Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 21

In the last chapter, Erica and Keith had begun the assault on Team Flare's headquarters, Lysandre Labs. Erica had proven herself as a seasoned trainer as she beat three of Team Flare's strongest in a row. Keith had also fought strong as he succeeded in defeating Lysandre.

Erica walked into this final room that showed to be nearly empty, except for one blue hair scientist. Erica remembered this person from the ice cavern the other day. If it wasn't for her, Brett would still be here with her.

Some voice in the back of her head was telling Erica that she should be stealthy, but she really wanted to defeat this person. In the end, Erica picked up a bolt and threw it at the Team Flare scientist. She turned around from the computer she was working with to see who hit her with a bolt.

"You remember me?" Asked Erica. At first the scientist scratched her head in confusion. Her visor started to blink and boop before she recalled who Erica was.

"Oh now I remember. You're one of those trainers from Frost Cavern." Proclaimed Maple.

The heroine felt a little happy that the enemy had remembered who she was, but now she was more concerned about those visors even more. Her small happiness and big intrigue were shoved away b a massive sense of anger and hatred.

"Do you remember my friend, the one who was injured?" Erica wanted to make this scientist go back on her actions.

"No, I don't seem to have any data from such a guy." Before the scientist answered that, her visor had beeped more than a couple of times.

"I'll defeat you for Brett." Growled the blonde protagonist.

"We'll see." She sent out a Houndoom. By now that had become a classic in the group of pokemon that Team Flare had chosen to use.

"Use flamethrower."

Erica sent out Jirai.

"Use you're water shuriken." The greninja threw out several water disks that doused the incoming flames and dealt some damage to the fire hound.

"Use torment." The flame hound use torment to stop Jirai from using water shuriken again.

"Fine, use smack down." Jirai launched a heavy rock towards houndoom and knocked the dark dog right in the muzzle. Houndoom stumbled a little before falling to the ground, knocked out.

"Oh, well aren't you the powerful one?" Commented the scientist as she sent out the dark ice trickster pokemon, Weavile. The blond ignored that comment, her heart was still burning with rage.

It didn't take long before Keith came into the room. He hadn't found any keys that could help him with the elevator, so he assumed that this room must have something. But his prediction didn't include seeing his friend battle one of the scientists.

"Weavile, jump in the air use ice beam."

"Jirai use smack down." The ninja frog threw a heavy rock that launched the Weavile down to the ground.

"Use water shuriken." Jirai finished off the ice weasel with an assault of water disks. The scientist had no choice but to concede into defeat.

"Well, you seem to be very strong don't you?"

"Use water shuriken." Commanded the blond teen. That command surprised everyone in the room, even Jirai was trying to make sure that he heard her right. The trainer quickly caught onto her partner's confusion.

"I know, just do it!" The ninja frog seemed to have no choice but to follow through and start attacking this person.

Maple ran to dodge the incoming water attack. Keith, who was also caught off guard by his friend's action, ran forward to stop Erica. He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her back, his face was painted with surprise and mild anger. But Erica's face was angry as well.

"Don't try to stop it Keith!" Threatened Erica.

"I'm gonna have to, why are you doing this!?" She broke free from his grip and started to glare at the scientist. Despite her anger, Erica was trying to hold back tears.

"It is because of her, if she hadn't done what she did, Brett wouldn't be dead."

Keith understood immediately what was going on with Erica now. Brett had become an older brother to her and she couldn't stand the loss. An explosion was triggered by Jirai's attack and launched Maple forward, knocking her out in the process. Erica started to inch forward, and Keith instantly knew the intent. He ran in front of Erica to stop her.

"Don't try to stop me Keith." He still did not budge the teenager's feelings started to become ambivalent, she wanted to take revenge but she didn't want to hurt another friend.

And then Jirai walked over to his trainer and reached into her pocket and pulled out her gem. He placed it into her right hand and placed her left hand over it. At first Erica didn't know what to make out of this whole procedure, but soon came together her own pokemon came over and placed his hand on her shoulder. Erica's confused face shifted to surprise.

Brett wouldn't come back through such a hateful method. Erica wasn't going to bring Brett back, instead she would become the kind of person that she had sworn to fight against. She wasn't going to benefit the world with this kind of intent.

The blond trainer collapsed into tears and her partner hugged her to give her consent. Keith walked over and placed his hand on her shoulder. She looked up to him with her teary gray eyes.

"I'm sorry Keith. I just miss him so much."

"I know, I miss him too." He helped his friend up and turned to the unconscious Flare scientist. Erica thanked her pokemon for helping her and returned him so he could get some rest. Keith walked back over with his friend with a card key to the elevator.

"I think this is what we need." He turned back to Maple.

