Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 22

In the last chapter, Erica and Keith made progress in their assault on Team Flare. And Brett had come back to rejoin his companions in their battle against the enemy. The ultimate weapon was active again and the clock is ticking, how will this battle fold out?

As the elevator descended, Erica was feeling tense. Brett sensed his friend's nervousness, he patted her on the head to calm her. The blond teenager couldn't help but smile, she missed this feeling. After her friend stopped rubbing her head, an important question popped up in her head.

"Hey guys, how are they powering that weapon?" Keith cupped his chin to think about it.

"You remember those stones back in the labs?" The blond teen nodded. "Well it's more than likely that there are more stones nearby that they are using." Erica then remembered that the nearby route had a lot of giant stones, that must've been where the power was coming from.

Running out of the elevator, our heroes encountered Lysandre in a lab room. Many scientists were also there, each of them were working on individual terminals. The boss was looking outside a glass window that showed some wires, presumably they were connected to the weapon and its core.

"I apologize that Xerosic activated the weapon onto you anyways." Apologized Lysandre, he didn't face the people who had come to challenge him.

"Regardless, everything you're doing here is wrong. Just wrong." Stated Erica.

"There are many innocent people that you're about to kill." Said Keith.

"What gives you the right to chose their fate?" Asked Brett. The Flare boss turned around to face them, his face was painted with determination.

"This world may have people who try to make things right, but it is still filled with those who try to take everything for themselves. What about the mega rings?" He pointed to the one attached to Erica.

"What about them?" She held onto her ring as if it was about to be taken from her.

"What would you've done if there was only one?" Asked Lysandre, the heroes didn't respond as they knew their answer probably wouldn't have been right.

"It is times like that when there are simply too many, and scarcity takes a blow to everyone. I tried to make the world better from my place as a business man, but it came to no avail." The blond knew what he was talking about, even going so far as to help those who had been abandoned like the scientists. But she wasn't deterred from her logic as she still knew it was wrong.

"And what about the pokemon, didn't they help you to get here?" Demanded the heroine. She knew that Lysandre was willing to kill the people who helped him get here, but she could at least see his opinion on the pokemon.

Silence overtook for several seconds, nobody dared to say anyhting. Then the sound of water hitting the floor dominated the room. Lysandre was crying. That caught our heroes off guard.


"Pokemon are truly wonderful beings, they can help people reach heights that were unimaginable. But the future and that help will be stolen by those who only take."

The orange haired adult looked into the palm of his hand. Lysandre quickly wiped away his tears and pulled out a pokeball. He was not about to let them get in his way. This time Brett stood up to bat.

"I'll take care of him, you guys just go ahead." Commanded Brett.

The brown haired teen trusted his friend enough to let him go, but the blond was a little reluctant. She was afraid of losing him again. But there was so much at stake here. In the end, all she could do was hope that he wouldn't die.

Erica and Keith took his word on it and moved forward towards the power source of the ultimate weapon. As Brett was about to battle against Lysandre, the scientists clear from the room.

Lysandre sent out a white and purple weasel pokemon with sleeve-like arms, Mienshao. Brett sent out Tyco as a combatant, he was betting on power.

"Use power up punch." The fighting type punched Tyco in the gut, knocking him into the air.

"Water pulse." The blastoise took advantage of his aerial position and launched a water attack with better accuracy.

Erica and Keith ran down the corridors as fast as they could. Along the way, they had to battle Team Flare admins here and there. After about three admins defeated the blond had to take some time to heal her pokemon, she then realized just how strong she had become. Keith was keeping guard while Erica was healing up her partners, he spotted something approaching them.

The glasses wearing champion burst out to catch the stalker, but he didn't expect it to be Erica's friend.

"Stop Keith it's just me, Shauna." Said the young girl as she struggled to get out of Keith's vice grip. He let her go, and she fell to the ground. The blond walked over and helped her friend up.

"What are you doing here?" Asked Erica. Shauna held out her holocaster in response.

"I got the message from Lysandre. Tierno and Trevor also got the message, their trying to free some of the pokemon that are trapped in the stones." Explained the petite girl quickly.

Keith was a little surprised at that, he knew that all the pokedex holders had received the message. However, he didn't expect for somebody like Shauna to come. Erica was happy that her friend was willing to come help her friend out, but she need her to be safe.

"You came here to make sure that we'd be ok?" Shauna nodded a little reluctantly. "Thank you, but we can handle this on our own." Erica and Keith were about to continue, but the petite trainer grabbed her friend's hand. The blond turned to face her friend for an answer.

"Well, I've been thinking lately. Friends should stick together." Explained Shauna as her friend's face suddenly became happy and cheerful. The heroine sighed, she was friends with some very strange people.

"Alright then, lets go forward!" Proclaimed Erica loudly.

In the upper control center, Lysandre withdrew his pokemon and readied to send out a different one to stop Brett. The water flying leviathan, Gyarados.

"Time is running out, I'm counting on you to finish the job, Gyarados." The raging pokemon nodded, understanding his trainer's commands. The hot blooded trainer decided to give his kanto starter a rest.

