Love Song

Extra: Christmas Promise

Here's a little early gift from me for all of my readers and LenxMiku lovers. A one-shot peak at their first Christmas together! Well then, have fun!

Christmas Promise

Miku's P.O.V


Roll to my left.


Roll to my right.

A chuckle reached my ears which sounded lovelier than any morning calls I would hear every morning. I peeled my eyes open when something restricted me from rolling again. His sweet gentle and lovely smile greeted me first before his warm lips did.

"Good Morning sunshine!" he greeted me. I smiled and knew then that it was his arm around me that restricted me a second ago and so I wrapped my arm over him too and snuggled close to him.

"It's cold." I complained, half-assed. Why? He was hot enough to warm me both inside and out. I heard him chuckle again before his arms tightened their hold on me, keeping me plastered against his chest.

"Much better?" he asked and looked down to me.

"So much better." I answered and tried to sleep in again but failed when he suddenly took the blanket that was wrapped around both of us.

"I would really love to just watch your cute sleeping face all day but we have more pressing matters to attend to today." He said before he got up, pulling me with him also. I lazily followed him and leaned on his shoulders and closed my eyes.

"But I don't want to. I just wanna stay here and sleep. Besides, it's so cold outside too." I murmured lazily, plopped back to my bed and snuggled close to him again.

"You can't do that. You're fans waited patiently for this day, you know?" He said and pulled me up again.

"Munyaa? What is it today again?" I asked, half-asleep. He laughed and pointed to my calendar that had a big red circle scribbled on it. In its center was the number 24 and that jolted me awake.

Today is my concert!

I sputtered down my bed and dashed to my bathroom and took a shower. I hurriedly put on my dress before I left the shower and went back to my room. I paced around the room uneasily as I searched for my comb.

"Haha! Looking for something princess?" I heard Len say and I turned to him. In his hand, spinning on his finger, was my comb that I was looking for. I heaved an exasperated sigh and demanded for my comb.

"If you had it, you could have said so earlier." I muttered.

"But you were so cute, flustering as you searched for your comb." He teased. I pouted and demanded for my comb again.

"Can you give it to me? I really am in a hurry here." I told him.

"Only if you give me a kiss." He said and leaned close. I blushed a light red as I watched him give me a sly smile which looked so irresistibly sexy. I leaned in close to, planning to just give him a light and soft kiss when suddenly, I was met with my bed's canopy.

He had pushed and pinned me down. My blush intensified further as he locked our lips again. His kiss this time was hungry and greedy as his tongue explored the insides of my mouth and danced with mine. I knew that if I don't pull away, things would escalate to a greater degree and I don't think I'm emotionally ready for it yet.

This is what my logic tells me but boy did my body listen to my brain. I had no strength left as I felt myself willingly submit to this man that I loved so deeply. Fortunately AND unfortunately, he pulled away. The desire reflected in his eyes told me that he wanted me so much but he's holding them back. It told me he didn't want to hurt me because of his selfish wishes. He really did treasure me so much.

It was fortunate since we weren't carried away by our emotions and desires and maybe do something we'd regret later, but unfortunate because as much as I was scared of it escalating, I really loved kissing him.

"Len Kagamine, do you know that I really am going to be late now?" I asked him as he kept me trapped under his arms. He grinned widely before he leaned down to peck me softly and finally let me go.

"C'mere. Let me help you with that." he suddenly offered and held my shoulders before he spun me around so my back was facing him.

He combed my hair down, though it was clear he was struggling, carefully. It took longer than expected but when he was finally done, you could say he did a good job. He then left me the job of tying them up into my twin pigtails.

As I was doing so, the door to my room burst open and in came a very impatient Rin with her arms crossed on her chest and her fingers tapping impatiently."What's taking you both so long?" She asked and eyed the both of us.

"Hey Rin! Len combed my hair! Isn't that weird?" I asked her and by the look on her face? I could say she was shocked and dumbfounded. She sprinted across the room and to Len. She brought her hands to Len's forehead, trying to feel his temperature.

"Did you perhaps catch a cold?" Rin teased.

"Jeez! Stop it, will you? Why don't we just hurry up! We've got a concert waiting for us." Len exclaimed grumpily before he stood up and stomped outside my room but not before he took one last glance at me and flashed me his adorable loop-sided grin.

"Miku-nee! I'll do your other pigtail." Rin offered.

"Oh, please do. Thanks Rin." I said and sat patiently as Rin worked with my too long hair. When all was said and done, we both hurried downstairs and to the car waiting for us.

