Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 26

Even though she knew she was strong, Erica was still surprised at all the battle requests that she was getting today. Especially since they were from her professor and her friend. But she had to ask Shauna again to make sure that her hearing was right.


"I'd like a battle with you." Answered Shauna.

Erica was a little baffled by this. She had only battled with her friend on a few occasions, and won in all of them. She turned around to her companions for some advice on this, they both just shrugged their shoulders in response. So the only thing stopping her was if Shauna was definite in this decision.

"Are you sure?"

"Positive." Shauna seemed really confident in herself. "And if it is alright, I'd prefer if we did a three-on-three. I only have three pokemon with me." She rubbed the back of her head with a blush.

Erica was reluctant, but she caved in and pulled out her pokeball. They walked off of the bridge to make the battle easier for both of them. And Erica readied her pokeball. Throwing it, she sent out Venus. Shauna reached into her bag and sent it out her Delphox. The blond was caught off guard as she realized that her friend had the upper advantage.

'Crap, she's utilizing type advantage.'

"Kinnekins, use mystical fire." The psychic fox drew fire in the air with its stick and launched it. Venus took the hit but it left a bit of a sting because of fire beating grass.

Erica reached over to her mega ring, but she quickly stopped. Sure, her petite friend was strong, but would she really be able to compete with the power of a mega-evolved pokemon? Instead of that, the blond decided to retrieve her Venusaur.

"Venus, return." Erica returned her pokemon and sent out Jirai.

"Kinnekins, use light screen." The Delphox made use of its twin sticks and formed a strong barrier from which it would be able to slow down Jirai's attacks. Shauna had improved a bit more than Erica realized.

"Use double team." Jirai used the classical ninja technique of cloning.

"Now dark pulse." Jirai charged up the energy around itself and released it to towards the fox.

Delphox couldn't attack again because it flinched from the dark pulse attack, giving an opportunity for the ninja frog (that is in no relation to Dororo) to strike.

"Finish it with water shuriken!" Jirai launched his signature attack that defeated Delphox. A little reassurance spread throughout Erica at that victory, but she still couldn't help but wonder why Shauna didn't try to exchange her pokemon for some type advantage.

Shauna retrieved her defeated pokemon with a seemingly disappointed face, she then threw out her second pokemon, Sylveon. Keith flinched upon sight of the pokemon, even he was still a little unsure of the capabilities of the fairy type.

"Jirai, use your water shuriken." The ninja frog repeated its previous attack, but it wasn't as effective this time. The attack only hit a few times, and the general damage was weakened. Apparently the light screen was still active.

"You've gotten really good huh?" The petite girl nodded in response, happy that her strong friend recognized her bonds with pokemon.

"Use baby-doll eyes." The fairy pokemon used its adorable eyes as a distraction to lower attack.

"Jirai, repeat double team." The dark-water type attempted its previous tatic.

"Quick, use moonblast!" Sylveon launched a ball of magic energy that impacted hard against the stomach of the Greninja. He was knocked over the Cliffside, resulting in his trainer retrieving him before he hit the water.

"Oh, sorry about that." Apologized Shauna, her Sylveon also seemed a little sorry about that. But the blond teenager just shook her head in denial.

"Don't worry, we've been in worse fights." Confidence was beaming off of this trainer.

Keith was impressed in his friend's ability to hold her own, but he was still a little surprised at what he had just learned. He noticed that the fairy type had landed a critical hit, and it withstood the attack of the water shuriken even more than a light screen could allow. Clearly it had some kind of unique trait.

Erica retrieved her pokemon and sent out a different choice, Dragulong.

"Dragulong, try using sludge bomb." The dragon agreed with and followed its trainer's plan. When the giant poison ball hit, it defeated Sylveon.

The pig tailed girl returned her pokemon and pulled out her final pokeball. Shauna smiled a very happy grin. "I'm really glad that I got the chance to do this."

