Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 17

After Erica had conquered the fairy gym, she went to the local hotel to check in for the night. She found that her two companions went off to train some more. Some part of her really wanted to join them, but she found herself to be very tired. Erica fell to sleep easily.

When Erica woke up the next morning she found that both of her companions found their way back to the room. Keith somehow slept perfectly in the middle of his bed. Brett was sprawled out across the top of his.

Erica decided to get out of the bed and get a crepe from a local stand. Whilst eating her cinnamon crepe on a bench, Erica was caught up in the thoughts of why Team Flare would have any intent to try to rob a factory of pokeballs.

'The only use for a pokeball would be to capture a pokemon.' Keith's voice was ringing in her head.

'If somebody evil would try to take that many pokeball's they must be after something powerful.' Brett's voice was there too.

The blond had to be thankful that she learned from her friends like that, but she still had so many questions about this team that remained unanswered. What would they need power from the power plant for? Why were they in that crystal cave? And what on earth was with those scientists, their attitudes were just so strange.

"Oh all this thinking is starting to give me a headache." Groaned Erica. She reached for one and realized that she had left it back in the hotel room.

"Here you go." She turned around to see Brett handing her the medicine. Erica gladly took it as Brett joined her on the bench.

"So what are you thinking about?" Asked the black haired veteran. Erica wanted to discuss it with him, but she also didn't want to max out his hot blooded temper this early.

"Oh nothing really." Brett was skeptic to that answer.

"Must be a lot of nothing to hurt that much." In all honesty Erica's defense just wasn't that good if Brett could pick up on its fault.

Erica quickly thought for an excuse that she could use. She was about to give up and tell Brett, but Keith suddenly came into the scene. He had checked them out of the hotel after he left and handed Erica the rest of her things.

While Brett and Keith took some time to find some food to eat, Erica decided to pass the time by grooming each of her pokemon. She found it easiest to groom Phoenix, seeing as how they had grown up together.

"Hey Phoenix, do you think that I've changed any over the past few weeks?" Her feathered friend showed a questioned look (as best as a bird could). The trainer could tell that her pokemon didn't really understand, so she put the brush down to explain.

"You know, have I grown out or expressed myself any?" She put her arms up and down to exaggerate her words. Her feathered friend just started to look around at random points.

The trainer sighed in defeat, she felt like she was talking to a wall. Phoenix poked her head and started to look around again. This time, Erica curiously followed her friend's view of vision. It was then that the trainer noticed something important about her pokemon's line of view.

Erica wasn't next to her house, she wasn't anywhere near home. In a random place that was so very different from the place that she had grown up in. Proof of the fact that heroine had opened up to the rest of the world. Phoenix then nuzzled up to her trainer, and Erica happily petted her friend in return.

After a little while of waiting, Brett and Keith returned to Erica. After meeting back up the three ventured into the next route which had fallen leaves everywhere. Just for the information of the audience, Keith wasn't too fond of the environment.

"Is something wrong Keith?" Asked Erica.

"I'm ok, I just don't like the concept of dead leaves everywhere." Explained Keith with a twitching smile.

"And that's why he doesn't set foot in Ecruteak city." Laughed Brett.

They continued along the route and encountered many rangers along the way. The rangers seemed to be popping out of patches of leaves. As they continued their trekking Erica wondered if there were any hollow patches around. Cue revenge for a couple of chapters ago.

No sooner that did Keith fall into a hollow patch of leaves. Dead, wet leaves.

"Unbelievable..." Muttered Keith.

Brett pulled his friend out of the dead pile of leaves. Erica watched this and started thinking about a strange possibility.

'Could it be that they...' Some gears started turning in her head and she immediately shuddered.

'No. No, I shouldn't ever think that ever again.' Keith noticed Erica's face twitching and he became curious as to what was bothering her.

"What's wrong?" His question broke her out of her thoughts. Erica started to spout random words when Brett noticed her face as well.

"Nope...uh...maybe...look a new pokemon!" Both Brett and Keith dropped their guard and started to look for this new pocket monster. The blond sighed, those thoughts should've never been thought.

As they continued along the route, they started to see what looked like destroyed buildings. As Brett walked past one of them, he noticed that it had an underground entrance. The black haired boy's curiosity forced him to walk down there. Erica was about to venture in with him when Keith stopped her.

"What's wrong?"

