Love Song

Right Here

The sweet serenade of your voice

Calms and drowns all other noise

I sing for you, Oh please find me

before I become 'His' bride-to-be

Miku's P.O.V

I opened my eyes as the sun's warmth bathe my body. I peeled one eye open and was greeted with the blinding light.

Did Len open the curtains again?

I complained mentally and rolled to my side, letting a soft groan out. I didn't feel the once comfy bed that always greet me whenever I wake up. I opened both of my eyes and saw a single white cloth below me.

Where am I?

I thought frantically and tried to push myself up. That's when I noticed the ropes tightly wrapped around my body. I sat up slowly and glanced around me. Nothing was familiar to my eyes. All I see was Tin, scraps of metal, rust-covered tin roof, a recently put out fire, a wooden table with cans of beers on top of it and two men, who's backs were facing me. I silently squirmed back, afraid they might notice me awake, but unfortunately hit the dead-end and made a sound. I accidentally hit a a metal scrap that was in the way, garnering their attention and whipped their heads to me. They both were familiar to me, especially the Red-head guy.

"Oh! You're finally up!" He beamed. I put up my front, not letting them show how afraid I was afraid.

"Who are you and What do you want from me?" I asked with a hard voice. He looked taken aback at first and gave off a low chuckle.

"My, My, Princess, It was rather rude of me not to introduce myself." He started and stood up from his chair and walked forward me. He stood a few feet away from me and knelt. His right hand was balled into a fist and placed on top of his heart and his head was bowed low.

"I am Ted. Ted Kasane. Right hand of Mr. Kaito Shion." He introduced and looked up to meet my eyes.

"I have come for you." He said before he broke into a grin.

"Why?" I asked shortly.

"Well, I was asked to retrieve you- his fiancee." He informed me like it was a matter of fact.

"WHAT?!" I literally screamed.

What on earth-? Is he mad? Me? Engaged? I don't even know that Kaito Shion guy and he says I am his fiancee? Don't joke with me.

I thought unbelievably as I shook my head gently.

"Yes, He's quite eager to see you again, Princess. In fact, he wanted to see you for himself but we found the place to be dangerous, so we asked him, more like forced him, to stay and leave everything to us." He said, his grin not leaving his face.

"Stop joking with me-"

"Oh, we are not joking, princess. Actually, we'll be boarding a plane soon, so would you kindly be a little more docile so we would not have problems on our journey? else, we'd be forced to knock you out again and it really is bothering." He ranted. I glared at him when he doesn't seem to understand me.

"Let. Me. go." I emphazised every word.

"That can be considered if you just behave." He said with a shrug

"You may have mistaken me for another person! I DON'T know the guy!"

"There's no way I would mistake you for someone else. You see, the given description suits you perfectly- Long teal hair, Cyan orbs, slender figure and porcelain-like skin. If you still doubt the descriptions I have a photo of you, taken when you were still young." He informed and took a photo from his chest pocket and held it close to me.

"Now tell me, is this not you?" He asked. I stared dumb-founded at the photo before me. It was definitely me, but how did this Ted person get it. More over, how did his Master, the Kaito Shion guy, know me? I don't remember anyone of that name.

"I take your silence as a Yes? Now, would you please behave and save us the trouble of making you behave?" He asked and took the photo away, stuffing it back to where he took it. I looked away not responding to his question. I would not have much chance against this Red-Head and his companion, a Silver-haired bishounen boy, anyway.

"Thank you." He appreciated my silence and moved back to his chair. I sat there choking up my sobs, not wanting for them to see me weak.

Len.. Where are you? Please come quickly and save me.

I thought as the anxiety ate me.

Len's P.O.V

We have been searching for a day already and still no sign of her. Worry, Guilt, Stress and Anger mixed and built up in me. I glanced at Rin as she kept in contact with the police that's helping us search for her, but even with them, we still couldn't find a single lead. I extended my searching vicinity and looked into almost all possible hideouts a kidnapper would chose. The last on my thoughts was this Abandoned Harbor.

"Len! I called them but still they couldn't find her." She huffed out as she flipped her phone to close. I glanced to her briefly before I returned my gaze at the Harbor before us.

"This will be the last. If she isn't here then we'll expand our search again. I won't stop till I find her Rin... else, I'd lose my sanity." I said and whispered the last.

We slowly made our way inside the harbor. It was empty, apart from a few boxes that seemed empty, rundown warehouses, and corroded boats. I searched around, while having Rin behind me all the time. I was about to give up, thinking she wasn't here at all when I heard a soft sweet hum.

All you have to do is call my nameNo matter how close or far awayAsk me once and I'll comeI'll come running

It sang. I followed the voice to where I heard it came from and came face to face with a really rundown station-house at the farthest back. I tried to listen in to voices and confirm for myself that I wasn't just hearing a voice that sounded like hers.

"Hey, you can sing! Sing more." A deep voice beamed cheerfully.

"Stop it, Ted." A soft baritone scolded him gently.

