Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 15

The pokemon center wasn't the most comfortable place to sleep. But it was a good price, and right now, our heroes didn't really have the money to spend on a luxury hotel. Erica walked into the room with a bit of a pouty face.

"You know that there is a luxury hotel down the street, right?" Inquired Erica. Brett and Keith looked at her with the same face.

"That would be way to expensive, even with our funds." Retorted Brett. The blond didn't want to admit that he was right, but he was. She didn't have enough money to contribute for a third of the pay. Keith then butt in with his own suggestion.

"We could camp, that's always free." Erica slumped down onto the bed. Pushing up his gleaming glasses, the teacher grinned a victorious smile. Reverse Psychology was always fun to use.

Later in the night Erica was in deep thought about what she had discussed with Lysandre earlier. Even though her two companions were asleep, the blond felt guilty. It was as if she betrayed their trust by visiting with the orange haired man. She looked down at her mega ring and pondered on what she had said earlier. Fidgeting with it seemed to distract her from the guilt. Whispering words were exiting her mouth.

"I need to use this power to aid the world." Her thoughts drifted back towards Team Flare. A pair of serious eyes replaced her innocent ones. That was were she needed use her power. The bonds that she shared with her friends, and her pokemon was strong.

The next day, Erica ran over to challenge Clemont at Prism tower. Unlike her companion, Erica was semi-successful in answering the questions. When she reached the top, the glasses wearing gym leader was messing around with his backpack. He stopped the moment that he noticed her.

"You were with those two from earlier right?" Asked Clemont as he put his mechanical backpack on.

"That is right." Answered the challenger.

"I'm also here to challenge you." She held out a pokeball as a signal. Clemont responded by holding out one of his round capture devices.

"It'll have to be a one on one, Bonnie is playing with the other two." As Clemont admitted to that, his face had a sweatdrop.

"That works just fine with me."

The first pocket monster of the challenger was the cute Laxus (I know that Laxus isn't actually cute, just go with it). The first pocket monster of the opposing side was Heliolisk. This match was already off to an interesting start, both trainers chose pokemon that couldn't use any advantage over the other.

"Thunderbolt!" Both trainers gave out the exact same command. And the pokemon launched bolts of electricity that circled the field. Laxus took more damage as he had lower defense.

"Laxus, use electro ball." The pink sheep (pff, Laxus and pink sheep) charged a ball of electricity and launched it at Heliolisk. The attack did some damage, but not too much. Erica noticed that this wasn't getting anywhere. And her pokemon reflected it as well, Laxus began stomping the ground like an upset Charmeleon.

Suddenly a light started to shine off of Laxus. Both trainers, and even Heliolisk, were surprised.

"He's evolving." Gasped Erica. The new pokemon that took his place was tall, yellow, and had no wool. Laxus had evolved into an Ampharos. Erica's eyes met with her partner's and the two shared a nod.

"Heliolisk, use your quick attack." The lizard ran up to high speeds and impacted several times against Laxus.

"Laxus, use power gem." Electricity coursed out of Erica's partner and launched at the electric dinosaur.

"Counter with your grass knot." Heliolisk slammed his tail into the ground, inexplicably causing grass to spout from the ground and tie around Laxus's feet. Somehow the Ampharos was knocked down by the grass knot.

Both trainers knew that at this point, both of their pokemon had very little hp left to spare. Clemont took the advantage of the type of his Heliolisk to win.

"Use bulldoze!" The black and yellow lizard jumped up and slammed into the floor.

Erica panicked as she looked through her thoughts to come up with some kind of solution to victory. Suddenly, she had a theory that was very much worth trying.

"Use electro ball on yourself!" Her pokemon was caught off guard at that suggestion. But he had no other ideas, and agreed to the idea. Electricity coursed around his body and Laxus started to float off of the ground, dodging the attack.

Clemont and Heliolisk were both caught off guard. The challenger smirked at what she and her pokemon had just accomplished. Laxus then flew down and slammed Heliolisk, defeating him. The gym leader walked over to his challenger and handed her the badge. She bowed in thanks as the field started to fix itself (like in origins).

