Pokemon, The Beautiful Adventure

Chapter 27

Keith walked towards the forest that neighbored the city of Snowbelle. Said forest was called Winding Woods, meaning that travelers could get lost very easily. But then again, most travelers weren't like Keith.

"This place reminds me a lot of Eterna forest. I wonder if there is a haunted house anywhere around here?" Asked Keith as he walked around. And now that he mentions it, that would be a nice touch.

Back in the boutique of Snowbelle city Brett was facing his version of torture. Being forcibly dragged into a boutique by one of his friends and being forced to try on multiple clothes.

"Erica, how could you do this to me?" Whined Brett like some kind of housewife in a drama television show.

"Relax, so maybe the jacket doesn't look good on you."

At the moment, Brett couldn't bust out of the place because Erica had all of his pokemon. Basically, he was stuck till she got what she wanted. Judging by the fact that her friend was glancing at almost everything, she could guess that he was about to collapse.

'Just a little longer.' Thought Erica. She picked out a red messenger bag.

"I think this fits into your swag."

"Fine! We released Yveltal and Xerneas back to the wild yesterday, are you happy!?" Screamed the black-haired protagonist. She sighed and put her hands at her hips in response.

"No...wait, you what?"

Instead of answering Brett faked a heart attack and a seizure on the ground. Erica tried to calm him down as they were starting to get some strange looks from the other customers. Suddenly the blond was regretting taking her friend to the store.

"Um, is he ok?" Asked one of the store clerks.

"If we're being honest, I'm not sure." Answered Erica.

"I'm not ok, I'm very claustrophobic." Said the trainer who was now spinning on the floor.

"But there's ten feet between you and the walls." Retorted the clerk. Brett just continued spazzing out.

"Gah leg muscle spasm!" He then dashed out the door, forcing Erica to give chase after him.

Back in Winding Woods, Keith was aimlessly walking around. As he continued walking around, he noticed something interesting. Some of the trees began to move without any wind blowing by. The analytical champion reached down and picked up a stone.

"Reveal yourself!" He launched a stone at one of them. The tree that he hit suddenly appeared agitated, and it somehow turned around. The 'tree' apparently had arms, and a red eye. Truthfully, it was actually the ghost-grass type, Trevenant.

Putting aside the fact that he felt like he was in some kind of horror film, Keith was trying to analyze why this pokemon was hiding from him. A quick question might give him the answer.

"I'm sorry for that, but why were you hiding from me?" Expecting an answer, he approached closer to the tree pokemon. And then suddenly, there wasn't just one moving tree. Multiple Trevenants had followed him, and now cornered the champion.

Keith was about to rationalize with them till he could feel an odd sensation. These pokemon were probing his thoughts. In agony he grasped his head as he was forced to feel the memories as well. Some that were great, others that hurt. Luckily for him, the pain died away quickly.

The ghost trees suddenly bore smiles, as best as they could, and left him to be.

A exterior psychic feeling suddenly came into his mind. Giving him a internal sense of direction of which way to go. Without having any other information, the champion followed the sense.

He was lead to a place littered with flowers. Though it was near a snowing city, the sunlight was really bright. Keith took off his trench coat at the increased temperature.

"What is the place?" Upon entry, Keith met a man who was big and wearing a white shirt and a large blue coat in the form of a cape. He had white hair and a mustache-beard combo.

"You there! What do you think you're doing here!?" His yelling surprised Keith.

"Intrigue is tempting." Answered Keith as regained his composure. The man rubbed his beard, almost understanding what Keith was talking about.

"Tell me, what region are you from?"

"I'm from Kanto." Then man walked over to Keith as if inspecting him.

"Do you have any proof?" Keith held out a medallion that had a myriad of colors on it.

"This should be more than enough proof." The man backed away in surprise.

"I-I see, so you're the Champion of Kanto?" My name is Wulfric, I am the local gym leader." He turned around to the field. "Hey you can come out now, this one's good!"

