Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 13

In the last chapter, our heroes encountered Team Flare yet again. It would seem that they're just fated to encounter them again and again, but this time would be worse than ever. As they entered the building, Erica was looking all around, trying to figure out what this place was. She notice many electrodes decorated the walls. The student turned to her teachers for an answer.

"Is this place some kind of power plant?"

"If I had a guess, I'd say so." Answered Brett.

But as both Brett and Keith continued walking down the corridors, an epiphany hit them both. Power plant, no employees, and an ambitious team were all factors in this. It was then that both of them tensed up.

'It can't be...'

'It's happening again...'

Erica noticed that they had stopped walking, she became curious and concerned. Walking in front of them, she noticed that both of them had faces that were deep in thought. This didn't help her out at all.

"Is something the matter?" Asked Erica. Instead of answering, Keith instantly ran forward. Erica was about to yell at him, but Brett grabbed her arm and helped her catch up.

They continued to run down through the corridors till they encountered another TF grunt.

"Who are you? You kids should scramble, go to the arcade or something." Said the grunt. He was waving his hand like he was expecting them to buzz off.

Erica didn't like being associated with normal kids, so she didn't take this well. She pulled out a pokeball, but Brett stopped her. The student was about to complain about it, until she saw his face. It was so angry, that all words had left her.

"Make us!" Yelled Brett. He released a giant turtle with two water cannons on its shell, Blastoise. Erica wasn't too surprised at how quickly Tyco had evolved.

A battle ensued, and Brett was now merciless. Erica tried to understand just how Brett's pokemon could go through with this. More than that, she was scared of him. The battle ended and Brett turned back to his companions.

"Are you ok?" Asked Erica, a little scared.

"Yeah. Sorry, but this is too serious." Said Brett. He turned to Keith and the two gave a nod towards each other. Erica was very curious about this whole ordeal, and more so, what was wrong with her companions.

Keith started walking towards a door that looked like it lead to the lower levels. His companion, curious about his intent.

"What are you going to do?" Keith turned back with a very serious looking face.

"I'm going to the lower levels to check on the turbines. It's more that likely that they are here to steal power, I'm going to look into stopping it." He pulled his glasses off and rubbed them a little to clear his vision. Turning back, he nodded to Brett, and gave Erica a look that was asking her to be careful.

It was at this point that Erica was lost in her thoughts, worried about the enormity of what could be at stake. She was brought out of her thoughts by her friend putting his hand on her shoulders.

"Erica, this situation is dangerous." Those words combined with his serious face didn't help ease her worry, but the blond listened intently. "I know that you're strong, I've seen you battle. But these people here are serious in their ambitions. If you want to leave, you do it now." Commanded Brett.

The sheer thought of being asked to back down never settled well with this strong girl. But the way that her teachers were acting didn't really settle with her. In the end, Erica nodded a little reluctantly. "Alright, I can do it. I can handle my own."

Brett nodded, but his face remained the same. He then left to check other corridors. "Where are you going?"

"I'm gonna clean out Team Flare. You should go and help save whoever they have taken hostage. And I'll take on their leader." His voice almost dripped with anger as he left.

The novice didn't exactly want to admit it, but she was scared. She knew these two for some time, and know she was scared of how they acted. Erica looked down at her mega ring and remembered that doubting wouldn't help in any way.

'They might be scary, but they are still my friends.' She ran down the third door, trying to look for the hostages.

In the basement, Keith defeated any TF grunt that was unfortunate enough, or stupid enough, to challenge him. It didn't take long before he came upon a door that was rather thick. Reaching behind himself, he pulled out a pokeball and released an all to familiar pokemon. The fire-flying type was large, had wings, and its signature flame on its tail. That's right, Charizard.

"Use flamethrower to melt the door." His dragon released a large amount of fire, which it was good at.

But the flames only left a great large burn mark. This gave Keith irritation as he cursed under his breath. Suddenly he could hear beeping. Turning to his right he could see a timer. It read, 'Time till total shut down.'

"Oh no." Keith's face paled, this couldn't have been worse. If the power here ran out, more than 75% of Kalos would be without power.

