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Seed of Doubt


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Seed of Doubt

Miku's P.O.V






A vein pops and I struggled to keep my irritation at bay. I turned to the reason of my annoyance and smiled at him.

"You know Shion-san, classes is still ongoing and you're kinda disturbing me." I told him softly so it won't hurt him too much.

"We could just go and ditch class and have fun, you know? Why don't we do that instead?" He said and smiled.

"Not because you proclaimed to everyone that I am YOUR fiancée gives you the right to disturb me." I pointed out sternly and eyed him.

He zipped his mouth after my remark and I let off a sigh of relief. I caught a glimpse of Len snickering before he flashed me a sweet smile.

"What?" I asked him.

"Nothing." he said and turned his focus back to our teacher. I felt a cold chill run down my spine and I didn't have to look around and search for it's source since the perpetrator was just behind him. Glaring at me menacingly.

Seriously, what on earth is with this seating arrangement?!



Everyone burst in laughter at their proclamation, which is except for us three; Me, Len and Rin. We knew perfectly well that having a fiancée decided for us was inevitable, but still it was common courtesy that we be introduced to each other when we were still children. I don't know nor was I introduced to some 'Kaito Shion' guy. Feeling horrified and confused, I turned to the man I knew I could always lean on and count onto. "Len? Did you know about this?" I asked softly.

He jolted as I seem to have snapped him out of dazing. He slowly turned his head to me and looked surprised.

"What?" He asked back.

"Do have an idea on what they're claiming?" I asked again. This time my voice a bit louder.


He averted his gaze and hung his head. I gasped as his reaction successfully processed through my brain. He knew it. He knew I was betrothed to someone and so is he. I turned back to the couple in front and caught the gaze of the Kaito guy. He smiled at me and waved and I felt even more horrified.

No! This can't be happening! Just when Len and I finally reciprocated each other's feelings.. Just when we're finally happy. Why?

The laughing ceased when everyone saw that the both of them weren't joking. They all turned to us and I hang my head. I may be used to so much attention but not in this kind of situation. Somehow, it was shocking, confusing, annoying and embarrassing.

"So then, Shion-san, Akita-san, both of you can occupy the vacant seats placed behind your fiancées." Our teacher said and both of them wasted no second in making way towards us.

"I look forward to being with you, Miku-chan." Kaito told me and bowed. As a courtesy, I bowed back to him but I never looked into his eyes.

"This will be fun! I get to be classmates with you, Len-sama." I heard Neru's seductive voice tell Len.After greeting us, they both took their seats and Kaito started annoying me.



Lunch time finally came and I crept out of the room silently. I wasn't planning on having him pester me around even in my lunch time. I immediately went to somewhere I know no one would find me. I didn't frequent that place but right now, I most certainly want to just stay there and have my moment of peace.

I sat on one of the tables situated just beside the window. I opened them and let the cool breeze blow in. It was so peaceful and I loved every second of it. I ate silently on that place and after eating tucked my bento away and picked out a book to read. Yes, I am in our school's library at the far-end corner where so little people visit. I read for a bit and gradually felt a little sleepy and decided to take a nap.

I was dreaming of Daddy lifting me up and twirling me around while I laughed. On the distance was my smiling mother, sitting in her wheelchair. Little I waved at her and she did to me. Daddy placed me down and I toddled towards her, when she suddenly fell down from her wheelchair in a heap of coughs.

Daddy rushed to her side and brought her inside while I froze on my spot, tears brimming and ready to fall. A small hand held mine and I turned to see Len, his face marred with worry. Tears spilled down and I hiccupped. He squeezed my hand as he comforted me.

I opened my eyes from the dream and saw a sleeping Len beside me, our hands interlinked as he breathes gently and calmly. I raised my head and noticed the tears that streamed down.

Even when we were children, he was always there for me. Giving me support and taking care of me. What did I ever do to deserve this person?

I thought and brushed the tendrils of locks that obstructed his face. I placed a sweet soft kiss on his lips and he slowly woke up.

"Did I wake you?" I asked softly.

He shook his head and smiled as he squeezed my hand that was still in his. "No."

"I see, I thought I disturbed your dream."

"There's no dream that would compare to my reality right now. For once, I actually liked reality than my dreams." he said and closed his eyes again.

"And why is that?" I inquired.

