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Why not forever

By Doll_Hunnybee

Drama / Romance

Chapter 1: A different story


No reaction

‘Hey Jenny’

Jenavive looked up, right in front of her she saw Diedrich a friend of her father and a military soldier.
He was the one who raised her for most of her childhood, she knew Diedrich like he was her own father, she knew him from the inside and the outside.
She knew his weak spots, his stupid humor and all of his faces, and the one he was pulling now well… she only saw that face when he wanted to tell her something bad or something she would regret later.

‘Jenavive what’s wrong, you have been staring outside of the window for hours, that’s not like you’

Jenavive looked into Diedrichs eyes and she saw he really was worried, she wanted to answer but for some reason she didn’t want to tell him.

Diedrich took her hand and walked to the fireplace ‘Sit down’ he said pointing at the big chair behind her, she looked at him one more time and decided to sit down.
Diedrich was sitting in the chair across from her just staring the whole time.
‘Is something wrong’ Jenny asked a little uncomfortable.
Diedrich raised an eyebrow ‘I asked you first’ he looked annoyed and it looks like he didn’t wanted to wait any longer for her answer.

Jenavive let out a big sigh she looked up right in Diedrich’s eyes which shocked her a little bit.
‘I just… I really want to know what happened to my family, but you never tell me anything about it because you’re scared it will hurt me’ Jenavive sounded relieved after she said what she had want to say for so long.

Diedrich still had the same look in his eyes, the eyes he raised Jenavive with, the eyes you are not supposed to mess with because if you do you’re in big trouble.
‘Will it hurt you?’ Diedrich asked after a time of silence.

Jenavive shrugged ‘Maybe…’ it was quiet for a while ‘But I have the right to know, so you have to tell me’

‘Yes you are right about that, I don’t know if you are old enough bu…’ before Diedrich could finish his sentence Jenavive jumped in ‘I AM 16!!’ she screamed without realizing.

Diedrichs sighed ‘When you were five years old your father asked me a favor’ Diedrich said.
Jenavive looked confused ‘What?...’she didn’t understand.

‘You wanted to know right?’

‘Yes, no I do I really do’

‘Well than listen will ya’ Diedrich sounded annoyed.
Jenavive sat back and looked at him as a sign he could continue.
‘As I said when you were five years old your father asked me a favor, he asked me if I could take you in for a  while.
Of course when I heard him say that I was shocked, what the hell am I supposed to do with a five year old girl in my house and by the way I live in Germany and your family in England.
Your father told me he wanted to send you to a boarding school in Germany Berlin.
I thought it was crazy, to send a five year old girl to Germany without any family, so I told him what I thought.
He explained that he wanted to make you into a beautiful well-mannered lady that would be able to be a good wife, he wanted you to do something with your life.
And because your brother would be the successor of the Phantomhive company he would…’

‘Wait! I have a brother’ a smile crossed Jenavives face.

‘Yes his name is Ciel, can I go on?’ Diedrich asked.

Jenavive nodded and Diedrich continued,
‘Your father wanted to learn everything to your brother Ciel by himself, he said it was easier that way.
Sometimes he would take Ciel to parties to meet people that would be important later, even though he was just 8 years old he knew more people than I did in that time.
Your brother was important back then and he still is, but somehow it all went wrong’.
Diedrich looked at Jenavive who was listing attentive, what made him continue.
‘On Ciels 10th birthday…’ Diedrich stopped and looked at Jenavive again ‘Are you sure you want to hear this’ he asked.

‘Yes! I do please continue’ Jenavive begged.

Diedrich who was still looking at Jenavive let his eyes down and started talking again.
‘On Ciels 10th birthday… the mansion burned down, your father and mother were killed that night.
They couldn’t get out on time.
The cause of the fire is still unknown ’.

Jenavive looked at Diedrich with shocked eyes ‘Wh…what about Ciel?’ she asked.
‘Ciel was kidnaped, no one knew who kidnaped him the only thing they know is that he came back suddenly’.

