Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 19

A young blond girl sat in a park, she was alone and sad. Her sobs were caused by the fact that nobody would play with her, nobody would be her friend. Her tears just kept streaming down because she couldn't do anything else.

"Why won't anybody play with me?" Whined the young girl.

"Because you're strong." Her gray, puffed eyes looked up to see an older boy with black hair. He held out his hand to help her up, she took his hand and stood up. Her face was still wet with tears, so the boy took out a handkerchief and wiped her face off.

The young blond didn't like that feeling, who doesn't? When he stopped she gave him a pouty face, in response he grinned a laid back smile. His hand was held back out as an offer.

"I'll play with you." Offered the young boy. That offer shocked the girl, but it also filled her up with happiness. She now had a friend that would stick with her and help her up.

Her face soon lit up with joy. The two soon played the pokemon trading card game. The boy played a Blastoise card, and in response the girl played a Talonflame card.

"My Talonflame attacks with flare blitz and beats your Blastoise." Proclaimed the girl, the boy sighed in defeat and retrieved his card. The little girl was having the time of her life, nothing could ruin this for her.

But suddenly, several explosions started to go off near the two. A trail of fiery bursts that continuously got closer and closer to the two. On instinct, the boy dove in to protect the girl.


Erica woke with a jolting start. As she sat up, she placed her hand on her chest to slow down her heart. The nightmare left her with a head wet from sweating. Everything seemed alright, but Erica only wished that yesterday was just a nightmare.

"But why...why would that ever have to happen?" Her hand met with her face to calm her. She turned to notice that Keith's bed was made up, and all of his stuff had already gone.

Keith stood in front of the ice cavern, it had since emptied out. It was as if he was waiting for his friend to come back. Disappointed, he held up the stone.

"I'm sorry Kate." Whispered Keith. He heard footsteps and turned around. Erica approached him, she wanted to be there to comfort her friend. Her eyes remained pointed to the ground before she worked up the courage to talk to him.

"I miss him too, you know?" Asked Erica Keith nodded in return.

"Yeah I feel your pain."

Several seconds passed, but for both of the trainers,it felt like years. In the end of the silence, Keith decided to make the next move.

"...We never did tell you about ourselves, did we?" Asked the brown haired boy. Erica had always wanted to know more about both of them, but she felt like being happy at this particular moment wasn't a right thing to do.

"...No, not really." Keith turned around with a face painted with determination.

"Well, you deserve to know." Erica turned to Keith with a look of slight surprise. She thought that letting him do what he wanted to do seemed like a good thing to do.

"Ok, if you want to."

"I am the Kanto champion, and Brett was the Johto champion." Whispered Keith. But Erica heard it loud enough to be surprised.

"...Well...that explains why you two were so good." She noticed the gem he was holding.

"What is that?"

"It is a promise stone, Brett always wore it for somebody important." Answered Keith, he handed the stone to her so she could get a better look at it. It looked just like a fire incased in ice. Erica searched her thoughts as to who Brett would wear this for.

'The girl in those photos' Thought Erica. She gave the necklace back to her friend. He turned back to face the ice cavern. Keith continued to explain the stone.

"I know that if Brett was still alive, he wouldn't just leave it behind." That explained how Keith came to the conclusion that Brett had died yesterday. The blond took in the information, even if she didn't want to.

"But, I'm just so shocked by his death. I just can't bring myself to accept it."

"You know...even though he taught me a lot about pokemon, Brett felt more like a big brother to me than a friend." Admitted Erica, her friend would be lying he said that he wasn't surprised. The younger teenager walked over and grabbed his free hand.

"If I know anything about Brett...he would want us to grow stronger...he would want us to defeat Team Flare. And he wouldn't want us to be sad." Her hand trembled in his grip. Keith stood there silently for some time he kept his grip with his friend. Erica contemplated on whether to help him move or not.

"...Yeah...I guess you're right."

Erica looked up to see his eyes that were ready for the next challenge. He put up a sad smile, trying his best to cheer her up in return.

"Ok, let's go then."

Keith walked away silently, his heart still held down with sorrow. However, Erica stayed behind for few more seconds. She looked back at the mountains just like Keith was doing. Her eyes were held down with sorrow as well, but they soon became determined.