She threw out the sludge dragon (literally, its body is dripping with sludge) Goodra. Erica wanted to recall her pokemon, but she also wanted to show Shauna just how good she was. Yep folks, its a rotten seaweed dragon versus a dripping sludge dragon.

"Goodra, use your power up punch." The ears of the sludge dragon reared forward and punched fast.

"Dragulong, use your dragon tail." The Dragalge reared its tail up to hit the Goodra-

"Catch it." Goodra's ears caught the tail before it could hit his head. Erica cursed her luck as she decided to withdraw her pokemon for a more sturdier one. She sent Venus back out to rumble.

"Goodra, use your dragon pulse." the sludge dragon shot a beam of dragonic energy at the Venusaur.

The attack impacted, and Venus stood against the hit.

"Use double edge!" The grass dinosaur impacted against the sludge dragon, but it didn't succeed in enough damage. The teeth in Erica's mouth were gritting as she stormed to come up with a strategy. The face of the petite girl suddenly grew upset, and her friend caught onto it.

"Come on Erica, I know that you can do better than that!" Everyone was surprised at Shauna's sudden outburst. "We are not going to be afraid if you mega evolve your partner." Her sludge dragon nodded with her.

That demand really hit hard with the blond as she never expected that out of her friend. But with that shout, she understood why Shauna didn't pull back her Delphox earlier. She wanted to test the limits of her bonds with her pokemon. With a flick of her hand over her mega ring, the Venusaur started to shine and mega evolve.

"Venus, use petal blizzard." The giant grass type launched a fury of leaves. The damage was significant because of the same type bonus in the attack.

"Goodra use poison tail." Goodra obeyed and slammed against its opponent with a great force of the tail. Venus was barely left standing.

"Now finish it with outrage." Goodra was about to win. It suddenly stopped, both Shauna and her pokemon were surprised.

Some leech seeds were surrounding its legs and draining the pokemon's energy.

"Finish with petal blizzard." A lot of little flower petals stormed around the sludge dragon and defeated it. Shauna sighed disappointingly and retrieved her defeated pokemon.

Erica petted her pokemon and retrieved it. Shauna walked forward and congratulated her friend.

"That was amazing, but how did you pull off that last trick?"

"I had Venus launch the seeds as she mega evolved." Explained Erica.

"Wow, no wonder you're so good at this." Commented the pig-tailed girl.

Suddenly Trevor and Tierno walked into the picture and greeted their friend. Tierno walked up to her first.

"Erica, I know that this is sudden, but I challenge you to a battle."

"Really?" It seemed that today, the female protagonist was very popular as a subject of challenge.

"Yeah, I'd like to see how strong you really are." He held out a pokeball and tried to strike a pose. Brett walked forward to Erica.

"I'll heal up your pokemon first." Offered the hot-blooded champion.

"No, I think that I'll see what my limits are." Said Erica with a confident smile.

Brett reflected that smile and patted his friend on the head. He walked back to the spectators to see her limits too.

Erica decided to send out Psyedge first. Tierno sent out the water-dark crab, Crawdaunt. The blond immediately went for type advantage.

"Psyedge use power-up-punch."

"Crawdaunt, use sword dance." Tierno made a big mistake and didn't try to attack or defend.

"Uh, alright. Psyedge hit him with another power-up-punch." The psychic-fighting type punched the dark-water type in the gut, effectively defeating it.

Tierno exchanged his fallen crawdaunt for the next pokemon available. Roserade, a grass poison type with flowers on its hands and head.

"Roserade, use poison powder." The pokemon danced around and dispersed powder that weakened the Gallade.

"Psyedge, go ahead and use psycho cut." Psyedge deployed the psychic energy from its arm towards the plant type defeating it in the process, critical hit.

Tierno retrieved the Roserade and pulled out a familiar pokemon. It would be a lie if it was said that the blond wasn't surprised at the appearance of this pokemon.