‘So he is still alive’ Jenavive stood up from her chair without realizing.

‘Y…Yes he is, why?’

A big smile crossed Jenavives face she run out of  the living room and ran upstairs to her bedroom.
The house she lived in was a really big villa, her room was bright and full of furniture made from white wood.
Jenavive adored the colour white for some reason, she always thought it was because her hair was white.
Her hair was as white as fresh snow and her eyes as dark as ash.
Although she was just a human, people on the streets thought she was a creation from the devil itself.

She opened her closet and pulled her suitcase from underneath her bed.
She threw her suitcase on her bed and opened the locks, as soon as they were open she just started to throw clothes in it.

Diedrich came in ‘What the hell are you doing Jenavive!’ he asked while looking around her messy room.

Everywhere he looked were clothes, on the floor, on her bed, they were even hanging outside of window.

‘I am going to see Ciel’ Jenavive said with a big smile on her face.
Diedrich walked towards her and grabbed her arm rough so she would stop pacing her suitcase.
Jenavive looked up, ‘Jenavive, Ciel doesn’t know you are still alive.
He is 19 right know there is a chance he has forgotten about you completely’.

Jenavive was still looking at Diedrich ‘Yeah b… but maybe he still knows who I am right?’.

‘And what if he still knows, what makes you think he still wants to see you.
Jenavive just think about it if you go to him now without any warning, and your standing outside of his door.
His butler will open the door and ask you who the hell you are, when he does that you can’t just say “Oh hi I am Jenavive I am the sister of Ciel I came here to fuck up everyone’s lives” while saying that Diedrich imitated Jenavives voice.

‘I don’t sound like that!!’ Jenavive said.

‘THAT’S NOT THE POINT JENAVIVE!!!’ Diedrich started to scream, and Jenavive knew when Diedrich starts to scream it’s better to stay the hell away from him.
Some even say he can scare the devil with that voice.
‘DIDN’T YOU HEAR ANYTHING FROM WHAT I JUST SAID!!! YOUR PARENTS ARE DEAD JENAVIVE THEY! ARE ! DEAD!’ Diedrich stopped screaming and looked at Jenavive with demanding eyes.

Jenavive didn’t realize until now but she felt sad, no not sad… she felt devastated.
Her parents… dead… and she would never be able to see them again.
She felt her legs shake and her eyes started to water.
But she felt she couldn’t hold on long, and after a few minutes… she collapsed.
She lowered herself on her knees and started to cry, first slow but after a while she started to scream and she couldn’t stop the tears form coming.

Diedrich felt a little bad and sat down next to her, he pulled her towards him and hugged her tight.
After a while he gave her a kiss on her forehead, and Jenavive stopped crying.
She remembered her father doing that when she had nightmares and couldn’t sleep, and in the worst case Ciel came in because he heard her cry, and he would worry about her so he would sleep with her so she wouldn’t be scared anymore.

She looked up and saw Diedrich next to her ‘If you want I can ask Ciel if he likes to have a visitor’ Diedrich said after a while ‘But I am not going to say you’re his sister I’ll just say you’re a girl who wants to meet him for a long time’.

Jenavive stood up immediately ‘Do you really want to do that’ she asked.

‘Of course I’ll call the Phantomhive manor myself right now’ Diedrich stood up and walked out of the room.

Jenavive followed him thru the halls, she saw Diedrich walking into the phone room and he left the door open she wasn’t sure he did that without knowing it or maybe he did it on purpose so Jenavive could listen to his conversation.
Either way she was happy she could hear him talk.

She listened to what Diedrich said, ‘…No Sebastian… no Diedrich from Germany… yes … no I have a favor to ask the young lord… oh well to bad… it’s about a girl… no who the hell is Elizabeth… no I don’t know her’ Diedrich was talking like he knew them really good ‘I didn’t even knew he was engaged… no I told you another girl… yes … no she wanted to meet the young lord for quite a while now… yes… of course I’ll wait’.

‘so… can I come’ Jenavive asked carefully, Diedrich turned around ‘shush’.

