Beauvillage Chronicles: Episode 2:Tofu Vet Station

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

As the sun rose over Beauvillage, Cracker was still perched on the fence in the yard. He opened his eyes and shook his head. But before he could crow and signal the new day a way louder voice was heared across the neighbour hood and Cracker fell off the fence in shock.


Chichi and Miles, busy working in the yard loading some of the pet food that Mr Outwild had given them yesterday, turned to the source of the noise – the Hubbub household.

"Look, Dad this is way more importaint."said Billy as he exited the house, Titus a second behind him.

"But...but Billy..."stammered Titus.

"Dad, I´m going and that´s that."said Billy firmly before jumping over the fence that separated the Hubbub´s yard from the Tofu´s.

"Are you guys ready?"he asked as soon as he reached the pair.

"Yup. We can head out."said Miles as he closed the van´s backdoor.

"Then there´s no time to waste."said Billy as he jumped into the van.

Titus looked on in shock as Chichi and Miles boarded the van as well and seconds later the van sped towards their destination.

"I see that your Dad didn´t take it very well."said Chichi as he looked from the passanger-seat to Billy, who was seated behind Miles.

"No. But I explained to him that this needs to be done."he said, the conversation with his father still fresh in his mind.

Yesterday he insisted on accompanying Chichi and Miles to the Megacity´s analyst, deciding that the pet case was more importaint than piecing together some alarm. Indeed he felt, that the pet case needs to be solved immediatly and he wouldn´t be able to live with himself, if he didn´t see to it personally.

"Y´know Billy, the way I´ve seen it over the days, you would´ve made a terrific pet-vet."said Miles earnestly.

Billy´s eyes opened wide.

"D´you really think so?"he asked uncertainly.

"Why not? I mean you love animals and from what I´ve seen, you would´ve definitely be a good one."said Chichi smilingly.

Billy was shocked for a few moments. He did love animals and liked to help them out, but...

"Could it be...? Its way better than alarms in any rate."he pondered as Miles turned on the freeway and stepped on it.

"Damn it, Miles. Not so fast!"exclaimed Chichi.

"No time to lose Chich. Our little friends are counting on us!"

Billy´s eyes widened once more. And in that moment, he made up his mind.

"He´s right, Chichi. Its time to get to the bottom of this. You´ve been excused from school exactly for the same reason."he said placing a hand on Chichi´s shoulder who nodded.

Fifteen minutes later, they reached Megacity. Miles however made a point in stopping in one place, that not even Chichi did know of. Telling them to wait for him, he jumped out of the van and moments later returned with a bottle of some alcohol they didn´t recodnize. Noticing their questioning looks he chuckled.

"It´s an offering. In accordance with the tradition of the one we´re going after."

The two looked at eachother in puzzlement, wondering just who in the earth are they going after.

Moments later the van came to a stop at a large building situated on top of a clearing that oversaw Megacity. On the left side of the building was a medium-sized sighn that read – MEGACITY REASEARCH FACILITY.

"Aaand here we are."said Miles before exiting the van.

Chichi and Billy jumped out too and instantly took out some of the food Mr Outwild had given them.

Following Miles into the building, the trio stopped at a reception, after which stood a young blonde woman, wearing glasses and dressed in a white lab coat who smiled upon seeing them.

"Nice to see you again Miles. Do you have an appointment?"she asked politedly, eying Miles and the two boys.

"Sure Gabby, we´re here after old Raph."he said pleasantly.

She gave a small giggle and directed them to the third floor.

"Who´s this man, we´re going after, Miles?"asked Billy.

"An old aqquaitance. We know eachother for five years. In fact, since when me and Roger were on our practice from school here."

The two boys looked at him.

"You´ve had your practice here?"asked Chichi completly astounded.

"You got it genius-boy. Oh those were the days."said Miles in reminiscence.

"What school did you take after the practice?"asked Billy curiously.

"None. I decided I´d rather be out making greed, than sitting in some collage with empty pockets."said Miles off-handedly.

"And Roger?"asked Chichi in equal curiosity.

"He spent a year in collage. Didn´t like it, so he dropped out. For a time we worked together, until he got the money to realize his dream."

"Which was...?"asked Billy.

"His own club, of course. I mean he dreamed about it eversince we were 16. He was an ace in chemistry by the way and had excellent marks, even enough to make it to the top of the class had he tried. But he was always more fond of music and nightlife. In the end he decided to follow his dream rather than confide himself to some lab."

Billy was silent for a while as he mulled it over.

