Love Song


Miku's P.O.V

After our little secret confession of feelings. Len and I started going out secretly too. It was a lot of fun to be able to spend a lot of time with him as a couple and not as a brother.

True, what we're doing is a taboo, but is it really a sin to love? Can I help it that my heart chose him and not anyone else? Is it really a crime to love the person you're heart chose? I think not.

Len and I sat at a cafe and ate sweets while we rested. We were completely covered with sorts of disguises that makes us blend in the crowd. I even used a wig just so my teal-colored hair won't stand out. Len was pretty much okay since a lot nowadays had blonde hairs. He only needed a pair of glasses and messed his hairstyle a bit to disguise himself.

"Ahh~" I sighed contentedly as I plopped against the steel back rest of the cafe's chairs.

"Are you having fun?" Len asked.

I turned to him and wore a really wide grin before I answered "Of course, I am."

He smiled back softly and nodded his head.

"I'm glad." He said and just stared at me after. I let the silence just envelop us. It wasn't awkward anyway and sometimes, a little peacefulness is good too.

"You know Len? I always dreamed of doing these sort of things with you. Like playing around, walking hand in hand, just blending in the crowd like a lovey-dovey couple and not get noticed and just have fun." I told him as my gaze drifted to some happy couple, who were choosing which attraction they would go to next. "Choosing the amusement park was great too." I added with a smile.

"Actually, I wanted to do these sort of things with you too. I wanted to have one day that I could be your lover and not have anyone worry about discovering our identity." He said with his mesmerizing sheepish grin that made him so irresistibly cute.

I unconsciously blushed and looked away, for if not, my heart would really burst any moment from then. Just then, I saw a maid waitress- since we ended up in a maid cafe- staring at our direction, no, more like Len's direction. The ugly feeling I got with Neru's incident came bubbling up again and instead of complaining to Len I just pouted and kept it checked inside me.

"What's wrong?" Len asks as he noticed me pout. Why wouldn't he? He's been staring at me the whole time!

"No-Nothing." I said and leaned in the table to hide my face on my arms. "It's really nothing." I murmured.

I felt saddened thinking how Len loved someone like me, who gets so jealous easily, complains a lot, demands so much, and doesn't really know much on house chores. All I am good at is singing really.

I felt his hands on my head, patting me. I slightly raised my head to find him grinning widely. I gave him a confused look and he chuckled. I blushed hard not knowing what was so funny about me.

"Wh-Why are you laughing?"

"Cause you're too cute when you get jealous." He suddenly said. If I could get any redder than I really was right now, then that would be the perfect description of my face.

"Whaa-? I-I wasn't jealous." I defended and crossed my arms as I looked away, pouting.

"See what I mean? You're too cute." He said again and pinched my cheeks.

"Sh-Shtap it!" I protested and tried to pry his hands on both of my cheeks.

"HAHAHA! Now you look way cuter!" He said and laughed.

"Raaawr! Lhet go Off Mahy Sheeks! (Let go of my cheeks!)" I protested yet again and settled for hitting his arms this time.

"I won't." He teased and he pulled me near using my cheeks so I was leaning against the table.

"Zhe'y whill ghet looshe! He- (They will get loose!)" I was cut when he brought his lips on top of mine and sealed my mouth. I heard gasps around us and giggles and murmurs saying 'how cute they look together.' 'They're such a cute couple.' and 'Ahh~ wish I could feel love like that too.' I blushed and Len lets go of me, both my lips and cheeks. He smiled at me oh so sweetly and I hang my head down, trying to minimize the redness he can see on my face.

"You know? You don't have to mind them. Cause my eyes will never see them." He said.

"You'll never see them? Why?" I asked and looked at him through my fringes.

"Well, you're presence is just too big and endearing for me to look away." He said and I smiled at him with a blush on my face.

"Is that your roundabout way of telling me you love me?" I asked slyly, though my blush proved it to be a fail.

"I don't need a roundabout when I can just straightly tell them to you. No matter how many times you like it." He said and grabbed both of my hands. He kissed the back of it and looked up to my teal orbs again and smiled. "I love you."

