Mass Effect - Reflections

By Jeremy Lash

Scifi / Drama

Chapter 13 - Revelations

Liara massaged her temples and leaned back in her chair, eyes skimming across the various details and bytes of information the servers had revealed. EDI stood beside her, head tilted to one side. A viewscreen flickered to life in front of her, revealing Feron, her Drell assistant. He looked astounded.

"Liara, where did you get this? It's amazing!"

Liara arched an eyebrow and smiled, "You sound excited. Found something?"

"This is… it's a map of the entirety of a Geth runtime, analysed in real-time. It's the equivalent of sequencing a species' DNA and identifying every strand. Amazing work, who-ever did it. I saw aspects of this in your older files. Quarian research, archived stuff. The Alerai was mentioned…"

Liara stiffened and glanced at EDI. The AI nodded slowly, choosing her words carefully, "Work done by Admiral Rael'Zorah?"

"Potentially. Though there are many who have tried to look at the Geth in detail, to understand AI research."

EDI tilted her head to one side, "Doctor T'Soni, the odds of this being a coincidence are too…"

"I know," snapped Liara, "But do you want to talk to Shepard about the possibility that the woman he loves is building a program that enslaves an entire species? I would not like to be in the room for that conversation. Anyway, we still don't know what organisation might be behind this. Too large scale for mercenaries; Cerberus doesn't exist any more. Salarians? Quarians? Those two are most likely."

Feron, still on the view screen looked puzzled, "It is similar. Are we talking about Tali? I did some comparisons… and there are bits of code that match the data packs that we have used before - packs that became military standard during the Reaper War as a general anti-synthetic device. But look at these strands."

Another screen lit up, showing the program in detail. Several threads and chunks of data lit up. EDi tilted her head, "These bear the signature style of Admiral Tali'Zorah. Macro favouring, remote synching, coupled with a brute force approach."

Feron nodded, "But if you look at the pattern, you can see they have been inserted into a wider code. We have one item on the system that matches that patterning - the encoded signal deployed by one Admiral Daro'Xen during the Rannoch Conflict last year."

Liara tilted her head back and groaned, "So it is the Quarians. Fantastic."

"I do not see how this is cause for celebration."

"EDI…" Liara looked at the silver face and glared as she realised the AI was smiling, "Oh good, you now understand sarcasm. Anyway, to what end are they doing this? Manual deployment seems too blunt."

"Further investigation is necessary. Doctor T'Soni, I will analyse the data with Feron. You should take a rest. It has been ten standard hours since we took possession of the data."

"Yes. A coffee would be nice. Thank you EDI."

She rose and stretched, hearing her vertebrae practically click with the exertion. With a sigh she exited the cabin and head for the kitchen unit. Kaidan and Vega were both hunched over the table nearby, reading through reports. She smiled and, after pouring a steaming mug of what passed for coffee, she joined them. Kaidan smiled up at her, Vega offering a vague wave.

"How goes the eternal search for truth?"

"Slowly. Bad news is that it looks like the Quarians are involved. Good news is that Tali is probably not aware of it. It's legacy code. How is Shepard?"

"Resting; Miranda has him sedated apparently. Madman practically tore his leg to pieces. She's doing what she can, but looks like he may be bed bound for a bit."

"If it stops him running off and causing more mischief, I am all for it."

Vega glanced up and grinned, "Fat chance, Doc. I mean he was already pretty busted up and he still air dropped into a combat zone. The shit that guy does for his friends."

Liara shook her head, "He appears to have a death wish."

Kaidan sipped his own copy, "Yeah; can't blame him much. The shit he's been through. The shit we put him through. He just keeps on going."

They fell into silence. Liara twisted her hands and sighed, "I tried to make it up to him. I spent so long after he came back just… asking for things. Demanding."

"Hey, how do you think I feel? After all the shit we went through, I flat out rejected him. Walked away. And he still lets me off with only a nod and a smile."

Vega frowned at the pair, "Yeah, you two really goofed. But loco… he has faith. Always does. Always comes through."

Kaidan looked at his XO and shook his head, "He's running on fumes. This whole things is so much so quickly. The man's practically just out of a coma. His last memories are of something happening on the Citadel, wiping out the Reapers and then finding out that the world's gone to shit."

