Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 2

On this day, three pokemon trainers gathered in the Kalos region. Two had come to continue their adventures and become stronger. And one would begin to discover what greatness she would be able to achieve.

"I'm Erica Tamashii, nice to meet you." Greeted Erica as she shook Keith's hand.

"And to you." Said Keith as he shook her hand.

"I'm Keith Chiyoku. And this is my friend, Brett Tairyoku." Introduced the trainer.

Erica figured that by their appearance, both were fifteen years old. And they did seem foreign as they took in the sight of every pokemon that they saw.

"So you two are from different regions?" Asked Erica in suspicion.

"Yes we are, I'm from Kanto and Brett is from Johto." Noted Keith. Brett turned to her and nodded in approval.

Erica thought about that for a bit, those two regions were terribly far away from Kalos. They must've traveled a long way. She then held out a container with the pokeballs inside. Brett picked up the one on the right, and Keith picked the one on the left. They each pointed the pokeballs to the ground, releasing the starters. Fennekin for Brett and Chespin for Keith.

The grass starter instantly went for Keith and started to cuddle at his leg, which made him very nervous at this sudden pokemon's affection.

"Is this one a girl?" Asked Keith.

"Then I guess that means your my partner. I think I'll call you Kyu." Said Brett as he leaned down to the pokemon.

The pokemon crawled up his shoulder and nuzzled his face.

"That one is a girl." Noted Erica. Brett nervously smiled at the pokemon's affection.

"I'm not one for nicknames, are you alright with that?" Asked Keith turning to his pokemon who nodded in response.

Erica turned to the Santalune forest and began walking.

"If you two have some time, I could use some tips about pokemon battling."

Keith pushed his glasses up as he took a look at his watch.

"Yeah, I guess that we could kill some time."

The brown haired veteran started walking in the same direction as Erica. He turned around to get Brett but noticed that his friend was staring at the roof of a building.

A pokemon was standing on top of the building. It looked like a Lucario, but there was something different about it. It looked so much stronger. The pokemon jumped down and dashed of in the direction of Lumoise city.

Brett stared in amazement at the new pokemon that he had witnessed.

"But...what pokemon...was that?" Keith came over and nudged his friend out of his trance.

"Hey are you ok?" Brett snapped out of his little dream

"Yeah, I'm good." He then followed his friend to the forest. But he was still thinking about what he saw.

'I wonder, was it a Lucario?'

Apparently Erica had very little training for being a pokemon trainer. Lucky for her, Brett and Keith had years of experience.

Once they were deeper into the forest, Erica turned around to face her teachers. She leaned forward a little and put her arms behind her waist to make herself appear more cute. An attempt to increase their opinion of her.

"Ok...where do we start?" Asked Erica without a clue.

"Not us, you." Said Brett.

Erica gave him an incredulous look as Keith sighed and pinched his nose. "We need to see what you can do before we decide on what you need to be taught." Said the brown hair.

Erica nodded and looked around for a pokemon to go after, and she saw a Pikachu ( I know, cliche). The blond pulled out a pokeball and assumed a trainer's stance. She had seen the process of capturing a pokemon many times on TV.

'The people on the TV and radio shows usually throw a pokeball to capture a pokemon.'

"Alright, pokeball go!" Erica threw the pokeball without trying to weaken the pokemon at all.

The ball shook for a bit and then exploded as the Pikachu got out. And the little mouse sure did look angry. Erica backed up out of fear...


...before lightning bolts started chasing her.

Brett and Keith stood to the side. The former was trying to keep his sides from splitting.

"Should we help her?" Asked Keith with a tinge of worry.

"She needs to learn from her mistakes." Said Brett as he got up from the ground.

Keith shot him a 'come on' look. Brett got up and released Kyu.

"Alright, Kyu use ember." The fire fox released flames that came in between Erica and the angry Pikachu.

"Yosh, perfect accuracy."

Keith went over to Erica. She seemed exhausted from running from the angry pokemon.

"Well it seems we got our work cut out for us. The first thing you've got to do is weaken the pokemon." Noted Keith. Erica picked up a stone.

"You mean like this?" And she threw it at Brett's head.

"Well something like that." Said Keith with a sweat drop.

They spent much time trying to teach Erica specific mechanics of pokemon training and catching.

"When you throw the ball, take in very deeply the weight of the ball and the distance between you and the pokemon." Said Keith in a teaching manner.


Though they did have to explain what the lessons meant to her.

"You have to align your thoughts with your pokemon in battle." Noted Brett.


Sunset was approaching. Brett sighed as he realized how much time had passed, Keith caught onto it too. He pulled his glasses off to clean them a little while the former scratched the back of his head.

"We should probably look into camping for the night." Suggested Keith, Brett nodded in agreement.

"I agree. After all, we just spent the entire day teaching a novice how to be any good at pokemon training."

Erica couldn't help but feel a little angry at Brett's classification of her. But what she was really thinking about was how camping in the woods would be scary. Though she had to agree with the choice as they were too far away to make it back to Aquacorde town. It would be far too dark by then to even navigate through the woods.

"Sleep in the middle of the woods? Aren't you guys scared of Ursaring or Beedrill, or Haunters?" Asked Erica nervously.

"Don't worry, only friendly pokemon like Caterpie and Pikachu are here and active at night." Laughed Brett.

Suddenly a Fletching appeared above the ground. It flew down and landed on Erica's head. It had a small note attached on its left leg. Erica took off the note and read it.

'Oh Erica, I'm so proud of you. You made it one day without getting hurt or even getting worried. That is enough to tell me that you can accomplish great things on your journey. Phoenix, our Fletching wants to join you on your adventure. I wish you good luck and I will always be rooting for you from home.' Erica really appreciated her mother's support, but she was more excited about her new partner.

"Really Phoenix?" The Fletching nodded. Erica smiled greatly at this news, but she then noticed that her new pokemon's wing didn't exactly seem ok.

Unfortunately for Phoenix, her wing was a little bit out of place. It was probably attacked on its way to find Erica.

"Oh no. Don't worry Phoenix, we'll get you to the Pokémon Center." Said Erica with much worry.

"Wait, there isn't a center until the next town. You'd have to fight your way out." Noted Brett in a new and serious attitude.

"I don't care. This pokemon has been with me since I was little, I have to help her." Yelled Erica as she exchanged an equally serious, if not angry, look.

Erica had become really upset with this. Despite her concern for her pokemon, she was really upset with how Brett didn't seem that concerned.

"Let me see the pokemon." Said Brett in a stern voice. Erica didn't exactly trust him on this. But seeing as how she didn't seem too close to any pokemon center, she didn't have much of a choice.

The black-haired boy took a moment to examine it. He pressured two of his fingers to the left wing, causing the Fletching to cringe in pain.

Erica couldn't take this anymore, this pain hurt so much to see one of her few friends in such pain.

"No! Stop doing this!" Yelled Erica as she grabbed his arm in an attempt to stop him.

"Phoenix should be just fine now." Said Brett calmly.

Erica stopped and noticed that the little bird was alright, she fluttered up to the shoulder of her new trainer. Brett turned to Keith and they started to set up camp. Erica looked at the bird and back to them.

Later that night, after camp had been set up, the fire that had been set up was no more than a few bits of charcoal. Erica was still awake in her sleeping bag while her other two companions had fallen asleep. She turned to see them both and thought to herself about earlier.

'I guess you can't judge a book by its cover.'

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