My beautiful vampire king


"Some people i hate them they think they can put things in my head i never told lisa or Blackpink that u would marry them i just use them for sex and the sex isn't even that great.last time lisa gave me a blowjob but it took a while for me to cum and she hated that."

"Jimin dont worry we know that the sex isn't that great with them but think about it when was the last time you fucked a human instat a vampire or werewolf."

"Namjoon i dont know it was a while ago but lets go home quick i wanna talk to ishtar i wanna know more about her. "

(Bts went home and Jimin was still thinking about ishtar.)

(At the mansion Ishtar and Jungkook were talking to eachother.)

"What was your name again"

"My name is Jungkook i'm the youngest of the gang"

"What are you guys you aren't human are you."

"Eh we are va..."

(Suddenly the door opend and the boys came in.)

"Honey we are home."

"Are you guys gay."

"Ew no we are brothers."

(Ishtar started to laugh)

"You should see your faces it was......"

"Ugh shut up girlie"

"Suga you shut up you dont talk to a lady like that go to bed."

"Oh fuck you Jimin go suck a dick."

(Jimin started to growl and started to throw things at Suga. Suga started to run but Jin and Taehyung grabbed him by his arms and threw him on the couch.)

"Get off me you guys let me go i dont want to be punished by Jimin he's mean when he's angry."

(Jimin grabbed a pan and poor some water salt and garlic in the pan.)

"Uhm Ishtar would you go upstairs or to the kitchen you dont wanna see this this is gonna hurt."

(Ishtar walked to the kitchen and she heard Suga screaming realy loud. After 10 minutes Jimin came in the kitchen and put the pan on the counter and looked at Ishtar.)

"What did you do to him it sounded if you were killing him Jimin."

"Dont worry babygirl it only hurts for a while he will be ok in a while."

"Babygirl since when am i your babygirl i dont know you that well so dont call me babygirl ok.

(Ishtar walked to the livingroom and saw Suga lying on the couch with burn spots on his body.)

"Are you ok Suga pls say something to me."

"Go away leave me alone this is all your fould why are you even here. Dont think you can get close to Jimin he already got a lot of girlfriends so fuck off."

(Ishtar started to cry and ran out of the door. Namjoon looked at Suga and ran after Ishtar.)

"Ishtar wait pls come back it's not safe her at night we need to talk about what happend today at the mall come back."

"No Namjoon leave me alone i can handle myself i'm a big girl."

(Ishtar ran and ran sometimes she looked behind her if she sees Namjoon but she didn't. Suddenly she bumped against someone. Ishtar looked up and saw 2 boys from the mall. Ishtar started to scream.)

"Looks who's here it's our lunch and diner."

(The boys grabbed Ishtar and pulled her with them. Ishtar screamed and screamed.)

"Let go of me you sons of bitches. Jimin where are you. Namjoon where are you help me."

"Namjoon did you find her pls tell me you found her."

"Sorry Jimin i didnt find after she ran away from me if Suga had shut his mouth she still would be with us."

"What to do with her right now we all could fuck her and eat her tommorow."

"Guys lets all go and find Ishtar including you Min yoongi it's your fould that she ran away."

(BTS changed in to there vampire form and with there vampire speed they searched everywhere. After 1 hour Jimin called Ishtars name for the last time. Namjoon and Jungkook looked everywhere if they see someone or something but no luck it was quiet.)

"Guys i miss her."

"Who do you miss babe if you miss us we are here."

"I dont miss you girls i miss Ishtar."

"Ugh that bitch she is nothing compared to us come with us we will all have a good time."

"Lisa fuck off see you girls tommorow at school."

(The next morning the boys woke up and all got dressed and got downstairs.)

"Tae go get Jimin he will be late for school."

"Sure Jin i will wake Jimin up."

(Taehyung ran upstairs and knocked on Jimins door.)

"Yo loser wake up it's school time. Yo open the door Jimin. Yo do you hear me."

(Tae opened the door and saw that the bed was empty. )

"Guys Jimin is not in his room his bed is still unsleeped."

"I'm so cold where the fuck am i. I want to go home."

"Good morning breakfast how did you sleep last night. Hope you slept well."

(Ishtar looked at the boy and asked what his name was. The boy answerd and told her that his name was Kai. Ishtar told him her name and hoped that he would let her go.)

"Sorry babygirl you're our breakfast so i'm not gonna let you go."

"Will you let me go if i...."

"If you what pleasure me i dont think so babygirl i wont let you go but you can pleasure me how good are you with your mouth."

(Ishtar looked at Kai and crawld to him on her knees. Kai looked at her and Ishtar gulped and started to talk.)

"Come on girl do your job and suck me."

(Kai unbuckeld his beld and dropped his pants. Ishtar looked at Kai and grabbed his member. Ishtar rubbed his member and a tear fell on the ground. Suddenly the door opend and Baekhyun walked in.)

"Kai whet the fuck are you doing we have a problem upstairs Jimin is here and he's pissed."

"Jimin i'm down here help me."

"Where is Ishtar Xiumin give her back she isn't yours."

"Look who's talking she isn't yours either Jimin."

(Jimin started to growl and his eyes turned red and his fangs grew. Xiumin started to growl either and his theeth started to grow long and his nails too.)

"You wanna fight Xuimin i know you're gonna loose."

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