(Greer's POV)

Patrick had been discharged from hospital in Sacramento a few days ago. It was Thursday night and Greer was lying in her hospital room, enveloped in the silence. While Patrick had been in the hospital, she had spent most of her time, lazing about in the arm chair beside his bed. They had managed to play about forty games of chess, most of them she had won.. but she was guessing he had let her. It was almost as if he was making up for all those lost years of letting her win snakes and ladders. But since he had been discharged, she hadn't really seen much of him… or Teresa… come to think of it, she hadn't really seen much of anyone since his departure.

So here she was, lying in bed, hooked up to different wires, completely and utterly bored. There was no longer talk of her being discharged. The nurses had begun to act extra nice to her, some even slipping an extra chocolate pudding onto her tray. She could feel herself deteriorating by the minute. She could almost feel the strength seeping out of her veins with every passing moment. Her time was running short.

It made her sad to think that she wouldn't get to see Patrick and Teresa get married… she smiled at the thought. Well, ok marriage did seem a little far into the future… but there was just so much she was going to miss out on.

Greer rolled on her side, in search of a more interesting spot on the wall to stare at. She hated feeling sorry for herself. But in moments like these, when she was alone, sometimes it felt nice to wallow in her own self pity.

She closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep when she heard a low click as the nurse entered into her room to administer her sleep and pain meds. She let the nurse leave, before whispering a small prayer for her friends and family, and finally drifting off to sleep.


Greer woke up on Friday morning, to sunlight pouring into her room. Someone had pulled to curtains on her.

"Urgh… what the..?"

She brought her hands up to her face, shielding her eyes from the sun. Patrick was standing by the window, a mischievous smile playing on his face.

"Come on lazy bones, get up."

"What..? Why?" Greer moaned.

Jane chuckled slightly.

"Good to see you truly are like every other lazy teenager on the planet." He chuckled.

"What time is it?"

She saw him check his watch.

"It's past ten, now come on, get up! We're going to the beach!" he smiled dazzlingly at her.

"What do you mean we're going to the beach? I'm not allowed to leave this hospital without my doctors permission."

Jane clapped his hands together.

"Ahh, glad we got to that.." he produced a piece of paper from his jacket pocket. "Freshly signed… so… Get up!"

Greer looked suspiciously at him.

"You're planning something ridiculous… I can see the madness in your eyes."

"Oh come on…" he whined, "Don't make me get Agent Lisbon in here!"

Greer chuckled.

"Fine, you win, I'm up, I'm up."

"Goodly, I'll go and get a nurse to come and take those pointy things out of your arms."

Greer rolled her eyes as he ran out of the room.

Slowly she sat up, taking care to stretch every part of her body as she went. She was allowed to go outside! Even better, she was allowed to go to the beach! Just the thought of being able to lie there in the sun made her swell with happiness.

Within the hour, she was ready to leave. Patrick wheeled her out to the front, saying that Teresa was waiting in the car for them. But when she got to the car, Teresa wasn't the only person waiting for her. Her two best friends from Michigan were sitting there, beaming excitedly at her.

"Oh my God." She whispered. She looked up at Jane, and then back to her friends. He helped her out of her chair as her friends ran up to her.


"Oh my god! Olivia, Ashley! What are you doing here?" she screamed as she embraced both of her friends.

"Well, your father here arranged for us to be flown in.. said he was arranging something special for you." Ashley answered with a knowing look.

"What's that look for?" Greer asked with a questioning tone.

"Come on girls, we have all day to catch up, get in the car… we're burning daylight!" Jane cut in.

Greer moved towards the car, aided by her friends. As she reached the SUV, she noticed Lisbon sitting in the driver's seat.

"Hey Teresa! How's it going?" she asked cheerfully.

"Pretty good thanks Greer… but seriously.. get your skinny butt in the car before I leave without you!"

Greer giggled, but got in the car all the same.

The trip to the beach was spent mostly with the girls catching up. Greer asked the twins how everyone at school was, and her friends hounded her on why she didn't tell them she had found her father.