"Aww, whatever." He said.

Keep me in your heart and I'll appearAll you gotta do is turn aroundClose your eyes, Look insideI'm right here..

It continued, this time, the voice was full of sadness and it didn't take me a second to recognize it was really hers. I kicked the door obstructing my way down and saw two men standing beside a certain teal haired angel, who's hanging her head down and trembled. She slowly lifted her head and the second I saw the warm liquid that were now dripping from her beautiful teal orbs, I felt anger flare through my body.

"Let. Her. Go." I spat between gritted teeth. They snapped out from their shock and crouched on defensive stance.

"Who are you?" The red-head guy asked and glared at me.

"It doesn't matter who I am." I said simply and walked towards them when they didn't make a move. I kept my icy glare on the red-headed guy as he did the same to me. I glanced for a bit to Miku and saw her staring at me with wide-eyes.

Did I scare her again? Shit! I'll deal with that later.. I need to get past these guys if I want to save her..

"I'll ask you again.. Who. Are. You?" He asked, emphasizing every word.

"Let her go before I hurt you." I threatened as I ignored what he said.

"No can do, Mr. Saviour. My Master wishes to see his fiancee; the lady before you." He said. I froze in shock.

Miku.. has a fiancee?

I thought unbelievably. I turned to her and as though reading my mind, she shook her head vigorously and looked frantic herself.

"I DON'T! I DON'T EVEN KNOW THE GUY! I SWEAR!" She cried, her expression begged me to trust her. She didn't need to make that expression, I trust her with my whole being, that whatever comes out of that cute mouth of hers is my only truth. I gave her a warm and knowing smile before I diverted my gaze back to the Red-Head again.

"Stop spouting nonsense! The lady you captured said so herself, she doesn't know the guy. Release her immediately." I stated firmly and balled my fists on my side. He shook his head gently and clicked his tongue in a disapproving manner.

"It finally dawned on me, how slow have I been? Len-dono, I can't do what you just said, you see, my master had long to see her for almost 13 years. I can't just fail him when I'm this close, can I?" He said and had a smug smile. I furrowed my brow as confusion swirled on me as to why he knows my name.

"How did you-"

"There was only one certain blond boy who hated my master for liking Miku-sama, and that was her brother, Len-dono- you." He cut me as he guessed my question. Miku snapped her head to his direction as he said that like it was a matter of fact and adjusted his glasses.

"Ted... Ted... TEDDY?! Are you that Teddy who always tailed the lady of the house?" Miku asked.

"lady?" Ted asked in confusion.

Teddy? THAT teddy? who'd always stop me when I want to see Miku? that guy who'd purposely lose me in order to bring that guy and Miku together?

I asked as memories from my childhood came back to me. I drew my clenched fists back and launched it straight to his face. He stumbled back a few steps as the blow caught him off guard.

"What the-" He tried to curse before I stood in front of him.

"I believe I still have a score to settle with you and your master." I said darkly and towered over him. I held him by his clothes' collar and lifted him up and prepared for another blow.

"kyaa!" a shriek caught my attention.

"Stop right there!" the soft baritone voice I heard awhile ago cried. I snapped my gaze to his direction and saw him holding Miku by her arm harshly.

"Let him go before I hurt he-" He wasn't able to finish as a kick hit his head and sent him flying a few feet away.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you.. No one messes with the Kagamine Twins." I said and gave the perpetrator of the kick, Rin, a smug smirk.

"No one.. and I mean NO ONE! dares to hurt Miku! I'll kill you if you do!" Rin spat and hurried to Miku, who fell to the ground.

"Now, back to our business. Listen here tomato-head.."

"Stop with that name!" He cried and cut me. I just laughed mockingly and rolled my eyes.

"I'm taking my princess back and I'll let you and your companion go, so send this message to your dumb master, 'Stay away from my princess, if you want your teeth complete.' Got it?" I commanded while I bore my deep icy glare into his orbs. He shivered slightly and nodded softly. I let go of his collar and he dropped to the ground. I pivoted back to Miku who barely collected herself.

"Mi-" I was cut when she flung herself from Rin's hold to me and hugged me for dear life, sobs racked her trembling petit body as she slowly started to talk.

"I.. I.. I was so scared.. Thanks.. Len... Rin... Thank.. you.. so much." She said between her sobs. Rin got a little carried away as she started to tear up also.

"I'm sorry we didn't find you sooner Miku! I'm sorry you had to go through that situation!" Rin cried as she bawled. Miku turned to her, surprised, while I just rolled my eyes at my twin. Soft giggles erupted from Miku's body as her grip on me loosened and she turned to Rin.

"Stop crying Rin, It makes you un-cute." She said and walked over to her to lend her shoulder and wipe her tears.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd really wonder whoever got into trouble. Come on you two, stop crying already." I cried with exasperation clear in my voice. The two of them whipped their heads at me.

"I am not crying!" They both cried at the same time. Now I'd really wonder who among us are really twins, they 'sometimes' just think alike.

