My beautiful vampire king


(After 30 minutes Ishtar got out of the kitchen and walked to the couch and let her self fall on it and put the tv on.)

"Ugh there's nothing on tv i think i'm going to bed."

(Suddenly the doorbell rang)

"Who the fuck is that, yeah yeah i'm comming hold your horses."

(Ishtar opend the door and started to scream.)

"Omg Jackson how long has it been i missed you come here and give me a hug."

"Missed you Ishtar how are you doing you look a little upset. What happend tell me."

(Ishtar and Jackson took a seat and Ishtar told the whole story.)

"So you met the vampires and werewolfs and you fucked a vampire to bad it wasnt me"

"Jackson stop it you weren't there but yeah i fucked a vampire named Jimin."

"Jimin the Jimin damn girl you're lucky that he didnt kill you or that his girlfriends didnt kill you."

"What do you meen by that the guy named Jin told me that i'm Jimins future wife and Jimin said that it was a joke and i got mad and went home."

"Oh sweetheart i think that it wasnt a joke if they knew that you're a hybrid then you're Jimins future wife."

"They think i'm human i already got kidnapped by Exo they wanted to fuck and eat me."

"You love sex so thats a plus but getting eaten thats a minus so let me tell you something about who's who. BTS are vampires Exo and Blackpink are werewolfs and Txt are vampires too. But there's more BTS are the..."

(Suddenly the doorbell rang ishtar walked to the door and asked who it was. She got no answer.)

"Eh Jackson i dont trust this could you go and look who it is."

"Sure babe go to the kitchen and be quiet."

(Ishtar ran to the kitchen and crawled under the kitchen table.)

"Who is this answer me if you dont answer me i'm telling you i'm armed."

"Yo it's me open up it's cold outside."

(Jackson opend the door and Wonho stepped in.)

"Ishtar it's ok it's just Wonho come here."

(Ishtar walked out of the kitchen and walked to Wonho and gave him a big hug and a kiss.)

"Missed you wonho how have you been"

"Fine but missed you too"

(Wonho gave Ishtar a hug and a kiss back and asked what happend the last couple of months. Jackson told the whole story and wonho looked at Ishtar and asked if she was alright. Ishtar said yes but started to cry.)

"Come here babe it's ok we're here."

"Thanks guys but i'm tired i'm going to bed"

(The boys said good night to Ishtar and Ishtar said it back.)

"So Wonho let me tell you something more about what happend. Ishtar doesnt know that BTS are the vampire kings and that Jimin is the strongest of them all and that we all listen to him i think Ishtar is in love with him but i think she doesnt know it yet. When they fucked Jimin turned but didnt bite her if he did that Ishtars powers would rise to the top she would be the strongest hybrid and it would be mayhem so i'm gonna ask you dont let Jimin near Ishtar at the moment when Ishtar is in heat then the 2 have to be together."

"Why am i seeing Jimin in my head what is wrong with me i dont want to see him not in my head and not for real i hate him but i think i love him i'm a real mess right now."

(Ishtar fell a sleep and wonho and jackson were sitting on the couch and thought about a lot of things.)

"Ugh Ishtar why did you ran away i have a lot to say to you hope you come back"

"Jimin pay attention pls other wise it's detention for you"

"Sorry but i'm going home i cant stay here at school i feel sick"

(Jimin run back to the mansion and ran to his bedroom.)

"Oh Ishtar pls come back i miss you i have a lot to say to you"

(Jimin fell asleep and dreamed about Ishtar)

"Mmmm Ishtar that feels good,Ishtar what are you doing"

(Jimin started too scream and woke up he looked under the blankets and saw that everything was ok.)

"Fuck i had a nightmare but what could it be is Ishtar not human"

(Jimin got downstairs and saw blackpink and exo sitting in the livingroom.)

"What are you all doing here, who invited you here"

"We did Jimin you werent yourself today we thought maybe we can help you"

(Jimin laughed "you cant help me the only one who can help me is Ishtar i realy want her back")

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