"And you're losing faith again? Damn, sir…"

"No. I'm standing by him this time because I don't want to see him shoulder a whole crap ton of stuff," Kaidan leaned back in his chair and ran a hand through black hair that was slowly becoming a little too long by Alliance standards, "Where is this going? Are we going to find a huge conspiracy? Or is it some Saren-like madman? And why should Shepard have to deal with it? Because the galaxy can't sort itself out for ten minutes?"

Liara placed a hand on Kaidan's thigh and smiled, "Well, he isn't alone. He never has been."

Alenko nodded and sat forwards, "Well, we'll be ready when the call comes."

They turned as a cabin door hissed open and EDI emerged. She paused.

"I realise I could have spoken over the general comm, but I feel the levity of the information required a personal touch. We have traced the signal origin for communications to this outpost: Argus Rho. Information pertained to the "last transmission for the Geth" and a deadline of two days from today. 47 hours, 37 minutes and twelve seconds to be precise."

Kaidan was on his feet, "EDI, get Joker to set a course for Argos Rho. We haven't got time to waste. Let the Salarians know to hold the fort. Keep the ruse going."

Liara sighed and stood as well, "Back to work then. Thank you EDI. Let's see what else we can do with this data."

Vega looked between all of them, "Oh, my turn? Well, I'm going to go get some rack time. Enjoy kids!"

Laughing at their looks he backed out of the mess and headed for the crew quarters. Kaidan harrumphed and glanced at Liara, "I'll catch you in fifteen. It'll take about twelve hours to get to Argos Rho. That's if the relays are reliable. Please kick EDI out when I get there."

Liara suppressed a smile and nodded emphatically, then turned and headed back to the cabin, ready to crunch some numbers.

Shepard was finding the fact he kept waking up disorientated, yet comfortable, a mildly repetitive fact. He never minded comfort per se, just that the whole "not remembering how he got there" schtick was getting rather old. He moved slightly and regretted it instantly as his knee became a small, localised ball of fire and pain. He risked a look, expecting the bedsheets to be aflame. instead he just found a heavily bound and bandaged knee. There were small spots of blood on the dressing, a hint of surgery.

Groaning, he folded himself out of bed and grasped at his cane, helpfully propped against the bedside table. He gingerly tested his weight and found that, whilst it hurt, he could use it. He was glad to see that Miranda had left him the grace of underwear. Slowly, he got dressed and meandered out into the apartment proper. he could see from the landing that the window had been sealed with a mass effect field, the temporary generator humming just outside, clamped to the wall. It kept the smoke and the elements out.

Garrus and Kasumi were lounged on the sofa, the Turian sporting a sling and with a distinctively peaky look. Kasumi was fast asleep on his chest. He saw Garrus nod up at him, then hold a finger to his lips. Shepard descended as quietly as he could. As he got to the lounge he came face to face with Miranda who gave him a quick look up and down.

"I was hoping you'd rest for another few hours. I see your legendary constitution is still going strong. How's the knee?"

"Hurts like hell. Tell me doc… how bad is it?" he feigned a shocked and worried expression. Miranda pursed her lips.

"You've nearly liquified the joint. The cybernetic fragments ground it to hell, but they're also holding it together. Definitely going to have to get you a cloned limb. I took the liberty of checking the Citadel surgeries - nothing yet, all their labs are busy churning out medicines and supplies. You'll have to wait. Which means no more jumping out of cars. And by extension no more of us going on crazy missions without backup."

Shepard looked down as his omni-tool chimed. He read the message and nodded slowly, mouth formed into an approving look. Miranda frowned and he showed her the message, "Just some of our friends heading off on a crazy mission without backup."

Miranda threw her arms up and made a disgusted noise, then walked past Shepard, heading for the stairs, "And with that, I'm out. Going to get some sleep for myself now. Please don't get yourself shot in the next six hours."

"Want me to call Traynor?"

Miranda paused and gave him a look that curled into a small smile, "No need…" She laughed as his face twisted into a shocked expression. Her laughter floated away as she practically skipped up the stairs. He glanced over at Garrus who just offer a shrug.

"Seriously. My apartment and I'm the only guy not getting any. You two better not have.. y'know… on the couch."

"Wouldn't dream of it Shep."

Kasumi's head popped up blearily and she giggled, "The kitchen, now. That's a different story."

Shepard goggled then waved a hand in front of his face, screwing his eyes up, "Jesus guys, I know you're happy to be alive and all, but I need to, like, cook off that… did you at least pick the buckshot out first?"

