Lisbon didn't want to get out of bed. Her alarm had gone off ten minutes ago, but she hadn't been able to will herself to get up. This was the second night in a row she hadn't been able to have a drink. Jane had hung around until well past midnight, keeping a possessive eye on her. She couldn't have had a drink when she got home either, she was that close to falling asleep at the wheel on her way home, she knew that bed was the best thing for her.

Joe's alibi's had checked out, she had even managed to ring a couple of the bars they had been at, the keeper confirming Joe and his gang had been there. Her withdrawal symptoms had gotten worse. She was still lying down, knowing that if she sat up, small dizzying dots would pop in front of her eyes, and her stomach would roll dangerously. Today was going to be a very long day.

She lay there a little longer, thinking about calling in sick. But she knew if she did, she would have Jane on her case. He would probably show up at her door, demanding she let him in. She sighed, staring up at the ceiling.

If I get out of bed slowly, maybe nothing will happen..? She thought to herself. Gently, she raised her head off the pillow and sat up. Wrong move. The small movement had her clasping a hand to her mouth and running for the bathroom. She only made it to the bathroom sink before she bent over and started heaving.

Ugh. She collapsed to the ground and leant against the bath.

"This is worse than a fricken hangover." She moaned to herself.

She crawled over to the shower, turning the hot water on, but staying on the floor, letting the water run onto her shaking body. Having a slightly shorter shower than usual- seeing as she was already late, she got out and shrugged some clothes on. She shoved her hair in a ponytail, before applying a quick layer of mascara.

She looked at her appearance and sighed. Jane was going to have a field day. She could already see him badgering her, not leaving her alone. She would try to shake him off, but that would only make him more persistent.

She grabbed a quick coffee, hoping the caffeine fix would help stop the shakes. While waiting for the water to boil, she downed a couple of Tylenol, trying to ease the pounding in her head. She poured the coffee into a takeout mug and headed out the door, breakfast the last thing on her mind. She got into her car and gave her apartment a regretful look. This was going to be a very long day.


Lisbon still managed to arrive at the bullpen before everyone else― excluding Jane.

Damn! She swore to herself. The one person she was hoping to avoid. He was lying on his couch, his eyes closed… hopefully he's still asleep…

"Morning Lisbon!" Jane said cheerfully. He sat up and looked at her, a large smile plastered on his face. His smile faltered when he saw her properly. "Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes." He said, earning himself a dirty look.

Lisbon walked off towards her office, intending on locking her door, but Jane was too fast. With a hop and a skip he was blocking her entrance.

"Jaaane. Please move." She complained. She couldn't be bothered with him right now. "Don't make me hurt you!" She warned when he didn't move. She felt instantly bad for being so harsh, when his eyes softened.

"How are you coping Lisbon? This can't be easy on you."

"I'm fine. I'm just a little tired."

"You said you weren't feeling well yesterday, and your really quite pale today."

She could see that he was genuinely concerned about her. There wasn't a single drop of sarcasm in his voice.

"Ok…" she said giving in. "I have a headache, and a stomach-ache, and I am very tired. I can't sleep properly, I keep having bad dreams." She felt vulnerable.

"Lisbon. They're all symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. You're body is going through some pretty dramatic cravings. Your starving it from the alcohol and that's what's making you feel so low. Have you been sick?" he asked rather tentatively. He had to be careful with this kind of situation. She trusted him, and he didn't want to overstep the boundary.

She looked at the floor.

"Ah… yeah. When I… when I got up this morning."

He could see that she was nervous. Her eyes kept shifting around and she kept changing her weight distribution.

"I know this is hard for you, but you just need to keep at it. It will get easier eventually. And until then, I'm here for moral support or a shoulder to lean on."

"Ah, thanks Jane. Um.. I have work to do.. so.."

"Oh." Jane said moving aside to let her into her office.


They had hit a dead end with the case. Most of Lisbon's morning had been filled with paperwork. As far as she was concerned, Joe Harkins had an airtight alibi, which had put Lisbon at a setback― she really had thought he had been good for it.

