Love Song

If only

Miku's P.O.V

"Just accept it if you want, Mi-chan." Kai-chan said over a cup of coffee as we stopped over this cafe on the way home.

"But-" I started and fiddled with the mug on my hands filled with untouched hot cocoa.

"I don't mind.. if that's what you're worried about." Kai-chan cut and reached for my hands, giving them a reassuring squeeze.

Not exactly.

I kept silent and stared longer at the small ripples on my drink I created by twirling the mug in my hands.

I don't know about this. As I guessed, after all these years, I am still conscious and affected of Len's presence. I don't know how the recording will go but I know it won't be good.

I pondered. I felt a hand hold my chin and gently lifted my head till my eyes gazed at the warm and gentle sapphire orbs.

"It'll be fine. I know." He encouraged me with a smile. I smiled weakly back at him and took a sip from the hot chocolate drink in my hands that was gradually turning cold.

"Mm. I guess so. Alright, I'll accept the project." I agreed and smiled at the man before me.

This is my problem. I must not add more to Kai-chan's burden anymore. The man had done so much for me. I must face this and end it once and for all- For this man that never stopped loving me while being aware of my feelings for Len.

Sure, I had that determination. The biggest question was: Will I be really able to just up and forget everything? I think not.

Morning came so fast, I knew I had to give Masataka-sensei my answer. I walked down the familiar halls towards his office, unaccompanied. Kai-chan said he had matters to attend to and that he could not accompany me.

I opened the door and once again found him slumped on his table humming a song with his headphones on and tapping his pencil on the table, making pretty upbeat and strong rhythms.

"Excuse me." I tried to call. He did not respond though.

Hmm.. He must've not heard me.

"Masataka-sensei?" I called louder again and accompanied it with a loud knock.

He jolted a bit and spun his swivel chair around to face me. A look of surprise briefly adorned his face before it morphed into excitement and happiness.

"Oh! Hatsune-san~!" He beamed and took his headphones off and skipped towards me. "It's a pleasure to have you back. So? Do you have an answer now?"

"In fact that is the reason why I'm here." I told him and he lead me to his couch to have a seat.

"Pray tell."

"Well, I've decided to accept your project. I will sing your song." I told him with a bright smile.

It was clear on his outburst how happy he was that I finally conceded. He hurried to his desk and fumbled through his phone and dialled someone.

"Hello? Yes, It's me. She accepted it. Now get your ass here so we can start." He said and ended the call. "Oh~! This song will hit the charts again."

"I do hope so." I answered with a small sweat drop from his confidence.

"Of course! Who else but the world's most beautiful diva will be singing the song! It'll be a hit!" He exclaimed.

"You really have too much confidence in me huh?" I asked. I, myself, am not that confident with my voice. It's amazing how someone can believe that much in me.

"Why Yes! Now, why don't you review the song so we can record this smoothly?" He asked and passed me a score sheet.

"Will do, sir." I said with a playful salute and giggled before going over the score sheet. I say it was really something, huh?

A loud slam from the door made me jump from my seat before I whipped my head towards it, wanting to know what the ruckus was about and found Len panting and sweating as he crouched in front of the door, gasping to catch his breath.

"I-I'm sor... sorry I'm.. late." he wheezed.

"Le-Len?" I whispered.

Did he just have a marathon? He's so out of breath. Will he be able to sing just fine?

"Kagamine-kun~~!" Masataka-sensei beamed and waltz towards him. "Why you aren't late at all. Come, Come! Let's get started."

Masataka-sensei pushed us inside the small recording room and naturally, I stiffened and got all conscious of him again. He was sweating really hard as he ran a hand through his messy hair, attempting to fix it.

"You hurried and didn't comb your hair again?" the words just slipped out of my mouth that it was too late to cup my blabbering mouth.

He looked shocked for a moment before he chuckled slightly and smiled as he answered. "Someone was.. well.. hurrying me."

Seeing him smile, I gradually felt myself relax and somehow open up to him again, which I couldn't believe is happening again.

We spent hours and hours on rehearsing the song and laughed a lot about our mistakes. I'd never felt so happy again, happier than I did the past five years. It was no mystery though; I was with the only man I ever loved.

After rehearsing, we took a break at this diner and talked about things- also while clearly avoiding topics involving Kai-chan, Neru and the current thing between us. I found out he and Rin got their append later than I did- I got an update while I was overseas- and that Rin cried so much in both happiness and sorrow saying she wanted me to witness it.

I told him how I was the past five years- with the exception of the endless nights of tears- and how beautiful the outside world was. We shared a lot of things over a meal and later decided to return. It was nice to finally feel things returning the way it was back then, the light conversations, small jokes, laughter and the feeling of not having to be awkward around each other. If only..

If only we could return to how we were before.

But I guess it was futile after all. We returned back to the studio only to find Neru calmly sitting at the couch of Masataka-sensei's office while sipping on a tea before she turned to me- looking like a predator clearly giving the vibes to stay away from her meal- and smiled as she greeted us.