The Vakarians chuckled, "Just kidding Shep. Too freaking shattered for those sort of games. Plus Garrus here has the upper body strength of a baby pyjack right now."

Shepard limped across the room, through to a small office area beyond, "Well, you guys get some rest. Go on, use my bed. Sofa can't be that comfy. I need to do some work."

"Take a break Shepard!"

"Paperwork. Lots of sitting. And no shooting. Go on, shoo."

He ignored the fact that it was now Kasumi who was practically skipping up the stairs. He slid into the office chair and sighed, transferring the data from his omnitool to the local terminal. He skimmed through the data, then leaned on the table scanning certain subsections in more detail. Liara had gone into depth. It was a rapid job, initial findings only, but it would suffice for the Council. And there was a silver lining in there somewhere:

Tali seemed innocent.

Part of him thought : "how innocent?" The part of him that still felt like a wounded animal. She may only be a part of the wider scheme, an innocent pawn, or possibly even an instigator.

She had changed, apparently. But that much? Would she be willing to watch the world fall down around her? Had she been that badly hurt? He scoffed at the idea, but it was still there, a malignant idea in his head.

However, first he had to play a part - there had been a request in the message from Liara. And it was a rather clever move - in line with what he wanted and it would allay suspicion. Kaidan had, apparently, already briefed Hackett. Shepard keyed a request into his comm and waited for the acknowledgements. Several live images flickered to life, projected above his terminal. The interim Council. The Asari looked cautious and the Salarian kept her face unreadable. The others seemed business as usual.

"Councillors, thank you for granting me this request."

"Oh, now we're Councillors…" That was Esheel, the Salarian, the bitterness very audible in her tone. Shepard smiled.

"You are for the moment, Ma'am. I wanted to present my initial findings concerning a troubling incident from yesterday. It's a little bit slapdash, but I can tell you what we know so far. I also have some far graver news to report."

He made a show of steeling himself. The Councillors seemed to notice, leaning forwards.

"At approximately 1930 hours, Citadel time, yesterday evening, all communications with SSV Normandy SR2 were lost. She was performing routine patrol checks in line with the ongoing investigation, tracking a signal we believe relating to events. She was last reported in the vicinity of the Relay, heading towards a debris field at the rim of the Widow nebula. At the Alliance's request, a Salarian strike group was tasked to investigate and assist. They found no trace of the Normandy, nor any sign of a signal. It is the belief of the Alliance Admiralty board that the Normandy suffered a collision due to some form of interference from the debris field and jumped to FTL incorrectly. At this time, we have them listed as MIA."

He swallowed.

"As of yet, the Alliance is waiting to conduct a full investigation and has not yet informed the families."

All the of the Councillors were straight faced, the Korgan and Geth looking genuinely sad; the Turian flanged his mandibles carefully and Shepard knew right then that the man wasn't convinced. The hanar he had no idea. Jin was the one who spoke, however.

"I am sure I speak for all of us, Admiraaal, when I say how deeply sorry we are to hear of your loss. It is always difficult when a Captain loses his command. That which defines him. We, of course, will respect your wishes for privacy. And I am sure my colleagues will join me in offering any assistance we can provide during the investigation."

Shepard twitched. He couldn't quite read the tone - some overly layered sincerity? Sarcasm? Contempt? He merely nodded.

"Sir, you have my thanks. I know we have had our… disagreements, but your offer is truly appreciated. It is good to know the Alliance has friends. On that note, I wish to move to a more immediate concern."

The Councillors nodded, Jin settling back seemingly mollified and smug. Though that could have just been Shepard's imagination. He coughed and continued.

"Yesterday morning I was assaulted in this apartment. The suspect has been detained. However, there are two facts that make this case troubling: first is the possibility of indoctrination."

That got them talking, all trying to question him at once. Even the Geth joined in. Good girl! Shepard held up a hand. Somehow, it got them to quieten down.

"And secondly, we do not know the source. At this time I am still reviewing the capabilities of the Spectres, as requested by Councillor Victus. This includes whether or not the Spectres are, indeed, even necessary any more. C-Sec has proven resilient, proactive and forthright; the combined militaries of the Council have the reach necessary. Perhaps the time for Spectres is done."

The Councillors all looked a little suspicious then. Shepard barrelled onwards.

