A Rose by Any Other Name

It's Not Fair

"I'm still a heck of a lot cuter than you." Riley snapped, turning his chair to glare at Jacks. Jacks was sitting at a table at the far side of the room, cleaning some of the guns they'd found in a weapon storage box.

"Who said anything about being cute?" Jacks didn't look up; instead he was taking apart a rather large gun.

"What kind of gun is that?" Miranda asked quietly. She'd finally gotten her nose to stop bleeding and Wesker had found some ice for her hand. She was still in a sort of daze. What had happened earlier was confusing her. She couldn't believe what she'd done.

"It's a classic." Jacks said proudly. "An AR-15."

"You know a lot about stuff like that don't you?" Miranda came to sit next to him, looking over the pieces.

"Not nearly as much as smart-ass over there. He knows everything." Jacks snorted

"That's right. You're finally learning." Riley snickered. "Where'd I put that dog treat?"

"Shut up." Jacks sneered. Miranda tried to conceal her smile with the back of her hand. "ET Tu Brute?" Jacks rolled his eyes at her. Miranda burst out laughing. She couldn't hold it any longer.

"There's Sherry." Riley said, breaking the laughter. "She's in the locker room on the top level."

"I'm going." Miranda stood and Jacks grabbed her wrist.

"Wait a minute." Jacks pulled her back into the chair.

"Claire Redfield is heading into the ice room." They'd named it the ice room after Wesker had come back from there with a trash bag of ice and icicles on his ear lobes.

"She's getting the generator running right?" Jacks said, hooking his fingers around the trigger. "Maybe she's not as stupid as Wesker claims."

"Of course she is." Miranda snapped. She closed her eyes and sighed heavily. Why were they keeping her from getting to her daughter? She was so close. What could possibly go wrong in such a short space?

"Shit." Riley's voice was shaking. "Ada's injured. And I think the Birkin monster is dead. That son of a..."

"Harley?" Wesker's voice came through the communications port clearly as it filled the monitor room. "I need your help. I'm coming for you." Miranda opened her eyes in shock. Wesker needed her? That was something new.

In a few moments Wesker appeared in the doorway and led Miranda into the lab where William Birkin had once worked to create the G-virus. She looked up at Wesker unsure of what he was about to do.

He grabbed her and kissed her roughly, the need sparking between them. Then all at once, he turned away and flipped on a light. "Your nose is swelling, Harley." He said after a while. Miranda put a hand to the bridge of her nose and realized that he was right. She looked away from him, for some reason embarrassed. "Birkin is dead." He told her.

"I know." She answered softly.

"I want you to recreate a T-virus sample. I need Birkin's combat data." Wesker said, holding up an empty vial. "I'll leave you here." He turned toward the door. "Let me know when you've finished."

"Wesker..." She didn't know exactly what had made her call out to him. She wondered if it had anything to do with her strange visions of Chris Redfield, her daughter, or him. Maybe it was all three. She put her arms around him and laid her head on his chest. She sighed softly as his arms encircled her and he kissed her on the temple.

"What happened with Ada?" He asked at last, putting his hands on her shoulders and pushing her back to look at him.

"She stood there while Riley was attacked by a Licker and didn't bother to lift a finger in his defense." Miranda turned to a research table and set the flame on a Bunsen burner. "I need some of your blood." Wesker nodded and took the knife from its holster on his leg. He sliced himself on the forearm and held it out to Miranda. "She had his gun."

"Ada is a thorn in my side." Wesker said in a flat tone even as Miranda squeezed the deep wound.

"Doesn't that hurt?" She glanced up at him in surprise.

"Hardly." Wesker snorted.

"What else has she done?" She poured the pan of blood into the glass vial on the burner.

"What hasn't she done?" Wesker rolled his eyes. Miranda barely caught it because of his dark glasses. "She's seems to be falling for Leon S. Kennedy."

"So?" She found chemicals in a storage tank under the table. Kneeling, she searched through them.

"So?" Wesker repeated, wiping at his already healing arm. "A spy is supposed to carry out the mission like a machine. Where do emotions fit into that?"