"Ah, I'll surely blow up one time and it'll be your fault." I accused him and squeezed his hand.

"Why?" He asked, befuddled.

"I love you too much my heart can't contain it anymore." I said and averted my eyes, sporting a slight blush on my cheeks.

I heard no response from Len and so I wondered why. I looked back to him and saw his face burning beet red while wearing a surprised face. I chortled then laughed at his face before he snapped out of it and blushed even harder.

"Oh so now's your turn to laugh?" He asks and smirks.

"Because you were right. You looked incredibly cute." I said in between my laugh.

"I-I'm not." He protested this time and speaking of time, I looked over to my watch after I noticed the sky visibly darkened and read the time.

"Yes, Yes, you're not. Let's go home? It's already 6, you know?" I said and stood up.

He stood up after me, paid for our meal, and caught up to me all the while muttering "I am not."

I giggled at him before I grabbed his collars and spun around to face him. I pecked him in the lips, to which I caught him off his guard, and smiled as I broke it."Okay, you're not." I told him.

"Now that's an underhanded way to settle things." He said and smirked at me as he linked our hands.

"Well, that was the shortest and easiest way though. Plus, I loved doing it, don't you?" I asked and craned my head to look at him, with a slight blush.

Really, I've been blushing way too much this day.

He looked at me for a moment before he averted his gaze and answered "Of course, I do too. Why wouldn't I?"

I giggled at him and ran while I dragged him. He almost tripped when I did it so suddenly but still he was able to regain his balance. He let himself get dragged by me as we laughed all the way home. Of course we stopped by a store and bought something and knocked on the door after taking off the wig. We heard footsteps coming up on the door and opened it for us. Rin peeked into the opening before she fully opened the door for us.

"We're home." we both greeted.

"Welcome Home. Where were you two off to?" She asked and walked ahead.

I went in and followed her while Len closed the door behind us. I was explaining things to Rin, not the truth though, and we headed to the parlor. "So where's Luka-nee?" I asked when we settled at the sofa.

"She went somewhere too. I was alone in the house the entire time, you know?" Rin said and pouted. I giggled and pet her in the head before I wrapped my arms around her.

"I'm sorry we left you alone." I apologized and she returned the hug. "By the way, do you know that we don't have recording tomorrow and are free to attend school?"

"Really?" I beamed after I gently broke our hug. She bobbed her head up and down and smiled widely.

"That's nice." Len's voice came from behind me. We turned around and I smiled at him.

"Yeah, it is."

"Let's sleep early then?" He asked both of us and we nodded in agreement. We all went to our own respective rooms. Me and Rin in my room and Len in his own. I texted Luka-nee the location of the spare key so she could come in if she ever arrived late and she only replied 'Ok' I went and changed into my night gown as so did Rin. She dove for the bed while I went to turn off the lights. I went to my own side of the bed and closed my eyes, waiting for sleep to come and take me when my phone beeped.

I opened my eyes and reached for my phone and checked the message.

*Are you awake?* it read. I looked up to its sender and a smile made way to my face before I typed in a response.

*Yeah, I am.*

*Can you come out?* Another message came, only seconds after my own message was sent.

*Where?* I responded.

*Library.* He answered briefly.

I shifted and checked if Rin was still awake or asleep and found her sleeping peacefully. I climbed out of the bed and wore a night robe before I went to the library of the house.

"Len?" I called softly at the darkness of the room. I went in and closed the door behind me and suddenly something grabbed my waist and sealed my lips with its own to muffle my scream.

"I'm sorry, but I can't sleep." he says softly after he broke the kiss.

"What's wrong?" I asked and we walked to a reading couch just beside a tall window that let the moon's gleam stream in and light a small portion of the large room.

"I'm just not sleepy yet." he said. I giggled at his statement thinking that it was him who proposed the idea of sleeping early.

"Wasn't it your idea?" I asked him.

"I-I know. I only did it so Rin would sleep." he confessed, slightly blushing. Now it was my turn to blush and I held his hands. He turned to me and I smiled.

"My, what a wonderful boyfriend you are. I love you so much Len, please don't stop loving me, okay?" I told him and leaned against his shoulders.