"Yeah, Yeah, I know. Now get your butts up so we can go home already." I sarcastically said and tried to act cool and say those words to avoid them notice my trembling hands. They huffed and stood up while brushing the dirt off their clothes.

"Yes Mr. Grumpy!" Rin cried with much sarcasm and marched past me, now taking the lead. Miku followed suit while giggling. I felt cold petit hands held mine as her long locks of teal brushed my face- her small lips touching my cheeks. She pulled back a second after and smiled warmly, the tears swelling on her eyes.

"Thank you for worrying and saving me, but you can relax now. I am fine thanks to you." She whispered and smiled sweetly. I stared at her for a few moments as the sensation left by her lips sank down my brain. I averted my gaze and covered my face with my free hand as I felt my face warm up. I squeezed her hand in mine and tried to calm myself down.

"Len?" her soft voice calling my name so sweetly again. Ah~ I just love hearing my name roll off her tongue.

"I'm sorry and I'm glad you're safe." I said and didn't dare to look back at her, not trusting myself to cover the blush creeping up my cheeks.

"Thank you so much, Len. You are the best." I heard her say before she pulled me for a dash. She was smiling again, and I am happy again. She was smiling like she didn't get into trouble. She was already giggling like a four-year-old who got her chocolate treats and that almost immediately brought the smile back to my face again. I couldn't believe how this single girl got me at the palm of her hands while not noticing it. This girl, certainly, is the core of my life.

Oh, Just how much could you love a girl? Cause I swear there is not a word that could describe this feeling reeling in my insides right now.

Rin's P.O.V

I was scared out of my wits when I heard Miku shriek. I whipped my head to the cause and saw him gripping Miku's arm harshly that it'd surely leave a bruise after. I blanked out and didn't notice I had already landed a high kick on his face and sent him flying a few feet away. Yeah, I know how to fight since I studied some martial arts for self-protection.

"Oh! I forgot to tell you. No one messes with the Kagamine Twins." I heard my twin say. I snapped out in that instant and clenched my fists.

"No One.. And I mean NO ONE! dares to hurt Miku! I'll kill you if you do!" I bit harshly. It was true after all. It wasn't only me who'd kill if Miku got hurt.. I know 'He' will do worse. I rushed to Miku and helped her up. She was trembling but she had collected herself already.

"Stop with the name!" I heard the Red-headed guy cry. I couldn't hear what Len had said before he let go of the guy and he dropped to the ground. He turned around and walked close to us. I was still holding Miku, not taking chances in case her legs are still wobbly.

"Mi-" before Len could even finish, she escaped from my supporting grip and wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face at the crook of it. She sobbed while she talked slowly. I say, it hurt to hear her sound like that. The tears pooled in my eyes and supressed it no longer, I let the fear that bubbled inside me a while ago flow out in the form of tears. She was always the sweet and kind sister I grew up with. She stopped crying and comforted me instead. I didn't stop crying till I heard his exhasperated voice. I am not sure why but all of a sudden I felt extremely embarrased and quickly stopped crying.

"I am not crying!" I exclaimed and surprisingly enough, Miku too. I turned to her as she turned to me ang giggled together. I huffed up and walked past him to avoid anyone notice the blush that slowly crept up to my face.

"He-" I was about to call them but stopped when I saw the scene before me. Miku just kissed Len on his cheeks. I froze in shock and reflexively turned around, cupping my mouth with my hand, while the other clutched my chest.

What is this?

The question popped in my mind as the painful throbbing on my chest didn't stop. The tears came back up again and this time, it took most of my will power to suppress it. I walked ahead of them before I heard her giggling and wrapped her other arm around mine and dragged us out.



"Please?" she plead with that irresistable charm of hers. I grunted and looked over to the more troubled one- Len. He huffed a defeated sigh and shrugged his shoulders at me and smiled cheekily at Miku, which we took as a 'Yeah, Fine'. Miku grinned widely and scooted to the center of her teal, queen-sized, four-post, canopy bed. She patted her both sides, the grin not leaving her face. I crawled to her left while Len just laid on her right after turning off the lights.

"Good night Len, Rin." she murmured in her sleep-filled voice.

"Good night Miku." We both said at the same time. I was facing Miku's back and Miku facing Len's. I was about to close my eyes and allow sleep to use it's magic on me when the mattress beneath me shifted. I opened my eyes again and saw an arm wrapped securely around Miku as she snuggled close to it. I immediately recognize it as Len's as I saw the bracelet Miku and I gave to him on our birthday.

I reached out my hand and clutched the fabric above the blanket and instantly feel asleep, with the slight pain looming over my chest.

Goddesses. This is so wrong. Why did I have to feel this way? Why am I in love with my sibling? Why Len of all people?

I thought in my sleep-induced mind and clutched his shirt tightly.

I watched and stood still there

as you gazed at her, my dear..

Oh my dearest, how painful was it to see

when all I wanted was for you to look at me.

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