It was well past midday, and the CBI was mostly deserted. Lisbon and the rest of the team, were out talking to suspects. Van Pelt and Rigsby had found which address Randall was at and had gone to ask him some more questions. Lisbon and Cho, were back at the victim's work, interrogating more of her clients and the remaining colleagues. This left Jane and Greer alone at CBI, allowing them to talk. The excitement of them finding out the results, had died down a bit, leaving a slightly awkward silence.

They were sitting on Jane's couch, staring at each other with awkward anticipation.

"So, ah..? How's school?" Jane asked, finally breaking the silence.

Greer shifted so her back was leaning against the couch arm.

"School's… good…" she said.

Jane could hear the hesitation in her voice.

"Really?" he asked, a hint of sarcasm playing in his voice.

"Well…I don't really go to school much anymore…" She looked up at him, watching his reaction. Not a single emotion flickered across his face.

"Oh, and why is that?"

"Well, I have places to be. I'm busy." She smiled nervously at him. She really didn't want him to think she was some kind of drop out.

He chuckled, passing this off to be amusing. He had been the same, although he had been a carnie, he had had no time to attend school.

"Greer, you're a bright girl. You could go far with a proper education."

"I don't need school." She smiled wryly at him. "I have everything I need to know, in books and on the internet."

"Yes, I'm sure… but what do you want to be? You need actual qualifications these days."

Greer looked down at her fingers. I don't get to be anything. It will all be over soon. She sighed, casting those thoughts away.

"You know, I'm not really sure yet. There's so many possibilities out there." She said putting her well practiced mask back in check. If Jane had suspected anything, his impenetrable mask didn't show it.

"Oh, right. I guess you've still got enough time to figure it all out."

"Yeah I guess."

They both sat back in the awkward silence for a few moments.

"How's your mother?" Jane asked, at his second attempt to make small talk.

"Yeah, she's good. Still unhappy about me being here, but it's really not her choice."

"Does she know about―"

"―about me getting arrested? No. Teresa promised it wouldn't go on record and I saw no reason to tell her. She'd only show up here and force me to come home." Greer look up, and sighed. "She can really be a handful sometimes. I have my own problems to worry about." –shit.

"Problems?" Jane asked. "Like what?"

–double shit.

"Oh, you know, teenager stuff. Boys and stuff." She lied. She watched Jane shift in his seat.

When Charlotte was first born, Jane had always been worried about her getting older and him having to deal with the whole boyfriend thing. Ugh. Even thinking about it still makes him shudder slightly. And now… now he has a seventeen year old daughter that's already interested in boys? He didn't even get time to prepare himself. This is just like Wham! Even this morning, when he had been joking around with Rigsby, he hadn't really even thought about it, he had just wanted to make the young agent blush, but Hell! He was going to have to keep one eye on her at all times.

Greer saw the struggle going on inside his head. Crap… what's he thinking about? Had he figured out she was lying to him? did he know her secret? She watched him compose himself. He cleared his throat.

"Right… yes... boys."

"You alright?"

"Yeah… it's just, you're so young. And boys.. well, let's just say I know what I was like at your age." He mentally slapped himself. Oh god, he had no idea what he was doing. He didn't know how to react. He saw Greer smile then. "What's so funny?"

"Patrick, it's ok. You're not meant to know how to react to this sort of thing. Steve still doesn't know what to do."

"Steve? Who's Steve?"

Greer gave herself a figurative pat on the back― she had managed to change the subject.

"Steve's my step-dad. He's been around as long as I can remember. Now that I think about it, I can't understand why my mother didn't just raise me into thinking he was my father? If she didn't want me to meet you so badly? Then why not lie to me?"

Jane's eyes softened.

"It's because she knows you're a part of me. She knows you would have figured it out in the end, and then you would have resented her for lying to you all your life. Am I right?"

Greer sighed. "Yeah, I guess. But she's always wanted to keep me so close. I just still can't understand why she wanted me to stay away from you so badly."

