Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 14

In the last chapter, Erica and her friends fought off Team Flare from the Power Plant and restored power to Lumiose city. But I've said enough about the last chapter, this is the new one. And our heroes now continue their adventure as they round back to Lumoise city. And just as the power was being restored to the remainder of the city.

As Erica was walking in through the gates, she feel some one tapping on her shoulder. She looked behind her to see Brett.

"I wanna say I'm sorry about sending you in the wrong direction back there." Apologized Brett. Erica used his usual grin and punched his shoulder.

"Don't worry about it, we'll just have to be more careful next time." Answered the student. Her teacher reflected the smile and continued through the gate. Once on the other side, Erica was looking around at how amazing it looked from the northern end.

"So this is what it looks like from the other side." Commented Erica.

Suddenly, Shauna came running to our friends. "Hi guys, isn't it great that power is restored?" She took a few moments to look around. "So this is what it looks like from the other side."

"There must be an echo..." Muttered Brett.

"By the way, do you have any idea who it was that got the power back running?" Asked Shauna.

Brett and Keith were about to say that it was all three of them, but suddenly-

"It was these two nut heads, believe it or not." Answered Erica quickly.

"Wow really?" Asked Shauna, very surprised. The veterans also had questioned looks.

"Yep, they're real heroes. I'm just so lucky to have them as my teachers." Said Erica as she hung her arms around their heads.

Shauna just stood their looking at Brett and Keith silently (not like that!). However, Keith was pondering why Erica didn't take any credit. He was about to ask when Shauna butted in.

"There was something that I wanted to tell you, but it slipped my mind." Shauna placed one finger on her chin. Erica remained patient, she had known that Shauna was forgetful sometimes.

"Oh, come on! Their about to light up Prism Tower!" Squealed Shauna as she pointed to the tower in the middle of the city.

Our heroes tracked their way down to the massive tower. But on their way there, Keith pulled Erica over to the side for a bit.

"Is something wrong?"

"I'm just curious as to why you didn't admit to stopping the flare boss." Admitted Keith. His friend cupped her chin, she wasn't too sure why she had done it either. The best response she could come up with is that she didn't like the attention.

"I guess that I just don't like to be in the spotlight." She shrugged her shoulders with an unsure face.

Keith decided that that would be good response. So they continued to the center of the massive city, where Prism Tower was located. In front of the entrance, their was a blond boy in a jump suit with some technical backpack. And next to him, there was a short blond girl wearing a brown tank-top.

"C'mon Clemont, isn't it done yet?" Whined the little girl.

"Almost done. Just have to rewire the main circuits-" And suddenly, the circuits started to spout electricity. And Clemont's hands where right in the middle of it, essentially shocking him in a cartoony manner.

Clemont was launched backwards, and Bonnie ran over to help him up.

"Want me to help?" They both turned to Keith who was approaching the side of the tower.

"Well sure, but it is complicated." Noted Clemont as he pushed up his glasses.

"I can handle it." Keith pushed up his glasses in return. Erica couldn't help but chuckle, Keith had found his double in the world.

"Hi Bonnie." The little girl turned to Shauna.

"Hi Shaunie." Greeted Bonnie.

Erica and Brett shared dumbfounded faces at this whole ordeal. And it was then that Erica saw that Shauna had found her double. Shauna caught wind of her friends' confusion and started to explain.

"Oh right. These are my friends, Bonnie and Clemont." Said Shauna as she pointed to both of the blonds.

"So you're challengers for the gym?" Brett's eyes started to glow that erie glow.

But before he could run into the gym, he looked around very feverishly. There didn't seem to be a gym building in sight.

"Where, where is it!?" Bonnie smiled and pointed up.

Erica and Brett followed the direction and saw that the Prism Tower had the Pokemon League insignia on it. Both of them gawked at the sight.

"It's the biggest gym that the world has ever seen." Gasped Erica.

"And done." Everyone looked at Clemont and Keith.

"The future is now thanks to science!" Yelled Clemont proudly. He turned to his double and they both nodded.

Keith pressed a button that made each section of the gym light up in order from lowest to highest. And it was a sight to see.

"Wow, thats another great memory for the scrap book." Noted Shauna with dazzling eyes.

"And now I can resume my duties of waiting inside for the challengers." Stated Clemont as he walked back into the tower.

Erica walked forward to enter the gym. But Brett put his hand on her shoulder. "Whats up?"

"I hear that there is a famous boutique on Vernal Avenue." Said Brett nonchalantly.

It can go without saying that after that, Erica was gone from the area. Just like a roadrunner. Keith watched his friend run towards a random clothing store.