‘Ah young lord Ciel It has been to long how are you doing… yes yes I’m fine I’m fine, I have a favor to ask you…oh Sebastian already told you… yes I swear it’s not Elizabeth… all right… well that’s good to hear… yes she will come as fast as she can… all right than goodbye my lord’ Diedrich hang up and turned to Jenavive.

‘And…?’ Jenavive asked, Diedrich looked at her.

‘If your fast you can catch the next boat to England’

Jenavive looked at him and started jumping up and down, as soon as she wanted to run to her room her maid came out with her packed suitcases.
‘Well milady that means you will have to hurry’ she said while smiling, she walked ahead of Jenavive and a butler came to help Jenavive with her coat.

Jenavive looked at Diedrich ‘Are you sure this is okay’ Diedrich smiled ‘Call us, as soon as you arrived at the manor’.
Jenavive nodded she walked to the door but stopped before opening it, she turned around

‘what if he doesn’t want me to stay when he finds out I am his sister’

Diedrich looked up to the ceiling as to find an answer that would come falling from the sky ‘Well… you can go to Alois, I am a 100 per cent sure he won’t turn you down he will take you in for sure.
If you want I can call him to tell him you are coming to England’ Diedrich said.
Jenavive smiled ‘That would be great’ she ran to Diedrich gave him a kiss on the cheek and run outside into her coach.

After a trip that lasted 4 days she finally arrived in London, she looked around, up to the big houses.

‘Uhm miss?’ Jenavive heard a voice behind her she turned around and saw a small boy with blond hair and a straw hat.

‘Yeah? Am I in your way?’

The boy’s eyes became big ‘oh no don’t worry about it, are you miss Jenavive?’ the boy asked.

Jenavive smiled ‘Oh… yes that’s me’.

‘Marvelous, It’s really nice to meet you’ the boy shook her hand ‘My name is Finnian, I am the gardener of the Phantomhive manor.
I was asked to pick you up when you would arrive’ the boy looked very energetic he seemed young but there was something strange about him.

‘Who asked you that, I think I could have come myself… not that I don’t appreciate it really’

The boy straiten his back ‘Orders from mister Sebastian’ he took her hand and led her to the coach.

‘Please watch your step miss’.

Jenavive stepped into the coach with the help of the young boy Finnian.
When she sat down right across her was a small man, he was holding a teacup and he looked very happy.

‘Uhm… who is this’ Jenavive asked.

The boy looked at the man and smiled ‘Oh don’t worry about him, that’s Tanaka he is out of energy’

Jenavive looked at the small man again ‘Ho Ho Ho’ Tanaka said.
for some reason Jenavive felt safe inside the coach together with Tanaka.
After a few minutes Jenavive arrived at a really big house, she looked outside of the window and saw the big windows and the huge garden.

Finnian opened the door and helped her out ‘I’m sorry miss but I can’t go thru the front door so you will have to go by yourself if you don’t mind’ the boy said.

‘Why can’t you go thru the front door?’

‘Oh I am just a servant I am not allowed to go thru the front door but don’t worry, I’m used to it’ the boy gave her a big smile while he picked up her suitcases and brought them to the door, he bowed and walked away.

Jenavive felt a little nervous but with the confidence she had left she knocked on the door.
After a while the door opened and a tall man stood in front of her.

The man had raven black hair and dark ruby colored eyes although he was wearing a blouse and jacked you could see he was muscled, Jenavive saw it was a butler in an instant.
Actually he was pretty handsome, Jenavive felt she was blushing a bit and looked away.

‘Good day milady, my name is Sebastian Michaelis I am the butler of this manor and of the young lord Phantomhive’.

He took her suitcases and brought them inside, after he did that a maid came running.
Jenavive saw she was a bit clumsy but a good listener, she took the suitcases and brought them upstairs.
Jenavive turned around and saw the butler Sebastian close the door, he walked passed her, turned around and bowed.

When he stood strait again he looked right into her eyes ‘Welcome to the Phantomhive manor’.  

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