late for my recording." Len said, pried Neru's hold on his sleeves and jogged to catch up with Miku and Kaito.

"Mi-chan?" Kaito called for his fiancee that had been silent since.

"Eh? Ah? Yes?" Miku answered, slightly disoriented.

"Are you fine? You're awfully silent." Kaito spoke worriedly. He can't help it. He knew Miku still felt something for the banana-boy and knew it wasn't going to go away so easily but he still wanted to try and win the maiden's heart- no matter what it takes.

"Yes I am. I just had.. things in my head." Miku replied without turning to him instead hung her head down.

"I see." was all Kaito said and just let the silence envelope them. After a few minutes, they finally reached the recording room and found Masataka-sensei, on his desk, wearing his headphones.

"Excuse me." Kaito spoke and accompanied it with a knock on the door. This seemed to have grabbed the man's attention and whipped his head towards them.

"Oh! Hatsune-san! Shion-kun! Please have a seat first. We're waiting for the other person." Masataka-sensei said before he returned to whatever he was doing on his computer.

"What do you mean sensei?" Miku asked, perplexed at the idea that they were waiting for another person.

"We are still waiting for your duet, Hatsune-san." Masataka-sensei answered briefly without turning to her.

"Then.. you mean Kai-chan's not my duet this time? Who is it then?" Miku asked and turned to Kaito, who only shrugged his shoulders.

As if answering Miku's queries, the door creaked open and in came a golden-haired ponytail boy.

"I'm sorry for being late. Have you-" he paused when his eyes lingered on the couple that sat just beside the door, also looking at him with wide and disbelieving eyes. "-started yet?"

"Oh! Great! You're finally here Kagamine-kun. Let's start shall we? This song is a bit hard on your part." Masataka-sensei beamed and scooped up a pile of score sheets on his table and gave Miku and Len a copy.

"Promised.. World?" Miku read the title of the song. "This.. I don't know. Do I really have to sing this?"

"Why? What's wrong Hatsune-san?" Masataka-sensei asked.

"Well.. It's just that.." she couldn't answer as her gaze slowly drifted to Len, wary of his presence inside that damned cramped recording room.

Well what would have been the best answer to his question? Tell him that the duet partner chosen for her was her sibling whom she had a forbidden relationship with? That the boy cheated on her and broke her heart? There was nothing she found she could use as an excuse.

"I'm sorry. I think I can't sing this too, Masataka-sensei." Len suddenly spoke up that startled both Miku and their music director.

"Wha-What? What's wrong with the song guys? Is it bad? Like really bad?" Masataka-sensei flustered as he flipped through the score sheet. He found the song wonderful and powerful, so it baffled him why his singers seem to reject it.

"It's just that.. ermm.. I have this bad cough." He reasoned, lied and pretended to cough really poorly, like an old man dying and rasping. "Yes. It's really, really bad. It's the worst."

"Is that so? Too bad then." Masataka-sensei muttered before he turned to Miku. "I guess we'll just have to, huh?" he stated vaguely.

Len hang his head. It was for the best. Miku wouldn't want to sing with him again, so it was for the best. He'll just have to accept it all. He was about to turn around and walk out when what their music director added shocked him.

"We'll just have to cancel and re-schedule your recording to a later date, huh?"

"What?!" the three of them burst.

"Why?" Miku first asked.

"Yeah, why? Do I really have to sing it?" Len asked next.

"Can't you just find some replacement, Masataka-san?" Kaito followed-up.

"Well, I arranged this song for the both of them and I'd feel really bad to let someone else sing it for me. Plus, someone will have my head if I don't do this." Masataka-sensei explained and looked gloomy and dark after the last sentence.

This has got to be some joke!

The three of them commonly thought as the boys looked at Miku for her decision on the matter while Miku turned to Len, seeming to reflect.

What to do?

I don't have much to say so I'll just go and exit. Please do leave a review, okay? Thanks :)


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