Love Song

Sweet Secret

Sweet Secret

Len's P.O.V

I waited for the elevator doors to close as I watched her figure slowly fade into the distance. I still couldn't believe that that small back that I chased for so long, I finally caught up to it. My feelings finally reached her. I smiled and looked down to my hands and clenched it softly.

She finally returned my feelings.

I thought and didn't notice my smile turn into a grin. I pushed the button her recording studio was at and rode back to the ground floor in which I intended to wait for her to finish the recording. The floor opened and revealed a giggling Rin and Luka-nee, who were, obviously, in a conversation before they noticed me.

"Oh! Hi Len." Luka-nee greeted after Rin stiffened suddenly.

"Hi Luka-nee! Rin!" I greeted them cheerfully. They both had an amused expression and arched their brows before they walked in the elevator.

"Something good happened?" asked Luka-nee curiously. I glanced at her for a bit before I flashed her a smile.

"Yeah." I answered with a nod before I shoved my hands in my jean's pocket.

"We can see that, Idiot." Rin mumbled. I flashed her a glare but didn't even last 5 seconds when I remembered Miku's cute blushing yet weeping face.

"What floor are you going anyway?" I asked as I ignored Rin's 'Are you crazy?' look.

"8th." Luka-nee answered and tried to push the button when she noticed it was already glowing.

"I presume you're going to 8th floor too?" Luka-nee asked.

"Yes. Are you going to check Miku too?" I asked.

"Apparently Yes, not like someone there who finished hours ago but only decided to check on her now." Rin said and eyed me arrogantly.

"Say What?! Well that's because.. because.."

I can't tell them Miku and I had a little argument and kissed on the rooftop, can I? I mean, we ARE siblings. They would never understand if I tell them about how we feel for each other, wouldn't they?

I trailed off and unclenched my fist and shoved them back to my pockets and looked away.

"because you were out doing something unreasonable again, weren't you?" Rin continued and teased him.

"Okay, we're here." Luka-nee interrupted as the elevator doors opened. Rin stuck her tongue out for the last time and skipped out of the elevator and went straight towards Miku's studio.

"Don't let what Rin said get to you." Luka-nee suddenly said. I turned to her, surprised for a second but then managed to shake my head softly.

"That's not it." I whispered.

"Let's go then, Len?" she said and walked ahead. I followed after her, as I kept my gaze to the floor pondering the situation Miku and I got in. I heard her twist the door's knob before a sweet, lively, full of emotions, and angelic voice hit my eardrums in full force, that it was able to pull me out of my worries and willed me to listen to it more.

boku toka kimi toka koi toka ai tokasuki toka kirai tokamata utau ne.

*It's about me, it's about youIt's about love, It's about loveIt's about like, It's about hateThat I'll sing again*

ima kimi ga suki deteka kimi ga suki demushiro kimi ga suki dekonna baka na boku wo kimi wa suki deaishitekurete.konna uta kiite naitekuretearigatou.

*By now I love you

I deeply love you, I rather love you

And because you love this stupid me

I'll love you too

If you cry hearing this song

Thank you.*

As she sang this, she noticed us enter and she met my eye. She flashed me her sweetest smile and continued to sing like she was having so much fun. If someone would listen intently to it, one could feel the warm emotions she feels when she sings the song. You could feel the love she wanted to let her listeners' feel, one that a song lacks sometimes; the depth and soul of it.

itsuka boku no kodomo ga juumansai no tanjoubimukaeta toki, iwattekurete sankyuu mashita

kono goon wa isshou de kagirareta jikan deumareru kyoku to shi ni nosetekimi ni todokeru yokorekara mo douka yoroshiku ne

*One day, that childish side of me will

be 100.000 years old, Then I'll meet you, and we'll celebrate it 39 times.

In the time we've been given

I'll put these favors in song and verses

And send them to you

From now on, Please take care of me*

boku toka kimi toka koi toka ai tokasuki toka kirai tokamada tarinai?

*It's about me, it's about you, it's about love, it's about affectionIt's about Like, It's about hate…Still not enough?*



"kinou nani tabeta?""nani shiteta?""nankai boku no koto omoidashita?"konna koto hanashitemiyou ka!

