Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 10

When we left off, our heroes had made a long trek from Cyllage city to Shalour city. And Erica learned very important things regarding her teachers.

Keith noticed the tower and gestured his friends over to it. "I suppose that is where he is."

While they walked along the beach trail that lead to the giant tower, Erica saw something glimmer in the water. She went over to pick it up and found it to be a round gem. It had shades of blue, red, and yellow. It shined brilliantly in the sunlight.

"Pretty." Whispered Erica.

"Hey, you coming?" Brett snapped her out of her thoughts. She quickly dried the stone and tucked it into her pocket. "Uh yeah!"

Once they entered the tower, Brett was in shock at what they saw. It was a giant statue of the pokemon Lucario, but something was different. Its fur and bands were longer. It had more spikes, and dots of red.

Keith caught sight of his friend's surprise and nudged him. "You alright?"

"Thats the pokemon that I saw in Aquacorde town." Keith also showed surprise, now even more interested in mega evolution.

There appeared to be a room, built right under the statue (doesn't seem structurally safe). Regardless, they entered into it. Inside was Korrina and an elderly man. If Erica had to guess, he was probably her grandfather. Korrina did look a little bit different, she didn't have her helmet on this time. Erica was surprised to see her friend here.

"Korrina, it's nice to see you again." Exclaimed the heroine happily. But at first, Korrina had a dull look on her face.

"Oh, I remember you three." Said Korrina as the gears started moving in her head.

"This is my grandfather, he is the Mega Evolution Guru." Said Korrina as she introduced her grandfather.

Keith's glasses were glowing. Brett narrowed his eyes. Neither Korrina nor her grandfather caught on to this, but Erica could just sense that something bad was just about to happen.

"I take it that you're all here to learn about mega evolution?" Here we go.

Silence held for a few seconds, then Brett and Keith stormed him with questions. The speed at which they were speaking was inhuman. It was impossible to interpret their words, because they were so fast. Their student ended up grabbing the collar's of their shirts, and to pull them back. Korrina gave a look of question and surprise.

"Seriously, you two have to get this under control." Sighed Erica with a tired expression.

"It kinda surprises me that neither of you act anything like this when it is time for a gym battle." Korrina's ears perked up at that.

"Wait you guys are challenging gyms?" Asked the roller skater. Erica nodded, she pulled out her case that had her Insect Badge and her Cliff Badge.

Korrina took a moment to examine the objects. Erica was growing nervous that she might not believe that the badges were actually real. Korrina turned her head to the other two who were lying on the ground.

"You guys too?" They both nodded in response. Korrina's face was now a wide grin, she took out her helmet and slapped it on her head.

"Then I accept the challenge from all three of you." It was at that moment that the blond protagonist grew a very surprised face.

"You?" Korrina nodded.

Surprises come when you least expect it.

The MEG (thats what we'll call him now) regained his composure from his earlier assault and laughed a little.

"It must be good to be young. But aren't there supposed to be more of you?" He was right, three of them weren't here yet.

But then they could here voices from outside.

"Hey there are some great acoustics for dancing in here!" Thats one.

"What pokemon is that? Is it even in the pokedex?" Thats two.

"Wow so cool! I hope that I could find one like it!" Thats three. We're out!

Erica walked out of the room to greet with all her friends. It took her moment to realize it, but this had been the first time that all of them had been together since Lumoise city.

"You know, we really haven't all been together like this since we were in Lumiose." Stated Erica with a wink. Shauna put her finger on her chin and looked up towards the ceiling.

"Wow, has it really been that long?" Asked Shauna.

"Yeah I guess it has." Trevor walked over to his blond friend.

"How is your journey going along?" Erica didn't know whether to feel happy to answer or not.

"It has had its ups and downs. Brett and Keith really have taught me a lot, but boy can they get into trouble." Answered Erica as she thought back to when Brett tried to destroy a rock, and when Keith lead them into the cave.

Once everyone was in the room, MEG began to explain mega evolution.

"I assume that Sycamore has told you about the process of mega evolution?"

"Only that pokemon who can no longer evolve can do it." Answered Trevor.

"Thats true, but there is more to it. The trainer has to possess a key stone to activate it. And the pokemon has to be holding a mega stone corresponding to its species."

Erica, Keith, and Brett perked up at hearing this and whipped out the stones that Sycamore gave them. MEG gave a look of surprise at this.

"Yes, those are three of the stones!"

"But where can we find a keystone?" Asked Brett.