Miranda placed some of the chemicals on the table and shrugged "So kill them."

"I plan to." Wesker answered.

Riley Davis sat at a wall of monitors and watched Ada as she followed Leon around. He was disappointed in himself. What had possessed him to run after Ada Wong with his tongue hanging out and blind to the world? She had totally humiliated him. He refused, however, to let that get him down. He should have listened to Jacks and Miranda. Although they were right, he'd never admit that to them.

He glanced over at Jacks. He was putting together his gun as if it were a jigsaw puzzle he'd done a thousand times. "You think we'll get out of here alive?" Riley asked. He wasn't sure what to say. It wasn't like they were friends. He didn't blame Jacks for hating him. After all, it had been Riley's fault he'd lost his entire crew.

"I doubt it." Jacks rolled his eyes. "Why do you waste your breath on stupid questions, moron?" Riley turned away and gazed at the active monitors in front of him. Miranda's daughter Sherry was very sick. It was obvious in the pallor of her skin.

"Birkin infected the little girl," he said almost to himself.

"So what? She's just a little girl. A nuisance at the least." Jacks' gun clicked loudly as he put the clip back in place. "They all are." He said bitterly. Riley caught the tone and was puzzled by it. Why would Jacks care enough to make a comment like that? There was evidently more to him than he was willing to reveal. Riley chose not to continue the subject.

Jacks stood and laid the gun on the table. "Got any views of that Redfield chick?"

Riley nodded and brought up an image of her on the large monitor in the center of the room. "She's got nice legs." Riley said with a smile.

"No kidding." Jacks leaned closer and stared at her. " It would have been better if she'd worn a skirt like that Valentine lady. Now that was..." Jacks voice dropped away instantly and he cocked his head to listen. Riley strained to hear as well, but heard nothing unusual. "A Licker." Jacks said with a growl. "Son of a..." He laid a handgun in front of Riley and picked the AR-15. "Be right back."

Riley watched in silence as Jacks disappeared through a door on one side as Wesker appeared through a door on the other. His mind was swimming and his leg was beginning to throb. "Where did he go?" Wesker popped his knuckles and looked down at Jacks' gun lying on the keyboard.

Riley shrugged. "He's looking for a little tongue action."

"Not funny." Wesker said sharply. "Get that garbage off the screen." Riley changed the view and the two of them were suddenly staring at the MR. X prototype lumbering toward Jacks.

Jacks was firing his gun into a Licker that was already dead. He couldn't help it. He was frustrated and tired. His mind was still playing the images of his sisters' deaths over and over again. It was making him sick. He thought by destroying the Umbrella Operatives he would eliminate the images, but it had only made them stronger. All he wanted to do was to forget.

It would have been better to forget all together then to replay memories that would never change the past. If he continued to dwell on them, he would never be a good soldier. A clouded mind led to death. It was a Siren song all its own.

The arm that slammed into his back was as surprising as it was painful. Jacks dropped to his knees as another wave of pain erupted from his shoulders. He dropped his gun as the sensation swept over him anew and he lost the use of his fingers. He turned his head slightly and saw the X prototype looming over him as it swung an arm that sent him flying. He wasn't sure why he didn't fight back. He just couldn't force himself to move. His mind was still clouded with the images of his sisters. Closing his eyes so he wouldn't have to watch the X Tyrant moving slowly toward him, Jacks braced himself for a painful demise.

"Hey ugly!" The voice was unmistakable. It belonged to the smart-ass scientist Riley. "Your momma was a pigeon!" The gunshots splattered into the monster with a sickening sound, but didn't seem to phase it. It turned slowly toward Riley and began to advance on him. Riley continued to shoot, undeterred. Jacks shook himself out of his thoughts and dived for his own gun. But even as he raised it, the Tyrant fell to its knees with a groan.

Jacks stood and scowled deeply. "Your mother was a pigeon? What the hell does that mean?"

"It means I saved your butt, bird brain." Riley commenced into a victory dance.

"You did no such thing. I had the situation under control." Jacks shot back.

"Yeah okay. You're welcome." Riley smiled victoriously and returned to the monitor room.