"Tyco, you've done a good job." Said Brett as he reclaimed his pokemon and sent out Artic.

"Use hydro pump." The leviathan shot out a high pressure stream that dealt serious damage to the ice-rock type. But Artic stood it through, he wasn't about to give up. Brett smirked as his pokemon reflected his personality.

"Now use avalanche." Ice energy collapsed onto the Gyarados, but that wasn't enough to stop it. The black haired protagonist cursed his luck as Lysandre too advantage of this moment.

His pokemon understood without words and rammed itself into the Aurorus. Artic was pushed back quiet a bit before he started to fall.

"Alright Artic, come back." Brett recalled his fainting partner and sent out Athrun, who had evolved. Now he was a giant sword that went through a shield. He had evolved into an Aegislash.

"Gyarados, use fire fang." The raging pokemon lunged forward with its burning fangs to pierce the ghost steel type. Brett quickly countered with a new strategy.

"Use king's shield." Athrun generated energy from his shield that blocked the attack, and Gyarados's attack stat became weaker. Lysandre was caught off guard, he hadn't seen a move like this before.


"Now use iron head." Athrun jumped out of his shield and slammed against the leviathan, hard.

Lysandre gritted his teeth in frustration at his defeat once again. He recalled his pokemon and walked up to Brett.

Back to Erica and Keith, who had just approached a door. It seemed that it needed a password.

"Alright Keith, wow us with your use of technology." Commanded Erica. Although he didn't like being treated by a lackey by his friend, the glasses wearing teen walked up to the panel and attempted to hack it.

"I can't open it, the system is controlled from somewhere else." Panicked Keith.

"Nani!?" Broken out of her confidence, the protagonist tried to think of a solution.

"I've got it!" Proclaimed Shauna. She pulled out a device that was too hard to describe in words (seriously I tried to describe it several times in the rough draft, it's just too complex).

"What is that?" Asked Erica, she and Keith were very curious as to where it came from.

"Its a device that solves puzzles for you. Clemont gave it to me, and even though this isn't a puzzle it might still work." She walked up to the key board.

The device latched itself onto the keyboard and began to hack it. The keyboard gave an affirming beep, and the door opened.

The three walked into the room to find the core component of the ultimate weapon. Orange cables from above were connected to a giant cylinder. And on the cylinder stood two pedestals. On one of the pedestals, a white tree stood with an X mark on it. On the other pedestal sat a black egg.

The only problem was that the control was guarded by many Team Flare admins.

"Oh no! Not again!" Shauna ran out the way they came.

"Shauna!" Yelled Erica as several of the admins chased after her.

"Erica go and protect Shauna." Commanded Keith.

"But what about you?" Asked the female trainer worryingly.

"I'll be fine." He tried his best to give a reassuring look of confidence, but even Keith was a little nervous.

Erica looked back and forth for a few seconds. Keith was a champion and all, but he had worn himself out too much. But Shauna was an important friend to her. In the end, she conceded and trusted in her friend along with his pokemon.

"Fine, but you better not die." Said Erica as she ran to help her friend.

Back up to the where Brett was, Lysandre approached him silently. The black-haired protagonist didn't make any attempt to fight back against him.

"Why do you try so hard knowing that all of this is going to make things better?" Asked Lysandre. Brett looked down to the side to muster up some answer.

"I don't truly know what tomorrow holds, all I know is that we can all try to make it better and learn from our mistakes." Proclaimed Brett. He held onto his bandaged arm, he was a hypocrite to talk about learning from mistakes.

Brett walked up to the glass window and looked down it, he could see the core from up in the lab. The Flare head saw this and decided to put Brett's hopes down.

"You won't make their in time anyways." Said Lysandre, his opponent just laughed in response.

"C'mon, one of your lackeys must've told you that I was reckless." Lysandre looked back just in time to see Brett smirk. He was about to reach forward to stop him-

But Brett jumped through the glass, and fell a couple of stories.

Below in the core chamber Keith defeated the last Team Flare admin that stood in his path.

"This isn't good. Gather reinforcements!" Yelled the admin as he and the others left. The brown haired champion looked back at the group thinking that they were the reinforcements.

With them gone, Keith walked up to the machine core. He looked up at the tree and egg with analytical eyes.

"Could those be what I think that they are?"

"Yep, they sure are." Keith looked up to see Brett glide down on his sound dragon, Noivern.

"Good job Sonic." Said Brett as he retrieved his pokemon.

"So that is what they needed the masterballs for?" Questioned the black haired champion, the brown haired nodded.

"Yeah, but they failed at that thanks to you and Erica." He took off his glasses and polished them a little. Brett decided to take off his forehead bandage.

"I should point out at this moment that Chesnaught can't battle right now."

"The same goes for Artic."

The two champions looked back at the tree and egg. They then looked back at each other and nodded. This wasn't going to be an easy battle.

"I'll take the tree." Proclaimed Keith.

"Then I've got the egg." Answered Brett.

