Love Song


Miku's P.O.V

"Are you okay now, Mi-chan?" Kaito asked and held my hands.

I wanted to tell him I was fine but my trembling hands and teary eyes betrayed me, so I simply nodded. He wore a worried expression since when I suddenly cried and has kept me company, comforting me, since then.

"I know it's presumptuous and it's not my business, but may I ask what happened why you suddenly cried?" he asked softly. He was fully aware that the subject was very sensitive to me as of the moment.

"Kai-chan.. If possible.. I don't want to talk about it. Thanks for keeping me company though." I said and smiled weakly. He nodded, understanding the situation and state I was in and let the topic drop.

"I respect your wishes. So how about it? Want to go home now?" He inquired and I nodded softly, picking my bag up as I stood up. He stood up too and picked his and Rin's bag. We walked back to my home quietly. I really wasn't in the mood to chitchat now and Kaito understanding it and keeping quiet while he kept me company was very kind of him and I appreciate it.

I sounded the doorbell and hurrying footsteps came close before the door burst open and I was tackled to the ground with a hug.

"Ri-Rin?!" I called. The little blonde girl's body soon trembled as she sobbed in my chest. Next that emerged from the door was her male counterpart, who looked as if on the brink of crying and held it in. His fists were tightly clenched as he stood there and watched me and Rin on the ground.

"Where were you, you dummy?" Rin asked first. I looked down to her and she still buried her face on my chest.

"I.. I just went somewhere to.. uhm.. eat cakes. Sorry." I explained and whispered my apology before I lifted my gaze to Len and saw him with a very scary expression, but it wasn't directed at me.

"Why are you here?" He bit out harshly and kept his glare towards that person.

"Good Evening." Kaito greeted with a smile, ignoring Len's cold glare.

"Why are you with Miku? What are you doing here?" Len repeated, his voice rising a few notes higher. I flinched at his tone and turned to Kaito, who seemed unfazed with Len's voice and hostility that he did not bother hide. I stood up and helped Rin up too before I stood beside Kaito.

"He accompanied me and walked me home." I said, my voice coming out more hard and stern. I eyed Len, as if challenging him as he seemed surprised.

"O-Oh.. I-I see.. anyway.. Thanks Shion-san, for taking care of Miku-nee." Rin said and took my hand as she pulled me to her side.

"It's my pleasure. I had a great time with Mi-chan too." He said and turned my way before flashing a sweet and graceful smile. I smiled back and bowed my head as I thanked and bid him farewell.

"Thanks for everything today and Take care on your way home."

"Oh, here! Rin's bag. I'll see you tomorrow then, Mi-chan." he said as he handed Rin her bag before he turned around and left.

"Mi-chan?" Len and Rin stated questioningly and turned to me. I just shrugged my shoulders and went inside. I proceeded to my room and changed out of my uniform. A knock came in and thinking it was Rin again, I let her in.

"Come in." I said, slipping my blouse off my body and threw it in our laundry basket. I felt the door open but no one entered. I turned to the door and saw Len with his head down and beet red face.

I blushed when it dawned on me that I was wearing nothing but my bra and skirt. I quickly dashed to my walk-in wardrobe with a squeal and pulled out whatever shirt I could get my hands on and wore it. It was really loose on me but I didn't care, as long as I am clothed when I face him again.

I walked out and found him on my balcony. I paced to him and peeked at his sad and hurt face. A pang of guilt, sadness and regret pierced my heart painfully.

"What do you need Len?" I asked him and he jolted a bit.

"Oh! I.. hey.. Isn't that my shirt?" He asked, changing the atmosphere suddenly. I looked down and blushed when I saw that he was right.

"I.. uhh.. I don't know.. I saw it with my clothes and just grabbed it." I explained and fiddled with the shirt's hems. He smiled softly and pulled me into his arms. He tightly embraced me as he rested his head on the crook of my neck.

"I thought you were in trouble again." he whispered softly into my ears as his hot breath warms my neck. I wrapped my arms around him also and rubbed his back up and down, comforting him, reassuring him that I was home and fine.

"I'm sorry I didn't get to ask for permission and went along with my cravings." I apologized and lied. Actually, Kaito just took me somewhere to cool down and maybe stop crying before I went home.

"I'm sorry about earlier too, but as long as you're safe and happy everything's fine." He said and tightened his hold on me even more to the point that I felt being crushed, but I was happy; happy that I could feel he was scared of losing me.

"I'm really, really sorry." I apologized again. He gently broke the hug after being like that for minutes.

"Let's go down? Dinner's ready." He said with a beaming smile that I can't help but smile back and nod happily.After eating our supper, I helped Luka-nee with the chores before I went to the living room and sat on the long couch and watched the TV drama that was on.