"Why am I not surprised?"

"Works every time." Smirked Brett. Keith turned to Brett with a question in mind.

"Was that payback for what happened in the last city?"

"Yup yup." Brett

Keith decided to go and find Erica before she got into trouble, Lumoise city was big after all.

The base floor of the gym seemed like a disco dance floor. Only there was an elevator in the middle. With nothing else to do, Brett walked into the elevator. On the next floor, it seemed more like a game show.

Bonnie stood on some kind of podium, and three trainers stood infront of three other elevators.

"Welcome to the gym challenge." Greeted Bonnie.

"Are you ready Brettie?" She asked eagerly. That name somehow got Brett out of his hot blooded nature.

'Brettie? What's wrong with my name?' Thought Brett despondently.

"Uh, you know that-"

"Alright lets begin!" Proclaimed Bonnie, sort of making Brett mad.

An image was then projected in front of Brett. The silhouette of a certain mouse pokemon. The image disappeared and numbers appeared on the doors. Bonnie grabbed a microphone that was hanging off of the podium.

"Ok, now was that 1. Pichu, 2. Dendenne, or 3. Pikachu?" Asked the blondie toddler.

'Ok now I get it. I choose the answer by battling the trainer of the number thats the same as the one I choose.' Brett carefully analyzed the area. 'The answer is obviously Pikachu, but...'

Though it took thirty minutes, Brett finally made it to the top. Inside, Clemont awaited with his little sister.

"I gotta say, I am surprised." Commented the blond gym leader.

"I've never seen someone get every question wrong." And it's true, Brett didn't get single question right until he came upon the right answer.

"I got them wrong on purpose, I just like to battle." Clemont and Bonnie fell on there butts.

Bonnie stood back up and ran to the side to act as an announcer. "Well anyways, let the battle between Brettie-"

"It's Brett!" Brett cut off Bonnie. She gave him a stink eye.

"Between Brett and Clemont, begin." Finished Bonnie.

Clemont threw out his first pokemon, Emolga. The flying electric squirrel flew around for a bit. Brett's first choice was Kyu.

"Emolga, start off with aerial ace." The squirrel flew in fast for an impact attack.

"Kyu use mystical fire." The delphox pulled a stick out of nowhere and drew a fire that launched towards the emolga.

The electric type took the attack but then rushed in for one more impact. "Use volt switch." Emolga coaxed itself in electricity and crashed into the Delphox. After hitting Kyu, it switched out with another of Clemont's pokemon.

"Now out comes Heliolisk." And electric lizard with black lines and neck frills popped out to take emolga's place.

"Doesn't matter, we'll still tear it down." The fire starter barked in agreement with her trainer.

"Heliolisk, use parabolic charge." The lizard rammed into Kyu with an electric impact.

"Kyu, counter with pyschic!" The psychic fox used the stick once again, and released a mental wave of destruction.

"Heliolisk, use rain dance." And suddenly it started raining inside. I know what you're thinking, yes it can happen. Don't question pokemon physics.

"Kyu, return." Brett retrieved his pokemon and sent out a different choice. "Go Athrun!" Brett sent out his twin sword pokemon, but it had evolved. Now it was two swords with red clothes that shared the same sheath. Now Athrun was (or were?) a Doublade.

"Use shadow claw." The twin swords positioned itself to double slice with a ghostly force. The impact took a bit a damage onto Heliolisk, but it still stood.

"Thats interesting, Heliolisk use dragon tail!" Heliolisk's tail started to glow purple.

"Put your sheath as a shield!" The ghost pokemon hide behind its sheath, but was still hit by the impact.

Athrun was sent back into its pokeball. Then Kyu popped out of her pokeball, surprised. Brett wasn't too surprised as he had dealt with this before.

"Crap! Kyu use light screen." The fire fox cast a magic wall that would lower the effect of projectile attacks.

"Maybe you're not as dumb as I thought, but your still vunerable. Heliolisk, use thunderbolt!"

"Counter with mystical fire." The fire stream and the electric bolt countered against each other. The two pokemon rammed into each other, creating an explosion overload.

It took a few seconds before the smoke cleared. Both pokemon stood still, before Heliolisk fell over. Clemont was shocked by this. "But how? My pokemon had more than enough health leftover."

"Yeah, ever heard of a move called future sight?" Clemont gawked.

"No way...but when-"

"Right before I called her back."

Clemont retrieved his pokemon and sent out his next eleltric type. The first generation pokemon that seems to baffle everyone with its weight, Magneton. "Then I guess that I'll choose you."