He ran over to the panel and pressed random buttons in an attempt to stop the countdown and halt the energy drain. Unfortunately, he had no such luck.

"Dammit!" Keith pulled out his Quallidin to help out.

"Come on guys, lets lift the door." Grunted Keith as he tried to pry the door open. His two starters ran over and tried to help him lift up the door, but not even the combined strength was enough.

Meanwhile, Brett continued to clear out the other grunts that stood in his way. By the large amount that he had defeated, Brett could guess that the next room had the boss and the energy drainer.

However, the next room was another maze with panels to navigate through. The black haired boy could only curse, he hated being a lab rat. But just as he began to navigate through, the lights shut off.

"Dammit. Come on Kyu." Brett released his little fire fox.

"We need some light." She nodded and took out her stick.

Using her psychic powers, she lit the end of the stick on fire. The flame wasn't enough to provide full visual coverage. She drooped her ears in disappointment, but her trainer patted her on the head.

"Come on, lets navigate through." Commanded Brett.

Erica continued through like Brett asked her to. She came upon a large room that had a lot of generators. And unfortunately, a lot of Team Flare. She pulled out Psyedge.

'What can I do for you Erica-sama?'

'Ikimashou!' Psyedge was a little shocked at that quick and loud thougth. But he got moving none-the-less.

It took a great toll on her pokemon, but Erica made it to the main generator at the end of the trail. There were two people right in front of it. One bald man with a white tux and orange glasses. Another was an orange haired woman who wore an orange skirt outfit and some weird visor. She put her two hands on it like she was holding it in front of her face.

"Come on, isn't done yet?" Asked The man.

"Well if you must know, I'm almost done. This is a delicate procedure after all." The woman seemed to be taunting him.

If Erica had to guess, these were the people in charge of Team Flare at the moment. It was then that another thought hit onto Erica. Brett asked her to look for the hostages, but instead she ran right into the belly of the beast. She was about to turn and go get help, but they started talking again.

"This will only take about another minute, why don't you go do something else?" Taunted the woman.

The man didn't seem to like this kind of treatment, he turned to walk away. And it was then that our blond heroine was exposed.

"And who is this?" The woman turned around at hearing that, but she wasn't too interested.

"Oh why weren't those guards defending?" Asked the woman, her tone showed that she probably didn't really care much about this. This was making Erica very suspicious. The man was growing impatient at Erica.

"Well, are you gonna just sit there all day? Or am I gonna have to beat you into the ground?" The man held up his fist, shaking. The other woman turned to him with a smart grin.

"Oh why don't you take your time to defeat this trainer? Since you're too dumb to understand this anyways." Now the guy's head was fuming with anger. He turned to his accomplice with an angry face. "You know what? Shut up Aliana!"

Erica was then able to figure out that this girl was named Aliana. She must've had some kind of authority over this other guy. Speaking of which, he turned to Erica with his angry face.

"I'm just gonna take out my anger onto ya!" Erica tensed up, but pulled out her pokeball.

"Like I'm just gonna give up. Bring it on!" Yelled Erica.

The man launched his pokeball. He released a pokemon that looked like an evolved version of Houndour, Houndoom. Erica sent out her trusted Frogadier. At the time, he and Venus were all that she had left. But Venus's health was too low, and Jirai had type advantage.

"Houndoom, use crunch." The fire hound ran up to bite the ninja frog.

"Jirai, take the hit." The frogadier obeyed and took on the bite, despite the pain. At this moment, Erica was glad that Brett had all those TMs and HMs. Last night, she decided to take advantage of one of them.

"Now use strength." Jirai lifted the houndoom up and threw with great force.

"Finish with water pulse." Jirai launched rings of water that knocked out the houndoom.

"Ah crap!" Yelled the man as he returned the pokemon.

"Yosh, now one to go."

"Well well, aren't you something?" Said Aliana as she walked forward. "Maybe I could get some good data out of you. That admin was so much of a bore anyways." And now Erica was a little surprised, she had beat an admin that easily?

"I'm not about to give up!" Jirai readied himself. Aliana gave a devious grin as she sent out a hound lined with black and gray, Mightyena.