"And how´d his parents take it?"he asked quietly.

"Well his mother wasn´t very happy and the two argued for a while, but in the end she stood by his decidion. Just like his father."

Billy´s face sported a thoughtfull look, which Chichi took note of.

"Look, Billy..."

Suddenly a loud explosion came from the offices ahead of them.

"Jááj! Ci Boha! Do svatoho!"came a loud male voice and the three immediatly dashed to the source.

In one of the offices was an old man in a white lab coat, which was just like the working table on fire.

Chichi didn´t waste a moment. Dropping the pet food he grabbed the fire-extinguisher and quickly came to help. Releasing a foamy stream, Chichi sprayed on the poor man´s coat sending him to the ground, then onto the table. In less than a few moments the fire was out for good.

"Thanks for that."said the man, who was getting up from the ground. He was a tall man, with a friendly face, which sported a long white beard and matching hair which were only on his sides leaving the rest of his head bald.

"Yo, Raph."said Miles in greeting.

"Miles. Thank God you guys showed up in time."he said earnestly.

"What happened here?"asked Billy, eyeing the damaged table.

"Oh, I was making a new type of fuel. But it seems, that the hydragate level was way too high. Joj! Poraželo aj robotu!"he finished, exclaiming in a rapid phrase, that neither of the others understood as he approached the table scrowling.

"Guys, allow me to introduce professor Raphael Swallowsky."said Miles gesturing to the elder man.

Swallowsky nodded and approached them.

"These are my friends – Billy Hubbub and Chichi Tofu."said Miles gesturing towards them.

Swallowsky´s eyes went wide as he looked at Miles.

"Co ši šaľeny? The Chichi Tofu?"he exclaimed, before grabbing Chichi´s shand shaking it with vigour.

"Pleased to meet you, m´boy. I heared a lot about you."

Chichi looked very surprised.

"Heh, James Strongdome and the other Megacity detectives use the facility for their own investigations more times than neccessary."explained Miles with a grin.

"Tell me about it. Fízli."said Swallowsky shaking his head before continuing."Shark uses this place like it were his second home. I do stuff for them at least once a week. I also researched the drug, that Flint and his idiots made. That was some real nasty stuff. Addictive like hell. You have no idea how many youngsters you´ve saved by stopping him."said Swallowsky in praise and Chichi´s cheeks went red.

"I... I didn´t do it all alone, you know."he said in embarressment.

"Maybe not. But believe me, you´ve done a very good thing indeed."he said, before releasing Chichi´s hand, who was still blushing heavily.

"Anyway Raph, we need your help."said Miles.

"Ah, yes. The thing you called me about. You have some of the food you need researching?"

Billy gestured to both the food on his shoulder and the one that Chichi dropped to the ground.

"We need an analysis ASAP."said Billy.

"Ošaľeli sce? A thing like that takes at least a week for me to do."said Swallowski.

Miles only grinned and brought out the bottle he procured earlier.

"Will this help, Raph?"asked Miles grinning happily.

Swallowsky immediatly grabbed the bottle with an extremely happy expression on his face.

"Šľivovica!"he exclaimed happily.

"And all of it for you."added Miles happily.

"Well why didn´t you say so in the first place? I´ll get right on it! Boys, bring that food over to that table."he said gesturing to the lab table on the far side.

Billy and Chichi looked at eachother in bewilderment while Miles chuckled to himself.

"Works everytime."


Lily once more found herself overlooking the Stony moutain´s cliffs bored out of her mind. The excavation was going as planned and several fossils were already extracted from the ground. Her mother was ecsastic like the others – Digdeep was, but Lily found herself completly uninterested. Instead she took a small walk and relaxed.

"Now I´m completly sure NOT to be an archeologist."she thought.

She always thought that being an archeologist would be interesting and adventure-filled. But this excavation was purely dull. She had more exciting time with Miles, even if they were only driving trough towns.

Lily´s heart sped at the very thought of Miles. She was starting to get that all too familiar feeling.

"No way. Am I possibly...?"she thought wildly.Indeed, she remembered the feelings she was getting, when the girls in her class talked so longingly about Miles. They were the feelings of jelaousy. Also she remembered having an argument with Mary two weeks ago, when she bad-mouthed him. And after everything regarding the drug incident came out and Miles was hailed as a hero together with Chichi, those feelings of jealousy only deepened as the girls dreamt over having an affair with him. There, Lily also felt a bit smug at knowing Miles better than those girls ever could. That Miles concidered her a friend and didn´t even stop at any of them.

