Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 23

"You just can't lose here or now!"

Erica's demand echoed throughout the entire chamber. Brett and Keith just stood still, caught off guard by her outburst. It seemed that even Xerneas and Yveltal were surprised by it, they both halted from their onslaughts.

Brett began to laugh, Keith gave a happy smile. The blond was just left with an extremely surprised face in response. The way that they were acting, it reminded her of when they agreed to travel with her.

The hot blooded champion stood up with his casual smirk. "I don't plan on it. This guy isn't going to push me over."

The analytical champion took his glasses off, becoming more serious. "I've already found the weakness in his strategy."

Erica stood there with her surprised face still, it then changed into a trusting smile. "Thats what I thought."

Both Brett and Keith activated their mega rings so that their pokemon could become even stronger. The mega evolved classic pokemon gave off fierce glares towards their opponents

"Tyco use water pulse."

"Charizard, use flamthrower."

The Blastoise shot several rings of water energy to throw off the flight pattern of Yveltal. The Charizard shot a blue jet stream of flames downward in an attempt to weaken Xerneas's stance.

The eyes of the legendary pokemon started to shine in response to these attacks. Yveltal used disable to prevent Tyco from firing anymore water pulses. Xerneas created a gravity well around itself to bring Charizard into attacking distance.

Yveltal charged up energy in its wings and tails to attack with oblivion wing. Xerneas also charged up energy in its horns for geomancy. The champions caught onto this and decided to make use of type advantage.

"Tyco, ice beam!"

"Charizard use steel wing!"

Both of the super powered pokemon charged forth and attacked, taking advantage of the enemies' weaknesses. Both of the challengers took advantage of this opportunity. Brett pulled out an ultra ball, and Keith whipped out a dusk ball. With pokeballs in hand, our heroes launched them towards their targets.

Xerneas and Yveltal were sucked into the baseball sized devices and fell to the ground. Erica was watching from the side lines and could feel some bit of relief. But it didn't last long as both pokeballs exploded and the two legends burst from their capsules.

But despite the time lag, the two legends still stood and carried out their attacks. Yveltal's beam rained down to strike Tyco, and Xerneas recharged its energy so it could attack Charizard with moonblast. All three trainers panicked, but the two that were in the battle quickly used back up strategies.


"Now Florges!"

Laxer jumped in the way of the beam, and Florges took the hit from the fairy blast. Because Laxer had high defense and hp, oblivion wing didn't do enough damage. And because Florges was a fairy type, the moon blast wasn't as strong it could only deal half damage.

"Now use heavy slam!"

"Cast light screen!"

Laxer slammed into the wyvern, utilizing his weight as a weapon. And Florges used light screen to lower the effectiveness of the stag's attacks. Erica was still confused as to how the pokemon could break free from the pokeballs, they would need something stronger than just off the counter pokeballs. Then it hit her, those special pokeballs that she got from the factory.

She immediately pulled them out of her bag to analyze them. In her analysis she discovered that each of them had an 'M' on each of them. Unfortunately, she had no idea what it stood for. They were special pokeballs that you just couldn't just buy at the market so they must've been special in some way.

The blond looked up to notice that her friend's were getting the crap beaten out of them. Yveltal's dark pulse knocked back the Snorlax into its trainer, causing the wound on Brett's arm to reopen. Xerneas charged into Florges and scraped Keith's leg with said horn.

"Guys!" She began to panic, so she decided to hand them the pokeballs that she had. "Quickly, use these!"

Brett and Keith reacted quickly to catch the incoming master balls. The balck haired champion smirked a confident smile. The brown haired was shocked that his friend had two master balls. They soon got back up to win this fight.

"Ice beam."

"Steel claw."

The ice beam shot from Tyco's upper cannon and struck Yveltal right in the center, the red wyvern began to fall.

The claws of iron slashed Xerneas right on its head, the legendary stag tilted at the damage it received.


"Its over!"

Brett threw his master ball towards the falling wyvern, Keith launched the master ball at the weakened stag. The pokemon were, once again, sucked into the pokeballs that fell to the ground. All three of the trainers were still nervous, hoping that would do it.

Even though they were master balls, they still had a one-in-two hundred and fifty five chance of failing. If the pokeballs did fail, Team Flare would take the power of these legendaries and destroy the world. Luckily capture devices didn't explode at first.

One shake.

Two shakes.

Three shakes.

'Come on.'

'If there was one time.'

'Please do it.'


Congratulations to the heroes. Xerneas and Yveltal were caught.