As Erica was leaving the gym, she got a message from Keith on the holocaster.

'Brett and I are waiting at the route 14 gate, come on whenever you are ready.' The message ended. Erica contemplated on that route. She knew that the route was just a massive swamp.

Looking down at her shoes, she realized that by no means was she ready for an expedition across a swamp. Our blond protagonist then remembered a nearby shop, and her answer lied there.

After stopping by the nearby shop. Erica made her way to the route gate, where her friends were waiting. Said friends were in conversation about something.

"Hey guys." She caught up with them and Keith decided to drop the conversation. He had decided that it could wait.

"Where were you?" Asked Keith.

"I was getting ready for the next route."

"Ok then, lets continue to the next city." Proclaimed Keith, he turned over to his friend who nodded in response.

"The next city is-"

"Laverre city. In between it and here there is a marsh, which I am ready for." The student took a proud stance and waited to see if either of her friends could figure out what changes she had made.

Brett and Keith took a moment to think it through. Nothing seemed any different about her. Her hair was a little longer. Keith's analysis lead him to the ground.

"Hey are those-"

"Your chest is smaller." Butt in Brett.

Erica blushed rather furiously. Rivaling that of a solar flare. She crossed her hands over her shirt. Keith's face harbored surprise. He backed away, knowing full well the wrath of a teenage girl if you insulted her appearance.

"BAKA!" She kicked him in the stomach and rammed him into a nearby wall.

"...You're wearing boots now?" Asked Keith.

"Thats right." Erica's mood changed very quickly. From furious to happy. I will never understand how that works for humans.

After pulling Brett back up to his feet, and making sure that he could still count to ten, they passed through the gate and ran into Erica's friends.

"Hi guys." Greeted Erica casually.

"Hi Erica. Me and Trevor were talking about the haunted house." Explained Tierno.

Brett and Keith perked up at hearing the words 'haunted' and 'house' together in the same sentence, but who wouldn't am I right? Shauna brought them out of their thoughts.

"Yeah, it's near the end of the route."

"Lets go." Suggested Trevor as they blasted off in that direction. Trevor soon treaded in the same direction.

She sighed in a slow manner. "Everyone is so passionate about something. What am I passionate about?" Whispered the girl in a down mood. Erica saw this and wanted to help out, but it seems that her teacher would do it for her.

"Adventuring, right?" Asked Brett. Shauna was caught off guard by that.

"Uh, maybe." She looked around for a bit before her face morphed into a very confident smile. "Yeah!" Shauna ran off in the same direction as the others.

Erica turned around Brett and mouthed 'thank you'. She was glad that her teacher could spare their teachings to others.

So they continued down through the marshy plains. Battling against a lot of hexes, rangers, and the sort. Along the way, Brett battled against a girl that had a Floette as her partner. The pokemon that Brett sent out was the evolved form of his Amaura. A larger dinosaur with sails and ice jewels, Aurorus.

"Use dazzling gleam." The tiny fairy had bright light shining out of its eyes.

"Counter with your ice beam." The dinosaur's sails suddenly had light shining through them as a the cold energy radiated out of the sails and into Floette. The tiny little fairy didn't stand much of a chance. Erica became curious of when the pokemon evolved.

"When did Artic evolve?" Brett gave her his attention after he returned his pokemon.

"Early this morning, apparently Amaura evolves in the presence of moonlight." Answered Brett in an analytical way, and that's Keith's job.

"Oh, I see." Said Erica. She was about to continue walking when-

"Stop!" Yelled Brett and Keith in unison. The response of their friend was to stop and be very surprised.

"What!?" Asked the heroine.

"Marshes can be very dangerous, if you''re not careful. You could wind up 7 feet underwater." Answered Keith. Erica sighed in response, she didn't really think that these marshes could be that deep.

"Don't worry, I'm wearing boots." Said Erica as she continued onward.

Only to sink in completely, in about a second. Brett and Keith frantically ran over and pulled her out quickly. It took about 20 seconds to pull her out.