"Well I have three of them. One of them is with me, and the other two are missing somewhere in this tower." He held out a black ring that had the keystone embedded into it. The key stone had some kind of wavy pattern, but it was decorated with a rainbow.

Brett and Keith's eyes were glowing. Erica was getting ready to stop them from fighting for it when-

"I'm gonna find it!"

"Gotta find that ring!"

They both started to run around the place looking for either one of the rings.

All of Erica's friends gave the same incredulous look, they all turned towards her with a look of question. She sighed and gave a weak smile. "Yep, everyday."

"Well, now all we have to do is find out who gets the last Mega Ring." Said the MEG.

"My main goal is the pokedex." Said Trevor.

"I don't think that would go well with my dance team."

"I think Erica would be the best choice."

Erica turned to her friends with a happy look. "Really guys?" They all nodded with smiles.

"Oh thank you." She gave a great smile at this. She turned back to MEG and accepted the mega ring.

"Got it!"

"Found one!"

Both Brett and Keith returned holding the mega rings. They were about to put them on their wrists. But Korrina swerved by and took them. She also took the one that Erica had.

"What gives Korrina?" Erica was a little mad at this.

"Sorry, but I'd like to test you to see if you are really worthy of this."

Strangely, they all got the message. A gym battle.

They approached the gym that lied on the west side of the town. Once inside, they found it to be a giant skating ring.

"Why is it always so illogical?" Asked Erica.

"It's some kind of alien technology. Perhaps the author?" Inquired Keith.

Somewhere, there was a wall that was cracking, and an author who was becoming very upset. Brett nudged his friend.

"Don't break the 4th wall."

They needed to use roller skates to reach the area. Keith stepped up to be the first challenger. After clearing out challengers, Keith came upon Korrina to challenge her.

"Oh hey Glasses." Keith mulled over that comment a little.

'Does she not remember my name?'

"Anyways, I will battle all of you. But you first, Glasses." Said Korrina as she pointed to Keith.

"You do remember that my name is Keith, right?"

Instead of answering, she threw out a pokeball that contained a Mienfoo. Keith responded by throwing out a pokemon that looked like a Flabebe with a little age, a Floette.

"When did it evolve?" Asked Erica.

Mienfoo charged forth to attack the tiny fairy pokemon, and Keith anticipated that.

"Use baby doll eyes." Sparkles shined from the pokemon's eyes, weakening the incoming attack.

The Mienfoo's attack was weakened. But it still hit.

"Use baby doll eyes again." Floette followed Keith's commands.

"Mienfoo, use body slam." The tiny mongoose finished of the fairy as Keith retrieved his pokemon.

"Now Binnacle." Keith sent out a pokemon that was a thick rock with two claw arms, with faces.

"Use mach punch." The mongoose rushed forward. But its attack was greatly weakened from earlier.

"Aerial ace." The attack from the muscle pokemon did more damage.

Korrina recalled her pokemon and sent out her next choice, the classical beefed-up Machoke. "Use karate chop." The humanoid pokemon slashed down with a massive force.

Binacle didn't stand a chance. Keith recalled it and sent out his next pokemon, Charmeleon. It had evolved from Keith's Charmander earlier, now it had red skin with a crest on its head.

"Slash." The fire salamander slashed with its claws.

"Karate chop." Both attacks collided at the same time, but Machoke fainted. The slash was a critical hit.

Korrina sent out her final choice, Hawlucha. It looked just like a masked wrestler with a hawk mask and wing cape.

"Now use your aerial ace." The flying-fighting type pokemon took to the wing to attack. Keith's pokemon saw this coming and quickly jumped out of the way. But the bird jumped around to attack with aerial ace again and again.

Keith kept his calm composure to bring out a solution to winning. "Charmeleon, fire spin." The fire lizard spun rapidly around itself.

When hawlucha came in to attack, it rose back up and hit the ceiling. Korrina had a look of surprise as Keith gave the final order.

"Slash." Charmeleon jumped up and delivered a smashing slash. The attack was once again, critical.

Hawlucha fainted, Keith had won.

Korrina handed him the badge and congratulated him. She turned to Erica and Brett.

"Alright Erica, meet me at the tower. And I'll battle Muscle later."

Brett sulked at that nickname as Erica left to go to the tower. She couldn't help but wonder why they couldn't battle here. Perhaps there was something important to discuss? Either way, this gym battle was going to be very different from what you thought it was gonna be.

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