'I promise Brett, I'll become the best I can be...no, I'll go beyond my limits, with my pokemon.' She held out her handful of pokeballs, each with a different partner that she had come to know. Placing all of the pokeballs back into her bag, Erica turned to leave.

And so she left the past behind her.

The next route over was a snowy route with large columns of snow. And with such an obstacle came a solution, in the form of giant mammoth pokemon. Erica walked over to the giant pokemon and petted in on the side to gain some trust.

"I think he'll offer us a ride." Suggested Erica, Keith rubbed the head.

'He might be paying us back for clearing the cavern.' Thought the brown haired champion.

They jumped onto the pokemon as it carried them through the columns of ice. Erica shivered, despite her wearing a red trench coat. Keith noticed this and had to chuckle a little at his friend's action of hugging her.

"What's so funny?" Asked Erica with irritation, and a red nose.

"It's just so funny when you're like this." It was then a question popped into her head.

"How come you're not cold?" Keith smirked at his friend's question.

"I've been to Seafoam islands, Snowpoint city, and Iccirus city." Answered our brown-haired friend while he was pushing up his glasses.

Erica's face grew very surprised. Those were three of the coldest places in the world. And Keith had been to all three of them? Apparently Keith did more than what was needed to keep his title.

"I've also challenged my fair share of ice gym leaders." And that was enough to make Erica never ask the question again.

Though it took some time, they finally reached the other side. They dismounted from the giant pokemon, and Erica gave it a treat as thanks. But as soon as the Mamoswine left, the pre-evolved version of Abomasnow, Snover, leapt out of the snow.

"I'm counting on you, Dragulong." Erica sent out her poison water type.

The Snover attacked with an ice beam attack, Dragulong stood there and took the hit. Erica knew that her Skrelp wasn't her strongest pokemon, but she believed in him without any doubt.

"Use sludge bomb." The Skrelp gathered up a good amount of poison energy into a ball and lauched it into his opponent.

Snover was knocked down from the hit but wouldn't give up. It got back up and retaliated with by swinging its arms around. Leaves started to swing out of its arms at high speed, the tiny snowman pokemon was using razor leaf.

"Dragulong, use hydro pump." The poison kelp pokemon launched a powerful stream of water at its unlucky target.

The Snover took the hit and was being pushed backwards. But then he fell backwards, fainted. Dragulong started to glow and evolve. His new form was that of a longer and more intimidating Skrelp. The newly evolved pokemon, now known as Dragalge.

"Wow." Commented Erica, she could tell that Dragulong now was more confident by his expression.

"I think I see why you gave it that name now. It's apparantly part dragon type now." Said Keith.

"I just thought it sounded cool."

They passed through the route gate and were met with the north eastern city of Anistar. Immediately upon arrival, Erica noticed that the temperature wasn't as bad here. She took off her red trench coat to adjust to the temperature. After taking their pokemon to get healed, Erica and Keith began looking for the local gym.

They soon found it as a relatively small building. Erica was about to enter when she noticed that Keith wasn't fallowing.

"Is something wrong?"

"I just think that there is something that I should go look into." Explained Keith as he walked off into the western side of town.

Erica just shrugged her shoulders and walked in. And she found that the building was just a small room with a circle pad in the center. The blonde protagonist stepped on the pad.

Then the entire room exploded to show a stellar arena, the challenger was panicking as she fell down onto a walkway. It seemed that Erica noticed that she would have to take a three dimensional maze.

"I wonder if Keith would have any kind of trouble with this?" Questioned Erica.

Speaking of our glasses wearing friend, he was investigating a giant pink crystal that lied on a dock. The crystal had a gaping hole near the center. Keith noted the fact that a set a rings were on the dock as well.

"With that angle." He looked up to check the sun, and then his watch.

"The sunlight will hit it between 7 and 8 at night." Whispered Keith, he then cupped his chin as he thought deeper into the subject.

"But why is it here?"

Back inside the gym, Erica had made it across the stellar paths to meet the gym leader. A woman who had purple hair. She wore a black jumpsuit and somekind of starry night cape. She was also meditating and floating.

"I predicted your coming here." Said the woman as she broke her stance and touched the ground.

"Really?" Asked Erica. Even though she was impressed by Olympia floating, she was skeptical to Olympia predicting the future.

"I am Olympia, I take it that you would like a battle against me?" Asked the gym leader. The challenger nodded and held out her first pokeball.

