"Jane! Great news." Lisbon walked into the white room with a look of excitement on her face. Jane looked up from his Sudoku puzzle, taking note of the happiness in Lisbon's voice.

"Are they gonna let me out?" he asked hopefully.

Lisbon's face fell slightly.

"No, I'm sorry Jane, not yet."

Jane looked away, upset. He had been in this hell-hole for the past three days and he was getting frustrated. They had cocktailed him with antibiotics, and he was still on regular amounts of painkillers. It had been nearly five days since either he or Lisbon had seen Greer, and he felt as if he had abandoned her. He had talked to her on the phone a couple of times, and she had sounded worried and upset. She was scared because he was so sick, but Jane also knew better. She was scared he wasn't going to be out in time… that she wasn't going to get to say goodbye.

"Jane?" Lisbon asked, causing him to look up at her. She paused for a moment. "Don't you want to know what my good news is?"

"Oh right, yes sorry Lisbon… what's happened?" Jane asked tiredly.

Lisbon sat down on the side of his bed. It had become habit, them being close to each other. It calmed both of them down.

"I talked to your doctor… and he's agreed to transfer you back to Sacramento!"

Jane's eyes locked with hers as he felt his heart swelled with happiness. He knew she had been up to something the last day or two, but she wouldn't tell him what it was.

"Oh, Teresa… thank you." He reached out and grabbed her hand.

They sat there, staring silently into each other's eyes, when someone knocked on the door.

"Mr Jane, you have a visitor."

The pair looked up to see his nurse standing in his doorway.

"Send them in Jessie." Jane replied slightly confused. He had no idea who would come and visit, only the team and Greer knew he was here, and they were in Sacramento.

Jessie disappeared out the door, and moments later, Jane heard a familiar click of heels, coming towards his room.

"Oh, no." he breathed.

Lisbon looked at Jane momentarily confused, until she heard a memorable voice, emit from the doorway.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?"

Lisbon tightened her hold on Jane's hand and looked up, confirming the identity of the voice.


She walked purposefully into the room.

"Would you excuse us please." She said dismissively, directing her gaze at Lisbon. "I need to speak with Patrick alone."

Lisbon looked worriedly at Jane, he nodded, signalling that it was ok. Lisbon leant forward and gave Jane a kiss on the forehead before retreating out the door. She pointedly gave Tracy a dirty look as she walked past.

Tracy smiled at her retreating back.

"Feisty one you've got there Patty. Better be careful the cat doesn't bite your tongue."

Jane ignored her comment, instead he busied himself with sitting up in bed, so he had a better angle to glare at her.

"What do you want Tracy?"

"No need to be unkind, Patrick."

She made her way further into the room, advancing on Jane. She leant forward and propped his pillows up a little more for him, and tried to cup his cheek. He leant away from her touch.

She snatched her hand back, the glint in her eyes turning dangerous.

"You let her touch you."

Jane shrugged. "I trust her. You on the other hand… I don't even think that word lies within your vocabulary anymore."

Tracy scoffed at him and took a seat on the chair beside his bed.

"You really are selfish, aren't you Patty. Always have been, it was always about you."

"Excuse me?"

"Your daughter is lying in a hospital bed, seven hours away, and you go and stress yourself out and end up in hospital. Your always thinking of yourself!"

Jane looked at her awestruck.

"You're saying it's my fault that I'm in hospital? Really? Because I actually want to be in here? You're far more daft than I ever thought possible."

"And yet here we are."

Jane looked like he might slap her. He certainly wanted to, he wanted to try to knock some sense into this cheap imitation of the woman she used to be.

"Yes. Here we are." He made a point of looking directly into her eyes, trying to show that he could be as dangerous as she. "Tell me Tracy, why is it you're here? Why aren't you at home by Greer's side?"

Tracy sighed.

"She's missed you. I came down here to try convince your doctors to transfer you."

"Well, if you thought to call, you would have learnt that Teresa has already organised that. I'm being transferred within the hour."

Tracy looked blankly at him.


"Yeah, oh."

Jane watched as Tracy's eyes turned venomous. She stared at him, as if she were a snake, ready to pounce.

"She is my daughter. I'm the one who's been there, and yet she would rather have you by her bedside than me. Why is that, do you think?"

"Possibly because I've actually given her the time of day! You're more interested in what motel you're staying at. You don't really care, all you're concerned about is how this is affecting your life!"

Jane heard a crack and felt the sting on his cheek before he had even registered her movements. He brought a hand up to his jaw, rubbing his reddening cheek. He glanced up at her, she was seething mad, her heavily makeuped face taking a deadly tone.

"How dare you!"

"Tracy, I taught you everything you know. I can tell when you're putting on an act, and from your reaction, I can see you've hit home."

Tracy scowled at him.

"She is my daughter, my responsibility. And… and you can stay the hell away from her!"

Jane looked up at her in horror.

"Yes! that's right!" her voice had taken a tone of hysteria. "When you get back to Sacramento, I will be making a point that you do not enter her room!"

"You can't do that!" he was shouting now, his own voice taking a role of panic. "You kept her from me! She would have been my responsibility too, if I had have known she even existed!"