*"What did you eat yesterday?""What did you do?""How much did you think about me?"Let's talk about things like this?*

"kimi tabeta." …baka."nani shiteta." …baka."kimi no koto nankawasurechatta yo." …baka.

*"Did you eat?" .. stupid

"What were you doing?" ..stupid.

"I think I forgot about you." ..stupid.*

kimi ga suki de

tteiu no wa uso dehonto wa daisuki de.kizutsuketakunakutedemokimi ga suki deaishitekurete"konna uta atta ne" ttekimi to waraitainda

*I love youBut that's not trueThe truth is that I really love you.I won't ever hurt you.ButI love youI'll love you with everything I haveSaying 'Ah, there was also a song like that.'I want to laugh with you*

(boku mitai na kimikimi mitai na bokuniteru kedo chigattechigatteru kara niteru

suki da yo toiu tabi nifueru suki no kimochi wa

boku kara takusan no kimi he no)

*The me that is like youThe you that is like meWe are similar yet differentBut since we're different, we're similar

Everytime I say 'I love you'My affection grows

I'll send it all to you as lots of*

ai kotoba

*Love Words*

She glowed as she sang the song. She looked so ethereal with the lighting inside the studio was giving her, and with the way she timidly move her body, she looked more beautiful. When the last note was hit we all clapped our hands as she bowed in gratitude, a behavior she never got rid of even when she rose to the top of her game, and took her headphones off and jogged to our side.

"Len! Rin! Luka-nee! You're all here!" She exclaimed and gave each of us a big hug. Luka-nee and Rin giggled at her liveliness while I just smiled, keeping it low so as not to make Rin suspicious of anything.

"Hatsune-san, I knew you could pull that song off. However, I wonder why you couldn't do so an hour ago?" The music director asked her as he pushed his swivel chair out of the table and spun it so he could face us, while his headphones lay on his neck. Miku turned to me after he asked and smiled.

"Let's say, I was a bit disturbed of something." She answered vaguely while I figured it almost immediately.

She was clearly talking about that incident with Neru.

I thought, guilty that I made her cry so much but blushed a bit when she winked at me.

"I'm glad you sorted it out somehow though. It was such a great improvement." He praised Miku's singing. Miku blushed and bowed again.

"Thanks for the compliment." she said.

"You're welcome, though I was only stating the truth." he said and stood up to pet Miku's head.

"We'll be going on ahead then, Masataka-sensei." Luka-nee said and bowed before him too.

"Yes. You have such good talents Megurine-san. You've done well in discovering them." He praised Luka-nee. She smiled at him and nodded before opening the door for us.

"Let's go guys. We have a major clean-up tonight." she announced before she closed the door behind her.

"Ne, Ne, Luka-nee. Are you really staying with us?" Miku asked excitedly.

"Yep, that's why we have a lot of arrangements waiting for us back at home." she giggled and went ahead of us. Rin skipped to the elevator and pushed the button that would take us down. I was about to follow Luka-nee when I felt a small hand grip mine. I turned to it before to the teal eyes of it's owner.

"You know, as I was singing? I was thinking of you." she whispered in my ear before she pecked my cheeks quickly and jogged to where Rin and Luka-nee waited for the elevator. I was left there, stunned and tomato-red.

Goddesses! That girl will be my undoing! If I won't die of accident because of daydreaming about her, I'd die of heart attack whenever she does that.

I thought incredulously and followed suit as they called me when the elevator arrived.



"Place it there please." Luka-nee instructed. I brought the pink porcelain vase to where she pointed and placed it there.

"No! A little more to the right.. err.. left a bit? Bring it down just a tiny little bit. There!" Miku instructed and beamed. Rin finally heaved a sigh of relief as she placed the painting in place.

"Done!" We all exclaimed as we collapsed to the carpeted floor.

"Thank you guys, you've done well. How does a Midnight Snack sound?" she giggled when our eyes glittered in anticipation.

"Okay, Okay. I'll be up in a few minutes." she said and closed the door behind her.

"So Rin, How was your recording today?" Miku asked to break the deafening silence.

"It's a so-so, I guess?" she answered.

"Why?" Miku asked again and rolled so that she faced Rin's head. Rin, however, was still in her initial position; lying down facing the ceiling.

"I practiced it beforehand." she answered simply and looked up to Miku and flashed her a grin.

"How about yours, Len?" Rin asked and turned to me.