"Miku!" I heard Luka-nee call just as I closed the door to the car. I stuck my head out the car window and bid her farewell as the car sped off.

"But you left your scarf." Luka whispered and watched the speeding car drive away. She sighed and just went back in before she could catch a cold.

"I-I'm sorry we're late!" I exclaimed and bowed down in apology to all the crew. Rin and Len both copied me and bowed as well.

"Oh! No-Not at all! W-We still have time anyway. Just go to your respective rooms and have you done, okay?" The director of the crew told us and handed us over to different personnel each. I was led to my dressing room where different costumes and dresses waited for me to wear.

"Well Hatsune-san? Let's go down to business and get you done already. You have to be so cute and beautiful for your fans, you know?" The personnel that was in-charge of me said and let me sit in front of the mirror. She did her magic on me and applied make up on me. After, she fixed my hair and replaced my ties. She was about to throw the ties somewhere when I successfully stopped her from doing so.

"Wait!" I called and she halted to turn around and face me. "Ca-Can I have my hair tie back? It means a lot to me." I told her and brought my hands out, asking for my tie.

"Su-Sure." she answered and I thanked her with a smile.

I grabbed my hair ties and placed them in the bag that I brought with me. It was quite old, yes, but its sentimental value to me was just too great for me to throw it away. You see, it was the first Christmas gift Len got me and just looking at it makes me happy as I reminisce his cute and adorable blushing face when he handed me the gift saying 'I-It's not like I specially bought this for you.' My,what a tsundere. I giggled upon reminiscing it.

Now that I think about it. Would 'that' be able to make it on Christmas Eve?

After a few more minutes there and the personnel in-charge of fixing me up was finally done. I walked out wearing my 'Vintage Dress' costume with a little tiara over my head.

Guess my opening song would be Romeo and Cinderella huh?

I heard countless gasps and coos and 'waah's when I stepped out from my dressing room. I blushed as I stood on the center of the crew that huddled close to me as they praised how good and cute I looked in the dress.

"Th-Thanks." I timidly thanked them.

"Awww~ she's always so cute." One crew said.

"I wanna take her back home~ I wanna have a little sister like her~" Another said.

"I wanna marry her!" one said that made me jolt and freeze when I could feel a heavy murderous intent coat the place that easily sent chills down our spines. I could tell they felt the chills too since they all gulped a lump on their throat and turned around to find a very pissed off Len in his yellow suit to which I think he used in his song 'Servant of Evil'

Oh! So they'll be having a duet with Rin.

I thought as I studied him. He looked beyond the boundaries of the word gorgeous, maybe more like hot and perfectly handsome. Ehm. Excuse the exaggeration.

When our eyes met, I flashed him a sweet smile and his murderous aura instantly let up and his tensed shoulders relaxed as he heaved a long sigh. I walked close to him when the crowd of crew that gathered around me scrambled back to their own duties before they were told off by their director.

"What's wrong?" I asked him when I was near enough. He peeked at my curious face for a brief moment before he sighed again, which made me all the more curious.

"Well he.. errm.. O-One of the crewmen said.. that.. that.. he was going to.. uhmm.. m-m-mar-marry you." He stuttered and blushed as he mentioned the word. I laughed at his adorable face when he looked exactly what I just reminisced minutes ago- so incredibly cute. I pulled on his cheeks like what he used to do to me before I cupped his cheeks and leaned my forehead against his.

"You know that I can't marry him, right?" I asked him softly.

"We-Well.. yes.. but why?" He asked back. I giggled softly again as I thought that this boy could get quite oblivious sometimes too.

"Because I am going to be Len's bride." I answered him and let him go to see his reaction. He was surprised yet he was still blushing. He was really adorable and cute.

"Maybe you already forgot about it, but I never will. After all, the man I loved so much just proposed to me without hesitation. Such a good memory did that boy just give me." I told him and winked before I turned around and got prepared for my opening song.



"Happy Holidays Everyone~! Thanks for coming over even in this cold weather we really appreciate it!" I exclaimed my appreciation and gratitude over on the microphone that was in my grasp and they replied with loud cheers and 'welcome's, 'no problem's and 'for you's would be made out quite vaguely.

"Thank you again everyone~! Byebye!" We all bid farewell and bowed before the stage lights went dim. We walked to the back stage and the crew congratulated us as we bowed and thanked them.