"She should come to some time later." Erica nodded, she wouldn't be able to go on with this if she ended up as a murderer. As they left the room, the blond muttered an apology.

Returning to the elevator was no trouble for the duo. They took the elevator to get down to the second basement floor. Once they were there was Lysandre and a tall man. It was the tall man that Erica saw in the desert. Except the tall man was imprisoned behind electric bars made of dark plasma. He noticed Erica and Keith and started to speak to both of them.

"Listen ones who will fight Lysandre." Requested the man quietly. The heroes listened intently as this information could help them against Lysandre.

"A long time ago there was a man and his pokemon, the man loved this pokemon very much. A war soon broke loose. The man's pokemon took part in the war. Several years passed by and the man was given a tiny box."

Both of the trainers were saddened at hearing that, but they had already experienced that kind loss. They wanted to know what could help them in the fight.

"The man would do anything to bring his pokemon back. So he built a machine that could give life. And so he succeeded in reviving his lost friend. But he couldn't forgive the world that hurt his beloved friend. So he turned the machine into an ultimate weapon."

Erica's face suddenly became a little horrified. She knew exactly what anyone would build a weapon for. And she had almost become just like that man, a murderer.

"The little pokemon must've known that it now had its life from the lives of other pokemon. Riddled with sorrow, the pokemon left the man."

The two knew exactly what this man was trying to tell them. This ultimate weapon that he spoke of, Team Flare had it and was getting ready to unleash it onto the world. Just like some anime, the world was in peril. Only for Erica and Keith, this was life.

"You have to get the key back. Do you want to know unending sorrow like I have?" He gripped the left side of his shirt tightly.

"That is AZ he has the same name as the king that lived three thousand years ago. He had the key to the ultimate weapon strapped to his neck." Explained Lysandre in his cold, uncaring voice. He turned to walk back to the elevator and leave AZ imprisioned.

"Follow me to the deeper chambers." Ordered the fiery haired man.

Reluctantly, the two followed him to find a room that had many of the stones that looked like they were trapping many pokemon. Lysandre was discussing something with some scientist that looked like he had bleached skin. The scientist had two gloves but for some reason only wore the left one.

"The energy we extracted from the stones has nearly powered the ultimate ewapon start up, so we are just about ready to start." Proclaimed the scientist. He seemed very excited about it.

"I see, carry on then." Said Lysandre as he walked past Erica and Keith. He stopped once he was right past him.

"I believe that the chosen ones should be the one's who decide the future so I'll let you decided this world's fate." Said Lysandre to Erica and Keith as he left. But Erica wasn't just going to let him leave like that, she still had some questions to ask.

"Lysandre, just who are those scientist girls that you've been using?" The man stopped and turned to face Erica with a cold look, but she wasn't afraid of that look anymore as she fought back with her own. Lysandre had no choice to answer.

"They were abandoned by the ones the cared about. Left out because there was no more room for them." That answer was given with some reluctance.

The blond then felt some pity for those scientists, especially since she tried to kill one of them. She was about to ask the Team Flare boss about the visors, but he already left. It seemed that he didn't really like interacting with his enemies.

"Oh ho ho, so you two are the ones I've heard so much about." Said the scientist as he walked over, clapping his hands. Erica didn't really like the weird feeling that she was getting from this guy.

"I'd lke to examine you a little closer." The blond teenager's face blushed a little as she hoped that didn't mean what she thought it meant. Luckily he pulled out a pokeball, Keith responded in the same manner. He thought that his friend had done enough for now.

The scientist sent out a purple bat that has four wings and an angry face, Crobat. Keith sent out Charizard, was aiming to match Crobat's aerial speed with his own flying type.

"Crobat, use gunk shot." The bat pokemon welled up and then released a large chunk of ooze onto charizard.

"Charizard, use fire blast on the ground." The false dragon launched a giant ball of flame right beneath crobat. The effect of heat rising sent crobat hurling towards the ceiling.

"Now use flamethrower on crobat." Charizard released a stream of flames unto its unfortunate target.

Keith switched out his pokemon for his Raichu to finish the job. Crobat had quickly freed itself.

"Use x-scissor." The bat swooped down and slashed at the electric mouse with its four wings.

"Use nuzzle." Raichu rubbed up against the bat, causing major damage that had finished it.

"Hm, you're not that bad." The scientist retrieved his pokemon and sent out the reinforcer. The hypnotic squid pokemon, Malamar.

'With that shape, it is more than likely a water type.' Thought Keith. He was aiming to finish this as quickly as possible so he could stop Lysandre.

"Raichu, use thunderbolt." The pokemon followed its trainer's orders and launched an attack.

But it wasn't that effective on its target. That caught the brown haired champion off guard as he expected the pokemon to fall easily to electricity.

