Beauvillage Chronicles: Episode 2:Tofu Vet Station

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

In Beauvillage´s Police Department, detective Wiseman was sitting in his new big office, that the mayor awarded him. Still dripping wet he was squeezing his coat into a bucket, in an attempt to get the water out of his clothes. The policemen were completly preplexed when he returned to the building half an hour ago drenched from head to toe with a waterlily on the top of his head.

Suddenly there was a knock on his door and a policeman, not much older than Wiseman himself had entered.

"Three boys have come to see you, detective."he said.

Wiseman smiled.

"At last. Send them in."

The policeman nodded and left. Moments later the Brainless wonders came trough his door. Their smiles however froze on their faces.

"What happened to you, detective?"asked Archie as Wiseman got up to greet them.

"A small accident over the course of duty my young friends. You have a fine example for what I´m about to say."he nonchalantly said as the trio looked confusedly.

Wiseman paced away looking out of his window.

"You said to me when that unfortunate incident was over, that you would like to help me should I need it. I´ve decided to take this a bit further."he said turning to the three boys.

"Rick, Lex and Harchy I´ve decided to make you my assistants."

The trio was ecstastic, even forgetting the detective´s mispronunciation of their names. They cheered and fist-bumped eachother. Wiseman smiled, but then took on a serious look.

"But be warned. If you want to join me in my war against crime, you must be prepared to face many obsticals in the way. And at times accidents happen, as you can see by the looks of me. The neverending battle against crime carries the risk of something like this happening all the time. It requires much determination and sacrifice and at times will be dangerous and painfull. Will you help me, no matter how much hard, unpleasant and even embarrassing could this path be?"

The trio looked at eachother. Wiseman was offering them more, than they could´ve hoped for.

"Of course, detective."said Nick bravely.

Wiseman nodded approvingly, his smile spreading more and more.

"In that case, you three will be my assistants. You will spend a lot of time and report only to me. You will be my eyes and ears for when I´m not around. You will be my hands and feet, when I´ll be unable to do something myself. Are you prepared for such servise?"

The trio once again nodded, their smiles equal to that of Wiseman´s.

Without another word, Wiseman approached his desk and opened one of the drawers.

"I knew, that I could count on you. That´s why I´ve brought these. I cannot give you a badge for you cannot be employed here, young as you are. But I believe, that even youngsters like you can be of great help to the police force. That´s why I have something that will symbolize our alliance. If you take them, we will no longer be friends, but become a brotherhood."he finished dramaticly as he opened a small wooden box, which ussualy held cigars.

The trio peered in and inside were three pairs of sunglasses. The same blue sunglasses detective Wiseman was wearing.

"Of course, detective."exclaimed Archie, reaching up for his pair.

"I´ll do whatever I can."said Tex, also taking his.

Nick however waited, and with a smile looked Wiseman in the eyes.

"Only so long as you actually remember our names. Deal?"

"I´ll write them down."said Wiseman seriously.

With a feral smile Nick nodded and took the last pair of sunglasses. Little did anyone realize, as the three boys put on their blue sunglasses, that a group which will later on become one of the most legendary in the history of Beauvillage has been forged.

Wiseman´s smile couldn´t get any bigger. He always wanted to have a group like this eversince he was a kid. He approached the three and placed his hands on Tex´s and Archie´s shoulder.

"From this moment on, we will be known as The brotherhood of the Wise..." *1


Lola, Billy and Lily approached the Tofu house after Billy dropped his bike at his home, the three of them completly exhausted from their day in school.

"Good thing its Friday."Lola said as she opened the door.

Her best friend and boyfriend only nodded as they entered the kitchen. They gasped at the sight before of them. The number of pets in the kitchen seemes to have doubled.The teens looked sadly from one of the newcomers to the other and noticed, that they seemed to be in just as poor state like the onces that came in yesterday.

"Looks like its getting worse."commented Lily sadly.

"Oh. Welcome home, young cubs. As you can see, we had some more patients arrive while you were in school."said Mom while welcoming them.

Suddenly the silence in the house was interupted by a shout from outside.

"He WHAT?"

Mom and the teens instantly ran outside in panic. There at the outside table, Buba was sitting looking confused, April had her head down on the table, her shoulders shaking and Chichi with Miles were rolling on the ground in fits of hysterical laughter.

"Just...Too...Much..."Chichi got out between the laughs.

