Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 20

Lumiose city seemed so peaceful at this time of day. Because it was about the time of dusk, the city looked beautiful with a sunset. Two fire flying type pokemon were soon seen flying in to land next to the pokemon center in the middle of the vast city.

The pokemon were a Talonflame and a Charizard. Erica and Keith were riding on the backs of these pokemon. They shared a look of absolute determination for an upcoming battle. Once they got down to the ground, Erica noticed that nobody seemed bothered by the current status of Team Flare.

'I guess that they didn't take the message seriously. That or the message was only sent to Team Flare and those that Lysandre saw as worthy competitors.' Thought the blond, her time around Keith really had change her as she now thought like he did.

Speaking of whom, he broke her out of her thoughts with a tap on the head.

"You're sure that that café is the place that we need to go to?" Asked Keith as he pointed towards the red café. In response to the question, Erica nodded confidently.

"I'm positive, Lysandre owns that café. It would make sense that he would store his lab in there." She had no doubt in her mind about it. Keith nodded and started towards the building when Erica grabbed his hand.

Erica was looking to the side with a little shame, she felt bad that she didn't tell Keith or Brett about meeting with Lysandre when they were here before. The very least that she felt she could do was say that she was sorry.

"Is something wrong?" Asked Keith, he let go of her hand to face her. The blond could feel a lot of guilt, but she had to get this off her chest. That way, even if they did fail to stop Lysandre and Team Flare, she could make some amends.

"I wanted to say that I'm sorry for not telling you about meeting with Lysandre from before." She breathed in as she got that painful feeling out of her.

The brown haired champion held his friends hand in reassurance. He offered her a kind smile that helped ease her pain even more. She could read his thoughts from his facial expression, Keith was telling Erica that true friends forgive each other. His face then returned to that of a serious expression.

"Are you ready?" Erica nodded confidently.

"Yeah, lets do this." She reached into her pocket and held onto the gem that she found in Shalour city.

'Please, watch over us Brett.' Pleaded Erica in her thoughts as she rubbed the stone with her thumb.

They landed in the center of the giant city. Keith retrieved his pokemon and began looking for the enemy base.

They soon found the red cafe that Erica had been to earlier. They found that it was nearly empty, save for two employees. Erica soon noticed hwo Keith wasn't breathing as much. And she soon hearing a strange sound.

"I'm sorry, but we're closed right now. Please report back some other time." Said the Waitress. Keith took in the words she said, his face gave off the impression that he was thinking deeply. Erica was trying to see if she could figure out what he was thinking so deeply about.

"I would but, I'm not a member of Team Flare." Stated Keith with a smirk as he shocked both of the employees. The employee that he was talking to regained her composure.

"Um...excuse me?" Erica was starting to catch onto what Keith had noticed. She felt confident as well.

"You asked him to report back, didn't you?" Questioned Erica, her face was plastered with confidence at their position in the argument.

Now they had them. The waitress panicked and sent out a houndoom. Keith sent out Raichu as a retaliator.

The other waiter sent out a Mightyena to attack Erica. She caught eye of this and sent out her Gallade to counter.

"Mightyena attack with crunch." The dark hound lunged forward to rip apart the psychic-fighting type.

"Psyedge, block it with your arm." Psyedge placed his arm in the way of the attack. "Now use power up punch." Psyedge thrust his fist into the the stomach of his opponent.

The waiter grunted and retrieved his pokemon. Keith showed to have defeated his opponent. Keith then waalked over to the edfe of the room, where a cabinet was located. Tapping it a couple of times, Keith placed his ear next to it.

"Yeah, that sounds about right." Whispered the champion.

Reaching behind his belt, he pulled out his friend, chesnaught. The both pushed on the side to reveal that the cabinet was merely of disguise. Behind the disguise there was a set of stairs leading below ground level.

Walking down the flight of stairs, Keith couldn't help but notice that Erica was a little shaky. He figured that maybe it was the cold air that was getting to her.

"Are you ok?"

"I'll be fine. Its just that with all this riding on our shoulders, I feel a little tense." Answered Erica.

"Yeah, I've been in similar situations."

They soon reached the bottom of the stairs, and into the fabled Lysandre Labs. And waiting for them was Lysandre. He bore his usual cold, emotionless face.

"I see that you made it at last." Commented Lysandre, his welcoming was one that was almost condescending.

"I'm too angry for small talk." Growled Keith. Lysandre decided not to take that into account and continue with what he had to say.

"This world is soon to end. It is impossible to save all the lives. Only the chosen ones will be able to see a tomorrow. Let me see if both of you have that potential." Lysandre pulled out a pokeball.

The blond personally wanted to defeat this man for betraying her trust, but her friend stopped her. Keith pulled out his pokeball and readied himself for a battle, he turned to Erica with a very serious face.

"Go around and find any information that could be useful." Commanded Keith. Her expression showed that she didn't really want to go through with that.