Erica's face was silent at first then it morphed into a joyous smile, she jumped up and pumped her fist. Keith sighed and knelt down, exahausted. Brett fell backwards onto the ground, burnt out.

It didn't take long for the trainers to retrieve their partners and then get their wounds treated by their friend. After Erica treated their wounds, she walked over to the two pokeballs. Picking them up she could feel a sense of longing come from inside the master balls. She turned around to Brett and Keith.

"You know, I think that maybe they wanted to test you guys." Said Erica as she walked over to them. "Maybe they wanted to be able to understand humans and believe in them." She walked over and handed the pokeballs back. But this conflict was far from over.

"So that was the power of the legendary pokemon?"

Surprised, everyone turned their heads to the entrance where Lysandre was walking in. But he had some weird equipment on him. He wore a visor similar the ones worn by the scientists, some kind of bronze collar was on his right arm. And he had a backpack on him that had flying drones attached to it.

"That power is pathetic, it relies on the power of erroneous human beings."

"Lysandre? What is that?" Asked Erica, who was baffled by the new look. Despite his previous actions, the mob leader answered.

"Right now, I am being displayed data from your previous battles. The visors worn by the scientists were meant to record battle data." The blond heroine was left with a very bad feeling, she felt pathetic now. Every move that she had used before in her battles against Team Flare were now known to the boss.

"How pitiful though, the two champions have drained themselves of any energy they could possibly use to defeat me." Said Lysandre, indicating that neither Brett not Keith could battle anymore. Both of the injured trainers cursed their bad luck.

Unfortunately, he was right. All of the pokemon used by the foreign champions were in no condition to battle anymore. And neither champion was in any condition to fight back.

"I am going to take the two legendary pokemon back from the two of you." Lysandre walked forward slowly, as if his victory was already secured.

Erica could feel it again, that feeling of not being able to do anything, that helplessness. She felt it as a child, when she lost Brett, and it had returned to her again. But she wasn't without any power, she had her friends, and she had all of her pokemon partners that would stand and fall with her. Erica then walked in front of the ambitious leader. Her face was somewhere in between uneasiness and determination.

"Move out of my way." Demanded Lysandre, his cold glare could be seen through his visor.

"No, I'm not going to give into what you want." Retorted Erica, she gave off an intimidating look to combat Lysandre's. This brave action even surprised both Brett and Keith.

"What do you think you're doing?" Demanded Brett, who was struggling to get up.

Erica turned around to face her friends who were trying to get up. "You know, you two always do all the saving."

At that moment, she could feel her heart and mind welling up with confidence, Erica could feel that she had truly evolved with her pokemon. She gave her companions a confident and reassuring smile. She turned around to face the head of Team Flare.

"Well, I guess I'm sick of just cheering you guys on to win." Her eyes were now plastered with confidence and determination. "I guess that now I want to be the one who saves the day."

Erica pulled out one of her pokeballs to battle.

"Lets go. I, Erica Tamashii, am gonna defeat you!" Her pose was now that of the trainer who had no doubt in either her pokemon or herself.

"Very well, I will be using the power of mega evolution." Said Lysandre as he showed a ring he was wearing that had the ancient symbol for mega evolution.

Erica tossed her first choice for this final bout, Venus. Lysandre sent out his Mienshao. It was speed versus defense.

"Use leech seed."

"Karate chop." The grass dinosaur launched seeds that implanted onto the fighter. But it attacked with a great force, the heroine had to recall her friend to save her health.

"Crap, return." Erica recalled her pokemon and reached for a second choice.

"Alright Phoenix, I'm counting on you." Her childhood avian friend came out for the battle.

"Why do you waste your time fighting for possibility?" Now Lysandre was going to use psychological warfare to see if Erica could keep true to her word. But like before, she wasn't about to be deterred from her goals.

"I don't know but it is something that I'm willing to fight for, use acrobatics."

"High jump kick."

The fighting mongoose became airborne and impacted with the Talonflame. Though it was knocked out, Mienshao left quite the impact.

Lysandre withdrew his pokemon and sent out his Honchkrow, the mob boss bird.

"How can you fight for something if you have no true reason to?" Possibility is easily killed by the desire to find single possibilities.

"Use dark pulse." His dark flying type unleashed a large attack that knocked off Erica's hat, sent it flying actually.

Erica recalled her pokemon to give it some rest. She reached behind to pull a different pokemon into the battle.