"I promise I won't. You are the world to me Miku. Without you, who knows what'll become of me." he murmured and leaned against me too.

"You won't lose me.. ever." I murmured and let out a yawn. I heard him chuckle softly before he pecked me in the lips again.

"Sleep princess. Goodnight." He whispered and linked our hands.

I say I felt really peaceful as I slept beside this man. Though he may be giving me a really hard time of keeping my emotions in check, I loved it anyway. To me, everything about Len is wonderful. I was so lucky to be loved by such a great man. I'll be sure to treasure these feelings- the feeling of being loved, loving, these exciting feelings, the painful yet pleasant thumps of my chest, and the sweet addicting feeling of kissing him- forever.



I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and Rin's continuous call for my name. I opened my tired eyes one by one and saw Rin with a big smile on her lips."Good Morning Miku!" she greeted.

"Why are you so lively? And why wake me so early?" I asked and rolled to my other side, blocking her out of my sight and the glowing golden light that streamed in from the windows.

"What are you saying? Wake up already, sleepyhead! We've got school to attend!" She yelled and pulled the covers off me. I instantly bolt up and dashed for my wardrobe to the bathroom and took a quick shower before I put on my school uniform.

"Le-Let's go!" I exclaimed without bothering to look at myself in the mirror. Rin laughed and walked close to me, picked a hairbrush during the process and let me sit in front of my vanity.

"You can't go out like that Miku-nee." she said and combed my messy and tangled hairs down.

"Th-Thanks.. but aren't we late already?" I asked her and stared at her reflection on the vanity. She smiled as she combed my long hair and answered "No we are not yet, we have at most an hour left."

"Oh. How about Luka-nee? Did she arrive already?" I asked and like on cue she walked inside my room, fully dressed.

"Yes I am." she said and smiled at us. "Good Morning Girls." she greeted and waved her hands.

"Good Morning Luka-nee." We both greeted her with beaming faces.

"Quite early are we?" she started and walked close to us.

"Rin here woke me up to early. I thought we we're already late." I explained and tied my hair up into my signature twin-tail style. Luka-nee laughed while Rin just smiled victoriously and did a peace sign.

"Well, it's better than being late, right?" She said and winked at me. I sighed softly and nodded my head.

"So then, shall we wake dear little prince up?" She suggested and we filed out of my room and transferred to Len's, bringing all the paraphernalia we needed to make things much funnier.

"1..2..3." We counted in a small whisper before we all burst out "Wake up Leeeeeeen~!" I sounded my tambourines, Rin blew the trumpets and Luka-nee repeatedly beat the walls with two empty water bottles. Len shot up from his bed with a loud cry and scampered away, falling off his bed. We all gave out a hearty laugh that resounded in his room. He stood up with an angry gaze as he stared at us laughing so hard.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" He yelled and started to chase us around. I, for one, am not letting him catch me so easily and so I ran for my life.He chased Rin and Luka-nee down and then changed his target to me. The annoyance he had minutes ago vanished and all that was left was a playful smirk on his face. He started to dash towards me and so I ran around the room. Squealing when he gains on me and running towards Luka-nee or Rin to somehow make him target them again.

"You all are so gonna pay for that." he proclaimed and continued to chase us. Long after, I collapsed to the floor and gasped for my breath. He got one heck of a stamina that I just couldn't keep up with.

"S-Shtaaaap.. I'm.. I can't.. breathe.. anymore." I surrender and rolled around Len's yellow carpet. He collapsed right next to me and struggled to catch his breath too as well as Rin and Luka-nee.

"Haa.. Haa.. what.. what time is it?" Luka-nee asked out of the blue. I raised my wrist and read the time on my analogue wrist watch.

"7:45." I answered calmly.

There was a moment of silence and all I could hear was the soft ticking of clock and our labored breathing. Then all of a sudden, we bolt up, threw Len inside the shower while Luka-nee picked his uniform from his wardrobe. After a few minutes of being there, Len trod out drenched to the core with nothing but a piece of cloth draped around his lower half of his body.