Jacks slammed his fist into the wall beside him. What was happening to him?

"Jacks." Wesker stood behind him, an eyebrow raised. Jacks whirled to face him.

"What the hell's happening to me?" He shouted angrily.

"Meaning?" Wesker's expression never changed.

"I fell six stories and didn't die. I just got the crap kicked out of me by that X prototype and I don't have scratch on me. It doesn't make any sense." Jacks inspected his body for wounds that weren't there.

"There's no time to worry with superficial things." Wesker answered with a snarl. "I need you to inject what's left of Birkin with the T-virus and collect his combat data. Meanwhile I have to take care of Ms. Wong."

Jacks nodded and walked past Wesker into the Monitor room. "You did not." He shouted. Wesker rolled his eyes and handed Jacks the T-virus that Miranda had concocted. He watched as Jacks reloaded the AR-15 and jerked his handgun out of Riley's hands and stomped out.

"You'd think he was ungrateful or something." Riley sneered at Wesker.

Miranda was halfway out the door when Albert Wesker grabbed her arm. "Where are you going, Harley?" His voice held a deadly warning. She looked up at him and sighed.

"Wesker…listen to me." Something inside of Miranda was screaming for her to keep her mouth shut and go back to the monitor room. But she wasn't listening to it. Wesker raised an eyebrow and frowned. "We have to save Sherry. You know as well as I do that she would have a better chance of living if she were with us. We need to..."

"We need to do absolutely nothing, Harley!" Wesker slammed his fist into the wall beside her head. Miranda jumped in spite of herself. "I am sick and tired of hearing about Sherry. She means nothing to either of us…Does she?" He glared at her but didn't give her the chance to answer. "I refuse to compromise any more of this mission for a child. I will not do it and I will not hear any more about it from you!" He narrowed his eyes, his fist still in the wall. Miranda glowered at him. "Get back to the Monitor room and stay there until I come for you. Undermine me Miranda, and so help me I'll feed you to the Lickers myself." He roared. "Now go!" Miranda turned and ran, barely able to catch the faint sound of Wesker's heavy footsteps heading in the opposite direction.

When she reached the Monitor room, she sat in a chair and put her head in her hands. She wasn't sure why, but the feeling of helplessness would not leave her. Something grim was about to happen and she could do nothing but sit back and watch.

Riley came and sat next to her, rubbing her shoulders. "Don't worry, M. She'll be all right. After all…she is your daughter."

"Riley…I…" Miranda sighed. "She's…there's something wrong with her isn't there?" Riley shook his head. There was no way he was going to tell Miranda the truth. If he did, she would disappear to find Sherry and Wesker would kill them all. Miranda was a wonderful friend, but Riley knew that Wesker wouldn't care about friendships when it came to a matter like this. Miranda's life was worth a thousand of theirs.

"She's fine." He hated to lie, especially to a friend. It was worse to know that he was lying to a mother. "Claire Redfield is taking care of her."

"Claire Redfield?" Miranda shouted, throwing her hands in the air. "How can she take care of her? What does she know?" Riley looked back toward the monitor and saw Claire mixing up some kind of chemical in the Birkin Lab. Despite the bad blood between them all, there was no denying that the Redfield's were smarter than they looked. Wesker was seriously underestimating them, and it was bound to come back to haunt him.

Jacks knelt next to the body of William Birkin and spit. He'd never seen anything uglier than this in his life. He could think of better things to be doing at the time, but if it meant helping to destroy Umbrella, he would do it gladly.

He picked up the creature's arm and noticed the large eye that rolled around in the socket on the monster's biceps. It was true that William Birkin had once been a great scientist, nevertheless he was now nothing more than a monster. He was a soulless creature with no other knowledge apart from death. It sounded a lot like himself and Wesker. The similarities were uncanny.

He reached into his chest pocket and removed the syringe filled with the T-virus. "Now hold still," He mumbled to the unmoving creature. "This may sting a little." No sooner had he injected the virus, the Birkin monster stretched out its body and roared. The sound sent shock waves through the underground lift. Jacks stepped back and discarded the syringe in a nearby wastebasket, although he wasn't sure why it mattered.