Her headache was somewhat stifled from the many painkillers she had taken, but the nausea still crept through her unfed body. She hadn't eaten since breakfast yesterday and her body was really starting to notice the absence of energy. She sighed. She didn't have time to feel sorry for herself, she had a murder to solve. Making sure her emotions were in check, she grabbed a couple of files, and made her way back into the bullpen.

Everyone was all crowded around Jane. Lisbon inwardly sighed. She didn't need this today! She couldn't cope with Jane's tricks at the moment. But as she got closer, it wasn't looks of joy on their faces, but looks of anger, and concern. Jane was speaking in an angry whisper, he looked distressed. He looked up and saw her standing there, and automatically stopped talking.

"What's going on?" Lisbon asked, a little confused.

"Ah, nothing Boss." Van Pelt answered, a little too quickly.

"Oh. Is that right? Because to me it doesn't look like nothing." She folded her arms and glared at her team.

"We were just discussing the case Boss." Van Pelt tried again, in that same unsure voice.

"The case my arse." Lisbon held her hands up over her eyes. "Look, I don't care. Cho, Rigsby, go to the victims workplace, talk to some of her clients and colleagues, see if you can find out any useful information. Jane, we're going to talk to the husband again. Van Pelt, seeing as you can't tell me the truth, you can stay here on desk duty." Grace flinched like she had just been slapped at Lisbon's harsh words. She lowered her head.

"Yes Boss." She said quietly.

Lisbon immediately felt bad when she finished speaking, the girl was only trying to cover for the rest of the team, Jane especially by the look of it. Damn, she would have to apologize to her later.

"Jane, come on."


The beginning of the car ride was silent. They had driven for about ten minutes, before Lisbon decided to speak.


"Mmm?" he replied. He knew where this was going.

"What were you guys talking about in the bullpen?" she asked a little tentatively. She closed her eyes readying herself for the words she didn't want to hear. I thought it was best the team knew you had a problem. They have a right to know. Etcetera, etcetera. She felt sick at the thought of her team knowing she had a weakness. She's their boss! She doesn't need to be babysat.

After a few moments, when Jane still hadn't answered, she tried again.


"Lisbon, please don't be angry with me."

Here we go…

"I was asking them if they knew where you were keeping Greer. I wanted to go and see her."

"Oh." Was all Lisbon could reply with. She felt the sinking feeling of relief floating through her, but at the same time, felt the anger of betrayal. "And what did they tell you?" she asked in a small voice. All she was trying to do was protect Jane until they knew what was going on with the girl.

"They wouldn't tell me. It's ok Lisbon, all loyalties lie with you."

She could hear the disappointment in his voice.

"Jane, I've been to see her since the arrest. She's in a safe place. She hasn't left yet― which I know she's fully capable of doing, she's ok."

"You've been to see her?" Jane asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, the first night you confronted me about my drinking."

"Why is it, you're allowed to see her, but I'm not? Lisbon. This may be my only chance!"

"Your only chance to what Jane?"

He looked down and shook his head. She looked away from the road, just in time to see a small tear roll down his face. She turned her head away quickly, slightly embarrassed that she had seen this moment of weakness from him.

"Jane, I went there to apologize to her." He looked up at her, surprise clearly splayed across his face. "I just told her I jumped to conclusions too fast. She seemed to be ok with me."

He answered her with a single nod.

"Jane.. it's just one more day. Please. Just hold off until the result come back."

"What difference is it going to make Lisbon? I still would have missed this time with her either way. I could be getting to know her, but your keeping her from me. It's like your jealous or something!" he growled.

Now it was Lisbon's turn for tears. Again, he was saying things she knew he was going to regret, but that didn't make it hurt any less.

"Jane, if she's not your daughter, there has to be a reason for her to come here. My guess is she's working for Red John."

"And if she is my daughter? Then you've just wasted three days of valuable time. Time that I won't get back."

Lisbon leant back against the driver's seat, leaning her head against the headrest. She blew a lungful of air out slowly, trying to ease the nausea that had made itself present again.

"I'm sorry Lisbon, you're not feeling well. We can talk about this later." Jane said, dismissing the subject for the time being. He knew she was feeling terrible, from the alcohol withdrawals, and about Greer. And he wasn't exactly helping her. She was just trying to protect him.

Man I'm an arse. He thought to himself.