"Tell me about it... I... I only wish I had a recording of that... it would be so good... on the internet."stammered Miles from the ground also laughing his head off.

"I can´t understand what´s so funny. All I did was explain detective Wiseman´s visit this morning."Buba explained to the others, who were looking from Chichi to Miles.

"Oh, right. Poor detective."said Mom.

"Wiseman was here? What happened?"asked Lola slightly alarmed.

Billy and Lily were alarmed too. They didn´t think Wiseman would be on the prowl yet, even if their classmates wanted to call him to investigate.

"Yes. He must´ve heared about the epidemic and decided to ask around."said Buba.

"And then he remembered his childhood wish to have a pet and broke down crying."said Mom shaking her head sadly.

The comment set Chichi and Miles into another fit of laughter. Billy, Lily and Lola looked at eachother for a second before erupting with laughter as well.

"Now kids, really. You shouldn´t make fun of other people´s misfourtune."said Mom sternly.

"We´re not Mom. But this is Wiseman we´re talking about."said Chichi, raising himself off the ground.

"You should have respect for the detective, Chichi."scolded Buba.

"But we do have respect Buba. However it doesn´t change the fact that the guy´s a moron."said Miles from the ground and all the teens laughed and nodded.

Mom and Buba looked at eachother and sighed.

Suddenly the house bell rang.

"Uh-oh. Looks like more patients arrived."said Chichi.

"More?"exclaimed Mom and Buba in unism.

"Yeah. Some of the kids in my school asked us to help their pets too."explained Chichi.

"Yours too, huh."said Lola.

"Oh no. Its really an epidemic then. What are we going to do?"exclaimed April.

"The real question is where are we going to put them all. I really doubt they´ll all fit in here."said Mom thoughtfully.

"I guess that means, that we´ll be bunking with some of them in our rooms."commented Lola.

"We will also find some room here in the yard."suggested Buba.

"Guess that means I have to construct more outdoor accomodations then."said Chichi looking around the yard.

"In any case we should get to work."said Lily as all of them made their way into the house.

"Say I just got a super idea."said Miles drawing all the attention to him.

"Can´t we charge the owners a small fee? Like 50 cents. With all the pets here it´ll still be a greed-grabber."

As soon as he finished, he cringed at the sight of the glares directed on him by everyone.

"What?"he asked innocently.

"How can you think about money at a time like this?"asked Lola icily.

"I always think about money."he said sounding almost like a small child trying to excuse his wrong-doing.

"Anyway, the answer is NO!"said Chichi coolly.

Miles made a loud "awww" and bowed his head down sadly. In an instant however he jerked his head back and had a happy expression on his face.

"Ok. I´ll make milions next week, then. In the meantime, Michael Milescharity worker at your service."he said proudly springing into a salute.

This scored smiles from Mom and Buba, an eyeroll from Lola, chuckles from Billy and April and a fit of giggles from Lily.

"Good. Now that we straightened this out, let´s not keep the patients waiting."said Chichi happily as he made for the front door.

"Right. The Tofu vet station is open for business."exclaimed Miles joyfully as Chichi opened the door.


As the kids were lining up at the Tofu household bringing their pets there, no one paid any attention to the four heads poking from a nearby tree, their blue sunglasses shining.

"What´s the plan, detective?"asked one of them turning to the eldest of the foursome.

"A simple one...uh..."he paused before drawing up his sleeve and looking at the names he wrote down on his arm.

"...Tex. For now we will only observe and document everything they do. At first sighn of something fishy, we´ll break in an grab them."he said confidently pounding the tree with his fist.

Suddenly the sound of a cell phone ringing was heared. Archie reached into his pocket and answered the call.

"Mom? No... no... I don´t know when I´ll come home. We´re helping detective Wiseman with a secret investigation right now. Right. Bye."

He finished the call and placed his cell phone back into his pocket, before looking back on the Tofu house as though nothing had happened.

"Dude, which part of the word secret can´t you understand?"growled Nick.

Archie looked at him, genually cofused.

"Nevermind that for now."said Wiseman as he saw the door open and the first of the kids in line entered the house.

"We´ll split up. Everyone find a good position to monitor the house, the yard and don´t forget to take pictures with your cameras. We´ll rezendevous here when I give you the signal on the beepers."

The three boys nodded.

"We´ll definitely catch them red-handed."said Archie confidently.

"Yeah. The bio-degraged are no match for the Brotherhood of the Wise."replied Tex proudly.