He was getting really worked up now. He was starting to feel the burning sensation at the top of his abdomen again. He brought a hand to his stomach and scrunched is face in pain.

He opened his eyes to see Tracy standing over him, she was smiling victoriously.

He felt hatred wash over him. She had planned this. She had been trying to work him up from the beginning, trying to keep him here longer.

"You can't… do this!" he panted though the pain. He doubled over into the foetal position, letting out a sharp moan.

"What's going on in here?"

Jessie had returned to take Jane's vitals, and had walked in on the scene. She had caught a glimpse of Tracy's smiling face before making her appearance known, now the woman's features had turned impassive with worry. Jessie could tell from the look on Jane's face that he wanted the visitor out!

"Excuse me ma'am, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave." Jessie said forcefully as she made her way over to comfort her patient. "Patrick, I need you to calm down!" she said rubbing his shoulder. She turned back over her shoulder to look at Tracy. "Now, if you don't mind."

She received a dirty look from the visitor, and smiled, knowing she had pissed off someone, who had worked up her patient.

"What happened Patrick?" she asked, once she had heard her heels click out the door.

Jane was still in the foetal position, his arms wrapped around himself.

"Bloody woman… said I couldn't… see Greer." He mumbled through strangled breaths.

Jessie had heard all about Greer over the past few days, and she knew that he was desperate to get back to her.

"Patrick, I'm going to get you some morphine, and then we can talk, ok?"

Jane nodded and she quickly left. He quite liked the nurse. When Lisbon went to get herself some food, or take a shower, Jessie would come and visit between rounds and they would talk. Jane had found her to be both an excellent listener, as well as an orator.

She returned a few moments later with a syringe, and injected the painkiller into his IV.

Lisbon arrived with two Styrofoam cups, to see Jessie injecting something in a pain stricken Jane. She rushed to his side, placing the cups on the table.

"What happened?" she asked, stroking the side of Jane's face.

"He was just about to tell me." Jessie answered. "Just give him a couple of seconds for the morphine to kick in."

Lisbon nodded and took a seat. She had grown fond of the nurse. She wouldn't have been able to get through this in once piece without her. It gave her piece of mind to know that Jane was in capable hands whenever she had to leave his side.

"Jane?" she coaxed.

"It was Tracy… she said I wasn't allowed to see Greer. Said I wasn't allowed to enter her room."

Jane looked away miserably.

"But Patrick…" Jessie said, a slight mischievous twinkle in her eye. "You'll have your own room."

"Yes… what's your point?"

"Well, there's nothing stopping Greer from seeing you, is there?"

Jane looked like he wanted to hug the girl.

"You're right!"

"I can organise it too." Lisbon said. "The old bitch didn't ban me from seeing her."

Jane grabbed Lisbon's hand and brought it to his mouth. They smiled sweetly at each other.

"An orderly will be in soon, to get you ready for transfer." Jessie said.

Jane nodded and smiled gratefully at the nurse.

"Thank you Jessie, for everything." He said sincerely.

"It's been my pleasure Patrick. You just keep yourself out of trouble."

They smiled at each other.

"Hopefully if I ever see you again, it will be under different circumstances. I don't want to see your face in here again." She chuckled at him.

"Goodbye Jessie." Jane said, eyes twinkling.

"See ya Patrick."


Jane enjoyed the ride back to Sacramento. He was enjoying being out of the horrible hospital gown, and he had come up with a plan. He was sitting in the passenger seat of Lisbon's mustang, as the hospital had allowed her to transfer him. His main reason for still being in the hospital was to ensure he had the full course of antibiotics without side effects, and because his temperature still hadn't come all the way down. He would be admitted for another three days, at least, but he no longer minded. As long as he was in his own room, he could see Greer, and it also gave him time to work on his plan.

He had decided to make a bucket list for Greer. It would be small, nothing too extravagant, because he knew it would just tire both of them out, but it would be special. He had a lot to do, in so little time, but he was enjoying the task.

Before he had left the hospital in Malibu, the doctor had given him strict instructions to stay as stress free as he could, otherwise he would be having a repeat episode of the scene after Tracy.

He turned to look at Lisbon. They were still to kiss properly… one where they were both sober, and actually on the lips. They had had intimate moments, loving kisses to the forehead or hand or cheek, but never the mouth. He could sense Lisbon's uncertainty on the matter, but he was adamant he was going to make her comfortable enough. He wanted a taste of what they could really have. He thought that maybe she had been waiting until he had stopped vomiting, but that had happened days ago, and still no kiss.

He sighed with longing.

"Everything alright there Jane? You feeling ok?"

Jane looked at her and smiled. She had asked this every half an hour since they had left Malibu. He knew she was worried out of her mind, and the Tracy incident hadn't helped at all.

"I'm alright Lisbon. Quit worrying. I'll tell you if something's wrong." He reached out and took her hand in his cherishing the warmth on his cold skin.

"You're cold Jane, let me turn the heating up."

"Lisbon." Jane said seriously. "I'm ok. Just relax."