"Because you're finally mine, Miku." he said and opened his eyes to look at mine. His eyes smiled lovingly and I could feel that deep emotion I also felt for him.

So this is how it means to love and be loved, huh? It's just too good to be true but I know this is reality.

And as if doubting my thoughts, I asked him.

"This is not a dream, right?" I asked him and looked worried.

His eyebrows knit together before he lifted his head and kissed me full on my lips; a sweet passionate long kiss.

"Even after that, are you still going to tell me that everything's a lie?" He asked and stared sternly and seriously straight to my eyes as if daring me to tell him otherwise.

I smiled with a hint of pink dusts on my cheeks and kissed him back. "Of course not."

The bell rang telling us classes were going to start soon. I stood up and returned the book I was planning to read back to its shelf. Len never let go of my hands as we exited the library, since there were no students loitering about already and we hurried to our room. Before we went in though, he let go and opened the door for us, luckily our teacher wasn't there yet.

"Where were the both of you? I searched for you, you know?" Rin exclaimed and pouted.

"I'm sorry, Rin. Truth is, I hid somewhere to eat my lunch peacefully. I just met Len on my way back here." I explained and joined my hands in an apologizing manner.

"Jeez! I was eating lunch alone." she said.

"As did I." I said.

"Me too." Len added.

We settled on our seats and talked about other things till our teacher came in and started discussion.

She asked us to take our books and flip to page 176. I fumbled through my bag and searched for the particular book, but couldn't find it. I searched under my desk but still it wasn't there. Len and Rin noticed me restless and asked me "What's wrong?"

"I can't find my book." I told them. They both chuckled and Len moved my table close to his as Rin scooted and moved her table to.

"Let's share then." they both said and smiled.

"Len.. Rin.. Thank you." I whispered and they pet me in the head.

"Uhm.. Len-sama?" we heard a particular soft and kind voice call Len.

We craned our heads to turn to the owner and saw her quite restless too as she fiddled with her fingers nervously.

"I.. I don't have a book too. Do you suppose I can share with yours?" she asked quite cutely.

Even though I am suspicious of her intentions but she was so cute to even think bad things about her. Truth be told, I was quite scared Len would find her cuter than me and choose her instead. Because if it were them, there were no problems. She was his fiancée, they were both beautiful beings and they're not blood related. I got sad thinking about those things that I dreaded to hear Len's answer.

I timidly refocused my attention back to the teacher and the book. I don't want to hear his answer. I'm scared.

"No, I can't. Miku's using mine, besides, I see Shion-SAN has a book over there. Why not share with him?" Len flat out rejected her with a cold voice that surprised me so much. I've forgotten how his cold voice sounded and honestly, if I was the one he was talking to with that voice I'd be hurt.

He turned back front and continued to take down notes. I kept my eyes plastered on his face, just staring at him. He turned to me quite embarrassed and pointed something on his notebook. I read it and it said 'Stop staring so much.' I giggled softly before I wrote something on my notebook too.

'Why can't I?'

'It's embarrassing, of course.'

'But I love watching you always.' I reasoned. He smiled a bit before he scribbled his answer.

'You always know how to make me smile, do you? I love you so much.'

'It's because you always make me smile too. I love you more.'

After what I wrote, I asked for his eraser and erased everything I wrote so no one would be able to read them. He did the same as me and erased everything he scribbled on his notebook. After that, the rest of the discussion was kind of heart-thumping and non-educational. Why? Well simply because I couldn't concentrate on what our teacher was talking at the front when I was next to that boy I loved deeply with his cerulean blue eyes boring holes through me.



Later after we were dismissed from our last subject, Len went ahead to the front gate and waited for our chauffeur while Rin, who was supposed to be with me, left for the ladies' room saying she had to answer nature's call.

I sat at Len's desk as I waited for her return and glanced up above the orange tinted skies with pinkish to purplish cotton candy fluffy clouds that slowly drifted away. I stayed like that till I heard a rattle that instantly snapped me out and I turned to its source. I saw Kaito standing by the door, looking a bit exhausted but smiling. He stepped through and walked closer to me.

"Miku-chan, what are you doing here? Why aren't you home yet?" He asks gently.

"I'm waiting for Rin." I answered briefly and nodded in acknowledgement before I stared at the clouds again.

"Uhm.. Miku-chan? Do you.. Do you not remember me?" He asks.

