A Trip To Outer Space

Space #1

"Thanks for a good fuck, haven't had a good one for a month." Jeongguk says as he let the skirt flow down his tanned thighs again, the male student buttoning up his jeans. The student winks at Jeongguk and raises a brow.

"Shouldn't you be going now? Freshmen, sophmores and juniors have spaceship tests soon and I think your group is revealed in ten minutes or something." The student says and steps back to let Jeongguk jump down from the little counter in the janitors closet.

Jeongguk kisses the male on the cheek and stands up, the student towering over him as he walks over to the door. "See you later?" the student asks. Jeongguk giggles as he opens the door. "Perhaps" he hums out as he walks out, leaving the other male.


"I'm telling you! You need to loosen up a bit, go party with me! Please? It'll be fun, Joonie!" Jackson says and trudes after the very very tall student. The student turns around and gives Jackson an unamused look.

"No! We both know that we have tests coming up and I don't want to fail!" Namjoon sighs and turns around again, walking through the tight crowd of people. He'd never liked big crowds, but school teached him to get used to it.

Jackson sighs and runs after him, both quietly making their way to the classroom.


He turns around a corner and immediately falls down due to a heavy weight crashing into him. "Dude! Watch it!" Jimin says and stands up, shaking his head at the a little taller man. He was, maybe... 6'0? The male sighs and stands up, a smile with gums displaying.

"Sorry man. Your name? You seem new." Jimin chuckles and takes his hand, shaking it. "Park Jimin, but I'm not new. You're just older than me"

The male smiles even bigger and chuckles. "Yeah, I guess I'm quite old, being a junior and everything. Uh, my name's Min Yoongi." Jimin glances at the clock, eyes turning wide. "I'm so sorry! i have a space test coming up, and we're getting our groups in like, ten minutes, so I really have to go..." Yoongi nods at Jimin. "Actually, me too. So... Good luck, I guess?"

They say goodbye, and walk their separate ways.


Kim Seok-Jin confidently strides through the hallway, broad shoulders forcing people to backa few steps to not knock into them. The plump lips wrapped delicately around a cigarette has girls and guys swooning over him, his chest tell-taling about the gym on campus. He pushes his blonde locks from his forehead as he walks into the classroom, not more than five minutes late.

As he marches througt the classroom to get to his seat, the teacher squints his eyes at him. "So, Mr. Kim. Mind entertaining the class with news on why you were late?"

Seokjin shrugs and looks out the window.

The teacher sighs, and turns back to the board. "Here's all the groups. Please look for your name and the group's names, plus the group's number."


"Ey, art-freak! That's my seat, get up weirdo!" Taehyung sighs and stands up, sitting at the last row instead. Everyday, the same thing. He just couldn't understand! Why were they so mean just because he liked art? The teacher walks in, and everyone quiets down.

"Here's your groups, and your group's name. You're all awair that these are real ships, right? We only want you to fly in our solar system for awhile, not try to escape or something ridiculous."


"Hoseok? Class starts in a minute!" His friend peaks his head through the door to the dance room, where Hoseok's standing. He nods, and walks up to Jongin, taking his arm and dragging him from the corridor.

"See you later, man." He says as he enters his classroom.


Jeongguk looked at the paper, reading the words.


START: o9:00, March 01st


·Kim Seok-Jin, junior, nurse

·Min Yoon-Gi, junior, mechanic/engineer

·Jung Ho-Seok, junior, mechanic/engineer

·Kim Nam-Joon, sophmore, secondary pilot

·Park Ji-Min, sophmore, mechanic/engineer

·Kim Tae-Hyung, sophmore, mechanic/engineer

·Jeon Jeong-Guk, freshman, pilot

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