She had kissed Patrick Jane! Her insides started whirring and her head started spinning. She sighed in delight. This was better. At least she had her Jane back now.

She stood up, gently pulling him up with her.

"Jane? Are you ok?" she asked, noticing him sway a little.

"Can't say I've eaten a whole lot lately.. and those bottles of… whatever… have gone straight to my head." He verified his thoughts by falling forward, causing Lisbon to have to catch him. She grunted under his weight.

"Come on Jane, let's get you to a motel."

He nodded into her shoulder and mumbled something incoherent.

"What was that Jane?"

"Thank you for saving me Lisbon."

Lisbon felt a rush of pride course through her body.


She wrapped her arms momentarily around him. He responded by wrapping his own arms around her.

"Come on Jane. Let's go. Do you have an overnight bag anywhere?"

He nodded, pointing over to a bag in the corner that she hadn't noticed earlier. She slung the overnight bag over her shoulder, pulled his uninjured hand around her neck, and wrapped her other arm around his back. Getting down the stairs in one piece was going to be hell.

Jane cradled his right hand to his chest, the pain was obviously starting to cause him some grief.

They made it to the staircase and nervously looked down. Lisbon, sensing Jane's discomfort, rubbed his back slightly.

"One step at a time."

He nodded feebly, starting to feel a little sorry for himself. His hand hurt, his head was spinning and his stomach was starting to turn. Now he remembered why he hated drinking so much.

They made it halfway down the stairs when Lisbon noticed Jane starting to drag a little.

"Jane? You ok?"

She turned to look at his face, noticing how pale he had become.

"How did you use to do this every night Lisbon?"

Lisbon winced when she realized he was talking about her drinking problem.

"I take it you're not feeling too flash right now?"

He didn't answer, just shook his head. If he talked, he might throw up all over the floor.

"Lightweight." She smirked at him.

Jane pouted. She was making fun of him.

"I'm only joking," She laughed. "and look, we're at the bottom of the staircase."

Lisbon saw relief spark through Jane's eyes. She lead him to the door and leant him against the wall while she put her boots back on. She could hear the rain outside and sighed. She had only just dried off, and at the pace they had to go because of Jane's condition, they were about to get soaked.

"Jane, give me your keys."

He fished around in his pockets with his left hand and handed them to her. She pulled his left arm over her shoulder again and guided him out the door. The storm hadn't settled at all. The rain still pounded, hitting the ground like mini torpedoes. They walked onto the veranda and she turned and locked the door.

She looked at Jane and was shocked to see a mixture of discomfort and fear splayed on his face.


She could tell he was losing the battle he was having with his stomach.

"Jane… please.. if you need to throw up, I'd prefer you did it now, rather than in my car."

He leant against the veranda, closing his eyes, his hand coming down to clutch his stomach. A few minutes later, Jane's face scrunched in pain. He ran down the steps, into the rain, and disappeared into the bushes. Lisbon had never seen Jane move so fast! Over the deafening sound of the rain, she could hear gagging coming from the bushes Jane had just vanished into.

She sighed, she was going to have to get rained on. She ran down the stairs and into the bushes. She found Jane, bent over, leaning against a tree trunk bringing up whatever he had eaten (or drank) the last day. She paced over to him, placing a comforting hand on his back, and starting rubbing small circles. She felt his entire body clench as another spasm racked through his body.

After a few minutes, Lisbon was starting to worry. He still hadn't stopped vomiting.. well, he had started dry heaving, but with each spasm he was getting weaker and weaker. It had gotten to the point that Lisbon had to help hold him up.

He coughed a couple of times and was still. His breathing was coming out really fast, as if he hadn't managed to get a single breath in since he started being sick. Lisbon, who was still rubbing circles on the small of his back came round to face him. She knelt to the side of him, careful not to be in range if he started up again.

"Are you finished?" she asked gently. This whole night had scared the shit out of her.

He nodded weakly in response.

"Can you move?"

He straightened up a little, only to be met with black spots flying around his vision. Lisbon grabbed him around the waste, careful not to hurt his already pained stomach. She was beginning to think this was worse than just a reaction to the alcohol.

Jane blinked a few times, trying to clear his vision. He looked at Lisbon, as if this was his first time he had even looked at her. He was seeing her, like really seeing her, and it seemed he liked what he saw. She was absolutely drenched, her long raven hair plastered to her face. She was staring up at him with her big green eyes, that were filled with concern. Concern for him.