I turned back to him and he hang his head down as he averts his eyes. I answered him with a short 'No' and watched him from looking surprised to smiling thoughtfully.

"I knew it. After all, I was kind of girly back then. It makes sense now." He murmured.

"I'm sorry to break it to you, but I don't have any idea on what you're talking about." I told him. He just closed his eyes as he took a seat at my desk and faced me.

"Do you remember Kai-chan?" He suddenly asks me. I pondered for a moment, trying to recall someone with that name. Then, an image of a young blue short-haired girl with a scarf wrapped around her neck smiling cutely at me popped up.

"Yeah, I do. Why? Do you know HER?" I asked him.

"Mi-chan.. This is me, Kai-chan." He said and smiled cutely like how she, I mean He used to back then.

"Ehhh?!" I exclaimed and stood up due to my surprise. I leaned in closer, studying his face, his hair, his built, his complexion. There was one thing about him that didn't convince me he was Kai-chan. He had a sturdy built while Kai-chan was very fragile.

"No way.. Kai-chan was very weak. She was very fragile and she was the Lady of the Manor!" I exclaimed. I could clearly tell he just sweat dropped at my words as he held his hands in front of him, as if gesturing for me to calm down.

"That's the case. I am not fragile anymore. I worked hard to be more like a man so when we meet again, I would not disappoint you. I am what I am today because of you, Mi-chan." He said and grabbed my hands. His hands were so big, maybe much larger than Len's as it engulfed and covered my hands wholly.

"Kai-chan.. I.. I missed you, you know? Why did you have to leave?" I asked and took a seat again. He smiled and scratched his head.

"Well, my father transferred to another country because of business, so naturally we, his immediate family, had to go with him. It was only just recently that I was able to convince him to allow me to return here." He explained.

"I see. Still, I'm glad you're back. I'm sorry about how I acted earlier. I just got really annoyed when someone that I don't even know nor have I seen before suddenly pops up and claim me as his fiancée. I mean, how farfetched is that?" I explicate and laughed. He just laughed along with me and told me bunch of things about how the country he transferred to was.

It was so different to how ours was but still it was quite nice having to experience those things. I actually want to try and travel to other countries when I grow up but there's a lot of factors chaining me down from doing so, and I seem to have forgotten about that dream when I confirmed Len's feelings. To me, I don't need to be anywhere but by his side. It's the place where I truly feel like home and where I belong.

"Mi-chan, it's getting dark. How about we wait for Rin-chan by the entrance hall?" Kaito suddenly suggests.

"Mmh. I think it is better. She'll eventually pass through there anyway. I'll just take her bag and we can go." I said and walked to her desk. It seemed she have already packed her things so I immediately picked it up and turned to Kaito.

"Let's go?" I asked him and he nodded happily. He continued telling interesting stories about the outside world and I say, I really did enjoy the conversation as I laughed happily with him.

I already messaged Rin to just meet me on the entrance hallway and she replied 'Ok'. Kaito kindly offered to hold onto Rin's bag for me saying it looked pretty heavy for me. Really, the man had changed so much in twelve years, from being fragile to being dependable and strong. If I were to size him up, I'd say he pretty much qualifies for every girl's dream boy. A prince charming-like demeanor, a very gentle attitude, a strong and reliable person like a knight and very handsome too.

We stopped by the shoe locker and I took mine and put them on. After doing so, we proceeded to the entrance where I would be waiting for Rin, but I regretted why I agreed to wait there. As soon as I lifted my head from watching my step, I saw two figures kissing by the gate. One had a really long hair that was tied up into a one-side ponytail and flowed all the way down to her thighs and one had a spiky fringe with a small ponytail.

I gasped in shock and unconsciously let go of my bag as I cupped my mouth with my hands. As everything contained inside my bag spilled and rolled out, I could feel my heart being trampled and smashed apart. It felt like all of a sudden, a hammer made from thin air hit my heart and as if not contented yet repeatedly clobbered my heart till it was bruised and wounded.

I wanted to run away but I couldn't. I was like glued to my spot as well as my eyes. It was just when Kaito hugged me that I wasn't able to see them anymore. Tears sprang up and cascaded down my face as I bawled on Kaito's chest and he stroked my hair and whispered comforting words.

Why did that happen? What just happened?

It was then that the seed of doubt was successfully planted.

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