"Right. Time for action."said Nick excitedly.

"All right. Spread out."commanded Wiseman and the three ran away from the tree in search for a good position.

"With my brotherhood on the case, this case is as good as solved."said Wiseman to himself pounding the tree once more.

The next few hours were really hectic for both the Tofus and the newly formed brotherhood. Each of them taking the job really seriously, the brotherhood positioned themselfs at various places and observed trough binoculars, wrote down everything on notepads and taken a lot of photos when they deemed it neccesarry. During the first half-hour it became apparent, that the observations are not going to be without "accidents".

When Miles and Chichi jumped into the van to get the wood and other material for the accomodations, Miles took the need for swift action to his heart and in the haste of leaving forgot that the van was in reverse gear. As he moved, the van bumped into the tree, where Nick was sitting and the impact sent him flying from it. Chichi was so chaught up in scolding Miles, that none of them noticed, before Miles stepped on it and the van zoomed out of sight.

Then as Lily went to get rid of the waste water which was left after cleaning the various cages, she dumped the bucketfull of it on the bush, where Archie was hiding, leaving him soaking wet with an unpleasant smell clinging to his clothes.

Later on as Pop and Chichi were caught up with constructing the new cages, Pop accidently struck one of the sides with a hammer before Chichi could fasten the plank to it, sending the plank flying across the yard and struck Tex in the head, knocking him out for several minutes in his hiding place and leaving a giant bump on his head.

And when Billy and Lola ran out of the house in haste to get the vegetables and other stuff they needed from the grossery store, Wiseman had to jump into the meter long plants on the right side of the Tofu house´s front door to avoid being seen. He instantly understood that it was a bad idea. The plants turned out to be nettles and Wiseman instantly jumped out of them hopping around and cursing and in itchy, prickly pain caused by the nettle burns.

As the sun set above Beauvillage the policemen in the station were in for another strange sight that day, as the foursome limped, staggered and hopped into Wiseman´s office looking bruised, wet and in Wiseman´s case red-faced.

"Damn it! We learnt nothing."cursed Nick as he slowly and painfully sat on one of the chairs in Wiseman´s office and examined the still bleeding elbow he grazed during the fall.

"Except for the fact that they are treating the animals."said Archie, his voice a bit high-pitched because of the fact, that he was holding his nose to block out the unpleasant smell his clothes were emitting.

"And building those damn cages too."exclaimed Tex, who was being passed and ice-pack from Wiseman and applying it over his bump, letting out a small sound of relief.

"We musn´t be discouraged, my young brothers."said Wiseman putting down his glasses, the shape of them on his eyes were the only pieces of skin that wasn´t red at the moment.

He pulled out his notepad and placed it on the table. He gestured for the others to do the same.

"Let´s go over our findings. These clues have to point to something."he said in a frustrated voice.

"Brother..uh.. detective? Can´t I go home and take a shower first, please?"pleaded Archie who would like nothing more than shed his stinky clothes off.

"You´re right A..Archie. We should treat our wounds first. All right. Let´s rendezvous here in half an hour."he said and the three young ones nodded.

"Mark my words, boys. We will get to the bottom of this."


Nightime descended on Beauvillage.The atmosphere in the Tofu household was very cheery dispite the number of its patients. Most of the work had been done and everyone was now seated at the kitchen table as Miles and Billy were feeding some of the pets the herb recipe. The two dispite having no knowledge on helping the animals prior to this had learnt quickly and got surprisingly into it.

"Open up Bridgess, there´s a good girl."said Miles as he fed the small pooch.

"See, Miles? And you wanted to charge the owners a fee."said Lily with a smile watching him.

"Yeah well. I never had a pet to begin with, so I admit I´ve been wrong to look at it that way."he replied nonchalantly.

"Its nice to see, that you can admit your mistakes and learn from them."said Mom appreciatively.

"Ah well. There´s nothing wrong with that I suppose. But after this, its time to grab some greed."he finished with a jovial gesture drawing yet another giggle from Lily.

"In any case, it seems that the herb recipe works like a charm. Our little patients should be fine in no time."said Buba happily.

"That´s good to hear."said April, who was busy nursing several scratches and cuts Chichi had from building at top speed.

"Yeah, but me and Pop made so much cages and dens, that I don´t know what we´ll do with them after this has passed."he said as April started to work on the several cuts on his left hand.