"It was kind of a spur in the moment thing."

"But come on Greer, we've known forever that you've been trying to find him.. you should have told us!"

"I know… but hey.. it really has been an adventure."

"So we hear…"

"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked, eyeing the back of Jane's head suspiciously.

"Well, we heard that within the first few hours of being here you were arrested."

Greer heard Lisbon splutter in the driver's seat, followed by a sharp thud to Jane's shoulder.

"Dad? You been telling stories again?" Greer asked Jane.

"Never… why would you say that?"

Both Greer and Lisbon laughed at him.


"Nothing nothing…" they replied in unison.


It was a lovely day at the beach. There were many families who had pulled their kids out of school to enjoy the day, and the sand was just littered with towels and picnic baskets. The sun had managed to warm both the water and the sand. Greer stretched out on her towel. Soaking up the rays was the most important thing to her at the moment, and she really didn't want to waste all of her energy in the water. Olivia and Ashley had run ahead to the water, and Patrick and Teresa were busying themselves making a sandcastle. Lying there in the sun, surrounded by people who truly love her, Greer felt massively blessed. She would be sad when the twins had to leave, exams were coming up and their flight was scheduled to leave mid afternoon.

She was broken out of whatever reverie she was in, by the twins joining her, shaking salt water onto her sun warmed body.

"So? What's the deal with those two?" Ashley asked, directing her gaze towards Teresa and Patrick.

Greer chuckled. So they had noticed it too?

"It's a growing thing." She replied with a small laugh. "It seemed for a long time that everyone seemed to know they were I love, except them. Their revelations of their feelings for each other is a recent thing." Greer smiled at her earlier thought of them one day walking down the aisle together. "They make each other happy."

The twins looked at her apprehensively, cutting her out of her happy daydream.


"We know that it's not really the right time…" Ashley said.

"But we really need to know…" Olivia continued.

"Know what?" Greer asked.

They both hesitated.

"Come on guys, just ask."

"How much longer do you have left?"

Greer sighed. She knew this had been coming. It had only been a matter of time, and their stay was drawing to a close.

"A couple of weeks… maybe less" Greer answered quietly.

"I really wish you had have let us be there for you more." Olivia said sadly.

Greer felt her heart constrict.

"I know that, but see, at least you guys have gotten used to me not being around… it wouldn't have been quite so… sudden for you."

"But Greer, we would have gotten more used to the idea… you seem to be ok with it now. I don't like the fact that you've had to go through this alone."

Greer looked out at the ocean, avoiding eye contact.

"At least one good thing has come of this though…"

"What would that be?" Greer asked, although she already know the answer.

"You got to meet your father, and it seems to helped to hopeless souls fall in love too."

Greer smiled, watching Patrick and Teresa making the sand castle.

"Yeah, at least, when I go, I'll know that I've set them up for life… and not just in that way. At least now they will have each other to lean on, rather than just depending on themselves all the time."

Greer saw Patrick smile softly, even though his head was bent slightly in his task, she knew he had heard her.


Lisbon took Greer out to lunch, while Jane taxied the twins back to the airport. After a few tear stricken goodbyes, Greer watched the taxi disappear around the corner. Lisbon place a hand on her shoulder.

"Are you ok?" she asked her as Greer dried her face.

"Yeah… I'm just not very good at goodbyes."

"Not very many of us are." Lisbon replied with a small smile. "Now, where would you like to go for lunch?"

Greer smiled sheepishly at her.

"I could really go for a cheeseburger."

Lisbon chuckled in response.

"Well, McDonalds it is."

They ordered their food, and settled in a booth.

"Thank you for today Teresa. This has been amazing." Greer said before popping another French fry in her mouth.

"Well, you can thank me when it's over." Lisbon said.

"What? You mean there's more?"

Lisbon smiled.

"The day's not even half over yet dear."

"What else are we doing?" Greer asked, unable to contain her excitement.

Lisbon truly laughed at her this time.