It was then his heart melted. He loved her. A part of him had always known this, but he had never had the guts to say it out loud. He wanted to tell her, but he figured there would be a better, less wet opportunity. Maybe when he was feeling better.

He felt a cold hand on his forehead.

"You're really warm Jane…" He still had a fever. Lisbon pulled back her hand in disbelief. "Jane please tell me you haven't had a fever since Monday night!"

He only shrugged his shoulders. He knew very well that the fever had never gone down completely, if anything it had re-escalated the last couple of days.

"Shit Jane… you need to take better care of yourself. My guess is you were already feeling sick before you decided to down ten bottles of whatever."

He shrugged sheepishly at her.

She growled slightly in the back of her throat. This only made Jane smile.

She sighed.

"Do you think you're going to vomit again?"

He cleared his throat.

"I think I'll be ok…" he cracked. "For now." he added.

"Come on then. Let's go find somewhere to stay.. and dry off."

She supported him again and slowly they made their way to the car. She unlocked the passenger side and eased Jane into the seat. He buckled himself in and leant back, closing his eyes. She flung his bag in the back with hers, hopefully his things didn't get too wet...

Lisbon somewhat jogged over to the driver's side, looking forward to turning the heat onto full blast. She shook herself off a little after closing the door. She was starting to shiver.

Once she had herself situated- belt buckled and heater on, she turned to face Jane.

His injured hand was still cradled to his chest and his other arm was wrapped around his mid-section. While his eyes were closed, his face was scrunched in pain.

Lisbon sighed again, it seemed as if she had been doing a lot of that lately. His hand and his stomach were really bothering him. Best she get them both to a motel fast.


Lisbon pulled up to a nearby motel and left a sleeping Jane in the car as she went to check in. She asked for a room on ground level, seeing as she had enough trouble getting Jane down the stairs. She thanked the lady and made her way through the rain, back to her car. She parked in front of Room 10, grabbed their bags and made her way to the door to unlock it. She opened the door and stepped inside, taking a brief look around― double bed, bathroom, kitchen unit. She nodded in approval, dumped the bags in the kitchen and dashed back through the rain to her sleeping companion.

She opened the passenger door and lightly shook him awake. He opened his eyes and gave her a pitiful look.

"Great, so now as well as being hungover, injured and sick, you also have man-flu?"

Jane scoffed at her.

"Man-flu is serious Lisbon… I could end up in intensive care with man-flu… you shouldn't joke about such things."

Lisbon giggled at his serious face, but his eyes were twinkling so she knew he was just playing with her. Trying to lighten the situation perhaps?

"Come on you hypochondriac, let's get you inside." She knew very well he wasn't being a hypochondriac and he really did feel as ill as he was letting on, but she still felt like she needed to tell herself he was ok.

She reached over and helped him unbuckle his belt. She reached into her glove box and pulled out a first aid kit, before helping him out of the car. She led him through the rain and into the room, after locking her car.

"If you need to sit down, sit on the couch, I'd prefer you get that wet than the bed."

He nodded and she led him to the couch. After she had him sitting, she turned and locked the room door and flicked on the radiator. A massive chill ripped through her body as she realized how cold she really was.

"Right, now let's take a look at that hand."

She made her way back to Jane, who was in the same position he had been in the car, injured hand to chest, other hand to torso. She sat on the coffee table so she was facing him, and reached out to take his right hand in hers.

There was bruising along his knuckle line and small cuts that were beginning to scab. His middle knuckle was dislocated.


At least nothing was broken.

"You're knuckle is dislocated. I'm going to have to reset it."

She looked into his face, his eyes were round with fear.

"Jane this will hurt, but if I don't do it now, it will only get worse."

He nodded and looked away, biting his lip, readying himself for the oncoming pain.

Gently, she ran her fingers over the knuckle, finding out the extent of the damage. The joint had stiffened from time, meaning it wasn't going to slide into place as easily as she'd hoped.

She took a firm, but gentle grasp on his middle finger. She felt Jane tense, but ignored him. In one swift motion, she pulled, slid and pushed, realigning his joint with a soft pop.

Jane exhaled the breath he had been holding, and pulled his hand back to his chest.


Lisbon could still hear the pain in his voice.

"I'll have to splint those." she said, digging in her first aid kit for the strapping tape.

Jane held out his hand again for her, not looking entirely impressed.

She strapped his middle finger and his forefinger together, trying to be extra gentle as he had started shaking. She wasn't sure if it was from the cold or the pain.

"Right.. we need to get out of these wet clothes. Do you want first shower? Or will I?"