"Hey, I´m pretty sure Mike Lorgan will happily take ´em off our hands."exclaimed Miles in sudden inspiration.

"Doesn´t he hold a pet shop in Megacity?"asked Chichi trying to remember.

"Yeah. And I´ll bet, he´ll be interested. Damn, I might even get a decent price a piece. Mucho-money here I come!"replied Miles happily already picturing the profit.

"See? You will even get a way to profit from this. Helping really does pay off."said Lily smilingly.

"Tell me about it. Sheesh I should´ve gotten into this charity business a long time ago."

Everyone laughed as Bridgess finished her recipe and licked Miles´ hand in appreciation.

"Leave it to Miles to come across some way to profit."said Chichi shaking his head in humor.

"And leave it to you to get all bruised up, when you´re working."said Lola deliberately while eyeing him and April.

"Its a good thing we´ve got April to always take care of you."she said hoping her baby brother would get the hint for once.

"Yeah, you´re one in a milion, April."he said smiling at her.

April´s face instantly sported a crimson blush and she chuckled nervously as she applied small bandages on his fingers and repressing a strong urge to kiss them.

"So I guess, that means that the pet convention is still on. Me and Phil will really have our hands full next week then."he said changing the subject, already looking forward to more building.

Lola, April and Lily looked at eachother with a giant sigh.

"Yup. Failed again."said Lola to herself.

"Of course. The mayor even promised to give you two boys some reward for building the stage and all."said Pop, happy at his son´s craftyness.

"Reward? How much are we talking about? Can I join in as well Chich?"asked Miles very fast.

"You can join in, but knowing mayor Haveitall, I´m not sure it´ll be money as a reward."

Chichi and Phil had way too many run-ins with the populistic mayor to know, that he ussualy says one thing and does another on a mere whim.

"Aww shucks."said Miles bowing his head.

He noticed, that his finger had some of the thick green herb recipe on it and absent-mindedly licked it.

"Hey... wait a minute."he replied to the sweet taste in his mouth.

He took another piece of it from Bridgess´ bowl and licked it again.

"Hey. This stuff is delicious."he exclaimed.

"Of course. Its a natural product. Its also very healthy. Gives you lots of vitamins and does wonders for the digestive system."explained Mom as Miles started to lick the bowl in his hands in a very dog-like manner making Lily and April laugh.

"This stuff would be alsolutely perfect with soft meat."he said and the elders in the room, being vegetarians cringed.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Uh-oh. Let´s just hope its not anotherone."said Chichi as he got up to open the door.

"Oh. Good evening Mrs Hubbub."he said politely as he opened the door.

"Its Beth, Chichi. Oh, I see that all of you certainly had your hands full."said Beth Hubbub as she walked in the house and greeted everyone.

"I wanted to know, if you plan on spending the night here, Billy. You didn´t mention anything and its getting a bit late."

Billy looked at his watch. Sure enough it was nearly 10pm.

"Uh-oh. Looks like we really worked overtime."he commented.

"We got so chaught up, we didn´t even notice the time."said Lily and April nodded.

"In that case, we´d better go home as well."

Billy, Lily and April got up and started for the door.

"You´re staying in the van I suppose?"Lily asked Miles, who was also getting to his feet.

"Yeah. I mean I know, that Mom and Pop Tofu don´t like it and prefer me to sleep here, but there´s not enough room in here now."he said and the elders nodded.

"Let´s call it a day then. But we´ll drop by tommorow to give you a hand again."said Billy before kissing Lola and leaving along with Beth, Lily and April.


The weekend passed happily for the Tofus and their friends. The pets were getting better by the hours. By sunday morning they were all as good as new. Miles and Lily went around the town in Miles´ van and informed the owners that they are free to get their pets back. It only took one or two people to tell the information and within an hour all of Beauvillage knew.

"I can´t thank all of you enough."said Mrs Pebble as she was leaving with Bridgess.

"That´s all right Mrs Pebble. It was our pleasure."said Mom as she left.

Soon enough both Lola´s and Chichi´s classmates came for their pets.

"Thanks Chichi. You guys are the best."said Chloe happily as she hugged her white kitten, who looked pleased to be back in her arms.

"No problem, Chloe."said Chichi nonchalantly.

Chloe smiled, kissed his cheek and left. Chichi chuckled to himself his cheeks slightly red.

"Maybe Phil was kinda right. This is the sixth kiss I got today."