"Thank you for the support! It was thanks to everyone's efforts that the concert was a success. Thank you very much." I exclaimed.

"Aiya~ Don't think so highly of us, Hatsune-san. It was because you all were very good that the concert was a success. So, let's all celebrate this success?" The director said and offered.

I turned to Len and Rin and waited for their confirmation. Rin nodded her head excitedly while Len just shrugged his shoulders and gave me a thumbs up.

"Yes, why not?" I answered happily. We all went back to our own dressing rooms and changed out of our costumes and back to our clothes. The crew waited for us to finish and we all went together to this restaurant that sold lots of delicious foods. Just as we entered the establishment, my phone rang. I excused myself and answered the phone. It was Luka-nee.

"Yes?" I answered.

*Miku?* Luka-nee's voice came in from the phone.

"Yeah, Luka-nee? Something wrong?" I asked.

*Uhh, no, nothing is. It's just that a note came in for you via fax.*

"From who?"

*From Masataka-sensei's assistant.*

"Well, what did it say?"

*Nothing,just the words 'Done' and 'Christmas Tree'.* Luka-nee said and that's when it clicked on me.

"I see. Thanks Luka-nee, byebye." I told her and immediately ended the call and hurried back inside.

"Oh Hatsune-san! Over here!" the director called. I walked close to him and bowed my head slightly.

"I'm sorry but I have somewhere I need to be. Can I perhaps, go on ahead?" I asked.

"Sure, you're free to do so, but is it really important and urgent?" He asked this time, as if hesitating to let me go.

"Uhh, yeah, apparently yes." I smiled nervously.

"Hmm? Perhaps a boy?" He teased. I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders before he boomed a laugh and I bowed my head to excuse myself.

I took a cab to head to where the 'Christmas Tree' in the note was; the Central Park where the largest and brightest Christmas tree stood. It wasn't still late in the hour and so I wasn't really caught in a jam and arrived in no time. I jogged to the big tree and saw Masataka-sensei's assistant standing under it.

"Hatsune-san!" She exclaimed when she found me.

"Did you wait long?" I asked her. She shook her head 'No' and looked at me.

"I knew it. Here! I kinda figured you would forget about this." she said and handed me a bag with a wig inside it.

"Ah!" I exclaimed and held my head, bringing a bunch of my teal locks to the front. "I really did forget about it. Thanks." I said and put the wig on.

"And here's what you requested me." she said and handed me a smaller rectangular bag. "What did those words mean anyway, Hatsune-san? Why notes?" She asked me. I winked at her and hugged her before I hurried back to the cab waiting for me after I answered 'It's a secret' and 'Thank You.'

The ride back to the restaurant was the real challenge. The streets were gradually getting busier and we got tangled into a congested traffic jam. I had been there for almost an hour already and I was still quite far. As I watched the hands of the clock tick, I could feel my patience decrease too.

"Mister! Here's the fare! Keep the change! I'm getting off here." I told him and hopped off his car. I practically ran all the way back to the restaurant and made it there in 45 minutes of relentless running. I gasped for breath and the cold air pricked my parched throat but I didn't care I must see Len. Sadly though, it was only the crew that was left half-drunk.

"Oooh~ Hatsune-shwan~ You *hic* cwame bwack~!" The director said as he lifted the bottle of alcoholic beverage he consumed in the air.

"Where's Len and Rin?" I asked hurriedly.

"The Kagamines? They went hwome~ *hic* Cware to join us Hatsu-?" he tried to say but I didn't get to finish it as I bolted out of the building. I fished my phone out and dialed Len's phone.

-The subscriber you're calling may be out of coverage area.-

What? out of coverage?

I thought and brought my phone down and checked my signal bars. As I guessed, it was quite low. It makes sense though, after all, it was near Christmas Eve already and surely the communication line is really, really busy right now.

I walked away and just chose to go to that one place I always visit in this day of the year. When the snow falls gently and freezing the ground, when there were many people bustling around, laughing and enjoying their hearts out. I sat on that certain park's cold swing and stayed still. I held the things I specially made for this occasion but it was all for naught. I sat there and thought over things.

It wouldn't be for nothing if I do something. If I never give up, I might be able to make it on time!

And with that mindset I stood up from the swing about to make a sprint for it when the person I was dying to see in the moment stood before me, exhausted and gasping to catch his breath.

"Le-Len? How-?" I wasn't able to finish when he cut me.