"Sherry!" Birkin shouted in an animal roar. Jacks was surprised that the creature could still talk.

"She's not here," He said aloud, once again he wasn't sure why he'd bothered. Wesker wasn't likely to be happy that he was aggravating the monster. It was like poking a stick at a rabid dog.

"Where…is…she?" Birkin's words came out haltingly as he forced his animal throat to produce human sounds.

"Dead." Jacks answered crudely.

"Dead…?" Birkin ventured. "The…embryos…didn't…she's not even…mine." Jacks stared at him incredulously. If Sherry wasn't his then whom did she belong to?

"Not even yours?" It was easier to press the monster for the answers.

"Har…I cannot…remember…anymore…" Birkin stuttered, sounding confused. It didn't really matter who Sherry belonged to. Like her family and his, she was bound to die in Raccoon City.

"Kill them." As Jacks spoke the words a chill ran over his body. The words came out evil, as if something else had been directing him to say it. "Kill them." William Birkin stood and looked at him with eyes that, like Wesker, were no longer human. His immense height was evident as he towered over Jacks.

Jacks reached for his AR-15 and prepared to fire. "Kill…" Birkin didn't bother to finish the sentence. He raised a clawed arm that was covered in oozing blood and hit Jacks across the face, sending him over the railing and into the void below. Then, Birkin turned and began walking slowly to where he sensed his greatest threats were trying to make their escape.

Albert Wesker stood in the darkness of the generator room as Leon Kennedy passed him for the third time without sensing his presence. He scowled as Leon looked forlornly at the entrance to the main hallway where Ada had been resting in the locker room. This Leon had been the main subject of the problems with Ada and Riley.

The more he watched Ada, the more he'd begun to realize that she had begun to harbor some sort of an affection for Leon. He'd been subject to problems of this nature before with Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. That was why he'd gone out of the way to separate them during the whole mansion disaster.

He watched as Leon reached for the door leading to the downstairs lab and Ada called out his name. Finally she moved out to meet him. She had not seen Wesker at all, which agitated him as well. She was not aware of her surroundings, as she should be. He listened to their conversation and to his ire, Ada mentioned something about loving Leon.

Ada asked for the G-virus, but when Leon protested, Wesker realized that Ada would not kill him for it. Angrily, Wesker raised his gun and shot her in the back. Ada stumbled forward and fell over the railing. She would have continued falling if Leon hadn't caught her arm.

For a moment Wesker toyed with the idea of killing Leon but to Ada's credit, she knew who had shot her and why. She let go of Leon's hand and plummeted down ward into the darkness. Wesker leapt off the platform on the opposite side. While Ada certainly had been more trouble than she was worth, like Riley Davis and Miranda Harley, she was still of some use to him. He would save her for the last time.

Miranda and Riley watched as the Birkin monster strode out of the blackness and towards the train on the lower level of the Underground Laboratory. "Where's Jacks?" Riley leaned in closer to the monitor squinting.

Miranda leaned over him and looked as well. "I don't see anything."

"Riley," Wesker's voice was oddly close. Miranda turned and jumped. Albert Wesker was standing behind her. He smiled slightly and unceremoniously dumped an unconscious Ada on the table next to him.

"Don't do that, man! Jeez!" Riley shouted. His eyes lingered on Ada for a moment before he turned back to Wesker.

"Get ready to leave here." Wesker ignored them, not amused with Miranda's snicker.

"Why? Isn't this a good vantage point for the Birkin fight?" Riley shrugged his shoulders. "I mean come on. I've sold Pay-per-view tickets and everything."

"This is not a joke, Davis." Wesker snapped. "I will say this one time only. Get ready to leave." Turning on heel, Wesker stomped to the door. "I'll give you ten minutes."

"Well, I thought it was funny," Miranda whispered to him.

Jacks opened his eyes to a cold and wet atmosphere. He realized at once that he was back in the sewers. "Son of a…" Jacks sat up and slapped his arms in the nasty water.

"Jacks," Wesker's voice came across the com-link. Filled with water however, his voice sounded strange.