Lola and Billy were chatting happily with their classmates, who shown similar happiness and gratitude.

"Jeez, its really an incredible feeling seeing them reunited with their pets."said Billy in awe as the last of them left.

"The animals were equally happy I think."said Lola as she gently strocked Billy´s pidgeon Rocky as he perched on her shoulder.

The gang decided to have a small celebration in the yard.

"I´m almost sad, that all the pets left. They proved to be a nice distraction from the week that lies ahead of us."commented Lola as all of them sat down on the blankets on the ground.

"Yeah. The world of alarms awaits. Oh boy, I´d take this over it any day."said Billy sadly, as Lola placed her head on his shoulder.

"Amyas already called and said that they´re on a case in Megacity. Says he´ll come for me first thing in the morning."explained Lola already dreading of that moment.

"What are you going to do, Lily?"asked April as she scooted closer to Chichi who was opening a can of lemon beer and didn´t pay attention to it."Me and my Mom are going to the Stony moutains. She and her collagues are excavating there. She mentioned some prehistoric fossils."

Lily´s comment brought out a breath of pure awe from Chichi.

"Wow. Dinosaurs. Too much, Lily."

Lily smiled appreciatively at him.

"It´ll be an interesting experience, sure. But to tell the truth I´m not really sure that´s what I want to do for a living."

"Hm... and what would you like to do?"asked Miles.

"I don´t know... I enjoy travelling and culture."said Lily thoughtfully.

"Wow! Exploration - relaxation. Not bad, flower-girl."exclaimed Miles and Lily laughed.

Also she felt her cheecks heat up in a blush at the new nickname Miles gave her.

"What about you Miles?"she asked shyly.

"Oh. I´m going to Megacity first thing in the morning. The cages and all. Plus, lots of business awaits."he said happily.

"Beats our week anyway. Back to boring old school for us."said April sadly.

"Yeah and Starchy has already promised us a test tommorow. The old hag."growled Chichi.

"Yup. Between taking care of the animals I had to study up into the night. She really didn´t need to give us a geography test so soon."said April shaking her head.

"The worst thing about it – I hate geography. I suck at it, completly."replied Chichi, taking an angry swig from his lemon beer. *2

"Hey, if you want we can go to our place and I can tutor you, Chichi."suggested April.

"Would you really?"he looked at her hopefully.

"Of course. I really wouldn´t want to see you fail, like Starchy´d love to see."she replied staunchly, while Lily and Lola winked at eachother.

Chichi smiled a milion dollar smile at her and April was secretly glad, she was sitting right now – the sight was making her weak-kneed.

"You´re really the best, April."said Chichi joyfully and April was once more blushing like crazy.

"In that case, you two better get going, so you have a lot of time for studying."said Lola pointedly, glad at the chance this presented.

Chichi and April nodded and got up.

"D´you think something will happen thistime?"asked Lily as the two left the yard.

"I hope so. I´m getting tired of giving that knucklehead hints everyday."said Lola shaking her head.

"The way I know Chichi, it´s pointless on giving him hints like that. He´ll catch on on his own. Just give him time."said Miles sagely.

The rest of the gang continued to chat happily unaware, that they were being watched from afar.

"Looks like we don´t have a thing to prove anything."growled Nick, his eyes glued on his binoculars.

"Yeah, the pet crisis seems to have ended."said Tex quietly also with binoculars in hand.

"Damn it. And bio-trash will once again be the hero of the class."cursed Archie already picturing the class tommorow.All three looked at detective Wiseman, who was watching internly.

"Patience my brothers. I expect, that this is far from over."


A/N1.The dumb side has risen. :-P Lord Wiseman has spoken – poor Plagueis must be jumping somersaults in his grave right now :-D Sheesh too much Star wars, really. I can almost hear the Imperial march playing. But seriously, what in the world have I unleashed on poor unsuspecting Beauvillage.2. I figured that any technological genius can´t possibly be great in every subject. Judging from some of my friends. I also thought that all of us have some subjects we are weak in. I decided to pass one of my traits on to Chichi – my complete ineptitude for geography. And since Mrs Starchy is probably one of the least loved teachers in the series and constantly on Chichi´s case, I figured she should teach Chichi´s most hated subject – I had a geography teacher like that as well and that probably explains my hate for the subject. Also Miles´ nickname for Lily. Maybe it sounded a bit wierd, but Miles is one of those that points out certain things in his own logic. )

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