The heroine on that story saw the man she loved kiss another girl. The girl kissed him hungrily and passionately that the man froze in shock. The heroine was watching them till she unconsciously let out a sharp gasp and the man turned his gaze at her shell-shocked and horrified figure.

The woman immediately turned around and dashed away, away from the scene that broke her heart into a million shard.

As I watched the scene, a sense of Deja vu hit me as I recollected the scene where I found Len and Neru kissing at the front gate. I don't know what got into me when I suddenly kissed him on the lips, but after a few second of him being in still motion he pushed me away and looked at me shocked and confused.

That was it. I stood up abruptly and dashed upstairs, locked my room without waiting for Rin and dove for my bed. I cried my eyes out even after I heard a series of knocks both on my balcony window door and room door.

He rejected my kiss. Does he feel repulsed by me now? Does he really want Neru over me now? Is he going to break up with me now? Please Goddesses, No! I'll die if that happens.

I prayed as I continued to bawl and cry myself to sleep. The next morning when I woke up. I could feel the stinging and burning sensation on my eyes.

Ah, my eyes must be swollen right now. I don't want to get up.

I groaned and rolled to my side. I seriously didn't want to get up but another series of knocks relentlessly pounded on my door. I let my bang cover my swollen eyes and went to open the door.

"Miku-nee.. Are you okay?" Rin asked me and tried to swipe my fringes away. I backed away a few steps and held my hands up defensively.

"I'm o-" Oh gosh, I sound horrible. "Ehem.. I'm okay Rin." I answered her after I cleared my voice.

"You don't look like it to me, Miku." Luka-nee's voice answered and she emerged from the hallway beside Rin.

"I.. I really am, Luka-nee." I answered and laughed nervously. They both turned to each other and eyed me worriedly.

"Ju-Just let me prepare and I'll go downstairs." I told them and immediately shut the door close behind me. I hurried to my morning ritual and just tied my hair back in a low ponytail. I really wasn't minding my figure and how I look. I was not in the mood of doing so.

"I'm ready." I greeted them, my fringes still hiding my eyes.

"Miku.. What's up with the fringes today?" Len asked as he stood coolly by the entrance. Apparently, he was the only one waiting for me to go down while Rin and Luka-nee waited at the car.

"I.. uhmm.. It's nothing to be bothered by. Let's go?" I told him as cheery as I could. Even if I was really not in the mood, I don't want to worry them all. So faking it is the best option I had right now.

I trod down the few plight of stairs and went inside the car. Len did too, but at the opposite side.

The car ride was silent and awkward. Well, I didn't really know what to tell and talk to them anyway, so I kept my mouth shut. As soon as we arrived at the campus, I hurriedly stepped down and hopped off the car.

"I have something I need to take care of first. So Rin and Len can go ahead first. See you later!" I cried as I dashed away from the spot and briefly watched Rin slowly brought her outstretched hands down and looked befuddled.

I'm sorry. As I thought, I can't keep the facade too long. Just a little bit of time and I'll be able to smile normally again.

I thought and let my legs drag me wherever it liked. I finally halted after I felt the fatigue overcome me and I tried to catch my breath. I studied my surroundings and found myself just beside the library. I pushed the door open and hit someone.

"Oh Goodness! I-I'm so sorry." I quickly apologized and stepped in to help whoever I injured. Kaito groaned as he looked up to me while holding his nose.

"Oh! It's you, Mi-chan. I'm fine.. just.. oww.. just a light hit to the nose." he said and smiled cheerfully.

"I am so sorry Kai-chan.. I should've been more careful. What can I do to make it up to you?" I asked as I held his arms and tried to pry them away from his face so I could see the part where I injured him.

"No, really. I am fine. It's no big deal." He said and used his other hand to pat me in the head to try and reassure me.

"I insist, Kai-chan. Please? I'll feel really bad if I don't somehow make up for it." I told him and stared straight through his deep blue eyes and showed him my firm determination.

He sighed in defeat as he struck a thinking pose and contemplated on what I could do for him. His face suddenly lit up as I think he was enlightened with an idea.

"Why don't you spend a whole day with me then?" He said and smiled brightly. I was taken aback at how simple the thing was that I froze and stared at him, waiting for any additional. It didn't came though. Nothing did. I giggled before I laughed so hard that when the librarian shushed me, I really had to cover my mouth and struggle to reel in my mirth.

"Wh-What's so funny?" Kaito asked, a tinge of redness dusted his cheeks.

"N-Nothing. It's just that.. I never expected that answer." I said in between my laugh. Kaito blushed even more as he averted his eyes and hid behind his arm.

"But I'd really want that though." he whispered which I barely caught onto.