"Mighteyena use crunch." It was the same process all over again.

"Jirai, use water pulse." The frog launched the attack, but it didn't do much. And it didn't stop the oncoming attack, as Mightyena closed the distance. It knocked Jirai around and flung him

"Mighteyena hyper beam." It unleashed a powerful beam that left Jirai with little left.

"Hang on!" Erica ran over to cure Jirai. She knew that hyper beam had a recoil effect, and was ready to take advantage of it.

But it only lasted long enough for her to heal Jirai.

"Now take down." The dark hound charged at Jirai, who pushed Erica out of the way to avoid her getting hurt by the attack.

Erica noticed something for the first time, how dangerous these could be. Her strategies were not pulling through for her, her pokemon were continuously getting hurt. And her friends couldn't help her this time.

"Well there isn't any data that I could get from this." Pouted Aliana, it was clear that she was mocking Erica. The blond bit her lower lip in anger, but that anger soon became fear.

'This is...scary.' Thought Erica, neither Keith nor Brett could bail her out from this one. And for once, all of our protagonists were stumped. Keith couldn't get to the main controls, Brett was lost, and Erica was near defeat.

'What do we do? We've always pulled through somehow.' Erica was about to lose. But instead of to her teachers, she was about to lose enemy. 'There has to be something.'

The thought of all the consequences rushed through her mind. All the pain that she would endure if she let down her friends. Thoughts of being fear emerged as time slowed down. And suddenly a thought of a sunset plains, with two guys teaching her how to battle emerged from that storm of bad thoughts.

"...No." Aliana heard that and it caught her attention well.

"No what?"

"No I can't just give up and lose to you! My friends are depending on me, and I will pull through!"

Suddenly, Jirai started to glow. In the basement, Quallidin started glowing. And in the corridors, Kyu started to glow.


"Perfect timing."

"Lets do it!"

Quallidin evolved into its adult form, Chesnaught. A bulk that had a large shell of spikes on its back. And strong arms to lift a tank.

"Alright, lets do this!" Screamed Keith.

With the massive amount of strength, Chesnaught lifted the door wide open. Allowing his trainer access.

Kyu became more of an adult fox with her fur long as a skirt. She had a more humanoid appearance. Kyu evolved into Delphox.

"Can you make a brighter fire now?" Asked Brett. Kyu nodded and threw fires all around to light up the entire room, and because they were psychically controlled, they didn't go out.

"That's the way!" Now Brett could safely navigate through the maze.

Jirai grew larger, with more muscular limbs. The backwards horns grew longer. His tongue slapped around like a ninja scarf. He evolved into Greninja.

"Jirai, you evolved again." Exclaimed Erica. "Can you still fight?" The ninja nodded. Her pokedex beeped, Erica pulled it up showing a new move that Jirai had just learned.

"Alright, use strength." Jirai charged through and impacted the hound with great force.

"Mighteyena, now use crunch!" The dark pokemon bit down with a great force. Erica knew that Jirai had indeed become stronger, but he was still weakened from before.

"Jump back and use your new move." Jirai broke free of the grip.

"Use hyper beam first!" Commanded Aliana. She was confident in her victory, she knew that her Mightyena was faster than the Greninja. But before that could happen, water launched forward and assaulted the pokemon.

Mighteyena had fainted. The new attack, water shuriken, pulled through a reverse victory. Aliana was caught in shock.

"But how?" Erica smirked, her turn to be cocky.

"Water shuriken is an attack that always goes first." Alian had no choice but to return her pokemon.

"Well, I guess there was some data after all. The boss might like this." She threw a smoke bomb.

After the smoke cleared, Erica saw that Brett and Keith were running up to her.

"You pulled through strong didn't you?" Brett patted his friend on her back.

"That was amazing Erica." Commented Keith.

"Thank you, but what is that?" She pointed to the a metal segment on the conduit. Keith and Brett paled at that.

"Thats an energy lock!" They yelled in unison.

"A what?" Erica was clearly lost on this. But by how they sounded worried, she was worried too.