"Hello Honey.. Oh! and Hello Hatsune-san."

"Why are you here?" Len asked, the look on his face told me he did not expect her too.

"Well, I thought of surprising you and Rin-chan told me you have a recording. Turns out I was the one surprised. I didn't know your duet partner was Miku-san." Neru said and stood up; glaring at me like all she wanted was to slice my throat.

"No actually I was surprised too. I didn't know Len was my duet." I responded awfully polite. I am trying to be civil, you know.

"Well isn't that wonderful, Honey? You're helping Hatsune-san get up on her feet, huh? You could've just told me you were doing charity works." She taunted and clung onto Len. He seemed to struggle a bit and looked at me. I only smiled at them.

"Why, yes. Len is helping me and I'm enjoying every minute of it." I retorted with a sly and taunting smirk. Well, scratch the part of being civil. If this slut wants a fight then I'll give it to her.

"Wh-Why don't we just continue with the rehearsing then?" Len interjected. I turned to him and he had this pleading look. I sighed and nodded my head and turned to head to the recording room. Nothing good ever comes from biting the bait of this whore.

"Wait, Honey." I heard Neru's slutty voice. I turned around, already annoyed with her, and once again wished I never turned.

Neru's lips connected with Len's as they stayed like that for a couple more seconds. She looked at me like she was trying to show me I don't have a place in Len's heart anymore. I turned around immediately. I was aware of that. The slut didn't have to slap it to my face.

"Good luck Honey." she purred seductively.

Gosh! I wish I could kill her.

Well, setting that thought aside, we both entered the room and positioned ourselves.

"I'm sorry about Neru there." Len suddenly apologized.

"You shouldn't apologize. There's nothing you should apologize for." I stated coldly and wore my headphones, giving Masataka-sensei the 'Ok' sign.

"So we're back to square one again huh?" I heard him whisper.

"What?" I pretended to have not heard. Well, I am still affected of him so naturally I'd get jealous and everything but now, Neru's right, I don't own Len anymore.

"Nothing." He brushed.

"Well then shall we start guys?" Masataka-sensei asked.

"Yes." we both answered.

"Uh. Akita-san? I'd like you to narrate these parts for me."

The song started and Neru also started narrating something.

We were born under the fate of never being togetherAnd then , you began dreaming of the worldWhere all things have been promised

Embracing your unresisting feelings

With the words of those who disappeared

In frozen time before you melt away

Now, I will turn around and tell you

I sang first and tried to feel the song more this time. Len immediately followed after me with his fast paced part.

This body, this voice, everything are like Cattleya

In the language of flowers, "Innocence"

At the back of my eyes, a demon halts

You know it will be ineffective Adolescence

The taste of Forbidden Fruit

That day, our secret meeting of two

To protect ourselves we delude ourselves

The more you notice it's the beginning of the end

A devoted, distorted Brave Story

The point where the line intertwines seems to shift

If you link and connect it, the loneliness only deepens

What are the results we get in return?

It's like we're in chains and prison clothes

On a crusade to return everything that is ours

Is this good enough? The pain is enough

I tasted it, the end about to impact

I tore through all of the betrayal

Your hand was too warm even now

Entangling in the back, the back of my heart

I beg you forgive him

Intermingling sweat and breath

Answering from the beginning, at Zero and One

What was real went unnoticed and I lost complete control of myself

A faded cry like a melody line

I harbor a transient dream

It's the moon I see far, far away in the sky

At night, the fairytale petals accumulate

This is the story of how the curtain fell

In the eyes that seek to see more

What sight is reflected there?

Now the truth will be brought to light

Before your eyes

I promise to find him

I spit out these games

My words vanish into thin air

For the first time, my feelings wander

For the sake of being confined in a cage

That is my purpose

I tore through all of the betrayal

Your hand was too warm even now

Entangling in the back, the back of my heart

I beg you forgive me

I ended. Well, the song was heartbreaking and dark and I liked it. I smiled as I took the headphones off and glanced briefly at Len.

"Hmm. Kagamine-kun, you still have a few mistakes but otherwise it was good. I'll need both of you to go over it again as we will be officially recording it next week." Masataka-sensei pointed out and I turned to Len. I expected him to be down but on the contrary, he was smiling- a quite wide one at that.

"I get it sir."

"Hatsune-san, you did well. I just need you to accompany Kagamine-kun for his rehearsals. Is that fine?" He asked.

"Umm.." I hesitated.

"She's fine with it. Right, Miku?" he answered for me and smiled lovingly and sweetly to me again. I blushed at this and turned away.

This is seriously bad.

"Well now that everything's settled. I'll see you folks next week." he said and we filed out only to be greeted by a really dangerous glare from the 'present' girlfriend.

"Make one mistake and I'll kill you." she whispered when Len went out first.

Gosh. I just got a death threat, didn't I?

I'm back. Yeah, I got pretty lazy on updating so it was a bit late, but please do enjoy on this new chapter. Ciao~


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