"When he goes into one place that is haunting, it is best to just leave him to it." Explained Keith.

Instead they walked down a route adjacent to the route that they were walking along. At first it seemed that it like a maze, because of all the tall grass, tall enough that it reached above their heads.

The blond was ready to venture into the grass, but a pokemon suddenly jumped out of one of her. It looked like some halloween chocolate pumpkin treat. A ghost-grass type, Pumpkaboo.

"What is that?" Asked Keith as he pulled out his pokedex.

"It looks tasty." Keith was shocked to hear that coming from Erica, she was spending too much time around Brett.

Whilst Keith and Erica were taking a look at the things above ground, Brett was moving about underground. He found that the underground place was actually some rundown hotel.

How a hotel could be brought below ground level was far beyond Brett. However, that didn't stop trainers from going down there. The underground hotel was loaded with punk guys and punk girls.

"Alright, time to get my game face on!" Yelled Brett vigorously.

Above the surface, Keith and Erica continued through the maze of grass. Whilst they continued through the route, Keith began to notice that Pumpkaboo seem to come in different sizes. Erica was currently battling one that was almost as big as she was.

"Alright Phoenix use flamethrower." Flames spewed from the bird to knock out the pumpkin pokemon.

Keith looked onto his pokedex and found that there were four different sizes for Pumpkaboo. That one was a large size.

"Did you notice that the pokemon we've been battling are coming in different sizes?" Asked the teacher to his companion.

"No, I've been thinking too much about chocolate." Answered Erica as she drooled and Keith twitched at hearing that answer.

"I think that you're starting to spend to much time around Brett." Noted Keith.

"No, I've just always had an affinity for chocolate." She crossed her arms in denial.

They came upon a giant rock that blocked their path, so Keith called out his Chesnaught. They both pushed the rock into a ditch, making it possible for them to cross. On the other side lied a large pond for fishing.

"Wow, I think that we should fish." Suggested Keith. Erica didn't think that it seemed to fun at the time.

Back at the underground building Brett defeated trainer after trainer. Right now he was battling against a trainer that was using two Liepard against Athrun.

"Use a double power-up-punch!" The twin swords pokemon spun and punched the two dark types, simultaneously knocking them out. Both trainer and pokemon hopped in victory.

The veteran retrieved his pokemon and continued to venture further into the building, it didn't take long before he came upon a closed gate. Brett looked around to see if there was any way to open it, he found that there was a punk guy nearby.

"Hey do you think that you can open that gate?" Asked Brett.

"As if, you don't have the skills to meet our master." This guy was apparently rude.

"What kind of skills?" Asked Brett as he whipped out a pair of clip on roller skates.

Erica did like pokemon battles and the chance to grow with her pokemon friends, but just following around Keith as he defeated fisherman after fisherman was just boring for her. She groaned in frustration as Keith finished off the Poliwhirl with his Florges.

"I'm sorry, did you want to take him down?" Asked Keith as he noticed his companion's boredom. She decided not to be too harsh on him.

"No, but I think we spent enough time here." First be polite. If that doesn't work, use force.

"What? But there is still so much more fishing to do." Complained Keith. Now Erica shall use force.

So Erica decided to rush this. And by that, I mean that she grabbed Keith by the ear and dragged him back to route 15. Yep, just like in the anime.

Once they were back to the previous route, Erica and Keith met back up with Brett. He was sitting down on a nearby rock and he was holding his side. Keith knew that he got himself in trouble. But Erica was just worried for her friend's sake.

"Oh, hey guys." Greeted Brett weakly.

"What happened to you?" Said Keith, he pointed to Brett's side.

"Well, the guys down there said that I didn't really have what it takes to challenge their master, so I tried to prove them wrong." He weakly laughed at his own stupidity.

Erica grew worried when she hearad that. It seemed that Brett's own stubbornness could hurt him more than it annoyed her. She walked over and pitched his arm over her shoulder. Like a good friend she was ready to help out.

"C'mon, lets get you to a doctor." Said Erica.

Once they passed through the gate, the gang had made it into Dendemille town. It was a small town with cold climate and no gym. Which was good, this way Brett wouldn't have any real challenges and he could spend time resting.

"This is a nice place." Commented Keith.

"Yeah, I think that they grow crops in the summer time around here." Said Erica as she noticed the crop fields. Luckily for them that the pokemon center could also treat people for minor injuries.