"Here, Captain." He answered. His own voice was weak. His entire body was aflame. Yet once again, he was not dead.

"Good." Wesker was angry about something; it was evident in his tone. "Leon Kennedy seems to have thrown the G-virus sample into the sewer way below. It also appears that Umbrella has a salvage team out looking for it. Find it before they do. Kill them and get to the designated meeting ground. We will meet you there by sunrise." Before Jacks could respond, the com-link beeped ending the transmission.

"The self-destruct sequence has been activated. All personnel evacuate immediately." The mechanical woman's voice began to repeat itself as Jacks stood. Looking up toward the void above him Jacks suddenly realized what was happening. Wesker intended to blow up the Underground Lab. It was obvious that the Captain had a theory. If he wasn't going to get what he wanted then no one else would either.

"The self-destruct sequence has been activated. All personnel evacuate immediately." The female voice began to drone on. Miranda stood and stared at Wesker who had just finished typing something on the large computer in front of him.

"What have you done?" A chill ran through her body as he smiled at her.

"What do you think?" He adjusted his dark glasses and crossed his arms.

"You can't do that!" Miranda shouted. She didn't know why she was suddenly being so irrational. "You can't do that."

Wesker stepped out of his stance and walked toward her, grabbing her arms and hauling her against him. "You have no idea what I can do." She was so close she could see into his eyes and she didn't like what she saw there.

"Wesker, Sherry's here. You can't just do this. It's not fair!" She protested.

"I can do whatever I want. The sooner you learn that the better off you are. " He hissed in her ear. "Do not defy me, Harley. You will regret it." Miranda closed her eyes against the fear that was rising up within her. He let go of her and moved to Riley. "There's no way to reverse this, Davis. Don't even try." He grabbed Riley roughly by the arm and threw him across the room. "Let's go."

Riley picked himself up and scowled. "Let's go then." He shrugged. Wesker picked up Ada just as roughly as he had thrown her down. He tossed her over his shoulder like a rag doll, and stormed out the door ahead of them. As soon he was out of sight, Miranda seized Riley's arm and shook it.

"Help me find out where Sherry is. Please, Riley. I've got to find her." She searched his eyes, willing him to understand.

"But Wesker will…" Riley's voice cut short as he saw Miranda's pleading look. "Oh all right. But make sure you put flowers on my headstone for the rest of your life."

"Flowers for the dead." Miranda said softly. The words sent a shiver down her spine.

"Do you suppose Oswell Spencer knew what was going to happen here?" Riley looked at her over his shoulder as he typed rapidly.

"Of course he did." Miranda answered. "When death was alive… Sound like our situation to you?"

"Sure it does, but how would he know? I mean really." As he spoke the image of Claire carrying Miranda's daughter appeared on the screen. She was taking her into the train station.

"Oswell was a genius." Miranda was staring at the screen. "Is…a genius…however you want to interpret his riddle." The Birkin monster was following Claire at slower pace. Miranda reached under the computer station and dragged out the rocket launcher Jacks had pointed out to them in case of an "extreme" emergency. This, to her, qualified as an emergency. It was entirely too heavy for her to pick up. She'd have no choice but to drag it. "I'm going."

"Miranda…wait!" Riley shouted. "No!" But Miranda wasn't listening. She hefted the rocket launcher as best she could and disappeared through the opposite door. Wesker was not going to like this at all. Riley could almost imagine what his head would look like on a pig pole.

Jacks stood listening to Hunk as he gave his report to Umbrella. Hunk, Umbrella's new version of the late great Albert Wesker, had found the G-virus and was heading to the top of the Police Station for the helicopter to pick him up. It would have been easy to ease his gun around the corner and snipe Hunk before he even knew what was happening, but Jacks was tired of doing things the easy way. He wanted to have a little fun. After all, he deserved it and there was no Captain Wesker here to restrain him.

Smiling, he fired the gun into the wall beside Hunk. The big man jumped and looked toward the wall. He dashed up a set of metallic stairs. Hunk looked down, his gun drawn and pointed toward the doorway where Jacks stood in the darkness.