"That device is a road block for any energy heading through the conduit." Explained Keith, he looked down below. "And I set the energy to burst back out."

"We've gotta destroy it now! Or it will overload and explode!" Yelled Brett.

Erica panicked and raced her mind, until a certain thought crossed her mind. She looked down at her mega ring. A confident and grateful grin spreads across her face.

"Guys, lets mega evolve." Brett and Keith smiled at that idea.

Releasing their evolved kanto starters, the trio activated the rings.

"Mega evolve!" Yelled all three of them.

Bright lights surrounded all the powerful pokemon. Tyco had two turrets appear on his wrists, and a giant one appeared on his back. Charizard turned black as he got a lot blue highlights here and there, and his wings became more rigid. Venus grew larger, her leave turned into small trees, and the flower grew even larger.

"Water pulse!"


"Razor leaf!"

All three attacks launched. All three attacks impacted. And all three attacks destroyed the lock, leaving a massive smoke cloud. The cloud later cleared, and the three were laying on their backs.

"Sugoi." That was all that left Erica.

"Thank goodness." Keith was very relieved.

"Glad that's over." Brett's signature grin returned.

"What a disaster." Two people, one with a red scarf-mask combo, the other with a blue one, came up to greet our heroes.

"Well it seems that you three had done a great job in saving us from Team Flare. We should heal up your pokemon." The one with a red scarf handed Erica max revives. After their deed of kindness, the two swiftly left.

"...Weren't those two, Sycamore's assistants?" Asked Keith.

After the event, Brett and Keith stayed Behind for a bit to help the workers get everything back into working order for the place. Erica decided to go ahead and see what else is around the desert. At the end of the trail that lead into Lumoise, she found a tall elder.

"The flower pokemon." Whispered the man.


"The pokemon that can't die." He silently left the scene.

"That was weird." Muttered Erica. She turned to see her companions walking up to her. They shared faces of uneasiness.

"Whats wrong?" Asked Erica, very worried. Brett stepped up first.

"Erica, you know that Keith and I are from other regions right?" Erica nodded. Keith took his turn.

"We've been in situations like this before. Did you know that if we failed, Kalos would've been without power." Erica gasped at hearing that.

"And we have both dealt with similar situations, and prevailed. Before we split up, Keith and I talked about...well..."

"Go on." Urged Erica.

"...We discussed sending you home." Finished Keith.

Erica just felt drained of emotion. After everything, was this the end of it? This two meant so much to her. And was she about to say goodbye? Looking back at them, she had great hope that it wasn't over.

"And what did you decide on?" Asked Erica with desperate eyes.

Brett looked to the side and scratched the back of his head. "That would be your decision. After all, we only won because you defeated the leader."

"But that win was only caused by the fact that evolution was timed perfectly, luck." Said Keith, he too was looking off to the side.

Erica didn't know whether to feel praised, or insulted. In deep thought, she ran through her mind over and over again. She did win, but her victory was based on luck. Erica had dreamed of an adventure like this for the longest time, and now would she have to give it up? The same scene of her in the playground, being alone, struck her hard again. But this time she had a decision to be alone, or not.

"Please don't..."

"I don't want to say goodbye to this!" Bawled Erica. "I don't want this to be over with. I've had so much fun on this adventure, and I've learned so much about this world." She was thrusting her hands out and about with every point she was making.

"And even though you guys could be rude, and stupid, I love being on this adventure. And I love being with you two." Erica couldn't hold it anymore, and broke down after that.

Seconds of tensity passed over. For our group, it felt like hours...

But then, Erica could feel one hand on her head, and another on her shoulder. She looked up to see her friends' faces, riddled with sympathetic smiles.

"Alright then, we'll keep going on."

"We'll try our best to look after you."

Erica hugged both of them and started to cry again. But this time, she was bursting with happiness at all of this.

"You two can be really stupid sometimes. But thats the way you two need to be." She smiled, sharing this moment with her friends.

"Is it ok, if we stay like this for a while?" Asked Erica.

Brett and Keith responded by hugging her back. Moments like this made adventures worth going on. At least, it made Erica's adventure beautiful.

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