Love Song

Ill Luck

*If you are lucky on that day then your misfortune comes next. Just like yin and yang, light and darkness, and fortune and misfortune. The other will always exist to keep the balance.*

Len's POV

I never believed in such philosophies. I only believed my own outlook in life. I treated them as just rubbish ramblings of the so-called 'Philosophers'.

I grunted as I tossed and turned around the bed. Somehow I couldn't bear to sleep, afraid I might wake up later and find it all to be just a dream. I sat up and scanned my oversized room. The yellow wallpaper was still fresh as new, the wardrobe that holds countless of my clothes still remained close and the mini-library, which was always a place where I can spend some peaceful time, was shrouded in darkness. I stood up and paced to my tall window and opened it. I let the cold night breeze flow in and shivered slightly. I stepped out to the balcony with nothing but a pair of pajamas. It was in the middle of the night so it was a given the girls should be asleep by now. No, I don't plan on crawling to their bedroom and watch them sleep all night long or do indecent things. I just stayed in the balcony and savored the coldness hiting my face and softly brushing my hair.

"So peaceful." I murmured as I heaved a sigh. I looked around one last time checking if anyone was awake and drew a deep breath after confirming so.

*Iki wo tomemasu yappa kurushii desuIki wo suimasu san ni ichiDemo kurushii desu yappa kurushii desu

Kimi ga koko ni inai no wa nande da

-I'm going to hold my breath but it's painful, as to be expectedSo I'm going to take a breath 3, 2, 1But it's still painful it's still painful after allHow come you are not here?-

Iki ga dekimasu boku ikitemasuIkite iru noni samishii.Demo ikitemasu waratte ikitemasuKimi ga koko ni inai noni nande...?

-I can breathe I'm still aliveI'm alive and yet, it's so lonely.But I'm living I'm living with a smile on my faceHow come... when you're not here?-

Nee waratte ii yo nee naite mo ii yoNee okotte ii yo suki ni natte ii yoNee KISU shite ii yo nee daite mo ii yoNee kimi dake no boku ni shite kurete ii yo

-You know, it's OK to smile you know, it's OK to cryYou know, it's OK to get angry and it's OK to fall in love with meYou know, it's OK to kiss me you know, it's OK to hold me in your arms

You know, I'd be happy if you'd make me your own-

A voice suddenly overlapped mine. It was a sweet, peaceful, soft, and serene voice. The kind where it could make a person sleep peacefully. I turned around just to see the girl I thought who possibly owns the voice.

KIMI ni aemasu ATASHI ureshii desuIkite iru kara samishii.Toki wo tomemasu toka itte mimasu"Douka" to negaimasu unteach...

-Being able to see you I'm really happyI'm still living so I feel lonely.I'm going to stop time or so I try jokingI earnestly make a wish unteach...-

"Hey." she said with a smile when she stopped singing. I returned the smile and strode close enough to her.

"Why are you still up?" I asked, and raised my brow, emphasizing my question.

"Well, I was sooo sooo deep in sleep when I heard a voice. At first, I thought it was an angel, but turns out it was you." she said goofily and grinned. I couldn't help but blush a bit and grinned back. Luckily, I was hid in my shadow that she didn't notice my face colour.

"So? How did you know that song? I believe Luka-nee said it was my solo and that no one has heard of it yet." I said and leaned on the baluster on my balcony. She stiffened for a moment.

"Well.. I kinda.. I heard you practicing it and I fell in love with song. so yeah, after hearing it I couldn't get it off my head." she said slowly and softly.

How could someone get so cute?

"Oh? what made you like it so much?" I teased her by prying further. I actually want to know why so to kill two birds with one stone, I asked it.

"Uhh.. your voice was so good with it. Well, I know that's to be expected, you gave it your best after all." she said and fidgeted as she turned away, her face turning pink. I stiffened as what she just confessed so honestly shocked me.

She.. She actually noticed that? S-She noticed me?

"pfft." I made a sound when I couldn't stifle my chuckle. She immediately turned to me and turned a shade of red; the full moon's light making it clear.

"Wha-What's so funny?"

"Nothing.. I-It's just that.. I'm happy." I answered her.

"Why?" she asked after a moment of silence. I turned away, not daring look at her dace right now or I'd seriously turn even redder.