"Yes, and my name is-"

"Erica Tamashii." The blonde was now just creeped out.

Olympia's first choice was to send out the Nazca line pokemon, Sigilyph. Erica responded by sending out Phoenix to combat aerial combat.

"Psybeam." Sigilyph's eye shot out a beam of psychic energy towards the talonflame.

"Dodge and rally around with flame charge." Phoenix dived underneath the stellar platform and came back around to impact against the psychic flying type.

"Use reflect." Sigilyph created a barrier of psychic energy to decrease the effectiveness of its opponent's physical attacks.

"Now use air slash." The psychic type used the air around it to slash the fire bird.

"Counter with acrobatics." Phoenix flew around with impressive motions. The two aerial attacks impacted their opponents.

Both pokemon fell to the ground, and Erica quickly retrieved her pokemon.

"I guess this battle is gonna be different than others." Noted Erica as she reached for her next pokeball.

"As I predicted, you've admirable skills." Commented the psychic. The teenager was still skeptical to Olympia's ability to see into the future.

"Thank you." Erica sent out the next choice, Laxus. Olympia's next pokemon was the lizard (or is it a hippo?) with the shell on its head, Slowking.

"Slowking, use light screen." Slowking generated a field of more psychic energy to further weaken Laxus's attacks.

"Laxus, use cotton guard." The fur of the Ampharos suddenly puffed up which resulted in his defense being raised.

"Slowking use ice beam." The slow lizard launched a frigid beam towards Laxus, the damage wasn't that bad though. The electric type was a little to egotistical to just give up.

"Laxus, use discharge." The electric type released a vast amount of enrgy that struck the psychic water type with little effect. Because of the light screen still being active, it cushioned the blow for the lizard, hippo, thingy.

"Retaliate with an take down." Slowking charged and impacted against Laxus. The attack succeeded in knocking Laxus to the stellar platform, but after Slowking got up it started to twitch.

"Now use electro ball." Laxus charged up energy from his tail to his head and sent it our int the form of a electric ball. The attack impacted and knocked out Slowking.

With two down, Olmpia sent out her final pokemon. The emo psychic cat, Meowstic.

"I'm not sure if that pokemon is cute or creepy." Commented Erica.

"Meowstic, use psywave." Meowstic releasaed a wave of powerful enregy that damaged Laxus even further. The damage forced Laxus down to a knee.

'C'mon Laxus, hang in there.' As if Laxus could read his trainer's thoughts, he stood back up.

"Laxus use thunderbolt." The Ampharos sent electric energy towards the psychic cat.

"Counter with psychic." Meowstic used a mental attack that stopped the electric stream before it could impact.

Erica gritted her teeth in irritation, but then she noticed a layer of light lift itself off of the psychic type. Olympia noticed that too and realized that she needed to act quick.

"Meowstic, use-"

"Electro ball." Butt in Erica. Laxus followed his trainer's order and knocked out his opponent with his attack.

Olympia conceded in defeat to withdraw her pokemon. She handed Erica the Psychic badge. Erica continued with her usual tradition of thanking her opponent for the match.

"Thank you for that match." Said Erica.

"And to you. I must warn you though, you are soon to be faced with a great trial. Be prepared." Warned Olympia. The heroine's skepticism faded after hearing that, because she knew what the trial was going to be.

"Thanks for the heads up. How do I leave here?" Asked Erica. The purple haired leader pointed to a glowing platform behind Erica. The blond challenger stepped on it and was teleported to outside of the gym.

Keith was standing outside of the gym waiting for Erica to finish her match. He decided that the giant crystal would have to be investigated later. Turning to his right Keith was met with Erica. He jumped in surprise at his friend's sudden arrival.

"Hey Erica. How did you teleport out here?" Asked Keith with his scientific curiousity.

"I couldn't tell you if I wanted to." She shrugged her shoulders.

Suddenly the both got a message on their holo-casters. Lysandre was being projected onto both their screens as he gave his speech.

'To all members of Team Flare, the time has come.' Both protagonists appeared surprised. 'The ultimate weapon is ready to fire. Team Flare will be all that victorious. To all of you who oppose us and our actions, I say come.' The message ended with that challenge.

A few seconds passed by. Both trainers remained silent, Erica turned to her friend and they both nodded.

"Lets do it." Commanded Erica.


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