"I do have a reason to keep fighting. My friends and family haven't faded into possibilities." She launched her pokeball, releasing Laxus. The lighthouse pokemon came out with pumping fists and surging electricity, he was ready for this.

"Use cotton guard." Laxus expanded his fur coat to give him great defense.

"Torment." Honchkrow started to torment its opponent to prevent it from using cotton guard again. Now Laxus would have to attack.

"Damn it. Laxus use electro ball."

"Acrobatics." Through the use of a few quick turns, the dark-flying type was able to dodge the electric attack and deal damage to the Ampharos.

"No, use discharge-"

"Use acrobatics again!" Erica was caught off guard as Lysandre made a quick move.

Laxus and the honchkrow attacked each other. But because honckrow was faster and wasn't holding an item, Laxus's attack was weaker and didn't defeat the enemy.

"Finish it with dark pulse." Honchkrow deployed another energy pulse that defeated the Ampharos.

"Laxus!" Erica recalled her poorly defeated pokemon.

"Do you see now? I greatly exceed you."

Erica grimaced at that insult, but she wasn't about to give in to what Lysandre would have to say. She pulled yet another pokeball.

"Maybe you are. But I've been taught not to give up!" She threw out her Dragalge.

"Dragulong, use hydro pump." She wasted no time as her dragon poison type defeated the last of energy left in Honchkrow, sending the bird to the ground.

"You see? You're never supposed to give up!"

"I used to believe in words like that, but then I saw how disgusting man can be." He sent out the fire lion, Pyroar.

"Use roar." Pyroar let loose a booming noise that sent Dragulong back into his pokeball, and Psyedge popped out of his. He was very surprised that he was called out by something other than his trainer.

'Shall I fight Erica-sama?'

'Please do.' She nodded

"Use bite."

"Block it with your blade arm." The fire lion pounced onto psyedge and bit his sword arm, the valiant sword pokemon held his ground. "Now use psycho cut." Psedge's arm glowed and launched energy that knocked the fire lion off it.

"It seems that you've trained your pokemon effectively." He didn't want to, but Lysandre felt it necessary to complement his opponent. Probably to brighten her opinion of his actions.

"Well, I've had some great teachers along the way." Said Erica, putting a smile on her friend's faces.

"Regardless, you will lose this battle and I will unleash the weapon onto this world." he turned to his pokemon, awaiting orders.

"Use fire blast." The mane of the pokemon glowed brilliantly and it fired a giant kanji for fire at Psyedge.

"Use calm mind." Psyedge started to calm himself to boost his special attack and special defense. When the blast impacted him parts of the fire flew forward and hit near Erica, forcing her to shield herself.

The psychic-fighting type looked back at his trainer with a worried expression, only to met with a determined one. Erica was giving Pysedge the determination to keep pressing on.

"Charge in and defeat it with bite." The fire type charged forth.

"Use psycho cut again." The swordsmen charged on to take on the lion.

The two pokemon collided with each other. And while the attack seemed rather effective on both parts, both pokemon fainted. The force from both attacks knocked the two of them back.

Psyedge was knocked back into his trainer, with his psycho cutting arm meeting Erica's stomach. Luckily for her it was only a surface wound, but her pokemon didn't like it. The psychic pokemon tried to help mend the wound, but his trainer sent him back into the pokeball.

'Don't worry about me, just get some rest.' Spoke Erica through telepathy.

"My congratulations to you, I didn't think that you would make it this far." Said Lysandre as he pulled out his last pokeball. The blond struggled to get up, she knew that she would have to end this quickly.

Erica pulled out her pokeball and readied herself for this final bout.

Lysandre sent out his Gyarados that fought against Brett's Aegislash. Erica sent out her poison dragon, Dragulong.

"Were you hoping that you could poison my last choice to make the battle easier?" Asked Lysandre.

Erica grimaced as he saw right through her strategies. At this point she realized that he was taunting her it almost felt like he was taunting her ever since they met.

"Well, it won't matter." Lysandre pressed his ring and it started to glow, as did his Gyarados.

The leviathan burst out of the light, it now look more like a giant carp. But now its dorsal fins were larger and it had red scales along the side with a black and red belly. Gyarados had mega evolved, and it was a force to be reckoned with.

"Iron head." The mega evolved enemy charged forth and strongly impacted against the poison dragon type.

The power from that super boosted attack knocked out Dragulong.

"Dragulong!" Erica picked up her weakened pokemon despite her injury. He seemed disappointed that he couldn't defeat

"I'm counting on you." Whispered Erica into Jirai's pokeball.