Feeling satisfied that nothing was coming for him, Hunk turned and ran through the door at the top of the stairs. Jacks was close on his heels.

Miranda made it all the way to train station before she could carry the Rocket launcher no longer. She didn't know how anyone could manage to carry it on they're shoulder. She sat on a metal grate stairway and sighed loudly as the metallic female voice droned on about the self-destruct sequence.

She was well aware of the fact that Wesker was probably not coming to save her this time. She'd been warned twice about the dire consequences of disobeying him. She didn't doubt for a moment that he was telling the truth. Nevertheless, she couldn't let anything happen to Sherry.

She had the odd feeling that Riley had lied to her about Sherry's well being. She knew deep within her that something was terribly wrong with her daughter and she was bound and determined to make sure she was okay. Miranda swore that she would get her daughter out of this place if it were the last thing she ever did. She may not have ever been any kind of mother to Sherry, but she would give her daughter the only real gift she could, the gift of life.

The monster of the late William Birkin strode into the room on legs that were growing larger by the moment. He had lost almost all his human qualities, except his pants.

Was this what her virus had done to him? Perhaps some of the G-virus in Wesker's blood racing through his veins was making Birkin grow so enormously.

"Shh…erry…" the monster choked out. Miranda was not surprised that he was also losing the human capability to speak. Staring at the monster was like staring into a mirror in a bizarre sort of way. Miranda realized for the first time since she'd arrived in the desolate Raccoon City, that from here on out things were not going to get any easier. If she didn't get her act together and be brave, she was going to die. It was the cold hard truth.

Robert Jacks hadn't expected the police station to lose power so quickly. The hallway between the garage and the stairs was pitch black. He could no longer hear the female voice that had been warning of eminent destruction and he was glad. It was driving him crazy.

Hunk was struggling with a Licker that had jumped on him. Angrily, Jacks shot the Licker and watched its head fly backward as it fell away. Hunk gave a gasping sigh of relief and disappeared around a corner, farther into the darkness. Jacks grinned wildly.

Ever since he'd promised Wesker his life, he'd never been the same. He'd signed up with an underground army that was training for the end of the world. He'd never believed in their ideas necessarily, but they'd had unending knowledge of firepower and war-like strategies. While in the service of the "Last Day Militia", he'd discovered he loved to hunt. When he did so, he felt as if he were in his element; as if he were doing something that was a part of his nature. He couldn't remember that feeling from his youth, a feeling that was now sweeping over him warmly. He stood in the hallway and once again began to stalk his prey.

When Wesker had come to find him, they had executed the entire Militia. Wesker had told him that to become a true operative for the HCF one must obliterate their past. It wasn't as easy as he told his Captain it was. It wasn't that easy to forget the two innocent little girls who had died because of his foolishness.

"Help me..." the female voice was weak, a mixture of exhaustion and pain. Jacks stopped dead in his tracks and turned toward the sound of the noise. He cocked his head to listen. "Oh please..." The voice was crying.

Jacks turned, his eyes squinted. The young girl was siting against a wall, holding one of her arms. Even in the dark he could tell she was bleeding profusely. He could almost smell it on her. The smell sent sensations through him that were surely not human. He knelt next to her, his stomach rumbling.

"What do you want?" He felt like a vampire in a way. Her blood was overwhelming him.

"Please help me. It hurts so badly," as she spoke, Jacks looked into her face. What he saw there shocked him. She looked exactly like his youngest sister, Nessa. He slid his arms underneath her and picked her up, her small moan almost destroying him. He wasn't sure what he was going to do with her just yet, but for some reason he couldn't just leave her to die.

"Riley! Harley! Let's go!" Wesker shouted, flinging open the door to the monitor room. Riley was standing alone pretending he hadn't heard.

"Where is she?" Wesker didn't even have to look to know that Miranda was not there. Riley looked toward him still shaking. He looked guilty. "Where the hell is she, Riley?" He roared. Riley stared at him his mouth opening and closing, but he was soundless. Angrily, Wesker pitched Ada on the table, grabbed Riley's shoulders, and shook him. Riley looked toward the monitor slowly and Wesker followed his gaze. Miranda stood with her gun pointed at the Birkin monster as it stumbled toward her.