"Of course, I will prioritise the reformation to present all options. This case with the possible indoctrinated is possibly just a… fanatic. A remnant."

"You are quick to dismiss this." That was the Volus councillor - Barla Von, "Hsshk - you have not told us much, Shepard. Hsshk." The distinctive sound of the Volus' respirator cut through the comm like a knife. Shepard nodded slowly.

"True. I don't wish to jump to conclusions yet. Suffice to say, the assailant was not successful, nor were they a husk."

"Don't play around, Shepard. What was it?" The Krogan now.

Shepard sighed, "I will present these findings once the assailants family have been properly informed. I do not wish to prejudice the investigation at this time." He made an awkward face, as if he was uncomfortable concealing the fact.

"With Conviction: Human?" The Elcor now. Jorl.

"I cannot comment at this time. Suffice to say, we believe that the indoctrination signal was transmitted from a location in the Wards. We, that is Commander Bailey and I, feel that it is a criminal gang responsible. I am sure you are aware of the ongoing cleaning operation in the Wards at this time. This is a result of this investigation.

"Rather a lot of firepower being used for just a simple gang, Admiral." Esheel again, sounding amused now.

"Never said simple, Councillor. The fact they seem able to wield a form of mind control is worrying. Possibly the use of dr… I mean alternative methods. Hypnosis. Implants. Neural webs."

He liked that little slip. Make them think that it's an organic. And if one of them knows something, make them think we're panicking. Which we are, sort of. But they won't know how much. To the room as a whole, he said:

"Ladies and gentlemen, I wanted to give you a bit more insight. I will have a full report by tomorrow, once examinations have been completed. Right now I am a little distracted… as you can understand. And I will have the report on the new infrastructure by the end of the week. If that is all?"

The Councillors paused as one, but then nodded one by one. Their portraits winked out. A single text transmission burst through, however:

Thank you. We await your findings - Descartes

He hoped her faith wasn't misplaced.

The Normandy emerged through the relay into the Argus Rho system. Kaidan stood just behind the pilot's seat eyes scanning the inky blackness beyond.

"Y'know boss, we've got sensors. Better than eyes…"

Captain Alenko chuckled, "Seeing anything?"

EDI looked up from her spot in the co-pilot's chair, "Reading three vessels - a Quarian Cruiser with Geth Frigate Escort. The Cruiser is the "Moreh"... Admiral Daro'Xen's vessel."

The bridge went quiet. Kaidan spoke first.

"What's their heading?"

"They are moving toward the relay, likely en route to the Citadel. This route is the most direct from Rannoch."

"Bit of a damn coincidence," he chimed the comm to Liara's cabin, "Liara, you seeing this."

"Yes. I believe that they are running ahead of schedule. The fact that they are moving toward the relay, rather than already being in orbit around it would indicate they have visited a system."

"Good point. Supply pickup maybe? Or a drop off? I guess Daro's on board."

"As is Tali, I believe. She seems to have become less choosy in the company she keeps."

Kaidan looked at Joker, "Can they detect us?"

"Nossir, stealth drives on full, and Geth don't use windows remember. Anyway, we're three thousand kilometres away. they can't get a visual. Which system?"

"Hydra, apparently. Wonder why it's out here?"

"En route, maybe? A good place to have a loyal supply base."

"Right. Well, I'm gonna suit up. Keep me informed."

"Will do boss."

An hour later, they found what they were looking for. It hung in orbit over Syba, a sickly blue planet. The station hung in the upper atmosphere, masked by the gas. But the signal frequency gave it away. Kaidan grimaced, checking his kit for the final time.

"Another station. And no STG to bail us out this time. Any capital ships in the area?"

"Not reading any sir." Joker's voice was muffled on the comm.

"Right. We'll go in hard, with a reserve team for our second shuttle. Once we're in, get distant. I want you to be able to hit whatever's down there. EDI and Liara are with me, as well as two marines. Vega, you'll command the reserve. I want you ready to haul our asses out of the fire if need be, but I'm not committing all our transport in the first run."

The hangar bay was a bit crowded, with the Normandy's troop contingent, Vega and Liara present. The hiss of the elevator announced EDI's arrival. He nodded at the AI and gestured at the shuttle. He looked at the crowd.