"Well then, that is what you'll receive. I'll accompany you whole day today till you've had enough of my presence." I told him and did a brief curtsey.

He smiled brightly and held my hands under his large warm ones and pulled us out of the library as the bells rang loudly.

"Then, let's go to class, shall we?" He said and did a bow of his own. I giggled again before I let him pull me.

The hustles and bustles inside the room told us we safely made it in time before our teacher could. Kaito opened the door for me and we went in. As soon as the door slid open, all eyes darted to us and our linked hands.

He kindly let them go and flustered quite cutely that I can't help but smile. We both went to our seats and as guessed, Rin started to question me.

"Why are you with him?" she started sternly.

"I bumped into him at the library and by bump, I mean 'literally'." I told her.

"Did you go to the infirmary and had it checked on then?" She asked, this time worriedly as she glanced at the topic of our conversation, who was smiling happily without a care.

"Actually, not yet. He said he was fine and he didn't want to get late at arriving here." I answered Rin.

She raised her hand and touched the little red spot by Kaito's nose. Kaito flinched at first, as if taken by surprise as he backed away, before he smiled a bit.

"Does it hurt?" Rin asked him.

"Not as much as a while ago." Kaito answered gently. He was such a gentleman that it would be no wonder if he could capture hundreds of hearts of young maidens.

"Why don't you have it checked out?" she inquired and drew her hands back as she sat at my desk.

"Well, I couldn't risk getting Mi-chan late. So I kinda forgot about the pain." He answered honestly as he rubbed his nape.

"What?! You didn't want to go to the infirmary so that I won't be late?! I.. I thought you yourself didn't want to be late." I exclaimed and leaned across his table as I stared at him. He sweat-dropped before he answered me "I don't really mind if I was the only one late."

I was about to scold him for good when the door rattled open and in came our teacher. He paced towards his own center desk and placed his things down.

"Good Morning Everyone." He greeted.

We all raised from our seats and bowed in respect as we gave him our morning greetings too before we sat back down. I clenched my fists on top of my desk as I thought about what Kaito just said.

"Let's start with today's dis-" He was cut when I suddenly shot up, making my chair grate against the floor.

"Excuse me, Sir!" I exclaimed to gain his attention. "I'd like to accompany Shion-san to the infirmary, Sir." I announced when he turned to me. He adjusted his glasses before he nodded his head in agreement and I grabbed a still shocked Kaito by the arm and dragged him out of the room, leaving a surprised and confused classmates and teacher behind.

"M-Mi-chan?" He called as I walked briskly to the infirmary. "Mi-chan, it really isn't necessary, you know? I really am fine." he said but nevertheless, didn't resist as I dragged him along.

"You know? You really should learn to sometimes stop worrying about others and start thinking about yourself." I told him while I navigate around the building, trying to locate the infirmary. There was silence around us before I heard him chuckle and held my hands again.

"You never do change, don't you Mi-chan? Thank you." I heard him say and turned to him. I actually felt my heart give a loud thump when I saw his loving and sweet smile with little red tinges on his cheeks.

I blushed a bit and averted my eyes and stopped pulling him and instead walked beside him at his own pace.

"We-Welcome." I answered while I kept my head down. Not too sure what kind of face I should wear when I face him.We walked in comfortable silence as he now led the way and we finally found the infirmary. The doctor was fortunately in and Kaito was taken care of.

"No worries. It's just a light bruise. It won't stay too long." She said and smiled as she gave Kaito a cold compress. "What a caring girlfriend you have, Shion-san." she said and turned to me as she graced me a smile. I blushed and instantly shook my head sideways vigorously and held my hands in front of me defensively.

"N-No.. I-I am not his girlfriend, Ma'am." I answered.

"Oh my? Then, what are you to him then?" she asked and turned back to Kaito, waiting for an answer.


"My Fiancée." Kaito cut in and answered. Accompanied his words with a bright smile. The doctor smiled too as she cupped her mouth sophisticated-like and laughed softly.

"I see. Congratulations and Good luck on the years in front of you then." she said. Kaito just nodded back, the smile never leaving his face while I stared at him shocked and really bothered with what he just said.

Why? Why did he say that?Why is he so hang up on us being fiancees? I know Dad decided on it, but nothing's still final right? I still want to be with Len after all.

And like on cue, as Kaito held my hands and interlinked his fingers with mine, Len came in. I turned to the door with a surprised face and turned to what his eyes were glued on and saw our linked hands.

What to do now?

Happy Holidays everyone~! Actually, I finished this chapter days ago but sadly I had somewhere I needed to be and although I did bring my laptop with me, there was no internet connection there! I was really devastated but I had no choice. So I had to live without connection for a few days, but I'm back with a new chapter! So enjoy it guys. Thanks for the reviews and support as well. I love ya :3


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