Starved- Jung Hoseok


"That's not normally a question you ask a man, let alone a vampire." His piercing eyes bore into my own, shivers running down my spine in excitement.

Romance / Adventure
Cyndal Steel
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meliorism: (n.) the belief that the world gets better; the belief that humans can improve the world.

May 3, 1999

"Mama mama!!" The loud pitter patter of feet on hard wood echoed through the halls, a young girl holding a massive book ran into her mother's arms.

"Yes Lauren my dear?" The woman propped the small girl on the island in the kitchen, taking the book from her and opening it to a page with the corner turned down.

"Now what did I tell you about doing this to the pages?" The woman stares the little girl down in disappointment. The girl bows her head shamefully, pigtails pooling on the island.

"Mama said not to do it. I'm sorry mama. I just like the pretty man on this page. See him?" The little girl excitedly pointed to a man with a vibrant head of hair and a magnificent suit, eyes a pure emerald.

(obviously ignore the head mic he had on)

"How do you always find this man, no matter the book you're reading?" The girls mother pondered, staring at the little girl in awe.

"Is he a prince mama, because he looks like a prince. He's so pretty." The little girl pointed at the man in the book once more.

"He may very well be pretty, but you're only seven my dear. You're too young to think that men in books are pretty." The little girl nodded shyly, peering up at her mother.

"It's okay mama. I think you're pretty too." The woman smiled, closing the book and grabbing her daughter, placing her on the ground before she ran off.


August 12, 2004

"Mom, can you buy this book for me and I'll pay you back as soon as we get home? Pretty please?" The woman peered down at her daughter, seeing the rather large book on history in her hands.

"Dear, why not pick something other than a history book? You're fixing to be 13, don't you want like a magazine, or maybe even like go to another store and we can buy makeup?" The mother joked with the girl.

"Mom, why would I do that when I could do so much more by reading. There's a world out there with thousands of years of knowledge and I'd rather read about that than learn how to put mascara on." The mom nodded, grabbing the book from her daughters hands, placing it in her basket.

"You pay me back as soon as we get home, and then you can tell me all about the," she trailed off, looking at the cover of the book, "American Civil War. But why are you reading about that, might I ask?" The girl giggled at her mother before replying.

"I saw him again mom. The man with the green eyes. I need to know who he is, and this book is a strong lead." The woman shook her head, chuckling at her daughters obsession over a gorgeous man in a book.


May 27, 2010

"You're graduating today. My baby is graduating high school. And then she decides to leave me to go to fucking Yale University. Do you really hate your mother that much?" The woman dabbed at her eyes as she looked over her daughter getting ready.

"Don't worry. And you already know that Yale has a wonderful history program. I'll come back for every vacation and break, and maybe I'll even come bug you in the summer. Now, does this look too professional for a high school graduation?" I stare into my bedroom mirror, looking over my outfit for the 100th time this morning.

"Honestly.... you look amazing baby. You're beautiful and you're going to knock them dead at Yale. I'm very proud of you." Her eyes welled up with tears once again, pulling me into a tight embrace.

"I'm just so glad you finally gave up that obsession with that prince in all of your textbooks. It was getting quite unhealthy, but it lead you to your calling." I nodded, not letting her see the photo frame I turn over behind her, holding a semi-recent photo of the same man I've been chasing for years.

"Alright mama. You've got to let go and we have to get to the school it I won't be He one graduating."


December 20, 2013

"Now that you have your bachelors degree in hand, what are you going to do?" My friend Kat asked, watching me pack a bag.

"Well, funny you should ask that. I'm not going back to school in a few weeks. I'll be laying out a semester to travel all over Europe, Asia, and then come back to the states to finish up." Her eyes bugged out at my words, mouth gaping like a fish.

"Are you out of your ever loving mind??? That's insane. That's the kind of thing a crazy person would do. So why are you, aspiring curator, and daughter of esteemed author Lilly Connors, going on some crazed suicide mission?" I rolled my eyes at the time she was using.

"First of all, don't care that my mom is a famous author. Two, I am an aspiring curator. And three, I'm doing this so I will have a cultural experience and background to be a world renowned curator. I need to do this Kitty Kat." She nodded, turning and tossing something onto the bed by my hands, pointing to it.

"Actually, I think you're chasing this man again." I gulped, staring into the photo, eyes boring into solid green gems.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about." I stutter out, packing my clothes faster, tossing the photo into my bag.

"Mhm. And how is it that every holiday we have had for the past two years, you randomly disappear and come back battered and banged up. Huh? Explain that one to me."

"Well... I uh..." she cut me off, standing up and walking over to me, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Whatever you're looking for, I really hope you find it babe. But don't be mad if one day, the answer comes and bites back. I'm just looking out for you." I nod, hugging the girl before slinging the backpack over my shoulder and walking out the door.