"Fine. The song was sad but fine." I answered readily.

"What was the song about Len?" Miku asked so sweetly this time. I didn't want to tell her, knowing Miku, she'd bawl her eyes out and mumble how touching or sad the story is.

"Len?" she called me when I remained silent.

"I'm not telling." I said flatly and closed my eyes.

"What a meanie~" she complained and I could almost imagine her pouting. I so wanted to chuckle at that time, but then again, she'd use that against me.

"What was the song about Len?" Rin was the one who asked this time, feeling intrigued herself.

"Not telling." I responded again. I heard a few rustles here and there and I tried to open my eyes and saw Miku, her arms outstretched and her fingers writhing creepily.

"fufufu~ You're not telling huh? Rin~?" she giggled and said in an ominous voice. She called Rin and then I felt my hands pinned behind my back.

"Ow! What the-" I tried to curse when her slender fingers travelled to my sides and tickled me.

"Wa-Wait.. hahahaha.. I... hahaha.. st-stop please.. hahahaha." I beg in between my laugh.

"Are you ready to tell?" Miku asked teasingly.

"N-No.. hahahahah."

"I see. You won't give up then?" she placed her other hand on my other side and tickled me.

"No... not both sides.. hahahaha. please... I'm gonna die."

"No can do. I will only stop if you speak up." she said and pouted. Now, that did it. I can't win against her when she does that.

"Okay, Okay.. hahahaha.. I-I get it.. Sto-Stop now.. please.. hahaha."

"You could have said so at the beginning." Rin huffed teasingly as she got off me and Miku spared my sides..

"It's about a servant, who works for an Evil Princess She was his twin so I guess you sang that too?" I asked and turned to Rin. She nodded and listened intently.

"Well, this servant, he devoted every minute and every hour he had in serving his twin Princess. One day, on an errand, he saw this beautiful green haired lady. He fell in love almost immediately when she flashed him a smile but no matter how he longed for that lady, he can't have her, she was betrothed to the Prince of Blue. When he arrived later that day, he found his twin Princess crying. He asked her what was wrong and he found out she was in love with the said prince and ordered him to kill the green-haired lady, who dared to steal the prince from her. He happily told her he'd do it. So he went to meet with the lady. He staked her heart with a dagger and wondered why the tears never stopped. Days passed by and it was just another day in the castle when the castle shook slightly with the intense tremor from outside the castle. Thousands of villagers invaded her castle and attacked them. The servant, however, only had his Princess' life and safety in mind. He thought of a plan to deceive them and let the Princess escape. He asked his Princess that they trade clothes. The princess at first didn't agree but there was no other way. 'Don't worry, we are twins. They won't know.' The servant said to comfort his Princess and pushed her away so she could escape. He pretended to be the Princess and was subdued. He was chastised to death as the Princess and was sent to the guillotine. The Princess watched from the audience, under the protection of a hood, horrified. She collapsed right in front of the gui-" I trailed off the story when a sob interrupted me. I immediately turned to Miku and saw her tears fall like waterfalls. I froze for a moment and she noticed her tears.

"I-I'm not crying.. I-I'm not." she mumbled quietly. I sighed and rummaged through my pocket searching for my hanky.

"This is why I didn't want to tell you what the song was about." I said as I handed her my handkerchief. I turned to Rin and saw her trying real hard to not let the tears pooling her eyes spill.

"You don't have to hold it in Rin?" I said and she nodded meekly and fished her own hanky from her pocket too.

"What do I do with you two?" I sighed and lay back to the carpeted floor.

"Did the Princess commit suicide?" Miku asked quietly.

"I think not. According to my song, she didn't." I answered.

"Was she that evil that the villagers revolted against her?" She asked again.

"Apparently, Yes. In my song, she was so evil and greedy." Rin answered for me. After all, she was the one singing the Princess of Evil.

"What's going on here?" A voice startled us. We whipped our heads to the door and found Luka-nee with a tray in her hands.

"Uhh.. We were.. Story Telling?" Miku answered cheekily.

"Stories made the both of you cry?" Luka-nee asked, unbelievably.

"Well.. Yes." Rin answered quietly.

"Anyway, forget about that story and have some midnight snacks." Luka-nee said and placed the tray full of treats- cookies, sandwiches and hot chocolate- in our center. We circled around it and took some. Luka-nee was, as expected, a great cook.