She liked Miles, well he was very hard not to like. He was strong, clever, independant and funny. He also had a good heart. Not to mention a very open one. She remembered all the tales he recounted to her. The many adventures he had with his friends, with Chichi too, in his endless pursuit of money. It seems that Miles, much like Chichi always found something to occupy him. Always going somewhere, doing something, meeting new people, getting to know interesting places, getting into different situations, and all in all - living a wild life. She found herself longing for just such adventures.

She closed her eyes and sighed dreamily for a while. Instinctivelly she reached into her small backpack and took out a large notebook and a pen.

"Well, its time to continue my little adventure."she said to herself, before she sat down and began to write.


Deep in Megacity Lola, Amyas and their EPO team were having a small adventure of their own. Since the two arrived in the morning, the team went to interview the vet stations in town and gathered many information to present to the authorities. Spliting up into teams of three, (plus Jeremiah went on his own) Lola ended up partnered with her cousin and Dixie. The three got a hot tip from one of the vets on the origin of the pet food and traced it to one of Megacity´s local companies. Amyas went in about fifteen minutes ago and the two girls were left standing at the gate.

"What´s taking him so long."said Dixie in a worried voice.

"I´m sure he´s fine, Dixie. You don´t have to worry so much."said Lola in a calming voice.

"How can I not worry, Lola? Who knows what those criminals might do to my poor Amyas?"fretted Dixie, walking from side to side.

"Your Amyas?"asked Lola slyly.

Dixie instantly blushed a deep red.

"Well...I..."she stammered unsure what to say to Amyas´ cousin.

"Its fine, Dixie. I´ve already figured it out. You like Amyas."said Lola once more in a calming voice.

"Not just like, Lola. I love him."said Dixie still blushing heavily.

"Since when?"asked Lola with a smile.

"A year or so. I mean I´ve been with the EPO for almost two, but I was stationed in Westlorn before I was transferred into Amyas´ team in Middletown."she said and sighed.

"But I guess he just likes me as a friend."she said sadly.

Lola thought about it. She knew she shouldn´t say anything until Amyas makes his move, but seeing the sad look on Dixie´s face reminded her a bit of April when she´s unsuccessfull with Chichi.

"That´s not true, Dixie. I´ve had a conversation with him about it. Believe me, Amyas likes you too, but he´s just too shy to say anything."

Dixie looked completly stunned for a moment.

"Are..are you sure, Lola?"she asked.

"Positive. In fact, I´ve given him some tips yesterday. I also wanted to be quiet about it, until he put them in action soon, so you don´t have this from me, ok?"said Lola.

Dixie was silent for a second, until she positively beamed, let out a squeal and embraced Lola tightly.

"Oh Lola, you don´t know how happy I am!"she squealed.

Lola returned the hug and the pair giggled.

"But remember..."she started, when Dixie let go of her.

"You didn´t tell me a thing. I´ll just have to be patient now."she said as happy as a child would be, when finding out about its Christmas present.

Suddenly there was a commotion at the front door. A very large and muscular security guard was "escorting" Amyas outside.

"The guy´s a crook I´m telling you. Ouch!"shouted Amyas before he was thrown onto the pavement landing painfully on his belly.

"Amyas!"exclaimed Dixie before rushing to his side with Lola close at hand.

"And don´t let me catch you here again."said the guard in a threatening voice.

"Was there any need for violence?"asked Lola, but the guard just huffed and pointed at Amyas.

"You heared the boss. You and your kind are not to take one step in the compound."he said agressively, before slaming the bars on the gateway shut and returning into the building.

"Are you hurt? What happened?"asked Dixie franticly helping him get back on his feet.

"I´ve tried to explain to their boss, that the ingredients they´re using are harming the animals and it all went downhill from there. The guy even said, that he doesn´t give a damn about animals, all he wants is profit. And then he assigned that guy to throw me out."he explained and Lola sighed.

"I´ve told you, that it´s unwise to rush in there like that. And this is the result."she chastized once more reminding herself of her grandmother.

"Still it was very bad of them to man-hanle him like that. You could´ve been seriously hurt by that fall."said Dixie before she started to check him over for any injuries, with Amyas blushing heavily.

Lola was watching the two with a small smile on her face until she felt her phone ringing in her pocket.

"Lola, we got the analysis down. We´re having all the details printed out in a report, where are you?"asked her boyfriend´s voice.