"How many years did you think I was observing you? Of course I know you all too well to try and track you down and looks like I was always right. Where did you run off to hours ago anyway?!" He said and scolded me. I grasped the box in my hand tightly as I fought off the tears that sprung up on my eyes.

"I.. I just went to get something." I answered meekly. I heard the snow crunch under his shoes as he approached me. The lesser the distance was between us, the more scared I was at him being mad at me. All of a sudden, all of those was evaporated in smoke as his strong lean arms wrapped around me tightly and he kept me close.

"Why do you always, always make me worry so much? Do you want to kill me?" he asked as his voice trembled.

"N-No, I don't. I'm sorry if I made you worry. It's just that I really want to give this to you on 12 midnight." I told him. He gently broke our hug and looked down to what I had in my hands. He took a glance in his watch and turned back to me.

"Can I see it?" He asks.

"You can't. You must wait for 12!" I told him and brought the bag behind me.

"Look here, it's already 12, you know? Jeez! You don't even know the time and you're loitering around here?" He said again.

"Oh.. then.. here." I said and handed him the bag again. He took the first box inside the bag and opened it. Inside was a necklace with a pendant of a half of a heart with the letters 'Re' written in teal colors.

"What's this?" he asked and took the necklace from the box and held it high.

"Well, I asked someone to make it. It's your Christmas present from me." I said and fiddled with my gloved hands.

"You specially got this for me? Even in this cold weather?" He asked. I just nodded at his questions before I felt his gloved hands cup my face.

"And you even left your scarf, you dummy." he said as he unwind the scarf on his neck and readjusted it so we shared it. I blushed under the scarf and he placed a kiss on my forehead before he smiled at me.

"What's this other one?" He asked and took the other box.

"Well, that's for myself. The necklace came in pair so I decided to just get myself one." I explicated and he examined the second necklace. Its pendant was the other half of his pendant but it had the letters 'Mi' written in yellow color inscribed on it.

"Re? Mi? Notes?" Len asked.

"Well, you're name is Len, which can also be read as Ren and my name is Miku. So take the first two letters and it becomes Re and Mi." I explained happily and pointed things out.

"I.. I'm speechless. Thank you Miku.. you.. you don't know how happy I am because of this. Thank you really." He repeatedly said as he connected the two pendants that fit perfectly.

"teehee." I giggled and smiled.

"Heh~ you think you're the only one with a present? I do too." He said and fumbled through his jacket's pocket and fished out a box.

"Len.. What is that?" I asked nervously as I eyed the small box.

"Well, do you remember what transpired here 9 years ago?" He asked and I gasped in shock.

He remembers. He do remember what happened.

He opened the box and a pair of couple's ring that was littered in teal and yellow stones greeted my eyes.

"I never forgot about it too, you know? No matter how much I wanted to when I didn't think you felt the same. I fairly remember I proposed to you here, in front of this swing, right? So after 9 years I'm going to ask you again. Will you promise me to be my bride, Miku?" He asked and knelt on the cold winter floor. Tears spilled down uncontrollably as I nodded my head vigorously. I couldn't find my voice to answer him. His face lit up in a wide and happy grin as he stood up and slipped the ring on my right ring-finger.

"It'll just be temporary till we find the chance to tell it to everyone that we love each other even if we are hindered by our unfortunate circumstances and this will be a proof that we will never give up on this love." He said as he held my hands in his. I took the other ring, which was fairly larger than mine, and slipped it on his right finger too.

"And we'll always be together through all difficulties and trials. Forever and always." I added and he kissed me. It was a really sweet and joyous moment. There were two things I would always remember on Christmas now. First was Len's proposal when we were nine and second, when he proposed to me 9 years thereafter.

"Len Kagamine? You do know that I love you so much, right?" I asked him after he gently broke the kiss and leaned his forehead in mine.

"Miku Hatsune? You do know too that I love you more, right?" He asked back and we laughed a very happy one.

I-It's not like I specially bought this for you.. Anyway! Just you wait! I'll surely take you as my bride when we grow up! So until that time always know that you are not ugly!

Little Len exclaims after he tied my hair up in two messy ponytails with his present to me- the hair ties- and comforted dear little me in his own cute way, who was crying when someone bullied me and told me I was ugly and will never get a husband in the future.

My, what a tsundere husband I have then?

If you didn't understand it. When you propose or get married, the ring must be placed on the LEFT ring finger, otherwise its invalid ;) Hope that helps. If ever you don't get some certain words, please just try to google it. Thanks for the support and love as always! I love ya guys :*


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