"Someone actually noticed I was trying hard, not because I want to enhance further this talent I have but because I want someone dear to me notice me." I confessed, though vaguely. There was now complete silence so I glanced to her side and froze again. Seriously everytime she makes that expression, I just freeze and not know what to do as panic courses through my veins like a venom. Tears were gushing from her eyes as she stared at me.

"Mi..Miku?" I called as my voice faltered a bit.

"Ah!" she exclaimed when she finally snapped out and noticed her tears.

"Wh-What's this? Wh-Why am.. What are these tears?" she said with a weak laugh. I lifted my feet off the ground and tried to jump across her balcony through my baluster.

"Stop! Don't.. Don't do that.. Don't come here.. I-I'm fine, okay? I just have something in my eye." she yelled and halted me. She hurriedly went in her room and closed her glass door.

"Go-Good night." she screamed from her room. I remained there standing on my baluster confused of everything.

What did I do wrong? Why did she cry? Did I somehow offend her?

I pondered and leapt down. I paced towards my own glass door when she didn't say anything again. I closed it softly and suddenly felt my body heavy.

Guess that little singing and blushing got me worked up and feel exhausted huh?

I thought as I closed my eyes and willingly drifted off to sleep.



The morning was just the same as usual. My alarm clock went off and rang annoyingly. I lazily lifted my arm and reached for the clock while my face was still buried in the pillows. I slammed my hand to the clock quite heavily that I swear I heard it crack before it shut off. I laid still for a moment as I tried to sleep again when I jolted with a start as a shrill scream pierced through my ears.


I hurriedly dashed downstairs without bothering to fix my hair nor change from my pajamas. The moment my stomping through the stairs rumbled noisily I heard a cry of warning.

"Ah! Len! Don't-" Miku didn't get to finish since, too late, I was sprawled across the floor as egg yolk, egg shells, butter and flour coated my just-woken-up figure. I frowned at the ceiling, which is currently facing me, and ran my hand through my egg-yolk coated bed hair.

Great. Just great to start a day.

I thought sarcastically and rolled my eyes at my now- a 1000% sure- messy image.

"Are you okay there Len?" a sweet, angelic, melodious voice infiltrated my sarcastic thoughts.

Could I have hit something hard and died? Why am I hearing an angel? Ooooh~ stop the drama, of course I know who owns that voice, I just really mistake it as an Angel sometimes.

I thought crazily and cheesily to myself- like I could say those out loud. A shadow loomed over me as her sweet strawberry-scented hair drooped down at me. She gazed at me worriedly and was muttering something but I can't make the words out.

"-en.. en!.. LEN!" her voice finally snapped me out.

"Uh.. Yeah?" I answered stupidly.

"I asked you if you are fine? Did you hurt yourself? It's all my fault.. I'm so sorry." she immediately apologized.

"Ah.. No.. I am fine, just a little bit lightheaded I guess? What happened here anyway? It looks..." I trailed off as I glanced around. The place was a mess. Egg shells were everywhere! Flour covered the floor like new snow. The yolk made the furnitures glisten but all the same made it look slimy. Butter, Oh Goddesses! The Butter was painted on the walls of the kitchen! I turned back to her, not noticing my mouth a bit agape from all the shock and almost burst into fits of laugh when I saw them both. They were like a failure cake, with icing all over their faces. They cocked their head to the side and had a worried face.

They must think I'm crazy.

I thought as I continued to laugh. When I was able to control my mirth, I reached for the icing over Miku's nose and scoop it with my finger. She jerked a bit and looked at what I did and brought the icing to my mouth and licked it.

"Sweet enough." I said and winked. She blushed at what I did. wait.. Blush? Miku blushed? I stared at her rosy cheeks as she averted her eyes.

"I guess you're fine." she murmured softly, which somehow I heard.

"I am not fine at all." I whined and placed my hands on my temples, faking hurt.

"Shut up." she said and pouted, the colour not leaving her face. She stood up and walked over to Rin.

"He's fine. No worries." I heard her say shortly and took her apron off.

"I'll just take a short shower and I'll help clean this mess." She said over to her shoulder as she went upstairs. Me and Rin froze at our place, not knowing what made her cold as that. Rin whipped her head towards me and shot me a deadly glare.

"You Idiot Older Brother! What did you do to her?" she accused. I raised my hands up in a surrendering manner and shook my head vigorously.

"I didn't do anything! I swear!" I defended. She continued to glare at me and sighed deeply.

"Help me clean this mess as your punishment." she said like it was the only way and started cleaning up. I stood up and did as I was told.