"At the gates of the company that produces that garbage. But I think its pretty much pointless of dealing with them here."she said.

"Then we have to meet somewhere and get everything together before we can pass it to the authorities."said Billy.

"Lets meet at the EPO headquarters here in Megacity, its..."

Before she could finish however a loud laughter was heared from Billy´s side.

"What´s going on in there?"asked Lola and she heared a note of hesitation from Billy.

"Well... Chichi is getting a bit friendly with the professor, that´s all."he said with a small chuckle.

Lola was speechless for a moment, wondering just what in the world has her brother gotten himself into again.


After meeting in the EPO headquarters, the group went trough every single piece of information they amassed, before calling several authorities, including the police, animal protection movement and several others. As all of those were assembled at the headquarters´ gates, Miles remarked that things were about to get really interesting.

And indeed it did. Over the course of the next few hours, the authorities acompanied by the EPO team went into the company and closed it down, having more than enough evidence to do so anyway. By looking over their shipment files they were able to inform their custumers of the nature of the products. Then the press was called and everything was on TV – right on news at 4.

"Titus! Titus, come and look at this!"exclaimed Beth from the Hubbub living room.

"Now what?"grumbled Titus moodily.

He was in a really grumpy mood since the morning conversation with his son. As he looked on the TV, there was Lola, Chichi, Miles, Amyas and...

"Billy! What´s he doing there?"exclaimed Titus who was in shock again.

His son, on the news?

"...and the Runcor company has been held responsible for the unhealthy pet food that caused the illness that plagued several cities including Megacity and Beauvillage. In fact several of these young people behind me do not hold the fate of the animals so lightly like the Runcor company seems to. Immediatly responding to the illness, these young people along with members of the Enviroment Protection Organization have investigated and seen to apprehending the purpitrators."said the reporter gesturing to them.

"I am standing with a member of the Enviroment Protection Organization, Amyas Tofu. Do tell us, just how you came to unravel this horrid case."

The reporter gave the microphone to Amyas.

"Well, my cousin Lola, who is practicing in our organization has alerted the team to the pet crisis in Beauvillage. She, her family and friends have taken it upon themselfs to help the animals, since Megacity – the nearest vet station had a crisis of their own."

The reporter turned towards Billy.

"Is that true? You helped the animals too?"he asked.

"Yes. Me like my friends decided to help all the poor pets that were sick and unwell. Since the Tofu family have experience with animals, we worked together, healing the town´s animals and investigating the source of the illness, determined to stop it. Enlisting the help of Megacity´s head chemical analyst Raphael Swallowsky we procured enough evidence to close down the Runcor company and insure that pets all over the country would not be endangered by their polluted products ever again."said Billy in a firm, official voice.

"Titus! They stopped it!"exclaimed Beth excitedly.

Titus was looking on the screen completly stunned as the reporter passed the microphone to Lola and Chichi, who answered the questions together.

"That´s my boy! He´s a hero! Just like the rest of them!"screamed Beth in complete delight.

Titus looked one last look at the group behind the reporter and sat down.

"Dad! I want to help these poor animals! Can´t you see? This is way more importaint than any alarm! They are living, breathing creatures and deserve to be treated with as much respect as people! And whenever I see some animal in pain, I will be there to help them!"his son´s words, that he said to him only this morning were once more fresh in Titus´ mind. Looking again at his son on the TV screen, seeing the determined look on his face, Titus was starting to piece it together. He remembered the miserable look on his face when he was in his work putting together alarms – so in contrast to the lively, firm look on the screen. In that moment Titus understood. But it couldn´t stop the increbile feeling of sadness. All the dreams he had, all those hopes, all those visions of him and Billy servicing the new XBs, all were gone. He got up from the chair, his expression haunted as he started to exit the room.

"Titie? Where are you going?"asked Beth in concern.

"Out! I need some time alone."he said in a low lifeless voice.


As the sun nearly set on Beauvillage, Miles´ van was approaching the Tofu household. However they were in for a surprise. Almost fifty or so people were standing at the gate and as the van approached they sprang into applause.

"Damn! Looks like news travels fast on national TV."exclaimed Miles happily.

As Lola, Chichi, Miles and Billy exited the van the cheers and applauses went even wilder and the people immediatly sprang to them.

"I can´t thank you enough!"exclaimed one of the middle-aged women, shaking Billy´s hand.

"You guys were terrific, Chichi! The way you got those crooks arrested!"exclaimed Chloe, kissing Chichi on the cheek once again.