"Talonflame?" The fire-flying type that Erica was use to was out to fight. Erica took this opportunity to bring Dragulong back.

"Talonflame, use flame charge." The phoenix-like pokemon charged forth and impacted against the poison type.

"Counter with your dragon pulse." Dragulong released the dragonic blast unto its target and succeeded in dealing damage.

"Counter with flamethrower." Fire spewed out of the bird's mouth.

"Hydro pump!" Dragulong launched a jet-stream of water that countered against the fire type, winning the battle.

Tierno retrieved his pokemon and congratulated his friend.

"Thanks Erica, watching you pursue in your strengths has inspired me to keep trying hard." He turned over to Trevor.

"You wanna give it a try?" Erica turned to her afro friend. She was eager, but halted that once she noticed the reluctance that was featured on Trevor's face.

"Erica...I really would like to battle you, but I don't think I'd be that good." Admitted the young boy with some embarrassment.

Erica walked over to him and put her hand on her shoulder with comfort. "Thats alright, you don't have to force yourself into something if you don't want to."

She displayed a smile of reassurance. It surprised him that she told him not to fight if he didn't want to. He knew that Erica was his supportive friend, but the afro boy expected a battle of some sort. Keith decided to weigh in on this since the boy reminded him of himself.

"You should pursue your own dreams and not let anyone steal them from you." He lectured Trevor like a master to his student. Trevor showed surprise from the support he was getting.

"Alright...thats what I'll do then." He smiled and gave a confident pose.

He ran off. Tierno faced back to his friends. "I'll be going off too, gotta fulfill my dream." He walked towards the previous city.

Shauna looked off the side of the bridge towards the west. "You know, I came on this journey to find my dream to follow through. I'm not really sure what it is. Be it adventuring or something else." Erica walked over to her friend.

"I think that what ever it is that you're searching for, it'll come to you somehow." Reassured the blonde protagonist.

Shauna gave her friend a glad smile. "Yeah, thanks Erica." She looked over to Brett and Keith. "You guys too." And she also left to somewhere else. To continue on finding her dream.

Erica turned to face her friends again. Keith turned around to continue towards the next city. But Brett tapped on Erica's shoulder, he felt like she deserved some kind of interesting information.

"You wanna hear something crazy about Keith?" Erica couldn't really resist the gossip.


"He was bullied a lot as a kid, and to prove to the rest that he was something amazing, he captured nearly every single possible pokemon in existence." Erica was gawking at such a thought.

For those who don't know, there are roughly 700 different species of pokemon, excluding all the different form changes. And while it seems that it is easy from a novice's point of view, it most certainly isn't.

"You shouldn't go around talking about things like that so casually." She slapped him on the arm. But Brett just shrugged his shoulders and walked off.

After that, a blush ran across Erica's face as she realized that she was really treating him like she was his younger sister in some kind of anime.

The trio then entered the next city, Snowbelle city. And as the name would imply there was plenty of snow falling down. Erica was shivering despite the fact that she was wearing a trench coat. But Erica suspected that her companions were in their regular outfits.

However they were wearing coats. And Erica's jaw dropped to the ground. Both of the champions caught on to her surprise.

"Something wrong?" Asked Keith.

"No, nothing at all." She was sulking. It seemed that nobody could really read their movements.

They decided to view around the place and see what the city had to offer. Erica quickly found there to be a boutique, she grabbed Brett's arm and dragged him to the store.

"What are you doing?"

"I think that we should find you a new look." This was all part of her plan to find out a little about his past.

"Keith help me!" It didn't seem fitting for such a person to be crying for help.

The brown haired boy was about to assist his friend. But as he was about to give chase, he found that something was calling to him.

Keith looked around to see if anyone was calling to him. But nobody was really beckoning to him, and it seemed like the call was psychic. Keith looked in the direction of the nearby forest.

'This feeling...'

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