Lisbon leant back into her seat, eyes on the road.

"I'm sorry Jane. But they really should have taken you in an ambulance. I'll be ok once we make it to Sacramento.


"Why don't you lean back and get some sleep?"

Jane sighed. She was only trying to help. Maybe if he pretended to be asleep she would calm down a little… he was kind of tired anyway.

"Ok." He reclined the chair back a little. "Night." He said relaxing into the chair and closing his eyes.

Lisbon let a small smile play on her lips. She loved watching him sleep, he looked so peaceful.

"Night Jane."


While Jane was getting comfortable in his new room, Lisbon went to visit Greer. They had set up a new IV in his arm, and one of the nurses had bought him in some dry toast. He looked at it in disgust, but he knew he had to eat to take his antibiotics.

He felt slightly jealous of Lisbon getting to see Greer right away. He would give anything to be able to see her. he knew Lisbon was organising it with the oncology department for Greer to come and see him though, and that thought cheered him up somewhat.

He finished his toast and took his cocktail of pills, before relaxing back into the bed. At least the bed here was more comfortable than the one in Malibu. He sighed in content, knowing he would get to see Greer again soon. And because so much had happened since the last time he was in Sacramento. He had gotten sick yes, but he had also managed to fall in love.

No matter what happened, he now knew he had Lisbon by his side, to help him through anything.

He heard voices outside his room, and the rattle of a wheelchair. Then a blonde head popped around the side of his door, a huge grin plastered to her face.

Jane mirrored her smile and sat up in bed.

"Well, this makes for a change." Greer said happily. "It's funny that I'm now the one visiting you."

She wheeled herself to the side of his bed and took his hand in hers.

"Oh dad, what have you done to yourself?"

Jane beamed at the use of the title. He loved it when she called him dad, it made everything feel all the more real. He saw Lisbon standing in the doorway, studying the pair, Greer hadn't noticed her yet.

"Well, I pushed away someone very special to me, and worked myself up into such a state, that I got sick." He had caught Lisbon's eye as he had been saying this. Lisbon smiled, and then left, deciding to leave the pair alone for a while.

"But you'll be ok? Right?"

Jane knew there was a deeper meaning to her question, but decided not to address it upfront.

"I will be ok, as long as Teresa is around to look after me."

Greer grinned at this.

"First name basis now ae?"

Jane blushed.

"Well, we came to some certain… revelations over the past week. It seems the young Teresa and I, have fallen head over heels."

Greer smiled triumphantly, her eyes widening.

"I knew it! I knew there was more than that friendship babble you two were going on about!"

Jane laughed.

"You know you probably knew before the two of us did."

"Of course I did! You guys were seriously blind… or in denial."

"Or both." Jane finished.

Greer's smile faltered. Jane noticed her sudden mood change and looked anxiously into her eyes.

"What's wrong Greer?"

She fidgeted with her hands nervously.

"Teresa said you had a fight with my mom."

Jane sighed and relaxed back into the bed.

"She told me I wasn't allowed to see you. That's why you had to come to me."

Greer nodded, looking angry.

"That's not her decision to make. I came to find you, you're my father, she can't decide who I can and can't see!"

"Greer, honey, calm down."

"I'll calm down once I've talked to her. You're my father, you have every right to be able to come and see me."

Jane smiled at her determination.

"Leave it to me, I'll even make her apologize, if you like?"

"No, that's ok, just a free passage to see my daughter."

He suddenly felt a sharp sting at the top of his stomach and pulled in a sharp intake of breath. Greer, noticing his pain started to worry.

"Are you ok? Do you need a nurse? Can I get you anything?" she asked frantically.

Jane almost laughed. He exhaled slowly as the pain subsided.

"You're just as bad as Lisbon."

Greer looked at him with mock offense.

"Are you ok though?"

"Yeah. Just need these damn antibiotics to work faster."

Greer sat back in her seat.

"Did they say what actually caused it?"

"A build up of stress, not eating properly, and I also had a bacterial infection that flared up. They said the bacteria is passed through water, and living as a carny, I didn't always have access to clean water."

Greer nodded.

"Do you know how long you're gonna be in here for?"

Jane shook his head.

"They said a couple of days, but after what happened at the hospital before I left, it may be longer."

"What happened?"

Jane looked guiltily at her. He didn't like making her mother out to be the bad guy… as much as she was.

"After your mother and I fought, I stressed and induced an episode. I had to have a dose of morphine for the first time in days. It was a bit of a setback."

Greer stared furiously at the floor.

"When she gets back…"

Jane chuckled at her high spirit. She really did remind him of Lisbon.

They heard the sound of footsteps and a nurse poked her head around the door.

"Time for you to go back to your room Greer, let Mr Jane get his rest."

Greer nodded at the nurse, and stood up on shaky legs to give Jane a hug.

"I'll come back and see you soon."

He smiled, returning the embrace.

"I'd like that Greer."

She sat back in her wheelchair and the nurse came over the take her back to the oncology ward.

"I love you dad."

Jane felt happiness rush through him.

"I love you too kiddo."

He watched her disappear into the corridor, feeling like a new man.

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