Brett returned his Delphox and sent out Laxer. "Magneton, use tri-attack!" All three of the drones lit up and released energy. It created a large explosion once it impacted against Laxer.

But when the smoke cleared, the giant pokemon was fine. Snorlax's ability thick fat reduces the effectiveness of two thirds of the attack.

"Thats some pokemon." Said Bonnie with a gawking face.

"Laxer, use power up punch." The heavy fist of snorlax came down upon the unfortunate Magneton, resulting in an instant K.O..

"Alright, lets see if I can pull off a reverse victory." Clemont sent out his first and last pokemon, Emolga.

"Start of with thunder wave." A stream of electricity surged through to Snorlax which lead to paralysis.

"Now aerial ace." The tiny squirrel impacted against the fat giant.

"My turn, heavy slam!" Snorlax jumped into the air and landed on the unfortunate pokemon. The attack resulted in a K.O. But they were lucky that he didn't go through the floor.

"Clemont lost? No way, you must've cheated!" Accused Bonnie. She ran over and started to punch Brett's leg.

"Oh don't worry Bonnie, I gave my best and I'm sure my pokemon did too." Sighed Clemont as he retrieved his sister with a mechanical arm from his backpack.

"Well, ok." Pouted Bonnie who was looking down at the floor.

"Anyways, here is the badge." Clemont handed the badge over to Brett.

"Yatta." Brett walked over to the elevating platform to see if it would take him back down, but it did no such thing. He tried to make it go down by stomping on it a few times.

"Uh, how do I get out of here?" Asked the challenger with a sheepish grin. Bonnie stepped forward with a mischievous grin plastered on her face.

"You can use the trap door." She pressed a button on her remote, and Brett then fell through the door.

"I thought I got rid of that." Noted Clemont.

Outside of the tower, Keith was walking towards the tower to see how Brett would be doing. But he didn't expect to see his friend lying face down on the concrete.

"Woah, what happened?" Panicked Keith as he helped his friend up.

"Nothing, just make sure you have a parachute ready when you challenge him." Answered Brett, whipping the dirt off his face.

Elsewhere, Erica had just exited the PR studio. And she was carrying five bags of clothes.

"Oh, I love shopping." Erica began walking towards the gym when she ran into Sycamore.

"Ah hello Erica." Greeted the professor.

"Hello professor. Is your research going well?"

"Little by little. I need you to come with me real quick, do you mind?" Erica considered that. She could go towards the tower where Brett and Keith could be causing trouble. But then it hit her that she might not want to be caught up in that.

"Ok I have some free time." She put up a cheerful smile.

The walked down the alleyways till they came to a crimson building labeled, 'Lysandre Cafe'. Once inside, they met up with Lysandre. Erica was reminded of the first time she met up with this man, and she wasn't without Brett or Keith this time.

"Hello Sycamore." Greeted Lysandre. Erica tried to remain calm in his prescence.

"Nice to meet with you again Lysandre." Greeted the professor he reached out and shook hands with Lysandre. The latter turned to Erica.

"I do not believe I caught your name last time." Said the man as he scratched his chin. The blond had to muster up enough courage to answer.

"M-my name is Erica Tamashii." Even though she tried to be brave, she still couldn't help but to stutter.

"So now that you have the power of mega evolution, what are you gonna use it for?" Asked Lysandre to Erica. She contemplated on that, before her answer clearly came up.

"Well to become a strong trainer." That was the most honest answer she could give.

"No I mean, are going to try to benefit world or horde it for your own purposes?" That caught the heroine off guard, she knew about there being cruel people in the world. But by no means was she a bad person.

"If I have too, I'll try to benefit the world at every turn. Even if it is without the power that I share with my pokemon." Erica's answer was completely pure and dedicated, but her face reflected seriousness.

"Thats good. I've come across many people and found that there are always two kinds of people. Those who give, and those who take. We need more people like you in this world, Erica." Praised Lysandre. His praise was making her nervous.

"Th-thank you." Lysandre handed her a rock that was shaped as a crown.

"This king's rock is for your troubles." He left in his usual silent demeanor. Erica watched him as he left.

"Lysandre can be very poetic sometimes. Did you know that he is of royal blood?" Asked Sycamore.


Brett and Keith waited for Erica at the northern pokemon center, it seemed like a good place to spend the night. Starting to grow impatient, Keith pulled out a holo-caster and sent a message to Erica. Brett stood of to the side, almost as if he was trying to solve relativity.

"Something wrong?" Brett woke up from his little trance.

"I think its Lysandre." Muttered Brett.


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