Throwing out the pokeball, Erica attempted to take advantage of Jirai's speed. "Substitute!" Jirai replaced himself with a substitute to avoid damage.

"Iron head." The mega leviathan crashed itself into the fake.

"Now use smack down!" From afar Jirai launched a heavy rock onto gyarados. However the attack wasn't all that effective.

"Once again you tried to take advantage, only to fail. Gyarados is now a water-dark type." Revealed Lysandre. He had outsmarted Erica again and it made her angry.

"Damn it!"

"Use iron head." The leviathan instantly charged in and destroyed the fake. Erica was a little more than surprised by this, Jirai was now exposed. He was hiding on the upper wall.

"Thunder fang." Gyarados reared up and clamped down on the poor ninja. The raging pokemon thrashed about with Jirai in his mouth, he then launched the ninja into the femal teenager.

The blond heroine fell back against the floor with Jirai on top of her, the air was knocked out of her on impact. The starter pokemon tried to help Erica up. But she smiled and returned it to its pokeball.

"Thank you, but you've completely exhausted yourself." Said Erica as she got up.

Despite her efforts, both Keith and Brett were worried about her wound. The blond pulled out her last pokeball.

"We're gonna win, and give hope back to the world!" She launched Venus, her last pokemon.

Erica then reached her mega ring and activated it, forcing Venus to mega evolve.

"Use ice fang." Gyarados launched forward and attempted to take advantage of Venus's type. But the attack was nearly as effective because of Venus's thick fat ability.

"Counter with leech seed." Seeds were spread onto the enemy.

"Damn you, use iron head." Grunted Lysandre as his pokemon followed its orders.

"Venus take the hit." The venusaur took the hit and countered with body slam. The water-dark type was launched against the wall.

"You're only a fool, there is no such thing as an endless tomorrow! Use earthquake!"

"Yes there is, within people. Petal blizzard!" Suddenly Venus unleashed a great flurry of pink petals that surrounded and attacked the gyarados. The attack was successful in defeating the enemy.

...Congratulations, Trainer Erica Tamashii defeated Team Flare Lysandre. She breathed a sigh of relief and placed a hand on her racing heart before retrieving Venus.

"RAAAAHHHHH!" Lysandre took off is visor and threw it onto the ground, shattering it. He slumped over in defeat.

Erica recalled her pokemon and looked at Lysandre with longing eyes. Sure she was glad that she had won this battle, but she felt like she needed to help Lysandre see the right way.

"You know what? Even it there is only a little of something. It is best to share it." Erica's words shocked Lysandre.

"Whether it be food, power, or happiness, it is best to share it." She turned to Brett and Keith and gave a smile for approval. "Right?"


"Couldn't have said it any better."

It seemed that Lysandre wasn't buying into that though. He faced them with an angry face, his goals had been stopped by a few teenagers.

"That can't be true. If it was, wars wouldn't have ever prolonged and people wouldn't be left out due to scarcity." He clenched his fists and looked back down to the ground.

"That it just one of the mistakes that comes with the human spirit." Said Brett standing up.

"Even if our souls are shrouded with darkness, some kind of light is still clinging." Stated Keith as he attempted to stand up.

Silence overtook the entire room, perhaps Lysandre was starting to take in those words. Even though he had been her enemy a few minutes ago, Erica was silently hoping that she could become friends with this man rather than fight with him.

"It may only be a little, but the weapon has enough for one shot." All three of the protagonists were equally shocked. Sounds of power surging echoed throughout the chamber.

"Behold, I will grant you immortality!" The room started to shake, the weapon was reading to fire. Lysandre stood up with his right fist in the air.

Erica decided to give up on Lysandre, she quickly helped her friends up to get out. And they started to run out of the room. As they escaped, Erica gave one silent wish that the man riddled with sorrow could find hope in unity.

From outside, the ultimate weapon charged up its energy to fire. It floated up as its claws began to rise up. The one shot burst out and into the air and the claws fell back to the ground.

The energy blast launched int the sky, and fell back down to the town. The very blast landed onto the weapon that launched it, destroying it in the process.

In the interior of the base, Erica was trying frantically to escape. But she was being held back by the fact that she was trying to help two injured guys. She herself was injured and being slowed down by her own body. The entire base was collapsing in on itself. Brett and Keith barely had any consciousness, leaving Erica to search for an exit. But as she looked around she could find none, only the collapsing debris around them.

"Guys, I'm sorry."

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