"Y…ou..." It choked out. "Sh...erry's....moth...er..." The words were muddled and strange. His voice box was deteriorating. Interesting. Miranda didn't seem to be afraid. She adjusted the gun and aligned it with the monster's face. Suddenly, Birkin turned away from her and headed up the stairs behind her, stumbling as he did so.

Wesker slammed his fist into the monitor as he saw Miranda heave a Rocket launcher from under the steps and drag it behind her as she followed it. He picked up a chair to the right of him and hurled it across the room narrowly missing a rendezvous with Riley's head.

"Wesker, I'm sorry." Riley said finally. He was whining. "She just..." He almost slipped to Wesker about Miranda's daughter. He had no idea that Wesker already knew.

Wesker growled audibly and gestured toward Ada. " Take her and run…"

"Five minutes until detonation." The mechanical female voice changed and began repeating a new message. "All employees report to the emergency elevator at the bottom platform."

"Take her to the train tunnel and run as fast as you can, Riley. Miranda and I will catch up with you at the opening of the tunnel. Now go!" As Wesker spoke Ada woke up and was staring at them, her eyes going wide. Riley grabbed her arm and the two of them ran out the door as Wesker disappeared toward the Train station.

Jacks sat the girl down in the hallway near the interview rooms. The girl was still sobbing as he moved away and began to load his magnum. He knew without a doubt that he would have to kill her. She'd been complaining that her skin was on fire and she was itching. She'd also said she was hungry and started trying to take bites out of his arm.

"I don't want to die." She said pitifully. "I want to go home." Jacks glanced towards her and he smiled. For the time being, he'd forgotten about Hunk and the G-virus.

"There's no such thing as home," Jacks said aloud, the silence seemed to move and waver as if it were alive.

"There is," she insisted. Her words gurgled. "My brother and my sister live there...we've got a white cat that lives with us..." Jacks shook his head. It was only a coincidence that this girl sounded like his youngest sister. It wasn't Nessa, it couldn't be. "We were..." She got to her feet slowly and stumbled toward him, a soft moan escaping. "Help me..." She reached for him and dug her nails into his arm. Jacks dropped his gun in surprise. He pushed her back and bent to pick it up. She fell on him again, making a rasping sound in her throat. She bit into his neck and Jacks stumbled backward, his back hitting the door behind him hard. As Robert Jacks wrestled the girl who reminded him of his sister, he realized his fatal mistake in not killing her immediately. The zombies poured out of the room behind him and reached for him. There were too many of them to escape.

Miranda stood on the catwalk above the train and watched the fight unfold below her. It didn't seem that Claire Redfield was having much luck. The mechanical voice had changed and was now counting down the time left until the Underground lab would detonate. Miranda couldn't fool herself any longer. It just wasn't feasible that she would get out of here alive. But Sherry and Claire Redfield would.

She lifted the rocket launcher to waist level. "Here!" She shouted, tossing it to the ground below. "Use this!" Claire looked up briefly then ran for the large gun. Miranda saw Claire's fingers close around it before someone grabbed her around the waist and dragged her backward. She fought briefly before she realized who held her. Claire Redfield disappeared behind her.

"What's wrong with you?" Wesker shouted angrily. Miranda turned her face away and did not answer. "Fine. I should have left you here to die." Wesker checked his watch and scowled.

"Why didn't you?" Miranda snapped.

"Don't be a fool, Harley." Wesker snapped back. Miranda glared at him and sighed loudly. "We've got to get out of here." He placed a hand on her arm but she shrugged it off.

"I can't leave her," she said quietly. Before he could catch himself, Wesker raised a hand and slapped her across the face. Miranda raised her chin in defiance. She was not going to let him know he'd hurt her.

"We're leaving." Wesker said, malice dripping off his words.

"No." Miranda said harshly, she was doing her best to conceal her tears.

Wesker took off his dark glasses and threw them down. "This is not a discussion." He grabbed her roughly and threw her over his shoulder, her world a blur as he raced toward the tunnel entrance.

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