Van Pelt, Rigsby and Cho were sitting at a table in the one of the biggest houses they had ever seen. They were there to talk to the ex husband of the victim, Randall Phillips. Cho sat there staring at Randall, his face completely expressionless. Van Pelt was warming her hands on the outside of her coffee mug, while Rigsby bit into the sandwich the cook had prepared for him.

"Oh! This is good! Thanks."

Van Pelt rolled her eyes and looked at Randall.

"Mr Philip, I'm sorry about your loss, but we had to come and ask you a few questions, in order for us to find out who killed your wife."

Randall looked up, anger penetrated his face.

"She is not my wife.. was.. she was not my wife. She lost the right to that title when the bitch cheated on me."

Van Pelt looked down at her cup, she wasn't sure she really wanted to have this conversation.

"Where were you Tuesday night?" Cho asked when Van Pelt hesitated.

Randall sighed and sat down.

"I was here, reading a book. No one can vouch for me. I let my staff have the night off. I needed to be alone." Randall hung his head, looking at a knot in the wooded table.

"So no one can vouch for you?"

Randall shook his head.

"Did you kill Suzie Philip?" Cho asked, sitting forward. It was a subtle move he had learnt from Lisbon, it scared the suspect to hell.

"What? No! I would never!"

"But she cheated on you." Cho said in his monotone-like voice. "That must have made you angry."

"But I didn't kill her! Yes she cheated on me, but I still loved her. I was angry, but I would never hurt her. I couldn't have."

"Anger can make a man blind."

"I didn't kill her! This is a massive accusation!" Randall stood up and pounded his fist on the table. He hung his head again, trying to compose himself. "I couldn't have, even if I wanted to. She- she was pregnant…"

"But the baby wasn't yours." Cho stated, relaxing back into his chair when he realised Randall wasn't posing any threat.

"N-no. I can't have kids. She came home, and told me she was pregnant. I thought that by some miracle we had finally gotten pregnant. But no. She had been screwing around with some gang member. I don't know why. She had a nice home. I gave her a nice life! She had security. But it was just never enough."

"Do you know the name of the gang member?" Rigsby asked, he had finished his sandwich, so he thought it would be a good time to involve himself in the conversation.

"Someone Harkins? The man's dangerous."

"Joseph Harkins?" Grace asked.

Randall nodded.

"Yeah, Joe Harkins, that sounds about right."

"When you said dangerous… what exactly did you mean?"

"He's part of a gang for crying out loud! I really don't know what Suzie saw in him. She said he had a gun, said he showed her how to use it. She told me he was exciting."

"Well there you go then." Cho said. "Maybe you offered her a little too much security."


The agents got up, getting ready to leave.

"What do you mean I gave her too much security?"

"Thank you for your time Mr Philip. We will contact you if we find anything else out."

Grace was the first out the door, and the first on her cell. If the man was armed, she needed to tell Jane and Lisbon. She also needed to update them on the victims pregnancy.


Jane and Lisbon arrived at Joseph Harkins' house just after twelve noon. His prints had been found on the knife and Lisbon thought she was going there for an easy arrest. Jane on the other hand, thought different.

"He didn't do it."

"Jane, his prints were found on the murder weapon. What more evidence do you need?"

They had got out of the SUV and were making their way towards the front door. They slowed, so they could finish their conversation before entering.

"Well, my dear Lisbon, your prints were found on the magazine of a murder weapon. You didn't do it."

"Yeah. But-"

"It was a crime of passion Lisbon. She obviously irked someone enough for them to kill her, they stood there and watched her die, and from the way the footprint was set, they had been kneeling beside her. Ergo, the killer was either trying to comfort her-feeling remorseful, or wanted to watch the light leave her eyes."

"And that doesn't suit our guy because?" Lisbon asked, rolling her eyes. It was a Jane hunch, and he wouldn't stop until he could prove himself right.

"Look around you, we're in the middle of nowhere. I would almost guarantee if I stood on the corner by myself, I would get mugged before the hour was over. No, killings that go on around these areas are not crimes of passion, they are quick, to the point. Usually about drugs or money, payoffs and such. Our killing was a crime with depth."

They had just reached the front door.

"Well I guess we'll soon find out." She knocked on the door three times. "Open up! CBI!" She knocked again.

"Yeah.. I'm comin', I'm comin'."

There was a click as he unlocked the door, then the man stepped outside. Lisbon looked the man up and down, taking in his scruffy attire. She avoided breathing through her nose, thinking she would regret it if she did.

"Are you Joseph Harkins?" She asked, unconsciously taking a step in front of Jane. This man looked dodgy, and Jane being Jane, who didn't know how to defend himself, would probably be the one to pay for it.

"Who wants to know?" the man huffed.

"I'm Agent Teresa Lisbon, CBI and this is Patrick Jane, our consultant."

"CBwhata?" the man asked.

Lisbon sighed. She went through this process with almost every suspect.

"California Beuro of Investigations. We're here to investigate the murder of Suzie Philip."

"Suzie's dead?" He looked down at his feet. "When? How?"

"She was stabbed the night before last. Mr Harkins, may we come in?"

"Ahh sure." he said standing aside to let them enter.

Joe led them into a small messy room that they took to be the living room. Jane brushed the couch with his hand, trying to clean it somewhat, before taking a seat. Lisbon, on the other hand, remained standing.