"I guess she was just trying to protect you. Your mother and me… we were really good friends. She was always there for me. But I made a wrong decision, and the next thing I know, she was gone. After that I met my wife. I haven't heard from your mother in nearly eighteen years."

"Your wife, what was her name?" Greer asked slowly. She knew she was treading dangerous grounds here.

"Angela. Her name was Angela."

"What was she like?"

"She was… she was… ah…" Jane's head started to swirl. He felt the grief starting to build up in his chest. He looked at the ground and started shaking his head. "I'm sorry… I can't―" he could feel himself breathing faster than usual. Was he having a panic attack? Why was it so hard to talk about this with Greer? She was his daughter for goodness sake.

"Hey, Patrick. It's ok. Don't worry. Calm down." She reached over and patted him on the shoulder. Note to self; family conversations are off limit.

Jane cleared his throat again, in attempt for composure. This girl must think he's a total nutcase!

"Sorry about that." He gave her an apologetic smile. "I guess it hurts to talk about their memories. Every time I think about them, I remember… the last time I saw them."

"Patrick…I'm so sorry." Greer whispered. He really had been through something terrible. "Well, can you tell me a bit more about this Red John?"

Jane looked up, a little more self composed. "Ah… sure… Well before my family, he had killed a total of eight women― that we knew of anyway. I used to be a pretend psychic." He smiled sheepishly at her.

"How? How did you do that?"

"Well, basically I put my perception skills to the limit. I 'contacted' their deceased, by watching their reactions, and went from there… your mother actually used to help me."

Greer smiled. "Really? I wouldn't have picked her to be in the show business. She's too… quiet."

"Hah, well the Tracy I knew, she was the life and soul of the party. She really knew how to bring out anybodies wild side."

"Wow. Now all mom does is hang around the house and go to work every other day. How did she help you though? Tell me more!"

Jane smiled, he could tell the girl was excited. She was hearing a completely different side to her mother, that he could see she really did want to explore.

"Well, we would go into a bar or a restaurant, or sometimes even on the side of the street, and I would start acting strange around the bar area― if we were in a bar, and somehow I would get the attention of everyone inside."

"How? What were you doing?"

"Well, I would start swaying and closing my eyes, sort of talk to myself. Yell a bit. Sometimes I would collapse. Then I would start searching. At this point most of the bars inhabitants would be silent, all eyes on me. I would search around, muttering, something unfathomable. Then I would look at Tracy, point at her. Ask her… well no, tell her she's lost someone recently. She would nod at me, tears in her eyes… and then, well on with the rest of the show. Your mother was quite theatrical."

"Wow… but really? People actually went for that sort of thing?" Greer asked smirking at his story.

"Well yeah… most of the time anyway. I got kicked out of a couple of places for invading people's privacy, and for been a whack-off." He laughed. "It wasn't until I got more a name for myself that we started getting real shows. After your mother left, I started doing more personal readings― private readings. Better money you see. I got to go on talk shows. I was being interviewed all of the time. My client list was huge! And then the police asked me to get a reading on Red John. I appeared on TV, said my bit… and then… well… I'm sure you can guess the rest." Jane licked his lips and breathed out through his nose. The uplifted mood from memory lane was gone, replaced with his deep torment. "I guess. I had it coming… karma and all that."

"You can't be serious!" Greer stared at him, he eyes wide in disbelief. "Yeah, karma's a bitch and all that… but you can't seriously think you deserved what happened to you!"

"No? My family didn't deserve it. I did. And until that son of a bitch is dead… well, my conscience won't be cleared."

"Patrick… everyone deserves a second chance."

"Oh really? Maybe I don't. Because it's been eight years, and I still haven't had my second chance."

Greer looked away, feeling hurt.

"Well, I just thought that maybe I was your second chance."

Jane looked at her, there were tears treading her lower lashes.

"Oh, Greer. I'm sorry. I just… I haven't exactly had time to process all of this… you… you are my second chance. Aren't you?"

"Yeah I guess I am." Her breath hitched with tears and she turned away, coughing into her shoulder.