"Lisbon?" he said, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"What Jane?"

"Do you still think I'm pretty?"

She turned and looked at him. He was staring at her with the most ridiculous puppy dog face. She couldn't help be chuckle a little.

"Jaane!" she complained. But they both knew they were going to be ok. It was moments like these that they would have stopped speaking years ago, but each time they happened, their friendship seemed to grow a little stronger.


They arrived at Randall Philip's manor, to have one of the housekeepers answer the door.

"Can I help you?" the old woman asked in a husky voice.

"Agent Teresa Lisbon, CBI" Lisbon said flashing her badge. "We're here to speak to Mr Philip. We have a few more questions for him."

"Oh, I'm afraid Mr Philip isn't here right now, he had a few matters to deal with at one of his other residencies."

"Could we have the address please?" Lisbon asked.

"Oh, well I would tell you if I knew. He didn't say which one he was going to."

Lisbon sighed. Nothing could ever be simple.

"Ok, Mrs…?"

"Barker." The old lady replied.

"Mrs Barker, how many properties does Mr Philip own?"

"Ahh, four in this area, and three more in other parts of the world… that I know of anyway."

Lisbon inwardly groaned. He could be anywhere.

"Thank you for your time."

They stepped back down to the waiting SUV, Lisbon pulled out her cell phone.

"Van Pelt, I need you to send me a list of addresses of the properties Randall Philip owns."

"Yes Boss, sending them through to you now."

"Thanks. Oh and Van Pelt. I'm sorry about the way I treated you earlier. You were just trying to protect Jane."

"I was out of line Boss, I shouldn't have lied to you."

"No, lying will not be tolerated in this team, but seeing as this was a personal matter, I'll let it slide this time… but make sure it doesn't happen again."

"Yes Boss."

Lisbon hung up the phone.

"Come on Jane. Time to go."

"Ah, Lisbon."

"What Jane?"

"Yesterday you said we could get ice cream."


"Come now, you just told Grace that lying will not be tolerated, and breaking a promise is as good as lying." He looked at her, flashing his pearly whites into a massive smile.


His smile widened, knowing he had won.

"It'll be good for you, I'm sure you haven't eaten yet."

"Really? You really want to get ice cream now?"

"Yup." He grinned. "Come on.. you can get a milkshake or something if you don't want ice cream."

"Fine" she said defeated.


They ordered what they wanted― Jane a mango swirl, double scoop, and Lisbon a chocolate milkshake, and made their way over to the little park across the road. They sat down on a park bench.

"Lisbon, why didn't you come to me when you knew you had a problem? I could have helped you."

Lisbon stuck the straw in her mouth and suck in some of the chocolaty goodness. She sighed.

"I guess, I just didn't want anyone to see me vulnerable. I'm the boss, I'm not meant to break down, or have a problem." She took another pull at her milkshake.

"But Lisbon, you've seen me at my most vulnerable. I cried in your arms like a baby." Lisbon flinched at the memory. "You should have come to me. I'm your friend."

"I'm sorry Jane. I guess I just got so used to taking care of myself. I've never really had someone I can rely on. I didn't even think about asking for your help."

Jane looked sadly into her eyes.

"Whatever happen I will always be there for you. I'm going to help you through this Lisbon."

She managed a small smile at him. She breathed out.

"Ugh." She groaned, leaning against the back of the bench, her hands clasping her stomach. "Maybe the milkshake wasn't a great idea after all."

Jane shoved the rest of his ice cream in his mouth and wiped his hands on a napkin.

"May I?" he asked holding out his hand.

"Ahh.. sure." She said, surrendering one of her hands from her stomach, into his hand. He held the back of her hand delicately while making small circles on the middle of her inner forearm with his thumb. "This is called your Pericardium. It's a pressure point that's meant to help nausea." He saw her relax her hold on her torso. He smiled knowing she was feeling a little better because of him.



"Can you take me home?"

"Ahh.. sure. Why?"

"Because I have a feeling I'm going to be very sick soon, and I don't want to be in a public place when it hits."

They got up, but Jane kept hold of her hand. He binned her milkshake cup and lead her towards the passenger seat. She got in and immediately closed her eyes, her arms curled around her midsection. Jane practically jogged to the driver's side, got in and started the ignition. He leant over and did her seatbelt up. He knew she was in pain, and he could do nothing to help her. Even the pressure point hadn't worked.