September 1, 2017

"Miss Connor's, I'm very impressed with your resume. Now it says here that you have traveled to over 54 countries, and have met with some of the biggest influencers and leaders in the world. Not to mention that your mother is a strong person to be backing this resume. I hope you don't mind that." The woman stared at me over her thin metal frames.

"I really don't mind. It's usually brought up wherever I go." She nodded, writing some things down.

"Well, honestly this interview was just a formality. We were going to hire you regardless of your background, but now that I see how impressive it is, I'm glad we are. I mean, I don't know many 25 year olds with a masters in history, know five languages, and have a filled up passport like you. Welcome aboard to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History miss Connor." I smile broadly at the woman, shaking her hand.

"Now off you go, because you'll need to be here bright and early Monday morning at 7am sharp." I nod, briskly walking out of the office. Suddenly my phone rings, shocking me out of my happy stupor.

"Mm hello?" I lazily answer, heels clicking on marble floor as I make my way to the exit.

"I have a lead for you. Turns out your mystery man was last seen in LA just this morning, walking out of a bar called Hypnosis with another man, eyes were the same bright green color." I nod, hurriedly grabbing for a pen and a piece of paper from my purse.

"And you're sure it was him? I need this one to be right Angelique, because last time you gave me information, you were very wrong and I got shot." I hummed out, writing down the information.

"I'm sure of it this time. He had glowing bright green eyes, and so did the other guy with him." My eyes widen at the possibility of another immortal being with my forever prince.

"Got it. Now get me a flight out of here ASAP. I want to be in LA by tonight." I hear a mumbled 'yeah' before my phone dings, showing me a plane ticket leaving in the next hour. I hung up the phone, hailing a taxi.

"I'm getting you this time."


January 4, 2019

"The new pieces for the mid Han Dynasty exhibit will be arriving soon. As soon as they do, I want them downstairs being looked over and I want to be notified. Got that?" The two frightened assistants scurried off, making sure not to oppose the new head historic curator. I release a mouthful of air, walking over to a bench and sitting down, covering my eyes with my arm.

"Tired?" Without looking, I nod.

"Yeah, this new exhibit might kick my ass." A feminine chuckle entered my ears, making me smile as well.

"Well, that's a surprise. Who knew real work could kick The Lauren Connor's ass. It wouldn't be the jumping out of airplanes, or swimming through rivers in third world countries, or even being bitten by very venomous snakes. But actual, physical, normal people work." I take my arm off my eyes, staring into the chocolate irises of my best friend, Kat Davidson.

"Now what are you doing all the way out here my dearest best friend?" I sweetly ask her, holding my hand out for her to help pull me up. She obliged, lifting me with ease off the bench.

"Well, I have a modeling gig here this week, and I wanted to see my best friend. Why didn't you tell me that you are the head curator here? That's huge." She exclaimed, jumping around me excitedly. I sigh, placing my hands on her shoulders to stop her.

"Well, I got really good at the job here, and then Mr. Daniels went missing a few weeks ago, like his whole house was empty and it seems as if he just skipped town. So they offered me the job and I couldn't refuse. Plus I needed extra stuff to do since I gave up looking for my man with green eyes." She rolled her eyes, nodding.

"It's about time you gave up looking for ghosts. Well I've got to get going so I can make it to my shoot on time. It was nice seeing you. Oh! There was a man at the front desk in a really nice suit who gave this to me. Told me to give it to you and only you." She handed me a letter, one that looked ridiculously fancy, even for the position I was in. I took it in my hands, feeling the density of the envelope, and the soft texture of the paper. Running my hands across the piece, I notice my full name written in a fancy script across the front.

"What the hell?" My fingers land on something, flipping it over to see a massive wax seal keeping the item closed off from view. It had a very familiar raven pattern, one that I had seen many times over the years.

"This can't be. Someone must be playing a trick on me. It must be Kat's doing." I mumble out, breaking the seal. Inside the envelope was a single sheet of paper. My eyes scan the paper rapidly, drinking in all of the details.

To the very intriguing Lauren Denae Connors,

Might I have the pleasure of your company this evening? It would be splendid to see the creature who has been chasing after my namesake for the past 10 years. Now why don't you come out and play with me? You may even get the answers you're dying to know.

With regards,

Jung Hoseok

11204 S. Inglebird Dr

Washington D.C.



"You've got to be fucking kidding me. Is this serious? This is obviously some joke to get me to go somewhere and look a goddamn fool." I toss the letter down, seeing another smaller paper fall out. My curiosity getting the better of me, I lean down and pick it up, flipping it to see a picture of the man I've been chasing for years.

"Holy shit. It's really him."

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