"You go." He cracked out. "It's only fair."

Lisbon took one look at him and shook her head. His teeth had started chattering, which wasn't exactly going to help his fever. As his body was trying to warm up the outside, the temperature on the inside would manage to rise even further. He needed a shower, and fast… before the fever could do any real damage.

"No Jane, maybe you should go first."

Jane mirrored her earlier movements by shaking his own head.

"Lisbon, you're shaking. You'll get sick."

"And you already are sick." Lisbon retorted.

They were silent for a moment.

"Well I guess that presents us with a problem then. Doesn't it."

Jane sighed.

"Look, we don't really need a shower shower, we just need to warm up somewhat. Maybe if we wore clothes we could just go at the same time?"

Lisbon looked at him in surprise. She was slightly speechless.

"And besides… I probably can't stand up that long unattended anyway… I'll probably end up passed out on the bathroom floor."

Lisbon took in all of the possibilities; wait for him and get sick herself, have him pass out on the floor (which by the way he was looking now seemed to be a possibility) or go first and risk him getting worse. It seemed the only thing they really could do was go together, (or maybe not, but she wasn't going to pass up this opportunity).

"Fine Jane. But no funny business."

He held his arms up in mock offence.

Lisbon just shook her head.

"Come on."

They headed to the laundry room, to put their wet clothes in the dryer. They both self consciously turned the other way while they were undressing.

Lisbon stripped down to her black singlet and underwear and turned around to find Jane staring at her, standing in nothing but his boxers.

Lisbon felt her eyes wander down to his well formed chest. How is it, that a man who does nothing but lie on a couch all day, can look this good?

She was broken out of her thoughts by Jane moving to put his suit in the dryer.

"Wont the dryer damage the suit?"

Jane shrugged.

"I guess we'll soon find out."

Lisbon laughed, but soon stopped, as she saw Jane looking over her body. She suddenly felt very exposed.

"How are you feeling?" she asked him, in the hopes to distract him.

His smile faltered.

"Not great." He admitted, patting his stomach softly.

"Do you still feel nauseous?"

He nodded shyly.

Lisbon looked at him concerned.

"Well we'll warm up and then get some medicine into you. There's bound to be something in my first aid kit."

Jane nodded in agreement. His belly let out a sluggish gurgle, seeming to agree too. He looked away embarrassed.

Lisbon chose not to say anything, thinking it would be unfair to stomp on his ego.

"Come on Jane."

She grabbed his hand and together they made their way to the kitchen, grabbing nightwear out of their bags. They turned and walked into the bathroom.

She turned the shower on, and while they waited for the shower to heat up, Lisbon walked over and hugged Jane, the urge unable to be resisted. They stood there, shivering in each other's arms, trying to get any body heat that the other possessed. Jane's skin was cold to the touch, but she could still feel the heat radiating from his fever. The bathroom slowly started to steam as the water heated, and soon they moved into the shower, returning to the same position.

They both stood there, clutching each other under the hot water.

Soon their shivering had died down and they both relaxed into each other. Their arms were wrapped tightly around each other, and her head was tucked securely under his chin.

Lisbon felt Jane tense as another gurgle reverberated from his stomach. He hiccupped, then burped, before he groaned.

"Maybe we should get dressed…" Lisbon said cautiously. She had no real intention of getting puked on, and if he were to get out of the shower and throw up in the toilet, he would just get cold again.

He nodded. He could feel his stomach beginning to reject him. There was a burning sensation at the top of his belly, and it was really beginning to bother him. This was not going to end well.

Lisbon turned off the water, grabbed a towel and stepped out of the bathroom. Jane took this as a sign that he should get dressed in her absence. He had managed to get a dry pair of boxers and his pajama bottoms on before he once again, lost the battle. He ran for the toilet, collapsing in front of it into a spasm of painful heaves.

Like before, he felt a small hand on his back, trying to offer him some comfort. All of his breath was knocked out of him, as the next heave racked through his body. He couldn't remember vomiting ever being this painful, he felt as if he was bringing up his entire stomach.

Jane heard Lisbon gasp. He heaved again, this time not bringing anything up. Blindly, he reached out for the toilet paper, to wipe his streaming eyes and nose.

"Jane. Jane, please open your eyes."

He could hear the fear in Lisbon's voice. He only had a stomach bug. Nothing to worry about. He opened his eyes to reassure her, when something red caught his eye. He looked into the toilet to see a spray of red.


"Jane, come on. I'm taking you to the hospital."