"You're just going to have to wait and find out."

Greer huffed, but said nothing more.

They sat there in companionable silence for a little while longer, before Greer couldn't resist the urge any longer.

"So… Teresa… how's Patrick?" she asked mischievously.

Lisbon rolled her eyes.

"I was wondering when this was going to come up."

"Well, you owe it to me to tell me!" Greer giggled.

"Oh, and how do you get that?" Lisbon asked.

"Well, seeing as I seemed to know before either of you did, I think it's only fair that you update me."

Lisbon shook her head.

"Teenagers." She muttered.

Greer laughed, setting her food aside. She hadn't really eaten much, but her appetite had seemed to have disappeared over the last couple of days.

"Well..?" Greer pressed.

"Well what? There's not really a whole lot to tell. Things are going slow.. we acknowledge it now, but things are still pretty much the same."

"What do you mean the same?" Greer questioned.

"Well, it's not like.. there's any… physical things happening…" Lisbon paused. "Greer I don't really feel comfortable discussing this with you."

"Ew.. Teresa… I don't need to know that… I just wanted to know if you guys are happy..?"

Greer felt her cheeks burn red and was happy to look up and see the same tinge to Teresa's cheeks.

"Yeah… right. Sorry." Teresa fumbled. "Yeah, we're happy. He's kinda invited himself to live with me lately… it's good, it saves the awkward steps of asking."

"That's good Teresa.. I'm glad. How is he though? Is he getting better?"

Lisbon finished the last of her meal and started on Greer's chips. She was worried about her not eating, but didn't want to say anything about it. Why make a big deal out of the elephant in the room?

"Yeah, he's still not a hundred, but he is doing so much better than initially… wow it's amazing to think that it was a week ago that he was first admitted. It seems like so long ago…"

"So much has happened since then… right?" Greer finished.

Teresa nodded.

Lisbon looked at her watch.

"Right, let's get you dressed, your father will be here to pick you up soon."

Greer eyes Lisbon suspiciously but followed her all the same.


(Jane's POV)

By the time Jane had dropped the girls off at the airport and made his way to the agreed meeting place, Greer was fed, and dressed in a new black dress. He greeted them both with a smile and lead Greer to the car. He said goodbye to Lisbon and hopped in beside her.

"Isn't Teresa coming with us? Wherever we're going." Greer asked as he pulled out into open traffic.

"No, she has some other things to organise." Jane replied, with a twinkle in his eye.

"Where are we going?" Greer tried.

"You'll see." Jane replied seriously. That's all she got for the rest of the journey.

They pulled up outside of the theatre, where the posters billboarded "Cats".

"The theatre? Your taking me to the theatre?" Greer's eyes lit up.

"Well yeah.. I saw how much you enjoyed Chicago that time, and I thought it would be great for you to see it up front."

"I've always wanted to go to the theatre! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" she reached over and hugged him. Jane, a little taken aback on how right he had been, returned the embrace with a smile.

"Shall we?"

Greer nodded and he got out and raced around to help her out of the car.

During the show, Jane felt himself more interested in watching Greer's reaction to the show. She was completely drawn to the show, a huge grin plastered on her face the entire time. When the final curtains fell, Greer was the first to her feet in the standing ovation.

Jane lead Greer out to the front, where they were greeted with a white horse and carefully decorated carriage. He heard Greer exhale as the sandy haired boy came into view. Standing in front of the carriage, with a single red rose, was Danny, the boy from the carnival.

Greer ran a nervous hand through her short hair. The last time she had seen him she had had long hair, not this short fuzz. Jane, sensing her discomfort bent down to whisper in her ear.

"He knows. He wanted to be a part of this, so we decided we would organise a real date for you."

Greer looked up at Jane. She saw how much her really loved her as his daughter, and for that moment, she was really glad she came. It was one of the first times she didn't feel guilty for burdening her sickness on him. He loved her just the way she was, and nothing was going to ruin that for her. She reached up and hugged Jane.