"We're here to retrieve data. We won't get into a firefight unless necessary. So far, this looks like a research station and a supply base. Intell from the Mercs said they had nothing to do with this place, so expect Quarians, potentially Geth. That means tech experts. But they won't be expecting a true AI and a pair of biotics. Any questions?" He nodded at the silent crowd then gestured to the shuttles, "Let's load up."

"Unidentified vessel, this is Weather Station Kelsh'Rin. You are on an inbound trajectory. Please state your business. We are tracking you with out point defence."

"Awfully antsy for a weather station," muttered Joker. out loud he said, "Kelsh'Rin, this is Alliance Vessel Normandy. We have suffered damage to our FTL drives and have minimal power. Requesting assistance."

"We are unable to assist - we have limited repair teams and no capacity to aid stricken vessels. Have you messaged the Alliance?"

"Negative, our comms are local only. I say again, we request assistance and medical support. We have injured aboard! C'mon, a shuttle? Please…"

The radio was silent for a moment, then the voice came again, "Halt your trajectory. We can dispatch medical teams and repair crews."

Joker smiled, "EDI?"

"They have tried to jam our communications. They are also broadcasting a request addressed to the Moreh. I have successfully spoofed a response, allowing them to assist us."

"Good. You in their system?"

"Not yet. they have surprisingly effective firewalls. My mobile frame will need to be hardwired into the station to form a bridge. However, I have control of external communications and sensors - they will not see the shuttle."

Joker smiled and commed Vega, "Hey big guy - expect company in the Hangar bay."

Ris'Vaar van Moreh was excited. This was a real catch - the Normandy! And wounded! Since this project had began he had been stuck on guard duty with his men, protecting a high risk facility. And yet it was in the middle of a spacing lane! The Admiral had insisted this would make it a perfect hiding spot.

But now they had the chance to seize a real prize, something that would allow them to advance the project - the AI housed aboard the Normandy itself. They had been told to assist by the Moreh: the station commander had chosen to interpret that as "seize".

The Quarian shuttle approached on an open vector. They could see the vessel clearly - the hull seemed intact, but the engines were firing sporadically. The hangar door hung open.

"We are about to claim one of the most famous ships in the Galaxy in the name of Rannoch. Tali'Zorah herself served aboard this vessel. It is only right it becomes ours. The Commander wishes us to seize the AI. briefing indicates that the vessel was damaged during an engagement at our Citadel facility, the pilot reporting a malfunction with the Relay causing them to drift through the network. Expect minimal resistance. Anyone fights back, kill them. otherwise, prisoners for interrogation."

His men nodded, readying shotguns. The shuttle roared into the bay, doors unfolding. The strike team emerged making haste towards the elevator. Lights flickered on the viewport above, showing power fluctuations. One of the marines twitched.

"Where's the damage?"


"It looks too clean… no sign of combat."

"We haven't seen upstairs yet."

The elevator doors hissed open, showing it empty. A pair of marines entered. Ris turned to the rest of his squad. "Til, Shan, Vree and Prin, with me. Shur, Gel and Thim, secure the hangar. Comm their pilot, tell them we are heading to the bridge for a briefing and to do damage assessment."

They usually had ten marines aboard a frigate like this, as well as a standard crew of thirty regulars. Not armed at stations. Easy. First, to secure the bridge, then the AI, whichever deck it was. He checked his shotgun.

The doors hissed open and he was blinded by the sudden light as twelve high intensity torch beams focused on him. A human voice spoke.

"Stand down amigo. Would hate to rip your suit."

His visor shifted to dark and he groaned - twelve marines aiming straight at him. He considered hitting the button to go back down, but he knew they'd lock the lift. His comm crackled.

"Sir, I have been told to tell you… there is no way off this ship."

Glaring, Ris'vaar dropped his shotgun.

Kaidan held his breath as their shuttle settled against the hull of the station. Carefully, suits sealed and helmets affixed, they took to the surface and began their approach.

"Your sure that this access port is going to work?"

"Yes, Captain. However, I do not understand the need for subterfuge."

"This station is connected to one where we were ambushed by a cruiser. It's claiming to be a weather station but has a thanix cannon. And going by the message from Vega, it tried to dispatch a strike team to take the Normandy."

"I see your point. What is your plan now?"

"Same as before. get in, get the data, get out, minimum gunfire. If we can persuade them to stand down, so much the better."

Liara chuckled, "Always the optimist."