"Our pets are safe and sound thanks to you!"screamed one of the elder men and the crowd went wild.

"Yes Yes Yes! That´s us! And in gratitude for the honorable service we´ve provided, perhaps you all could spare some change."exclaimed Miles, while procuring a pure white hat from the van gesturing towards it with a large smile.

"MILES!"screamed both Chichi and Lola, but too late.

The people searched trough their pockets and started to give Miles any ammount of coins or even bills into the hat.

"C´mon Lola, Miles has these guys occupied. Let´s just get inside."said Chichi sighing and pushing his sister inside, who looked ready to argue.

"Yes, let´s go home Lola."said Billy and all three entered the house, while Miles smiling and throwing happy commentaries left and right was still scoring cash from the people, while entertaining them at the same time, judging by the many happy and humorous laughs that were heared from the crowd.

"LOLA! CHICHI! BILLY!"screamed four voices as soon as the doors closed.

Instantly Mom, Pop, Buba and Beth rushed to them and started to embrace each of them tightly.

"Oh my little hero! I can´t even say how proud I am!"exclaimed Beth hugging her son affectionately.

"My precious dandylion! I always knew you´d be great in this work!"cried Pop, hugging Lola tightly.

"My little chimpmunk! I can´t even imagine all the animals you´ve saved."cried Mom cradling Chichi gently.

"I can´t even say, how happy I am that you children are such beautyfull treasures!"exclaimed Buba embracing all three of them once their respective parents let go of them.

"Buba, Mom, Pop, Mrs Hubbub..."started Chichi.

"For the last time - its Beth, Chichi and say no more. We saw everything on the news at 4. Violet was right, you saved countless of pets from being poisoned and perhaps even worse..."started Beth, but suddenly the front door opened and in came Miles sporting the most brilliant smile on his face, cradling the white hat to his chest.

"Mama mia! Money, money, mucho money! I love Beauvillage!"he screamed as he fell to the floor and rolled from side to side, completly besides himself with happiness.

"Moving on, where´s Dad?"asked Billy.

Beth´s smile faultered.

"I don´t know Billy, he said needed some time alone. I don´t know where he could be."

Billy frowned, he thought he saw his Dad standing on the side of the street, standing behind the crowd overlooking the situation just moments ago.

"Mom, I have to go and talk with him."he said as he made towards the backdoor to the yard.

Exiting the house, he knew where to go – the place Titus showed him in work, where he said that he always goes when he needs to be alone.

"Lola, Chichi we don´t know what to say..."said Mom wiping tears of happiness from her eyes as the group sat down at the kitchen table.

"Don´t say a thing, Mom. We were happy to do it."said Chichi earnestly.

"And it paid off!"exclaimed Miles, who was counting the money he got, while being glared by Lola.

"Where´s Amyas by the way? I don´t see him anywhere."said Pop looking around.

"He stayed in Megacity, Pop. He has some very importaint business to take care of."said Lola giggling to herself.

"Lola. We always knew you´d be an incredible asset to the EPO. We´re so proud of you, my little orchid."said Pop, his face litteraly shining with pride.

This made Lola very uneasy. Dispite such a victory, it did little to change her feelings towards working for EPO, something that even surprised herself. She thought yesterday, that given time she would get accostumized to the work, but there was still this feeling of emptyness in her heart.

"What´s wrong with me? Even as we helped save all those animals, which I suppose should be reward enough, I still feel so... cold and empty."she pondered, but as she reached her hand to her left side – where she expected her boyfriend to be, but to her surprise she grasped nothing.

"Where´s Billy?"she asked alarmed while looking around the kitchen.Beth placed her hand on Lola´s shoulder and smiled sadly.

"I expect, that he´s having a father-son talk. One that´s long overdue."


Billy walked into the office, knowing by now how to get in without activating the alarm. He noticed a small light coming from the construction room. He sighed deeply.

"You´re a good kid, Billy. But just tell him."he remembered George telling him just a day ago.

He sighed once more approaching the room.

"He´s your father, but you can´t place his happiness above yours."

He stopped at the door and peered inside, spotting his father behind the work table.

"Y´know Billy, the way I´ve seen it over the days, you would´ve made a terrific pet-vet."

He placed a hand on Titus´ shoulder before drawing up a chair and sat next to him.

"I´m sorry, Dad."he said quietly.

Titus sighed deeply.

"I´ve always wanted us to work together. Wanted to pass you the mantle, that´s all."he said in a hurt, almost tearfull voice.