I don't get it. What did I do?

Miku POV

What is wrong with me? Why am I feeling these strange emotions? Why did I cry when I saw the longing and loving glint on his eyes? why did I feel the need for him to look at me with those eyes? Why do I feel so warm around him? and Why am I unhappy with him finally laying eyes on another girl?

I silently thought to myself as I leaned on my bathroom door, clutching my wild beating heart under my chest. I strode close to the shower and slipped out of my sticky clothes before taking a shower. Hot water streamed out of the shower's faucet and immediately washed all of stress away.

I am just confused. He IS my brother and I am JUST being overprotective. There's no deeper meaning than that.

I told myself as the water washed my worries down to the drain. I stepped out of the shower after rinsing the shampoo off and wrapped the white towel round my petit body.

Now let's get dressed so we can go help.

I happily told myself and walked out of my bathroom and proceeded to my walk-in wardrobe. I picked a simple sleeveless, blue-green, knee-high dress with frills at the hems. I quickly changed into it and carefully walked downstairs- after Len's demo on how slippery the floor has become because of the egg yolks that were thrashed every where from Mine and Rin's 'Food War' as she called it.

"Rin? Len? Done yet?" I asked when I safely landed on the end of the stairs.

"Almost done, Miku!" A small adorable voice answered from the kitchen. I walked to the kitchen and found they were really almost done, with just a few butter and icing on the walls and ceilings.

"How about you both go and take a shower, you won't want your hair to get sticky, right?" I said and offered a smile. They both gave me a surprised expression and an 'Are you kidding' look. I grunted at their expressions and crossed my arms across my chest.

"Hey! I can, at least, clean this much without breaking anything!"

They turned to each other first before they sighed and shrugged and passed the rags and cleaning materials to me.

"We'll go upstairs then. Don't push yourself if you can't reach things, okay? The last thing we'd need is you getting fractures from falling off chairs and tables." Rin reprimanded. I just rolled my eyes at her and shooed them out of the kitchen. I was a bit thankful of Rin's nagging, that way, I wasn't really able to have much contact with Len. I don't know- with how I reacted with his teasing and his confession last night- I don't think I can take any more than those. It confuses me already, I don't want to add any more weird reactions he's able to get from me into my confusion.

I took a rag and started wiping the walls that got butter on them while humming softly.

"Miku." A soft baritone voice called my name- sending sweet shivers down my spine. It felt so pleasant to hear my name roll out of his tongue, like it sounded so special. I turned around softly, trying to keep my face indifferent.

"Yes?" I kept an emotionless voice and face. He stiffened slightly and rubbed his nape- inidication of his nervousness. If it were a normal day for me, I'd surely be giggling at his adorable exasperation.

"Well.. err.. I was wondering if I'd done something wrong." he asks.

As surprised as I was currently, I kept my indifference.

"I don't know, why ask me?" I said and turned my back to him, resuming to my cleaning.

"Well, you're acting quite weird. So maybe, just maybe, Have I done something that you didn't like?" he asked again. He sounded so bothered and worried.

"It's.. It's nothing." I said little more than a whisper. Silence wrapped the kitchen till I heard a few rustles behind me. I snapped my head to that direction and saw him continuing his work.

"Wha-What are you doing? Go upstairs and take a bath! You look like a mess!" I raised my voice. He didn't flinch, even when I did at my tone, and continued to ignore me. I stomped towards him, losing the control I tried to maintain.

"Didn't you hear me? As your ELDER SISTER listen to me and go upstairs and take a shower." I said in a cold, firm and stern voice and shot him a menacing glare. Stating my two word title was like a reminder to me, since lately, I think I'm becoming more and more conscious of everything he does. He shot me his own cold glare when he finally glanced my way.

"I won't till you tell me that thing that set you like this. I know something is wrong! You never call youself like that! So why now?" he said defiantly. I let off a heavy sigh and turned around. Okay, he wins that argument, since even I don't know why I am acting like this.

"Suit yourself." I murmured and turned back to my cleaning.

A few hours passed by as the awkward and annoying silence enveloped us. As a weak-willed girl that I am, I was almost reaching my limit when Rin chose to barge in the room at the right time.

"HEY!" she exclaimed as she slammed the door open. She immediately noticed the heavy atmosphere as her volume died down.

