My beautiful vampire king


It's about a hybrid who falls in love with a vampire. What she doesn't know is that he's the king. A powerfull one. He is the strongest vampire in the world.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

"Good morning my beautiful self."

"What is on my Schedule for today."

"Mmm dont wanna do that i hate laundry and nope this one i hate too."

"Shopping that i like."

"But what to wear."

"Nope nope nope yes this dress looks good."

"Now shoes."

"Mmm nope hate that one got that from my ex."

"Those heels look stunning with this dress."

Ishtar got downstairs and made breakfast.

After breakfast she got outside and walked to her car.

After 15 minutes ishtar parked her car and walked to the shoppingmall.

"Mmmm that dress is beautiful."

"Damn i look good in this dress."

"Ok i take this one and that one and maybe this dress or that short skirt with this top."

"Nah i take all."

Ishtar paid for her clothes and walked out the door.

"Now i must look for shoes and jewelery."

Ishtar found a couple of shoes and jewelery that matches the clothes.

"I'm thirsty i need a drink."

"Mmm starbucks i love starbucks."

Ishtar orderd a frappucino and chocolat cake.

"Jo jimin are you comming or what."

"Wait guys one moment."

"Finaly he's here."

"Shut up suga."

"I'm firsty i want a drink."

"Jungkook you just drank."

"That was just a kid."

"She was 16 jungkook 16 years old you fucked her before you drank her."


"Ahh poor kookie he's mad."

"Tae shut your mouth."

"Ok our little bunny wants a drink lets go to starbucks."

"Yeh i like starbucks."

The boys walked to starbucks and when they arrived jimin tried to open the door but the door already opend and jimin fell on the ground.

"What the hell miss watch were your going."

"Oh sorry didnt see you."

"Oh sorry didnt see you yeh my ass."

"Suga shut up."

Jimin stood up and looked right in the eyes of the woman who was standing before him.

"Hi i'm jimin."

"Hi i'm ishtar."

"Come on jimin i want a drink."

"Go ahead guys be right there."

"Sorry for letting you fall didnt see anything i was looking at my cup of coffee."

"No problem miss i have to go now the guys are waiting for me."

"It's ok i have to go too."

Ishtar walked further and jimin walked inside starbucks.

"Damn she's hot you guys."

"Ugh jimin stop it you already got a lot of girlfriends too many i believe."

"Damn he's hot."

Suddenly jimins phone rang.

"He babe were are you."

"Ugh lisa why are you calling me right now."

"I miss you."

"You just saw me 30 min ago."

"We all miss you jimin."

"I'm gonna hang up now lisa."

"What was that about jimin."

"Lisa called me because she misses me j-hope."

"Who was he he's damn hot and he smelled realy good. I want to meet him again. Maybe he's still at starbucks. But first i have to put this in my car."

"Jimin what are you thinking. Are you still thinking of that girl. You know that if one of the girls find out that you have the hots for a strange girl they realy get mad. You now what happend last time."

"Mmmm what did you say namjoon didnt hear you i was thinking about that girl."

(Ishtar put her stuff in the car and walked back to starbucks. What she didnt know is that she were followed by a couple of boys.)

"Ugh boys look at that she looks tasty to me."

"Oh suho always thinking about food."

"Luhan shut up you always think about sex all of you do so stop complaining."

"Look kai there's jennie your ex."

"Shut up chanyeol i see your ex jisoo."

"Baekhyun and that's your ex rose."

"And chen there's lisa your ex."

"If they are here that meens BTS is here too."

"That meens the kings are here."

"Look soobin yeonjun hueningkai beomgyu and taehyun are here to."

(Ishtar opend the door of starbucks and looked around.)

"He's not here were could be."

"Look jimin i think she's looking for you."

"Yo jimin i'm talking to you bro."

"Sorry tae. What are they doing here."

"Who are you talking about."

"Exo and blackpink are here and it looks like exo is up to something."

(The boys looked at exo and blackpink.)

"I think the're after her."

"And i think our fanclub are looking for you."

"I'm not in the mood for them,"

"Same here jimin but i think we should help her."

"I think so too jungkook."

Jimin and jungkook ran towards ishtar.

"Ishtar hi were you looking for me."

"Yes i was looking for you."

"We thought so come with us you're not save here i think exo wants you."

"Why do you think that jimin."

"Becouse they look hungry."

"Ugh not so fast guys i've got my high heels on."

"Pick her up jungkook she isn't that fast with those shoes."

"Lets go girl you dont have to run."

"Who watch it my dress is going up."

(Jungkook grabbed ishtar and ran as fast as he could. Jimin ran besides jungkook and told him to go to the mansion while he and the boys were going to talk to exo and blackpink.)

"What are you doing mister put me down."

(Jimin and the rest of the guys were talking to Exo and Blackpink.)

"Look soobin the kings are here lets go talk to them."

(TXT ran to BTS Exo and Blackpink and started to talk)

"So what do you guys wanna do with that girl tell me now."

"We wanna fuck and eat her she looks fuckable and delicieus."

(Soobin started to talk but got a angry face from Jimin.)

"You guys leave her alone not everyone is our food not food for vampires or werewolfs go to the market and buy your food there."

"Ugh hate you jimin if you werent the vampire king we would already killed you."

(Jimin andthe boys smirked and walked away.)

"Jimin wait we are comming with you."

"No lisa i dont want you here or in the mansion and we dont want the others too."

"Jimin pls dont talk to me like that you know i eh we love you you said that you would marry us."

"Ugh lisa i never told you that now go away."

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