"No. Please. I'm ok." He rasped.

"Jane you've been sick for nearly a week, and you're throwing up blood. Unless you have a good explanation…"

"Teresa… please. Not tonight. I'm too tired… Tomorrow… if I have to."

Lisbon shut the toilet lid and flushed. She reached out and place the back of her hand on his forehead.

"I'm getting the thermometer."

Jane didn't even have time to argue, before he saw her back retreating through the door.

"I seem to be doing this a lot with you lately." She popped the device into his mouth. The device beeped after a minute.

"Jane… it's 103.4. Seriously… please let me take you to a hospital." She was starting to feel exasperated. She knew he hated hospitals, but she couldn't understand why he wouldn't let her take him to be treated.

He shook his head.

"If I still feel sick tomorrow, then you can take me. But you've just got warm and dry, I'll be ok."

Lisbon moved to sit by him.

"Jane. Something could be seriously wrong. You shouldn't vomit blood. Your fever shouldn't be so high." She paused, trying to decide if she wanted to add her thoughts. She decided she would try anything. "I'm really starting to worry about you."

Jane looked up at her then, her eyes were starting to brim with tears. He tried to look reassuringly at her.

"All I need is a good night's sleep."

Lisbon cursed in frustration.

"Damn you, you stubborn man!"

Jane chuckled weakly.

"If your temperature gets over 104, I'm making the call. With or without your approval."

Jane winced. She was using her boss tone. He hated it when she pulled the Agent Lisbon card.

"Fine." He pouted.

Lisbon knew she could get her way now, but she didn't want to breach his trust. She would be keeping an eye on his temp and if his condition seemed to worsen, she would make the call anyway.

"Come on Jane, let's get you off the floor and into bed."

He nodded in approval.

She pulled him up, careful to support him when he was upright. She knew he was dizzy. She guided him to the bedroom, where she pulled back the sheets, and eased him onto the bed.

"My shirt…"

"You'll be fine without it… especially if you don't want your fever to spike any higher."

He nodded, too tired to care. She helped him lay back onto the pillows, cringing slightly as he winced in pain. She pulled the covers up and tucked him in.

"I'll be back in a second."

She didn't wait for his response. She went into the laundry room, searching through the broom cupboard. She returned to the room with a bucket, which she placed on the floor beside him.

"Just in case."

He nodded, no amount of humor in his face.

Lisbon made her way to the other side of the bed, turning on her bedside lamp. She left the room, turning off the main light as she went, and made her way to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and splashed her face with warm water, trying to calm herself down a little. She really hoped that it wouldn't come to having to call 911. He was going through enough.

She sighed and made her way back to the bedroom, closing the door quietly behind her. Jane was curled up in the foetal position, his arms wrapped around himself.

Lisbon crawled into her side of the bed. She tried to relax Jane a bit by rubbing his back. After a few minutes, she decided to try a new tactic.

"Jane, roll onto your back."

"Why?" he half moaned.

"Because, I want to try something."

Jane rolled onto his back, groaning as he went.

Lisbon tucked an arm under his neck, pulling him onto her chest. She used one arm to stroke his curls, and the other to make small circles on his stomach. He sighed in satisfaction.

"Jane, you feel really bloated."


Lisbon sighed and reached over to turn the bedside light off. She snuggled back down, readjusting Jane on her chest. She returned her hand to his belly, rubbing in a circular motion.

She felt Jane relax against her a few moments later. Knowing he was finally in some sort of slumber, she let herself be succumbed into a light sleep.


She was woken by the sound of gagging. Turning over she turned the bedside light on. Jane was leaning over the bed, clasping the bucket and shaking in a fit of painful spasms. Lisbon crawled out of bed so she was sitting next to him. Again, she started rubbing his back. He was vomiting blood again.


He let out one last racking heave and sat back on the bed, leaning against the wall with his eyes closed.


No response.

She reached out and touch his forehead. He was burning to the touch.


Jane crack his eyes open and gave her a small, weak smile.

"Jane… what do I do?" she was really frightened now.

She never received an answer, because his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he let the sickness take hold of him.

"Oh my god."

She grabbed her cell phone off of the bedside table and dialed 911. She gave them his name and condition, as well as spouting off the motel they were staying at. The lady on the other end, disconnected the call, telling her they would be there very soon. After she hung up the phone, she got to work, doing her best to wake him.

"Come on Jane! Don't do this!" she said sternly.

No response.

She shook his shoulder, trying to get him to wake up.

No response.

"Please?" she whispered, as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

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