"Its good that your equipment is water proof." Noted Keith. But right now, Erica could care less about that.

"I don't care about that! My clothes are ruined!" Yelled the blond teenager.

The other two continued forward neither were too concerned considering that it was her fault.

"Well lets keep going then. You can get it dry cleaned at the next city." Offered Brett.

Erica followed behind them very slowly and unwillingly. All the way she was whining with tears in her eyes about her ruined outfit.

Just when they were about to enter the city Erica noticed Shauna in front of a small house. She got the attention of her two friends. "Hey guys, come on. The house is over there."

They walked into the house and found an old man. Now I now you want to hear something frightful. But I can't tell you because my version of the story is so scary that it'll probably make you stay up in the middle of the night, and that's no fun.

By the end of the story, the old man turned the light on. Tierno was hiding under a pillow, Trevor was behind the couch, and the two girls were hugging each other.

"Well how was the story?"

"That was scary!" Yelled Erica, Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor all together.

The remaining two were just sleeping. Erica was very surprised that anyone could sleep through something like that.

The two veterans ended up tipping him before the three left for the city. Upon entry Erica dashed into the boutique for some clothes to wear. Brett and Keith walked to the pokemon center. They decided not to bother with Erica's clothing problems.

Erica sooned rejoined the two wearing a completely different outfit. Lime green exotic top, beige cycling cap, and brown cross-laced shorts.

"How do I look?" She didn't get an answer as Brett and Keith were busy with their pokedexes.

'Its no wonder they're both single.'

After their pokemon were all healed up. Keith left for the gym challenge. Erica was curious as to why only he left and Brett didn't follow.

"Why aren't you going?"

"I lost in Rock Paper Scissors."

Upon entering the gym, Keith was met with a small room that had 3 glowing panels on the floor. Scientific curiosity forced him step on one of them. He was teleported to another room that looked like a bathroom.

But nobody was in there, mind you. Keith found that this room had two more pads. He stepped on another warp pad that led him to a piano room.

"I see, its like a doll house." Noted Keith with his signature glasses push up.

Back at the pokemon center. Erica was reading a pop culture magazine while she was waiting for her outfit to be dry cleaned. Brett was sleeping on the couch when mail man came by.

"Excuse me, but could you point me to somebody named Brett?" Asked the man in blue.

"Thats me." Said Brett, somehow able to instantly wake up. The mailman handed Brett a letter.

"Here you go sir, have a nice day." Brett thanked the man and turned to Erica.

"Ever wonder how they always know where you are?"

"No." But the thought did start to creep her out a little.

What Brett got was an envelope (sorry, no pokemon). Once opening it, Erica's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. The contents were pictures of a girl.

She was a brunette with purple eyes. It's also worth noting that her hair was in buns. The pictures consisted of one of her in a swimsuit, one of her walking down a road, and even of her in a kimono with a grass snake pokemon.

"Uh Brett?" Erica was really surprised at this, and she just had to know how this came about.


"You don't subscribe to some company do you?" Asked Erica a little shockingly.

"No. She only sends me pictures every now and then." Answered the black haired boy calmly.

'She? So he knows this girl?' Thought the blond girl.

Erica was about to ask more about this girl. But Shauna and Trevor burst straight in. Trevor looked like he just hopped from the moon and back. That was the thing that really caught Erica's attention.

"Erica, come on! We need to go to the pokeball factory!" Squealed the orange afro'd boy. She had never seen her friend like this before, and it left a lot to be said.

They ended following Trevor as he ran to this factory. And meanwhile, Keith was still challenging the gym.

Once he finally completed the puzzle, Keith entered the last room. Which looked like a whole big canvas. There were different colors of paint everywhere. In the center was a girl that had black hair, which complemented her kimono that had very long sleeves.

"Greetings fair trainer. My name is Valerie." Said the gym leader as she bowed. Keith repeated the action. He felt it complementary for the challenge.

"And my name is Keith Chiyoku." He sent out his first choice, his fairy. But it had now evolved.