EDI crouched next to a small service hatch, "I can scramble the system at this range - they will be unaware that this airlock has been triggered. it is small, so I advise two insertions. I have no schematic of the base so I cannot be sure which level we will be on - likely a maintenance floor, due to the need to access the external structure."

"Break it open then."

Kaidan and one of the Marines, Simmons, went in first, the airlock cycling through. They found themselves in a dimly lit, drab corridor. A moment later and they were joined by EDI, Liara and the second Marine, Wright. They advanced quickly down the corridor, towards a larger junction. A door to one side slid open, revealing a lab.

It was empty, save for a table of synthetic parts - Geth, primarily, but also products made by other races. the head of a LOKI mech, a Spyder security droid chassis and a FENRIS leg. EDI ignored these and approached a nearby terminal. Her eyes flickered momentarily.

"I am in. Oh…. oh no."

Liara moved quickly as the AI staggered briefly, "What is it."

"The things they… the things they are doing here. To the Geth. they have a shackled AI in a lab and they are… you would call it a lobotomy. Oh dear…"

EDI disconnected and shook herself. Liara held onto her, looking into her eyes. She offered a smile. EDI returned it. Kaidan hung back, not wanting to intrude. He gestured for the marines to cover the door. The AI seemed to get her bearings again.

"This is a localised terminal, but I now have a layout of the base - ten levels. We are on level eight - storage and minor testing. Three levels above is manufacturing and robotics labs. Level ten is cargo storage. Level one is the bridge and gunnery decks. Level two is the hangar. Decks three to five are the AI labs."

"Where do we need to go."

"The main server is on deck four. Crew compliment is forty, with eighteen marines, ten technicians and twelve scientists. this is one of three outposts run by Daro'Xen. This facility is focused on AI subversion."

EDI shook herself again, as if realising she sounded like a tour guide. Kaidan nodded and moved back into the hallway, "We need access. Lifts are vulnerable."

"Maintenance hatch at the end of the corridor."

"Right, let's move it people."

They ascended, carefully and quietly. The main contingent of marines seemed focused near the bridge, according to EDI, the rest of their compliment now safely aboard the Normandy. The base commander was getting slowly more and more antsy, however. His requests for updates were becoming more frequent and EDI was devoting part of her run time with faked messages back concerning firefights and sudden resistance aboard.

They reached deck four and moved quickly. A pair of Quarian technicians we surprised at their work, hunched over the twitching form of a Geth. Liara bowled them over with a biotic blast, the marines moving to secure them quickly, removing their omni-tools and fastening hands with quick-cuffs.

EDI moved to the twitching Geth and frowned. She ran a quick scan, "Most of this platform's runtime have been deleted. They appear to be studying the effects of a forced overwrite with code."

She spoke calmly, but there was an edge there. Liara moved quickly between EDI and the restrained Quarians, "EDI, we are here to stop this. let's get to the server."

The AI gave her a long look, then nodded slowly. She glanced down at the Quarians, her face suddenly forming into a snarl. It lasted a moment, but she moved quickly away with Liara. Kaidan looked down at the bound men and tutted, "You have no idea how lucky you are."

"Bosh'tet! you are in violation of sovereign…"

"Can it. You're torturing sentient beings and I'm a Spectre. Do not push me."

That shut them up. In the next room EDI patched into the server. Liara rested a hand on her shoulder.

"We will stop this. Get this data to Shepard, stop whatever they're planning. Root it out."

"It will not stop, Doctor T'Soni."

Liara blinked: the AI's voice sounded… sad, hopeless.

"What do you mean?"

"Every time we prevent a disaster, someone else steps in. Someone tries to destroy the world, tries to tear apart the peace," EDI looked at Liara and shook her head, "Are synthetics and organics destined to always torture one another?"

EDI blinked as Liara suddenly embraced her.

"No. Individuals might try. There will always be people with impure motives. But organics kill organics. We are cruel, kind and erratic in our own ways EDI. Only by working together will we prove such foolish notions wrong. Do not give into that despair."

She leaned back, hands on EDI's shoulders and smiled.

"After all, Jeff would only claim he was right, and you cannot let that happen."

EDI smiled and nodded.

"You are right, Liara. That was my first… experience of despair. I will catalogue it to be wary of it next time…. data transfer finished, mass uploading to Normandy secure server. I can inform you of one bit of good news, Doctor, to relay to the Admiral."


"Admiral Tali'Zorah is ignorant of this base's purpose. She appears innocent."

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