"Luka-nee, can you teach me how to make these sometime?" Miku asked and took a sip of her chocolate drink.

"Of course." she readily agreed and took my hanky lying silently on Miku's lap to wipe some chocolate stains on her cheek, probably from the cookies.

"Me too!" Rin piped up and raised her hand while nibbling on her sandwich.

"Yes, you too." Luka-nee said and wiped breadcrumbs off Rin's cheek. Watching her take care of my child-like sisters makes her look like a mother.

"You know Luka-nee, you look like you are our Mother right now." I commented. She blushed and stiffened before she fidgeted and fiddled with her long skirt's hem.

"Tha-That's.. how should I say it.. Is-Isn't that a bit.. em-embarrassing?" she stuttered.

"Well you are an adult after all. Shouldn't you be considering about getting settled and having your own family?" I asked. Miku and Rin turned to her with the same expression as mine; confusion.

"No. There is someone I'm waiting. He promised me before he left that he'd come back and marry me, so unless I see him again, I don't plan getting hooked with someone else." she said thoughtfully as her facial features soften.

"Well then, enough about back stories. Let's call it a day and retire for the night." She said when she stood up and took the tray with empty dishes with her. We stood up too and started to walk back to our own rooms. Miku rubbed her eyes sleepily and went on ahead to her room, followed by Rin. It was not that far from Luka-nee's room since we let her use Meiko-neesan's room, her room is just beside Miku and Rin's, which, in turn, is beside Mine. Rin originally occupied Meiko-neesan's room but since Luka-nee is staying with us, she moved to Miku's room, not that she minded it anyway.

"Goodnight Guys." Mika said and closed the door to their room. Although, I feIt lonely that she didn't even kiss me Good night, l understood that she must be really sleepy.

"Goodnight." l said and proceeded to my room. I threw myself to my yellow-coated bed, rolled to my back and faced the ceiling. I let off a frustrated sigh as I can't feel myself drifting to sleep anytime sooner. I rolled and rolled endlessly till I gave up and decided to take a breath of fresh air. I opened my glass door and walked to the balcony, feeling the crisp icy breeze brush through my face.

"Took you long enough to go out. I was about to go in myself." I heard a voice I almost memorize. I whipped my head to the other balcony and saw her in only her night gown.

"How long have you been out there?" I asked immediately. It was so cold outside and she wasn't wearing anything but a thin silk night gown.

"A few minutes." she said and smiled like it was no big deal.

"Why aren't you wearing a jacket or something that would keep you warm? You would most definitely catch a cold like that. Wait there, I'll get you something." I said worriedly. I pivoted and was halfway inside my room when I heard her soft whispered shout.

"Wait." I walked backwards and arched a brow at her to tell her I was listening if she needs anything else.

"YOU wait there." she said and stood up on the balusters.

"He-Hey.. Yo-You don't mean..." I couldn't even bring myself to mention the thing I'm thinking she might do because of how ridiculous it sounded.

"Oh! Yes I do." she teased and leapt across the gap between our balconies. I hurriedly adjusted my position and caught her. We fell back and luckily she fell on me though than the cold hard cemented floor.

"Oww." I groaned as I felt my back sting in pain. Her giggle flitted in my eardrums and caught my attention. I looked down at her to find her grinning cutely.

"You sure are a reckless one." I jokingly complained and smiled softly. She pushed herself up and leaned to peck my lips.

"But I thought that instead of a jacket, I'd like your arms to keep me warm." she said and smiled lovingly. A blush crept to my face as I wrapped my across her petit figure and pulled her close to my chest to avoid her from seeing my blush.

"You could have said so. I would've been the one to jump across the balconies." I complained.

"But If I did it, you wouldn't have caught me." she said and pouted. I smiled at her cuteness and planted a kiss on top on her shoulder-blade length teal hair.

"You missed me, didn't you?" I asked.

"No.. Well.. Y-Yeah.. You didn't give me a Good Night kiss, you know?" she pouted again.

"I thought you were too sleepy to ask for one." I chuckled as I stroked her hair.

"And besides.." My voice trailed off when I remembered Luka-nee and Rin didn't have an idea about my relationship with Miku.

"Besides.. what?" she asked. I debated against myself if it would be better to tell her or not.