"Greer." He looked at her. "I am sorry."

She turned to return his stare and gave him a small smile.

"Don't be. I shouldn't have been such a baby. Of course you'll need time to adjust. I guess I didn't think too much about it from your point of view."

They smiled at each other in that awkward way.

"Ah, Greer. There's just one problem."


"I don't exactly have anywhere for you to stay…"

"Oh…? Um… is that your polite way of saying you don't want me to stay with you? Too personal?"

"What? Oh, no! not at all. I… live in a motel… and most other nights I camp out here…" He looked a little ashamed.

"Oh. Right… why?" she asked, she was looking strangely at him.

Yup. She thinks I'm a nut job.

"I can't seem to get any sleep at my house, so I stay at a motel. The nights I stay here, we're usually in the middle of a case, so I work during the night. Plus… its peaceful."

"Ok? But I don't believe you…"

"What?" Jane asked confused. Greer smiled mischievously.

"It's the couch isn't it?"

Jane couldn't help but laugh.

"You caught me. It's a great couch."

Their little laughing spiel was interrupted by Van Pelt returning into the bullpen. She walked in and smiled fondly at the laughing pair.

"Hey Van Pelt." Jane greeted.

"Hey guys." She walked over to her desk and sat down.

"What happened with the husband?" Jane asked.

"Not a whole lot. He came back clean. Apparently one of the housekeepers had stayed without his knowledge. So he has a pretty solid alibi."

"Hmmph. So what now?"

Grace looked at him in surprise. This was not natural Patrick Jane behaviour. Usually by now he would have sussed out the killer and have some brilliant scheme in play, in order to catch the bad guy. But here he was, asking what comes next? Grace smiled to herself… maybe this girl was bringing out a better side of him.


"Oh, sorry." She ran her hand nervously through her hair. "Lisbon called. She wants you and Greer to head down to the salon. Thinks you might be useful."

"Ok." He flashed a smile at Grace, before standing up. "Come on Greer. Let's go solve a murder." He said again. He just hoped the outcome turned out better… ie, that only the bad guy would be arrested this time.


They arrived at the salon to find it relatively empty. They had closed shop for a couple of hours, in order for the agents for carry on with their investigation. As Greer and Jane walked inside, Lisbon spotted the pair and made her way over to them.

"What have you got for my brilliant brain Lisbon?" Jane asked with a smirk. Lisbon rolled her eyes at him.

"We've been talking to a few people, most of them have come up dry, but there is someone I want you to take a look at… she seems kind of skittish." Lisbon pointed to the girl standing by herself.

"Alright then."

Jane motioned for Greer to follow him and they made their way to the corner girl was leaning against.

"Hi. My names Patrick Jane." He held out his hand for her to shake. She just stood there and stared at his hand, shaking slightly and fidgeting with her hands. "Okaay then." He pulled his hand away awkwardly. "Can you at least tell me your name?"

The girl continued to stare at him. She looked completely spaced out and she couldn't stop shaking. It wasn't a nervous shake, more like a involuntary twitch. Jane looked over at Lisbon and motioned for her to come over. Greer stood behind Jane, quietly watching.

"Her name Lisbon?"

"What? Oh come on! Her names Sophie Daniels. A moment ago we couldn't get her to shut up!"

"Hmmm." The sound escaped Greer's mouth before she could stop it.

"Yes?" Lisbon asked.

Jane turned around and smiled. He wondered if she was about to say what he was thinking.

"Can you check between her toes?"

Yes! ah.. his daughter was more like him then he thought.

"Ah… why? Lisbon asked.

"It's a Jane hunch." Jane said. Greer blushed at the mention of him calling her a Jane. She liked it.

Lisbon rolled her eyes and looked disgustedly at the girls sandaled feet.

"What exactly am I looking for?"

"Just look!"

Lisbon groaned as she bent down. She pulled a pen out of her pocket and poked between the girls toes. Sophie continued to stare at Jane, as if she didn't even realise a pen was prodding at the webbing on her feet.

