My beautiful vampire king


"Stop it you too Xuimin and Jimin stop the last time you 2 fighted the house was a mess. Suho get the girl."

(Suho walked downstairs and grabbed ishtar. Ishtar started to scream "let me go what are you going to do with me." Suho told her that she was free to go.)

"Oh jimin how did you find me."

"I thought that Exo was the one who kidnapped you Namjoon was realy worried especialy when you told him you are a big girl."

"Are you two in a relationship or not because it looks like it."

(Jimin and Ishtar looked at eachother and both said NO at the same time. Ishtar looked at Xuimin and Jimin and gulped. Ishtar looked at Xuimin and saw long teeth and long nails and yellow eyes and then she looked at Jimin and saw fangs and red eyes and fainted. Jimin ran to Ishtar and picked her up and walked out the door. After 30 minutes Jimin came back at the mansion and Namjoon opend the door.)

"What happend to her Jimin is she still alive and who had her."

"Exo had her and what i heard is that they wanted to fuck her and eat her glad i was on time she saw me and Xuimin in our werewolf and vampire form and she fainted."

(Jimin told the guys that he would bring her to his room so that she could rest. Jimin laid Ishtar in his bed and smiled. Jungkook knocked on the door and Jimin said "come in".)

"How is she is she ok Jimin and when are we gonna tell her about us and Exo and Blackpink and Txt what we all are. I almost told her that we are vampires but you guys came home."

"Lets go Jungkook let her sleep tommorow we will tell her everything after school."

(Later that night the boys went to bed Jimin slowly walked to his room and opend the door and was shocked what he saw. He saw that Ishtar was playing with herself. Jimin smirked and walked to his bed. Ishtar noticed that Jimin was looking at her and smiled.)

"What are you doing babygirl are you playing with yourself. Want help with that."

"I think you have a problem yourself want me to help you with that."

(Jimin looked down and saw a bulge in his pants. Ishtar got up and unbuckeld Jimins belt. Jimin looked at Ishtar and smiled. Ishtar pulled Jimins pants and boxers down and her eyes grew big.)

"Damn boy you're big realy big."

(Ishtar put her hand around Jimins member and started to move her hand up and down. Jimin let out a soft moan. Ishtar started to lick Jimins top and slowly put her mouth around his member. Jimin started to moan louder. Ishtar slowly sucked on Jimins member but her pase got quicker. Jimin moaned realy loud and grabbed Ishtars head and started to mouth fuck her.)

"Oh babygirl this feels so good you're so good with your mouth."

(Jimin moaned louder and told Ishtar that he was about to cum. Ishtar looked at Jimin and sucked harder. Jimin released his seemen in Ishtars mouth and Ishtar swallowed it.)

"Now it's your turn babygirl just lie back and enjoy."

(Ishtar got on the bed and Jimin put his head between ishtar's legs and started to suck on her clit. Ishtar moaned and arched her back. Jimin put 2 fingers in ishtar and thrusted slowly. "Oh daddy faster this feels so good" Jimin licked ishtar's womanhood and felt that Ishtar became realy wet. "You taste so good babygirl". Jimin licked Ishtar and noticed that she was about to cum. Ishtar cummed and Jimin enjoyed her juices.)

"Hope you're ready for me babygirl i'm gonna fuck you real hard."

"I'm ready for you"

(Jimin hovered above ishtar and enterd. Jimin thrusted slowly and Ishtar started to moan. Jimin thrusted faster and harder. Ishtar moaned realy loud and arched her back. Jimin started to moan realy loud. Jimin stopped thrusting and told Ishtar to get on her knees and hands. Ishtar did what she was told and Jimin enterd and thrusted realy fast and hard.)

"Fuck Ishtar you feel so good"

"Mmmm Jimin faster pls."

(Jimin told Ishtar that she should ride him and Ishtar did. Jimins eyes turned gold and his hair got fire red and his fangs grew. Ishtar looked at jimin and gulped. "Dont worry babygirl i'm not gonna bite you.")

The next morning.

(Jin knocked on Jimins door and opend it and what he saw he wasn't happy.)

"Jimin you fucking son of a demon what did you do to your room it's a mess."

"Ugh Jin shut up let me sleep"

"Get your demon ass out of bed we have school today yesterday we skipped school because you were looking for your future wife."

"Future wife what does he meen Jimin"

"You heard that Ishtar Jin was just kidding"

(Ishtar got out of bed and started to yell. "Future wife i dont think so i dont know you that well yeah we fucked last night but it doesnt meen that we are a couple" Jimin started to talk."Ishtar pls listen to me Jin was joking Jin likes jokes")

"That you 2 fucked last night we heard the whole mansion heard you 2 moaning now get out of bed before i do something to you."

(Jimin got out of bed and got dressed and walked downstairs not speaking to Ishtar. Ishtar got dressed to and walked downstairs to but didnt say a word.)

"Damn are they mad at eachother."

(The boys started to talk to eachother and Jimin and Ishtar were realy quiet. They just looked at eachother.)

"I'm going home guys dont follow me especialy you mister."

"She's pissed i think Jimin what did you do except fucking her hard."

"Jin made a joke about her being my future wife and she tought he meant it and know she's mad."

"You love her dont you Jimin she's the first human you love realy love."

"I dont know Tae i dont know."

(Ishtar got home and walked to the kitchen and opend the refrigerator and grabbed some food.)

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