"Besides, Rin doesn't know about us?" as though reading my mind, she asked. I looked at her amazed at how she knew about it and nodded softly.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell her. I couldn't bring myself. I don't know why but I feel like she won't understand if I try to tell her." I confessed.

"It's fine. I kinda figured it too that people won't get this kind of situation easily and may find it disgusting, which is why when I confessed to you, I told you to forget it when you froze." she said, sadness dripping from her voice.


"But anyway, this way is more exciting, right? Sneaking and keeping it a secret is fun too. So, don't worry too much about it." she beamed cheerfully. She looked like the adventurous type of girl but still I can't help but worry about her.

"Are you su-" I was cut when she shut me up with a kiss.

"I am. Don't worry about it, no matter what everyone says, I will always love you." she comforted me and kissed me again. I rolled us so that she was under me.

"You really need to be more aware of yourself. I may have extreme self-control but I am still a boy. I am no saint." I warned her, my voice getting husky.

I was getting turned on with her above me and her chest stuck close to me which is separated with just a thin silk and now that she is below me is much worse, she looked so divine tempting with her pink silk night gown. I averted my eyes before I get consumed with my desire and attack her. She visibly blushed and smiled as she wrapped her slender arms around me.

"Just one last kiss before I retire for the night?" she asked with her instant-kill skill; puppy eyes. I sighed in defeat before I leaned down and kissed her. It was a simple kiss at first but then I felt the irresistible urge to taste her even more. I licked her lip asking for entrance and she moaned softly. I took that opportunity and slid my tongue in and explored her warm mouth. Her tongue reacted with mine and danced as I lead her. I felt her grip on my neck tighten and her skin getting hot and so I left her mouth and licked down. Her sternum part was bare open and an idea popped in my head to make her avoid wearing such revealing clothes for the next few days. I lapped at the spot and sucked hard on her skin making her grip on my neck get even tighter and her moan softly again. I left a love bite on the spot and kissed her forehead before I let her go.

"There." I said with finality in voice. She looked down at where I sucked her and saw the love bite. She turned tomato red before she pulled her gown up to hide the mark.

"How could you- so mean.." she complained. I chuckled at her before I pecked her again.

"Keep blushing and I won't be able to keep my hands off you." I whispered and smiled mischievously, earning an even deeper shade of blush than she already has.

"Mouuu~~ Stop teasing me!" she cried softly, being careful to not wake Rin up.

"Haha, but your reactions are too cute." I reasoned and laughed at her. She pouted before she stood up and brushed the dirt off her night gown.

"I'll go back already." she said and walked to the baluster of my balcony. I took her wrist and spun her so she would face me before I kissed her again.

"Sweet Dreams, my very demanding princess." I said and smiled. She smiled back and sighed before she kissed me back.

"Sweet Dreams, my very mean prince." she said and smiled sweetly.

"I take that as a compliment." I chuckled and helped her up the baluster.

"Are you going to be fine when you jump over? Can't you just pass through your door normally?" I asked as I worried about her jumping back to her balcony. She turned to me and giggled.

"Rin kinda locked the door. Anyway, I think this way's more fun." she said. She's as reckless as always, but then again, I loved that side of her too. She jumped without even warning me so it took me off guard.

"Ahhh!" I cried louder than I planned. I quickly covered my mouth as she landed safely on her balcony. Her glass door burst open and out came a half-asleep Rin.

"Miku.. What are you doing shouting in the middle of the night?" she asked as she rubbed her sleepy eyes.

"Ahh.. Err.. Ju-Just vocalizing?" I heard her lie. I ducked and hid against my balusters as I listened in their conversation.

"Vocalizing? At this hour? You should go get some sleep. We have classes tomorrow." Rin said before she went back in.

"Okay." Miku said and sighed. I stood up again and saw her glance my way and winked. I sighed in relief and waved her goodbye. She waved back before she vanished behind her glass doors and it shut close. I walked back to my room and closed my own glass doors before throwing my body heavy with sleep and drifted to my sweetest dream.

That sweet moment when I'm in your arms,

Would really make the best luck charms.

Saying 'I love you' warms my being,

Thanks for letting me experience this feeling.

I don't know what to say but please review.

The singing part has a translation that is enclosed in asterisks (*). Okay? Please don't get confused. T^T

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