After Brett was put into the pokemon center, Nurse Joy immediately told them that Brett just needed some rest for his bruise to heal up. And that included him staying away from battles. Even though she hadn't known him for long, the blond knew that the black haired boy wasn't exactly one to stay still.

"Thats not gonna be easy." Sighed Keith as he and Erica exited the center.

"He's that battle thirsty?" Asked Erica even though she already knew the answer.

"Yeah, one time he battled a giant ice dragon pokemon despite that he couldn't feel his legs." Keith shook his head at that memory.

Erica laughed at that too. She then thought a moment about the her two companions. Sure, she knew that they were foreign. But it seemed that they knew just a little too much about traveling, and it also seemed like they had great experience.

"Hey Keith, what exactly-"

"Oh there you two are!" Erica was cut off by the arrival of Professor Sycamore and Dexio.

"Hello professor." Greeted Keith.

"It's good to see you again." The blond decided to put that question off till another time and greeted the professor. Sycamore then looked around for a bit, curious about something.

"I see that Brett isn't with you, where is he?" Asked Sycamore with a curious face. The female protagonist pointed to the pokemon center.

"He is resting up in the center."

"Ah I see. You know, you should treat him to some of the local ice cream. There are a lot of great food markets around the Kalos region." Started the professor with a laid back smile.

"Professor.." Warned his assistant.

"Relax Dexio, I'm going somewhere with this." Sycamore waved his hands.

"And in those markets, there are many rumors that spread about. Like about legendary pokemon." It was at this point that he was starting to gain their attention.

"There are many stories that roam about. They mostly pertain to the legendary pokemon of life, Xerneas. And the legendary pokemon of death, Yveltal." After hearing that last explanation he had the full attention of both of the trainers.

Keith showed a face of surprise and realization. Erica's face was surprised as well, but she was starting to show some more of interest into the subject.

"The legends say that the eyes of Xerneas represents the shape an X. Legends also say that Yveltal's body represents the shape of a Y." Explained the professor. He held up both of his hands to demonstrate the two different pokemon.

Erica was taking this information into her head as she was trying to figure out how such concepts of life and death could be left up to such beings. She couldn't hear Sycamore talking until he said her name.

"You know, I'm proud of how far you three have come. I only hope that you can keep making good progress." Commented Sycamore. He and Dexio left after that.

Despite the complement that the protagonist had just received, she was still caught up in the thought of those pokemon. Deep down in her heart, Erica wanted to meet with these two pokemon. Her experience told her that Keith would probably know something about this.

"Hey do you-" Erica noticed that Keith seemed deep in thought and couldn't say anything.

'Could it be...I know from experience that people can go to extremes...could such power really be left to..." He was seeking his thoughts for a fit to this equation.

"Keith?" Asked Erica worryingly.

Keith snapped out of his thoughts and gave a reassuring look.

"Sorry about that, I was distracted by Sycamore's speech." He looked around a bit for something to do. He noticed a mountain in the distance.

"Maybe we should go there." Suggested the brown hair. Erica was still a little worried, but she thought maybe a little exercise wouldn't hurt.

As they left, they didn't notice Brett sneaking out of the pokemon center. His side still hurt, but he thought he could grit his teeth past the pain.

"Like I'm gonna stay still."

Once Keith and Erica walked further up the trails they found many of the ground-ice type mammoths, Mamoswine.

"What are these?" Asked Erica.

"They're Mamoswine." Answered Keith he walked up and started to pat its tusk.

"But these guys are supposed to gather up further up the mountain." He looked back to the nearby mountains with a questioned serious look.

"Then is it possible that something is wrong up there?" Asked Erica. She got the answer by the fact that Keith just walked up towards the mountain.

On the route east to the town, Brett was trying to traverse through the large columns of snow in search of a match. He really is an idiot, isn't he? The cold temperatures forced him to stop.

"Ok, apparently thats not happening any time soon." Muttered the black haired boy in defeat.

Brett then started to think about what he could do. He remembered that Rhyhorn could be used to ride over some rocky plains. The veteran trainer spotted another person closer to the gate.

"Hey can you tell me if there are any four-legged pokemon around here?" Asked Brett.

"Well there are usually Mamoswine. But something must be wrong up in the mountains."

"Mountain you say?" Brett turned to see a large mountain in the distance.

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