"She has fresh cuts between her toes. An addict?"

"Well, seeing as I told you to do that once, and it drew the same conclusion.. then yes."

Lisbon climbed off of the floor. Sophie mumbled something unsophisticated.

"What was that?" Jane asked, bending down so he came in line with her stare. She twitched.

"I gotta go see Joe!" she repeated. Her eyes shifted a little, seeming to come back into focus.

"Joe? Who's Joe?" Jane's voice was serious.

"Joe? He's my boyfriend."

"Joe Harkins?"

"Yep. That's the one." She was twitching nervously.

"Sophie, what was your relationship with the victim?" Lisbon asked.

"Oh, you mean other than screwing the same guy?"

"Yes. Other than… that." Lisbon said.

Sophie rolled her eyes. "She was my boss. I was second in charge. We never really hung out much. But we worked well together." She continued to fidget.

"Miss Daniels? Did you kill Suzie Philip?"

"I may have… I may not have… how would killing her benefit me?"

"You kill her, you get her job… more money, more power. She was sleeping with your partner. It must have made you angry." Lisbon said, in attempt to get a confession. Usually she wouldn't question suspects like this, that was usually Cho's way, but the whole addiction thing, it was cutting a little too close to home. She was dying for a drink. She would do anything for one right now.

"Yeah. Ok. So I did it. So what? She'll be thanking me for it now. At least she got out of her boring life." She laugh hysterically.

"Sophie Daniels, you are under arrest for the murder of Suzie Philip."

While Lisbon read her her rights, Jane turned around to look at Greer.

"How did you know to look between her toes?"

"Oh, I saw it on TV once." She smiled at him.

"Ahh… maybe I should be watching more TV?"

They turned back to Lisbon. Cho had taken Sophie back to CBI to get a formal statement.

"Nice catch Greer. I see you inherited your father's brains. And it's ok, I won't arrest you for it this time."

The two girls walked off laughing, leaving Jane standing by himself watching them. It seems as if all of their troubles had been left in the past. He could tell they were going to get along well from now on. An idea hit him and he ran over to them.

"Lisbon, I need to ask you a favour?"

"Ahh, sure Jane?" This can't be good…

"Well, seeing as it's the weekend tomorrow, Greer doesn't exactly have anywhere to stay.. and my motel room is only one bedroom, and she can't exactly stay at the CBI… I was wondering if she could stay with you? At least until I get myself in check, find a place…" Jane trailed off, mentally crossing his fingers that she would say yes.

"Oh no, I couldn't." Greer looked at Lisbon, then at Jane. "Patrick, that wasn't fair to spring that on her like that."

Lisbon looked at little confused. Was he playing her? Who would babysitting who? She sighed. She did owe both of them.

"Yeah sure. That would be fine. But you'll have to sleep on the couch… the spare room isn't exactly guest worthy. But if you really are your fathers daughter… you won't mind the couch." She smiled.

"That's ok.. but are you sure? I really don't want to invade your privacy."

"And that's a trait you didn't learn from you father."

"Oh ha-ha. Be nice Lisbon, or I may just have to thump you."

"Thump me? You're going to thump me?"

"I wouldn't dream of it." He smiled wickedly.

"Oh! Jane!" She whacked him against his chest.

"Oww Lisbon! You're a bully! First you throw pencils at me, and now you're hitting me. I'm a beaten consultant."

Greer giggled at them. They were at it again. God there was definitely something there.

"Come on Greer." Lisbon said, turning her back on the still whinging consultant. "Let's grab your stuff and head home."

"Sounds like a plan."

She turned towards Jane and walked in for a nervous hug.

"Night Patrick."

"Night Greer. I'll come see you tomorrow. Make sure you ladies are coping alright."

"Ok. I'll see you tomorrow then." She smiled at him. She had never felt quite so happy in her life.

"Night Jane."

"Night Lisbon."

Greer saw both pairs of eyes soften when they said goodbye to each other.

They had it so bad.

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