I struggled to keep myself from blushing and averted my eyes while I passed him his uniform. I felt his cold hands touch mine as he took the uniform and, I don't know why but, I seem to be more conscious and affected of him right now.

"Pl-Please hurry up so we could go to s-school on time." I said and hurriedly turned my back. I heard a snicker and felt his hot breath fan my ears as he whispered sweetly and softly to me.

"You saw something good, princess?" he said with mirth in his voice. He was really amusing himself with teasing me like this. I swear to get him back for it. I looked around and luckily Luka-nee and Rin were busy talking to each other as their backs faced us.

"Get. Dressed. Right. Now!" I whispered softly, being extra careful that the other two won't hear.

"Why? You like what you saw, right? Don't you want to see more then?" he teased further. "Why don't I go to school like this-?" he asked and I suddenly snapped, cutting him short.

I pivoted on my heel and I stomped out of the room and went to my own room, grabbed my bag and went downstairs. I don't know, but the thought of Len going to school bare-chested and looking like the perfect creation that he was and girls keep ogling at him set my mood off. I called for a cab and went to school on my own. I may be running away, but I didn't want them to see me in this kind of state. Getting really ugly because of being an over-possessive lover and jealous monster.

I knew it wasn't going to last long anyway and all I needed was a few minutes of being alone so I could think things carefully. Len and Rin arrived 10 more minutes after I did and they settled down beside me.

"What took you both so long?" I asked and eyed them both. Rin just glared at Len before she turned to me and answered my question. "We kind of had a long chat."

"Long chat?" I repeated and turned to an upset Len. "What was it about?" I asked him this time.

"Did I.. Did I say something that made you mad, Miku?" he asked back.

I was taken aback and it just clicked to me. Perhaps he was scolded that he did something that set me off again, to which he really did, though unintentionally. I smiled at him softly and shook my head. He looked at me, sadness still clouding his entrancing aquamarine orbs.

"It's nothing. Let's just forget about it, okay?"

"So I really did? That's why you left early?" he asked again.

"Come on Len. It's nothing already. I just.. I just overreacted. Let's forget about it, please?" I pleaded. I didn't want to think about it anymore, as I said, I only needed a few minutes of being by myself. He hesitated for a moment before he nodded.

"Smile? for me?" I asked. He kindly obliged to my request and smiled again while mouthing the words 'I'm sorry' and 'I love you.'

"I do too." I answered quietly.

"Good Morning Class!" Our teacher slid the door, greeting us in the process and came in.

Our classmates returned to their respectful seats after greeting him back and before he set his things down on the table and cleared his throat. He scanned his eyes around the room before he announced in a loud voice "You have a new classmate. Please be good to THEM."

Huh? Transferees at this time of year?

It was weird, yes, but not too much since when we enrolled here in the room was weirder because it was on the middle of the year and we were celebrities, so maybe they didn't expect us to choose the school. A blue-headed really tall boy and Golden haired pretty girl came in and stood beside each other. They bowed their heads and smiled at all of us. They also scanned the room and somehow, their gazes landed on me.

"Good Morning. I'm Kaito Shion. Pleased to meet you all." The boy introduced in a gentle baritone voice and smiled. MOST of the girls swooned over him and that includes Rin. It was definitely a miracle to see her infatuated with someone.

"Good Morning Everyone, I am Neru Akita. Pleased to meet you." the girl said too and instantly grabbed my attention from the blushing Rin.

"By the way, I am the fiancée of your most loved idol, Hatsune Miku." the boy named as Kaito proclaimed and garnered a gasp from everyone, which excludes Len. He just gripped his fists awfully tight.

"And I, too, am the fiancée of your most handsome idol, Kagamine Len." Neru added and everyone's jaws practically dropped.

What's the meaning of all this? My and Len's Fiancée?

I thought incredulously as I cupped my hands on my mouth. I had a hunch but I didn't really thought that that was the start of our gradual and excruciatingly painful downfall.

I am sorry for not updating for so long. There's no good reason behind it. I honestly just got lazy and had a loooooooong writer's block. Well, I'm back to updating so please read and leave a review guys :]


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