"There are bound to be some people that you can knock down around here." The heroine wanted to defeat this man, but she knew that Keith would have better luck dealing with him.

She conceded and ran through the corridors till she came upon a spinner pad. Which of course, sent her spinning into Team Flare forces.

Lysandre started the battle off by sending out his Mienfoo. Keith chose to send out his Florges, immediately utilizing type advantage.

"Lysandre answer me this, why is it that you are fine with taking away the lives of so many innocent people?" The champion was giving his opponent one last chance with an explanation. But it seemed that it wasn't going to work.

"I doubt that could truly understand. Mienfoo, use force palm." The fighting type jumped forward to attack.

"Use light screen." Keith was clever enough to know that this man might go after Erica afterwards. So the glasses wearing champion decided to buy her some time.

As Erica was being spun along the spinner tiles she suddenly found herself infront of a green warp pad. She stepped onto it to find herself in a new room. And she ran into an old enemy of hers.

"Well, if it isn't that annoying little trainer." Erica turned arond to see the orange haired scientist from the Kalos power plant, Aliana.

"I remember you all to well." Grunted Erica. She could feel a sense of fear in her heart, there was nobody or any special luck to get her out of this battle.

"Lets see if you can pull out another miracle." She sent out a Mightyena. The teenager felt fear and regret going into this battle, but she had no choice to fight back. Her pokemon would be more than glad to help her, and Laxus would be the first.

"Use taunt." The dark hound taunted the electric giraffe. So now it could only attack.

"We'll work through it, Laxus use power gem." The power rocks levitated and launched towards the dark hound.

"Like that'll be enough, Mighteyena use crunch." Mighteyena launched itself at its opponent to bite down with great force. An idea clicked in Erica's head as she took in the range of the two pokemon.

"Laxus, use discharge!" The Ampharos released a large amount of electricity from his body onto his point-blank target. Knocking it out in the process.

"I see that you've gotten better since the last battle." She recalled her defeated pokemon and sent out the next choice, Druddigon. A dragon that was covered from head to two in spikes.

Erica recalled her pokemon too, and sent out Dragulong. She knew that his dragon typing would leave him open for super-effective attacks, but so would Druddigon's.

"Dragon claw."

"Sludge bomb."

The two dragon attacks were able to hit the targets accurately. Both the spiky dragon and the seaweed dragon were left damaged by the attacks. But the Druddigon was left poisoned by Dragulong's poison point.

"Crap, Druddigon use revenge." The dragon gained an angry face and smacked down the dragalge.

"And hydro pump." The dragon poison type launched a geyser of water that swiftly defeated the angry dragon. And cooled him off too (am I right?).

Aliana reluctantly returned her pokemon. She reluctantly moved out of the way to let Erica pass through.

"If you think that you've go the strength to win, then prove it. But you'll never defeat Lysandre-sama." As Erica walked past Aliana she noticed that her visor was once again beeping.

By this point, Erica had come to the conclusion that those visors had some kind of effect on the scientists. She decided to pluck the answer out of Aliana.

"What can you tell me about that visor you're wearing?"

"It was a gift from Lysandre-sama for my position." She seemed a little infatuated about her boss.

While Erica was focused on that, she didn't realize that she had conquered what she was scared of and defeated one of the scientists. This newfound confidence and bravery would prove very useful later down the road.

Back at the battle between Keith and Lysandre was, at the moment, turning into a stalemate.

"I believe that it is about time that your light screen wears off." And just as he said it, the layer of protection was lifted from the fairy type.

"It doesn't matter, hit em' with a moon blast." Florges launched a blast that shined like the moon. The Mienfoo pushed hard against the blast, but fainted. Lysandre recalled his pokemon and sent out his next choice, Pyroar. It was a lion with a mane in the shape of flaring flame.

"I can bet that I'm not the only one trying to stop you right now." Threatened Keith as he exchanged Florges for Barbaracle.

"That is where you're wrong, only the members of Team Flare and Sycamore's pupils had received that message."

Keith paled at hearing that, only the ones who possessed a pokedex could fight back against Team Flare. And one of them was out of commission. However, Keith refused to give up.

Erica continued through the maze of teleportation and spinners. She came upon a room. Walking into it, she expected to run into more of Team Flare. However, she ran into the masked people.

"Hey, have you seen a tall guy around here? Like 9-foot tall?" Asked the blond masked boy. The protagonist scratched her head in search for an answer.

"No I haven't." Answered Erica, she remembered the mysterious man that she ran into at the Kalos desert that fit that description. But that man wasn't here at all.

"Well, there are a good bit of Team Flare grunts here. You'll need these Erica." The red masked girl handed Erica a good bit of pokemon medicine.

Some max revives and full restores, this would be really helpful down the line. The heroine was about to thank them when she noticed an important fact.

"Thank you, but how did you know my name?" Asked Erica and the masked people started to sweat.