"Err.. What's with this atmosphere?" she asks, breaking the silence. None of us said anything before I slammed the rag down and stomped out of the room. Seriously, I've reached my limit already.

"I'm going ahead. I still have a scheduled recording today." I said to no one in particular as I marched to the front door.

"B-But.. Mi-Miku.. Isn't it until later? I know yours is earlier than ours, but isn't it better if we all go together?" Rin stuttered frantically. I say, she is cute when flustered but now is not really the right time to be all cuddly and giggle at her flustering face. I ignored her and placed my shoe on and went out, slamming the door behind me.

"Aren't I going too far just because I am confused AND embarrased?" I murmured to myself and head to the studio. I walked through the shortest route I know as I plugged in my earplugs and hummed along with the songs.

Okay, I think a song or two should be able to calm me down.

I thought as I carelessly walked into a dangerous situation.

Rin's POV

Okay this is so not good. I just finished my shower and this is what I see? The gloomy and awkward atmosphere filling the kitchen as Len and Miku cleaned on opposite sides. Miku somehow looked dark, irritated and enduring? Is she? Len is.. Well, he's just the same- enduring- but he looks somewhat sad and exhausted.

What's with these two? Why the heavy atmosphere? and shouldn't Len be upstairs taking a shower? Why is he here looking like the mess he was minutes before? What has he done this time? Because to me? It looks like he just added oil to the fire.

I thought and sighed internally. I jolted when Miku slammed the rag down and stormed out of the house. Even though she would usually laugh when I get flustered, this time, she ignored it.

I turned back to the only culprit I could think of and glared at him.

"What?" he asked, irritated and gave me an 'I'm-innocent' look.

"What did you do this time? Do you know you seemed like you just added oil to the fire between the minutes I wasn't here? What are you playing here, Shota-boy?" I accused. Yeah, I called him shota-boy, since that's the easiest, shortest, most effective way to upset his incredibly long fuse.

"THE HELL?! I didn't do anything wrong, you wash-board chest!" and yeah he said that. Okay, I was able to blow his fuse and yeah I know, it's somehow meant to backfire. I was burning.

"OH YEAH? THEN HOW COME SHE WAS LIKE THAT? IT WAS YOUR FAULT SURELY, SHOTA-BOY!" I screeched. He grinded his teeth before he spat.


"STOP PLAYING INNO-" I was cut with a sudden ringing.

"Is that.." I trailed off when I tried to distinguish the sound.

"Ah! That's my phone!" Len said and walked upstairs.

"Oh! While you're at it, Go take a shower, you stink." I reminded him just as he was about to vanish upstairs.

"Whatever, washboard chest." he said again and rolled his eyes.

"Calm Down Rin. It will do you no good if you punch him now. It will set Miku off more." I reminded myself and inhaled deep.

"WHERE ARE YOU?! DON'T YOU FUCKING TOUCH HER! DO THAT AND I'LL KILL YOU BASTARD!" I heard Len scream and surprised me at his voice's volume. Never have I heard or seen him that mad. Well, maybe I have, but that was just when we were still on Middle School. He took a bunch of boys picking on us that time down, even though they ganged up on him, he was able to bring them down in the end. He was cool at that time, and I was sure what made him so mad like that was when one of the boys grabbed a bunch of Miku's hair and started bad-mouthing it while pulling on them. And now, I am as sure as hell something bad happened to her to fire him up like that.

Len came rushing down after he took a real quick shower and changed his pajamas into casual clothes.

"Len? What's-" I was cut short before I even got the chance to ask what was the phone call about.

"Rin! immediately call the police while we head there! Those bastards, daring to kidnap Miku! I swear am gonna knock the living ghost out of them." he said between clenched teeth as he seethed in anger. Even I, who usually is a stubborn, prideful and annoying girl, won't dare go up against this side of Len.

I nodded and hurriedly dialed the police's mobile.

Goddesses, Please don't allow any situations that might endanger Miku's life. Keep her safe till we reach her.

I prayed mentally as I followed after Len.

Author's Rants:

So yeah, Len and Miku's duet song was a bit confusing right? So here you go, a bit guidance.

Blah blah blah - Len's Part

Blah blah blah - Miku's Part

Blah blah blah - though it should be obvious already but this is their duet part.

The English there is just a translation so to understand the song properly. And Hey! I love that song, so sweet yet so sad too.

So yeah, show the review button some attention and click it, yeah below the page. Press it and tell me what you have in mind and I'l give you cookies : )


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