Billy cringed. This was exactly what he was afraid of from the start.

"I´ve had a talk with George today. He told me to stop dreaming and start acting like a father."

Billy turned to him, swiftly grabbed him by the shoulders and forced him to look into his eyes.

"You ARE a good father, Dad! Sure you get kinda crazy at times, at others you´re just plain unbearable as you drive me up the wall, but I could never ask for a better Dad!"

Titus´ eyes widened and tears soon followed.

"But George was right. I placed my own wishes above yours..."

"I was wrong there too, Dad! If I said it clearly, that I wanted nothing to do with the alarm business we wouldn´t be in this situation!"said Billy firmly.

Titus sniffed and wiped his eyes.

"Blockheads the both of us."he said with a small chuckle.

"You can say that again."said Billy with a chuckle of his own.

The pair was silent for a while, overlooking the work table, which held an unfinished XB-93.

"So... you want to help the animals?"asked Titus in an interested voice.

"Yeah. I thought about becoming Beauvillage´s first vet. Since there is no vet in our town, I´d say I will definitely have my hands full."replied Billy, envisioning the future.

"But that takes years of study, Billy. Not to mention the finances for a vet station. Until that time when you´ll be ready to open up, what will all those animals do if they get hurt or sick?"he asked seriously.

Billy thought about it and smiled at his father.

"They will be treated by me and the others in the Tofu vet station."he said smilingly.

Titus smiled too.

"In that case, Billy... I stand behind this decidion of yours. And when the time comes, you can count on your old man to help you open up this vet station. That´s a promise."he said in a proud voice.

Billy chuckled and the two embraced happily.

"Maybe you can install an alarm in there to make sure the animals won´t get stolen."he said jokingly and his father chuckled as well."Thanks for understanding me, Dad."said Billy, feeling some tears in his own eyes.

The two stayed in the father-son embrace for a few seconds before separating.

Billy´s eyes flew to the work table and a small smile spread across his face.

"Say, Dad. How about we put this XB together?"he said smilingly gesturing to the alarm.

Titus´ eyes went wide, but he flashed his son a brilliant smile before nodding.

"All right, son. This alarm stands no chance against two experts all at once."he said gesturing to himself and his son.

Smilingly the two began to work on assembling the small white box.


A/N : Woah, kinda wierd chapter – lots of bits and pieces going on at once.

The character – professor Raphael Swallowsky was made as a tribute to my collague Bohuš (nicknamed Lenin), who always jokes around with me and gives me incredible ideas. In fact Swallowsky was kinda his idea. So as a tribute I´ve made him very much like he himself is. I also thought about giving him some phrases used in my homeland and hometown, so naturally he had to be Slovak. In my drafts, which I decided not to include, Swallowsky´s origin hometown is different from mine, since mine – Košice is a larger town and in the smaller one not far from it - Vranov nad Topľou, people speak the accented slang phrases more often. Another fun part about the slangs is that they are pretty much confided to Eastern Slovakia and some Western Slovaks have trouble understanding them (hell they even went as far as to give subtitles for some of the local commercials at one time :D). So just to make things clear I provide small translations to some of the local phrases which I grew up with and love very much.

Ci Boha!, Do svatoho! – both of them are used to say – Oh,God. There´s not really a difference between them not even in the places where they´re used and they are at times used simultaniously and when they are, they are used to compound eachother as though you´re emphasizing the same meaning, wierd huh? :-D.

Joj! Poraželo aj robotu! – that litteraly means – Oh, damn this job! We more than often use not this one but a more vulgar version, which I will rather not mention here. But this one is also used frequently among some of the smaller towns.

Co ši šaľeny? – one of my most favourite ones. It means litteraly – Are you crazy?

Fízli – a slang phrase very familiar and used by both Czechs and Slovaks. Cops – that word needs no other explanation :D

Ošaľeli sce? – another fave, meaning – Have you (in plural) gone crazy (or insane)?

Šľivovica – an alcoholic drink, very popular around here. I believe its english translation was Plumb-brandy, I never really got that one since I can´t possibly associate our booze with brandy – I mean there´s a hell of a difference and not just in prices.

With Swallowsky I kinda imagine that Miles´and his best friend Roger Spikely´s school practice was more about drinking than actual work. Though I think that this may be the one and only appearance of Swallowsky. Maybe he´ll be mentioned sometime later, but I think he pretty much served his purpose and done enough damage already :-D

Btw the father-son talk in the end was kinda like the ones I have with my Dad after we have a disagreement :D

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