"Joseph wh-"

"Joe." Joe said cutting her off.

"Fine. Joe. Where were you Tuesday night." Lisbon asked. She was a little pissed off for being interrupted and the smell of the place was doing nothing to help her headache. She didn't drink last night, thanks to Jane's distractions, but she could already feel the withdrawals.

"You're really asking me this? I only found out a couple of moments ago that she was murdered. What the hell would you need to ask me where I was if I didn't know!"

" Protocol." She answered smoothly. "Are you gonna tell us now? the easy way? Or are we going to have to take you downtown?"

Joe flicked her a dirty look.

"I was out. With the boys."

"You wana elaborate on that a little?"

"We went to a few bars, got drunk walked around a bit, came back here, and pretty much slept where we dropped. I don't remember a whole lot about that night." He chuckled a little. "It's kind of cool what alcohol can do to the mind."

Lisbon shuddered. It was not cool. She had been drinking excessively for a long time now, and even the thought of drinking right now, was making her stomach turn.

"So you don't remember what you did that night" Jane cut in.

"Nah not really" Joe replied, leaning against the wall and putting his hands in his oversized pants pockets.

"So you could have killed her, without even knowing about it?" Lisbon asked.

"I think I would remember something like that." Joe said, his voice taking a defensive tone.

Lisbon stood there, staring at the man, sizing him up in case he decided to try something. The silence was broken by her phone ringing.

"Lisbon." She answered, walking into the other room to take the call.

While Lisbon was talking on the phone, Jane took his opportunity to talk to the man by himself.

"What was you relationship with Mrs Philip?" he asked him, watching Joe size him up.

"We saw each other a couple of times, had a few laughs.."

"But she was a married woman. Why is it she took your interest so much?"

"She said she was unhappy. I wasn't going to deny a willing lady a good time."

Jane sat back in his seat, suddenly very tired. This was starting to remind him of his fling with Tracy. They had been friends, partners in his act. He would do psychic readings on her in public places to draw the crowd's attention, get them believing. He would tell her that she needn't be afraid, that her mother was happy and she was watching over her. Tracy would sob and thank him, telling him he was amazing. The crowd, now immersed in their act, would turn to believers, and Patrick would be able to "sniff" out his next client, through the hope that filled their eyes.

One night after they had had too many drinks, they'd found themselves back in the hotel room, the atmosphere light, but spicy. Neither of them could really register what they were doing, and neither cared. It wasn't until Jane woke up the next morning, the bed empty next to him, that he realised he had lost his best friend. He never saw her again and he never knew why she left him so abruptly.

Lisbon walked back into the room, snapping Jane out of his reverie. Joe was still leaning against the wall, watching Jane.

"She was pregnant. Did you know that Joe?" Lisbon stated as Joe's head snapped up to look at her.


"You were having a relationship with a married woman Joe. That can't have gained either of you many friends. Her husband's sterile. The baby was yours."

"What? Oh shit!"

"Joe, we found your fingerprints on the murder weapon."

"I didn't kill her! I would never have hurt her. Besides, I would have worn gloves. "

"Look, unless you can give us any valid information as to how your prints are on the knife, we are going to have to take you in."

"I wouldn't have used a knife. I would have used a gun. Quick kill. None of that slow torture stuff."

Jane caught Lisbon's eye with an 'I told you so' look on his face. Lisbon sighed.

"We have enough to bring you in Joe, you know that."

"I didn't kill her! Check out my alibi! I wasn't even in that area." Joe huffed. "What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty." He mumbled.

"Fine." Lisbon breathed. "I'll check your alibi, we'll be back tomorrow."

Joe gave Lisbon the names and they got up to leave.

"Don't leave town." Jane said as he walked past him, towards the door.


Once outside, Lisbon breathed a sigh of relief. It was getting late and they still had a long drive back to the CBI. God she really needed a drink. She could almost feel the pull of the addiction, seeping through her veins. Her stomach gurgled in response, sending little waves of nausea sweeping through her body.

"Let's go get ice cream!" Jane said, rubbing his hands together at the idea.

"Jane, it's a long drive and I really want to get back to check his alibi."

"Oh, come on Lisbon! It'll be fun."

He was trying to distract her.

"Jane, please, I'm not actually feeling too well. I want to get back so I can go home and go to bed."

Jane pouted.

She sighed.

"Tomorrow. Ok?"

He smiled a little.

"Ooookaaay." He said drawing the word out like a defeated toddler.


The rest of the ride back was mostly silent. Lisbon was focusing on keeping her stomach in check and fantasizing about the little bottle she had hidden in her office. She would just have one drink to settle her stomach. She would check the alibi and then go home to bed.

They arrived at the CBI and Lisbon said goodnight to Jane, hoping to shake him off fast. But when they got to her office, he followed her in and plonked himself down on her couch.

"Jane? What are you doing?"

"Oh, I like this couch better today."

"Jane." Lisbon said sternly. "What do you want?"

"Please Lisbon. I'm bored."

"I have work to do. And I don't need a babysitter!"

"Oh, come now Lisbon, you won't even know I'm here." He emphasised his statement by laying back and closing his eyes. Lisbon sighed. She really wasn't going to get away from him. Damn she needed a drink. But instead she sat down at her desk and looked at the list of names Joe had given her. Picking one at random, she called the number, to see if Joe could, in fact, be innocent.

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