Jane was broken out of his reverie by the phone ringing.

"Van Pelt." Grace answered. She listened for a moment before replying. "Ok. We'll be right there." She hung up the phone. "New case. Woman found dead outside a coffee shop."

"Ok guys," Lisbon said, switching into boss mode. "You three go on ahead, me and Jane will follow shortly."

Greer stepped back into the room, just as Lisbon had finished giving her orders and the rest of the team had left. Patrick got up and walked over to where Lisbon was standing. He leant in so he could whisper in her ear.

"What about Greer?"

"What about her?"

"Well, if she is who she says she is, I want to keep her close. If I have just found out about her, Red John surely can't be far behind." He paused, passing a little of his grief onto Lisbon, as he said the name and remembered that horrible night. She shuddered slightly. "If she is an imposter," Jane continued, "wouldn't it make sense to keep an eye on her? Deny her what she's truly after?"

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense." She replied, the pitch of her voice raising a little. "But you're on babysitting duty. Keep her out of trouble. If anything goes wrong Jane, so help me… it will be your pretty little neck on the line."

"Thank you Lisbon." He said. A mischievous grin started splaying across his face.

"What Jane?"

"You think I'm pretty!" He reached out and grabbed her shoulder. "Aww Lisbon! You think I'm pretty!"

"Jaane…" Lisbon complained.

"Hey you said it. And you know you can't deny a pretty man. I'm just too adorable." He ran off in the direction of Greer, leaving Lisbon dumfoundedly looking after him. She sighed as she stood, watching them. Jane was telling Greer that a new case had come up, causing them to have to leave the CBI.

"I think it's best if you come along with us." Jane said. He didn't want to tell her either of his reasons why. But if she really was his daughter, he wasn't sure how much she knew about his life. He wasn't even sure if she knew about Red John. "It'll be boring here anyway, and besides, it could give us an opportunity to get to know one another a little better."

Greer beamed at him. "I'd like that." She said. "Oh, here." She said handing Jane his phone back.

"How did she take it?" Jane asked.

"Not well. But I convinced her that I am fine and I'll be careful. I'll just have to ring every hour on the hour… otherwise she'll think you've sucked me into your bad habits." Greer smiled at him. She has his teeth. She just looks so much like him. how could she not be his daughter? Lisbon made her way over to where they were standing.

Greer directed her gaze at Lisbon. "Are you sure this is ok?"

Lisbon sighed. She has a niece around this age, and she knows what teenagers are capable of. But Jane was right. They had to keep her safe, and keep an eye on her.

"Yes its fine with me. Just don't go wondering off… and stay out of trouble. Both of you." She added looking at Jane as well.

"You can't deny me Lisbon!" Jane called over as his shoulder as he made his way to the elevator, "You can never deny a pretty man."

Lisbon scowled at him. He irked her. He always had, and most probably always would. Sure she cared for the man. God, when he was attacked and nearly drowned she had just about lost it. He was an amazing friend and she couldn't live without him… but sometimes she really wished she could learn how to.

When Lisbon reached the SUV, the front passenger seat was empty. She looked in the back to find Jane and Greer in the back chatting away. She couldn't help but feel a little jealous. There was a wee thought niggling the back of her mind. She had been left alone… again. She had always been able to count on Jane to sit passenger side up with her, and then someone else comes along into his life, and she is left to chauffer. Why couldn't someone come into her life for once? She got into the driver's seat with a sigh of remorse.

"What's wrong Lisbon?" Jane asked from the back, who was in the middle of showing Greer a magic trick.

"Nothing. Why would there be anything the matter with me? I'm perfectly fine."

"You're reply was defensive and you have a little line between your eyes, showing stress or resentment." Greer replied, taking both Jane an Lisbon by surprise.

"Excuse me?" Lisbon stated.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I sometimes forget. I kinda say things without thinking. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude." Greer bit her lip and sunk back into the seat.

"How did you do that?" Jane asked.

Greer hesitated.

"Well it was quite obvious. Her tone was uptight and you could visibly see the line?"

"True… but usually I'm the only one who can read Lisbon."

"Oh… I… I'm sorry." Greer stuttered.

"Hey! Don't be sorry! It was quite… remarkable."

"Could you please stop talking about me as if I'm not here?"

"Sorry" both Greer and Jane replied in sync. They smirked at each other.

"Good." Lisbon said scowling a little. "Put your seatbelts on. Time to leave."

Jane and Greer put their seatbelts on and Lisbon pulled out of the CBI parking lot. She was really starting to resent Greer a little. Who was she to show up out of nowhere and take all of Jane's attention away? Ok sure she looked like Jane, that was a plausible fact to believe her on, but he had no real proof that she was really related to him. Lisbon cared. She really didn't want to see him get hurt again. He had been through so much. The night that Jane had got his memory back after drowning, still haunts her to the day. She has never in her life seen a man so broken. When he opened the door and saw the deathly red face smiling at him, he hadn't been able to look at her. She had seen him swaying on the spot and had been able to hear the almost silent sobs escape from his mouth.

"I'm sorry" she had whispered.

She had continued to stare at him until he had leant forward and collapsed to the ground. His sobs no longer silent. Lisbon had walked over to where the broken man sat. She hadn't been a hundred percent sure what to do. In the end she bent down and pulled him close to her. He had howled into her shoulder for almost an hour. She had just sat there, rubbing his back, not noticing the tears that had been running down her own cheeks. They had never spoken of that night again, but Lisbon felt something stronger inside her, growing for Patrick Jane. Thinking about that night still made her chest ache a little.

A loud spluttering sound shook her out of her thoughts.

"Greer? Are you alright?" Lisbon could hear the concern in Patrick's voice. Greer seemed to be choking. "Lisbon! Pull over!"

"No! No I'm ok now." Greer said her voice a little raspy. She cleared her throat and coughed once more.

"What was that all about?" Lisbon asked, glancing into the back with her revision mirror.

"Oh… I just had something stuck. I'm ok though." Greer replied.

Patrick sighed with relief.

"Not cool."

Greer lay back against her seat closing her eyes.

Lisbon put her focus back on the road. That didn't sound like a normal cough. Ahh.. she probably has asthma or something.

"We're here." Lisbon said as she pulled into a park.

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