"Alright Florges go!" A pixie that looked like it had a merged with a flower emerged.

"I see. Now come on out, Mr. Mime." Valerie sent out the pokemon that always pretends to be in a box appeared. The challenger was a little surprised, he always thought that Mr. Mime was a psychic type.

He pulled out his pokedex as it listed what typing this pokmeon truly had. The gears started to click in his head as it read that Mr. Mime was confirmed to be psychic and fairy type. The brown haired boy put his pokedex away and prepared for the match.

"Light screen." Both of them commanded the same thing at the same time. With both screens of defense up, the battle would last longer.

"Mr. Mime, use psybeam." The mime launched a beam from its finger.

"Counter with dazzling gleam." Florges shot a beam from its eyes that impacted with the incoming beam.

For a couple of seconds, the room was blinding. When Valerie adjusted her sight to see again, she found her pokemon knocked out. The girl with dazzling eyes couldn't help but be surprised at how quickly that went down.

She looked up and found that Keith switched out his pokemon with a doublade.

"But how could you? We couldn't see." Questioned Valerie.

"I used doublade's sheath whilst the blades assaulted Mr. Mime."

"And the light screen?" The swords held up their clothes like fists. Keith chuckled at his partner's suggestion.

"Brick break." Answered Keith for his pokemon. Valerie chose to smile in return.

Valerie retrieved her pokemon and sent out the next, Mawile. The kimono pokemon that had a giant mouth on the back of its head.

"Mawile?" Questioned Keith at the sight of this rare pocket monster.

"An interesting pokemon, yes?" Stated Valerie. Seeing as how she was using Mr. Mime before, Keith had to infer that Mawile was confirmed to be a fairy type.

"Truly, but I don't think I've ever seen one in battle before."

"Mawile, use crunch."

"Attack with your brick break."

The twin sword pokemon collided with the jaw pokemon. Mawile crunched down with a great force. And the twin sword pokemon used its clothes to impacted against the pokemon in the form of a brick breaker.

"Now, the conflict will end. Mawile, use crunch again." The Steel-Fiary type pressurized with even more force which resulted in the doublade fainting.

Keith did the math as he retrieved his pokemon. With a better plan he sent out his next choice, his Chesnaught.

"I can tell that you and that pokemon are very closely bonded." Noted the gym leader. This left Keith a little curious as to how she could come to that conclusion.

"Thank you. Chesnaught, use power-up punch." The giant, spiked fist impacted against the mawile.

The force sent mawile swirling against the wall. It tried to stand up, but the force was too much. Valerie retrieved it, and pulled out her final pokeball.

"I'm counting on you, Sylveon." She sent out a little pink and white dog-like pokemon that was covered in ribbons.

'Eon?' Keith tried to compile the information, he only knew a few pokemon that had that ending syllable. He also knew that all of those other pokemon only evolved from an Eevee.

"Chesnaught, use wine whip." The armor pokemon launched several whips towards its opponent.

"Sylveon, counter with a dazzling gleam." A blinding light flashed the juggernaut. Sylveon took the opportunity climbed onto Chesnaught's back.

"Now ice beam." Sylveon shot a beam of cold energy onto Chesnaught's back.

Keith retrieved his pokemon and decided to continue with his ace-in-the-hole.

"Lets finish this Charizard." He sent out the pseudo dragon.

"Sylveon use baby doll eyes." The fairy's eyes grew giant and teary as it lowered the attack of the fire type.

"Doesn't matter. Charizard, use steel claw." The flying type's claws of iron impacted against the fairy.

"And finish with steel wing." Charizard flew down and rammed into sylveon with wings of iron.

Valerie retrieved her pokemon and conceded defeat.

"Very well, you win. Here is your badge." She handed over the fairy badge to Keith.

"Thank you, that was a great match." Keith turned around to leave. He didn't want to hurt Valerie's feelings, but that place was just a little creepy..

Whilst Keith left the gym, Erica and Brett were approaching the pokeball factory. And I'd continue writing, but this chapter is getting way too long.

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