They arrived at Lisbon's apartment in record time. She made it in the house and to her bathroom, just in time, before she collapsed in front of the toilet bowl and started retching. Jane followed behind her, pulling her hair off of her face and making soothing circles on her back. Lisbon felt embarrassed at her vulnerable state, but decided that she could test Jane on his promise to be there for her. He said he would help her through this, so now was his chance to stay true to his word.

She stood up weakly, flushing the toilet and putting the lid down so she could sit on it. She accepted the toilet paper Jane was holding out for her and wiped her mouth.

"Sorry." She stated dumbly.

"Don't be sorry Lisbon. Come on, let's get you into bed." He said holding out his hand. She agreed gratefully and took his hand, letting him stare her to her room.

She got into bed and wanted to drift off as soon as her head hit the pillow.

"If you need me, I'll be downstairs." Jane said, seeing that she was comfortable.


"Lisbon, I said I was going to help you through this. I'm going to keep my word. Now I'll be downstairs if you need me." He said cutting her off.

"Jane, what I was going to say was.. thank you."

"Oh.." he smiled sheepishly at her. "Well, in that case, you're most welcome." He turned and left, closing the door quietly behind him.

Lisbon smiled into her pillow. So this is what it felt like to be taken care of. She liked this feeling. She turned over and sighed. She closed her eyes and was asleep in a matter of minutes.


Lisbon woke up to the smell of toast cooking. She turned and looked at the clock. The blazing digital numbers read 6:07. She had been asleep for nearly five hours. She stretched before getting up. She felt more refreshed than she had in days. She walked over to the window and pulled the curtains, only to see the sun beginning to rise. Shit. She hadn't been asleep for five hours… she had been asleep for seventeen! She quickly slipped into her dressing gown, and made her way downstairs. She walked into the kitchen to find Jane staring at the toaster, willing it to cook faster. She smiled, thinking he looked like a child. It was then she realised he had actually stayed the whole night.

Jane caught a look at Lisbon's reflection in the microwave and turned around. "Morning sleepy head!" he greeted pleasantly.

"Hey Jane." She returned his grin.

"How are you feeling this morning?"

"Yeah a lot better actually. Jane, thank you for―"

She was cut off by Jane screaming of fright, from the toast popping.

Lisbon chuckled. "Are you alright?" she said, unable to hide her smile.

"Yeah, yeah.. I meant to do that.. I had it timed perfectly.. see? I made you smile." He was still breathing slightly heavier than usual.

"Aww.. did Patrick Jane get a fright? It's ok Jane. It happens to me all the time." She smiled at him again. "Anyway, Jane, thank you for being here for me."

"I told you I would be Lisbon." He had regained his composure and was searching the cupboards for the spreads. When he found them, he turned and looked at Lisbon questioningly.

"Peanut butter for me thanks." She said answering him.

He spread their toast and they sat down to eat.

"Thanks Jane." She said taking a bite. "You know, this is the first time in a long time that someone's made me breakfast. Let alone a guy." She looked down and blushed, realising what she had just insinuated.

"It's ok Lisbon. This is the first time I've made breakfast for anyone in a long time, let alone a woman."

She looked up into his eyes for a moment, completely captivated in his stare. She broke the contact realising she liked his stare a little too much.

They shared the rest of their breakfast in silence.


Lisbon walked into her office feeling refreshed. She was pumped for whatever this day would throw at her. She sat down at her office chair, her gaze caught by a large white envelope sitting on the middle of her desk. It had URGENT printed on the middle of it in big red letters. She looked at the sender. It was from the laboratory.

She opened the envelope slowly. She wasn't sure she actually wanted to know the results any more. If she wasn't his daughter, this was going to break him. She opened the folded letter and scanned the page for the results.

She found what she was looking for and read those two words that was going to change Jane's life. A strange feeling washed over her, she had never felt like this before. She got up from her chair and walked to her office door. Jane was lying on his couch, staring at the ceiling in thought. Lisbon looked back at the letter at those two words again.


Patrick Jane had a daughter.

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