"Thank you so much for this… I… I couldn't possibly tell you how much this means to me." She whispered into his ear.

Jane smiled.

"You're most welcome… now go and have some fun."

He watched as Greer walked off towards Danny. Danny gave her the rose and a kiss on the cheek, before helping her into the carriage.

"Cheeky bugger."Jane said to himself as he watched Danny put his arm around her.


(Greer's POV)

It was starting to get dark. The carriage took them towards a small clearing. Even from a distance Greer could see the lights. Displayed in the trees about a hundred metres away, were thousands of tiny fairy lights. As they came closer to the clearing, Greer made out a little table, made up with a white table cloth, candles, sliver wear… the lot. They had really gone all out on this one. To the side she could see Teresa and Jane, dressed as waiters.

The carriage pulled to a stop and she groaned when Danny's warmth moved to help her out of the carriage. He chuckled slightly at her and lifted her to the ground.

They made their way, hand in hand, over to the table where Jane was waiting for them.

Danny pulled her chair out for her and she chuckled slightly as she sat down.

"What?" Danny asked smiling at her.

"I thought they only did this sort of thing in movies."

Danny chuckled.

"I'm from a carnival remember, I've grown up with all of this cheesiness."

"Well I see where you get that from then." Greer heard Teresa mutter to Patrick.

She giggled, watching them both advance further towards them with dinner plates.

"Dinner is served." Patrick said theatrically as they placed the plates down.


(Jane's POV)

Jane and Lisbon stayed to the side, sitting on a park bench while the teenagers ate. It really had been a successful day. Neither one of them had ever seen Greer look so happy. Jane reached out and took Teresa's hand in his own. It was about time he got that damn kiss.

"Thank you so much for helping me with today… I couldn't have done it without you."

"That's ok Jane. it was my pleasure."

Lisbon smiled warmly at him.

"You know what Teresa… that's not all I have to say thank you about. You have really been my rock in all of this. I would be dead in a gutter somewhere if it wasn't for you… and I'm not just talking about the last couple of weeks. You truly have been everything I have needed, as I've needed it. You've been my boss, my colleague, my friend. You're my soul-mate Teresa Lisbon and I love you… so very much."

He watched as Lisbon's eyes started to glisten.

"What you got something in your eye there?" he asked gently, his heart not really in the joke.

"I love you too Patrick Jane." Lisbon said, completely ignoring his sarcastic remark.

They both leant in slowly, wanting to savour the moment. As their lips touched, they both felt a zip of electricity zap through their lips. They pulled away after a moment, looking lovingly into each other eyes. Lisbon leant in again, this time with more force. She brought her hand up and ran her fingers through his hair. Jane ran his tongue over her bottom lip, begging entry. She parted her lips, granting him access to her tongue.

Jane pulled her up so she was sitting on his lap. After a few more moments, they pulled away, both slightly breathless.


They looked over to see Greer and Danny watching them. Jane felt himself go red in the face.

"God, I feel like a teenager who just been caught by their parents playing tonsil hockey or something." Lisbon said through embarrassed giggles.

"Tonsil hockey?" Jane asked, mildly confused.

Lisbon chuckled.

"Think about it Jane. It doesn't take a mentalist to figure that one out."


They drove Greer back to the hospital in time for her curfew. Danny had taken the horse and carriage back to the carnival.

"Thank you so much for today guys. I actually felt half normal." Greer said as she got herself situated in her hospital room.

"Really? You should NEVER feel normal when you're around us!" Jane replied with a smirk. "But you are still most welcome. I'm glad you had a great day."

"You deserve a bit of happiness Greer, when you've given us so much of it yourself." Lisbon said to her.

"We'll come back and see you tomorrow kiddo." Jane said as he leant down and planted a kiss on her forehead.

"Get some rest." Lisbon added before she hugged her in turn.

"Night guys. I love you."

"Love you too Greer." They both replied.

Jane and Lisbon left the room hand in hand, deciding silently, that now would be a great time to go home.

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