"Uh...well...you just look like an Erica." Explained the girl as both of them left. She watched them leave as she noticed that there was a resemblance between them and Sycamores assistants.

Erica left quickly after to look for more of Team Flare to knock down, and more information to gain. She had to run through the spin tile maze till she found another room to enter. And in it, she found the scientists that she met from the Pokeball Factory. Though they didn't seem to recognize her.

"I've seen this kid somewhere before, Celosia." Said the green haired scientist.

"So who is she, Byrony?" Asked the purple haired scientist.

"I have not the faintest idea. But lets defeat her anyway."

"I like the sound of that, I'll go first." Said Celosia as she stepped up to bat.

Erica sent out Venus, and Celosia sent out Manetric to fight back. Erica knew that these two were strong, so she wasted no time.

"I don't have time for this." Grunted the blond as she activated her mega ring, which started up the mega evolution. Both of the visors of the scientists started to flash at the sight of the Mega Venusaur.

"So that is the mega evolution that the boss is so fond of. Manetric, use flamethrower." The electric hound blew forth fire that impacted the grass type.

Venus was still standing even after that hit because of the ability of thick fat. Celosia was surprised by this, but Erica took this chance.

"Venus, use double edge." Venus tackled against the Manetric with great force. The attack was strong but the Manetric still stood.

"Bite with your ice fang." The electric hound leapt forward and gave a frigid bite, but the grass dinosaur's ability held out for her. Erica took advantage of this opportunity to strike back.

"Use petal blizzard." Venus started to shake around before releasing a storm of flower petals that succeeded in defeating Manetric.

Celosia recalled her pokemon and sent out her next pokemon the dark scorpion titan, Drapion. Erica withdrew her tired pokemon sent out Psyedge.

"Drapion use accepunssure." Drapion poked itself on the head to increase a random stat. Its attack rose as a result.

"Psyedge use sword dance."

"Night slash." The dark scorpion slashed down with its claw drenched in dark energy.

"Power-up punch." Psyedge punched the dark pokemon in the stomach. Both attacks seemed to do a fair amount of damage, so the trainers decided to spam this.

"Try it again."

"Do it again."

Both pokemon continued hitting and slashing at each other over and over again. Drapion was about to smack Psyedge one more time, but the Gallade delivered one more punch in the gut (yeah, just like in anime).

Both of the pokemon fell down. But because Erica had more pokemon to send out, she ending up winning.

"My turn." said Byrony as she sent out her first pokemon, Liepard. Erica sent out Phoenix.

"Use taunt." The panther taunted the fire bird so that she could only attack.

"Fine, use acrobatics." The fire bird flew at high speed to impact hard.

"Liepard use night slash." The panther attacked with the same attack as before. As it landed back, it came back with a burn.

"Thats the ability flame body. Now use aerial ace." The talonflame flew down and stuck down the Liepard. Status condition in combination with a STAB powered move granted Erica another step to victory.

Byrony put out a steel dark type, Bisharp. It was a pokemon made of steel with a sinister appearance.

"Bisharp, use dark pulse." Dark energy was circulated around the dark knight (who isn't Batman) and then released to phoenix.

The attack caused Phoenix to flinch, so she couldn't attack. Erica grunted but tried to keep her cool. "Phoenix, use flame charge." Fire encircled the fire type as she charged towards Bisharp, but ended up being knocked back by Bisharp's fist.

"Quick, flamethrower." The bird of fire spewed flames to defeat the steel type.

Byrony pulled back her last pokemon and conceded in defeat. "Looks like you've won."

"Tell me why team flare had done all of those things." Demanded Erica.

"Fine, we stole energy from the power plant to further power the ultimate weapon." Started Celosia.

"And the pokeballs we stole were to capture only the most important pokemon." Finished Byrony.

Erica was a little more than shocked to not have seen that earlier. It was even more surprising that Keith didn't notice it either. She then noticed that their visors seemed to stop blinking, she would really need to get that out of Lysandre.

Speaking of whom...

"I've beaten too many pessimists to just lose to you! Use razor shell!" Yelled Keith as his Barbaracle smashed its claw against the fire lion.

"Everyone meets their match." Noted the team flare leader as he retrieved his pokemon and sent out the small dark bird, Honchkrow.

"This battle is over, use stone edge." The sea-rock golem tore down the small bird with ease, knocking it out. Keith got lucky with a critical hit.

"It would seem that you are indeed one who is destined to succeed after all. One of the scientists has an elevator key, you'll need it if you really want to stop me." Said Lysandre as he took an elevator down.

Keith ran over and pressed the keypad to see if he could hack it, but to no avail at all. He looked around and ran in the direction that Erica ran to. Hopefully, she had some information that could help them.

Erica walked into the last room of the maze, and she ran into the last of the female scientists. She had defeated all the others, but the protagonist had never fought against this one.

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