They walked up to opposite sides of the machines and found that there were a button and a lever on each side. Pulling down the lever, and pressing the button in sync caused the cords to stop absorbing energy.

Tremors shook violently, even more than when the weapon began to activate. Brett and Keith stepped back to prepare themselves for this upcoming battle.

Blue energy swirled around the tree, picking up speed as time passed. Red enrgy swirld around the egg, increasing its speed with each passing second.

The tree shook violently, it was if it was alive. The egg thrashed around, it was as if it was waking up.

Blinding lights began to shine from both of the mysterious objects.

The tree had transformed into a giant blue stag, with golden horns that released rainbows. The legendary X pokemon of birth, Xerneas.

The egg had transformed into a massive red wyvern, with streaks of black all over that displayed a darkening shade. The legendary Y pokemon of death, Yveltal.

Both legends released ear piercing cries and leapt down from their positions to confront the trainers that had awoken them. Despite the display of unbelievable power, Brett and Keith stood their ground.

"Lets do this."

"Too much is at stake to lose."

Erica had defeated the last Team Flare admin that was chasing Shauna. Walking over to her friend, the teenager wanted to make sure that Shauna was ok with being in this place. But suddenly, massive tremors began to shake the area.

"What was that?" Questioned Shauna.

"I'm pretty sure that it was a battle involving both Keith and Brett." Answered Erica, she well enough knew the kind of battles that those two got into.

Shauna looked back and forth from the entrance and the exit.


"You can go if you want to, Shauna." Said Erica, giving Shauna a face of surprise.

"Some people are just better at some things than others." She turned around to face her friend. "Brett and Keith are both super strong, but I want to help them out with my strength as much as I can." She gave a friendly smile of reassurance.

Erica started to walk off to the core chamber, but Shauna stopped her for a second.

"Pinky promise me that you'll all come back." The blond gave a happy sigh, and hooked her pinky with her friend's.

In the core chamber, two epic battles were taking place.

Brett swirled around the chamber as his Noivern carried him they were being chased by Yveltal.

"Use dragon pulse." Sonic blasted out a purple beam at the dark flying type.

Yveltal took the hit but chased after them and responded by using dark pulse in mid air.

Keith stood his ground against Xerneas. He had Raichu as his battle partner.

"Use wild charge." Raichu charged forth to attack the legendary fairy. And the impact left it with paralysis.

Xerneas stood tall and readied for the next attack. Its horns glowed and converged and shot towards Raichu. That moonblast was strong enough to knock out the electric mouse.

"Take a good rest." He retrieved Raichu. And sent out Doublade, hoping that the steel type could be a good shield.

Brett was forced to a crash landing due to retrieving his pokemon in midair. He sent out Athrun in return.

"Ok buddy, lets do this." Brett looked up and noticed that Yveltal was charging energy from its wings and tail.

Keith was ready to attack with type advantage, but he looked up and noticed that the eyes of Xerneas were glowing with the shape of an 'X'.

"Athrun use sacred sword." Athrun lunged forward to slash Yveltal.

"Doublade, use iron head." The twin swords raced to impact Xerneas.

Both the legendaries used their special attack to counter against the oncoming barrages.

Circles of light gathered around Xerneas and flashed brilliantly, Geomancy.

Yveltal shot a giant beam at Athrun that nearly destroyed the sword, Oblivion Wing.

Xerneas charged forward and used mega horn to knock out Keith's Doublade.

"No way."

"Such power."

Erica continued running down the corridors to catch up with her friends. As she got closer, she could her the sounds of an epic battle getting closer.

Brett stood his ground with Kyu by his side.

"Use mystical fire." The fire fox pulled out a stick and began to wave it to burn the enemy.

Yveltal endured the blast and it eyes were shining for a second. It then released a dark pulse to knock out Kyu. Brett gritted his teeth and retrieved his pokemon. And sent out both Laxer and Tyco.

Keith remained against the blue legend with his Barbaracle at his side. "Use stone edge."

Barbaracle smashed its claw into the ground which caused the ground around Xerneas to split up. But the stag stood its ground and used a powerful moonblast to knock out Barbaracle.

"Crap." Keith recalled his fainted partner and called upon both Charizard and Florges.

Erica ran right into the room, just in time to witness Brett and Keith against the legendaries. She was awestruck at the sight of such legendary pokemon. But she became even more surprised when she realized that her companions weren't doing so well.

"They're losing." Whispered Erica.

She couldn't help but feel drained of energy. If Brett and Keith couldn't beat these enemies, practically nothing could. At that time, Erica reflected on her entire adventure with Brett and Keith.

'I almost beat you too.'

'You want to battle me?'

'Don't worry.'

'We're going to the laboratory.'

'My real name's not Brett.'

'You're wearing boots now?'

'We don't want to say goodbye.'

Those thoughts started to bounce around in her head. People become strong together, Erica had become strong because Brett and Keith had helped her to become such. Maybe she could return the favor. The blond protagonist silently stood up.

"You just can't lose here or now!"

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