"What?" He quickly realized that the enemy pokemon wasn't a water type at all, it only had the appearance of one.

"Use dark pulse." Malamar built up energy and launched it onto the mouse. Keith recalled his pokemon and decided to bust out the big guns.

He sent out Charizard and skipped to mega evolution. This was no time to take it carefully, this was where they were controlling the weapon.

"So that is the mega evolution."

"Charizard use dragon claws." Charizard launched forward and struck down with great force.

"Malamar use psychic." Malamar locked unto the target and released a mental storm unto it.

'What type is that?' Thought Erica she pulled out her pokedex to figure out its typing. Apparently the squid was a dark psychic, that typing was uncommon.

"Charizard, use fire blast." Charizard used an attack of great power that defeated the strange pokemon.

"Well done, and since the boss has declared you to be a chosen one, you should be the one to decide whether or not the weapon should be activated." Declared the scientist as he pointed to Erica with his gloveless hand.

"Me?" She looked behind the scientist to notice that there were two buttons. An orange one and a blue one.

Erica walked forward reluctantly, the anxiety was really getting on her. She kept looking back and forth between the two buttons, she turned around to Keith for help.

"Can you take it apart?" Keith ran forward to give a hand, he knelt down to get a closer look at it.

"Let me have a look at it then-"

"10 seconds left." Said the scientist he wasn't about to let these two people get in the way of scientific results.

9. Orange?

8. Blue?

7. Orange?

6. Blue?

5. Which one could it be?

4. Was this really happening.

3. Erica was starting to panic.

2. What should she do?



...Erica pushed the blue button.

"Well? Did that do it?" Asked Keith, turning to face the scientist.

"Hmmm...yes it deactivated the weapon."

Erica and Keith sighed and were ready to get the heck out of this crazy place to find Lysandre before he got too far away. But apparently, this was far from over.

"But I'll activate it anyways."


"Sorry, but I'd really like to see the results of my research." He pulled out a remote and pushed the big red button (hint hint, it's always the red button).

On the monitor, an image of Geosenge town was being shown. The three rocks in the center of town started to rumble before they receded into the ground.

A giant crystalline claw penetrated the surface and rose up from the ground. It rose above the ground and started to open up like a flower, revealing the red core. It then fell to the ground and layed there unactively.

"Hahaha, it is done, the poisonous flower has bloomed and all of the world shall fall to its knees." Laughed the scientist.

Erica and Keith quickly rushed out of the building to run to Geosenge town. Both trainers released their pokemon to get there faster.

In Geosenge town, a trainer flew in on his pokemon. Landing near the pokemon center, he dismounted from his oddly shaped dragon pokemon. And he noticed a good bit of Team Flare.

"We'd better warm up." He reached forward and cracked his hands.

A few minutes later, Phoenix and Charizard flew in the skies that were close to Geosenge town. Keith and Erica tried their very best to keep calm, despite the risks.

"There it is." Said Erica, pointing to Geosenge town.

As they descneded onto the ground, they noticed that an awful lot of team flare grunts were around, but they were knocked out. And there was a trainer there, he had a black dragon type pokemon perched on his shoulder.

Keith and Erica dismounted from their pokemon and walked over to the trainer. The blond felt it would be right to thank this guy. Keith was about to ask him who he was, but the trainer turned around to reveal himself.


"Yeah, its me." And it really was Brett. He looked a little different however, his right forearm was bandaged up and he had several bandages over his forehead.

Erica and Keith just stood their, both of them had their jaws agape. Even though she was greatly surprised, Erica fought back tears in her eyes. The brown haired champion felt stupid that he could ever think of his rival dying, but he felt it necessary to ask how.

"But how did you survive?" Brett laughed and scratched the back of his head.

"When I fell through the collapsing cavern, I landed on a stream of water that carried me over to another city. I'm sorry that I didn't contact you guys." Apologized Brett.

Erica ran forward and hugged him, crying into his shirt in the process. "It doesn't matter, we're just glad that you're alive."

Keith smiled that his friend was still alive. He then reached into his pocket to pull out the gem necklace.

"I think that you forgot this." Said Keith as he handed Brett the stone.

"Thanks, I still want to give this back to her." Said Brett as he took the necklace and put it back on.

Erica released her grip, but her eyes still had tears in her eyes. The blond heroine looked at both of her companions, she wouldn't be alone is this final fight.

"Lets finish this." Said Erica, the black haired champion nodded and pointed in a certain direction.

They ran in the direction that Brett was pointing to. Once they got to the end of the trail, the giant rock that Brett tried to destroy earlier was there. Only this time, it was revealed to be a secret elevator. Our heroes entered into it, descending to the control room below.

This would be all or nothing.

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