Several pokemon came out of the tall grass patches. Keith kneeled down to pet a nearby Furfrou. He could immediately guess that this place was for abandoned pokemon.

"These pokemon all came from abusing trainers. They make a great home out of this place." Keith looked closer to examine some wounds that weren't inflicted by battle. He could feel some sympathy for them.

"I should tell you that you'll have some challenges soon." Warned Keith, Wulfric walked out of the village.

"I look forward to them then." Answered the gym leader as he left the village.

Keith walked further into the village, interacting with some of the pokemon. As he ventured further, he came upon a cave. For some reason he expected there to be an ace trainer guarding it.

"Could it be..."

'Yes it is.' Responded a voice in Keith's head. His curiosity forced him to walk into the cave and was greeted with a familiar sight.

Back in Snowbelle city. Erica was trying to find out where Brett was hiding. Because she had his pokemon, there was absolutely no way he could get too terribly far away from this city. She came upon a boy and girl that looked like they were from some college.

"Excuse me." Pardoned Erica as she gained their attention. "Have you seen a guy run pretty fast around here?" They both shook their heads, Erica put her hand above her head.

"He is about this tall and black hair." Described Erica, and the guy snapped his fingers in response.

"I think I saw a guy like that run in that direction a little earlier." Erica gave a quick thanks as she ran in the direction. The guy was suddenly hit in the head with a snowball.

"You've gotta try better than that Josh." He scooped a snow ball in retaliation.

"Lets see you do better, Amber." Ah what a natural snow ball fight for college students.

The skilled blond trainer continued in the same direction that Josh had pointed towards. As she continued in the same direction, she found no sign of her reckless friend. Not even any footprints anywhere. Her long trek even led her towards the edge of the city, so the next course of action was to retrace her steps.

"Now where could he be?" As she kept retracing, she came upon a snowman. Curiosity and deviousness spread across her face.

"Oh well, I guess that we should challenge the gym without Brett." Said the blond in a passive way and started to walk away.

"I'm not that stupid." Mumbled the snowman. Erica smirked deviously.

After a few minutes of argument she convinced him to come out of the snowman and into the pokemon center so he wouldn't get sick. It is amazing how stubborn hot-blooded protagonists are, it's just a good thing that Erica isn't one of them.

"Why did you put me through that?" Whined Brett.

"Sorry, I just wanted to see if there was anything that you could tell me about your past." Apologized Erica as she gave him a cup of warm tea. In return he gave a look of surprise.

"Well, to be honest I don't remember anything past my eighth year." Admitted Brett.

Now it was Erica turn to be surprised. While it sounded key for some kind of anime, she couldn't help but feel sorry for her friend. She felt another question forming inside her head.

'Does that mean that he travels to find clues about his past?' Thinking in such a manner didn't help to sooth her worry.

"Now it's your turn." Erica was snapped out of her thoughts.


"I think you should tell me about your past." Explained the black-haired teen as he leaned a little closer.

Back at the pokemon village Keith approached a being that he had met before.

"Nice to see you again, Mewtwo." Greeted Keith.

Said pokemon turned to face him. It seemed that the legendary had known Keith. More than that, it lead him here with that psychic sensation.

"Why is it that you're always so young?" Joked Keith.

'You just age too fast.' Said the legendary pokemon. Keith couldn't help but laugh a little at that answer.

'Tell me, what brings you to this region?'

"What else? To simply become better." Answered Keith.

'Are you sure that its not to capture me again?' The glasses wearing champion laughed again, he could somehow read through this being's seriousness.

Keith put his hands up, but he still had a humorous look on his face. "Relax. Brett might be here, but he has not intention of catching any legendary. We even released a couple the other day."

Mewtwo faced away from his old friend, it appeared that something else was still bothering it. Keith caught on to this interesting doubt and decided to dig into it.

'You have another companion with you.' Stated the legendary pokemon.

"If you're talking about Erica, then I can guarantee that she wont try to use you for anything." Promised Keith. He always knew that Mewtwo didn't trust humans too well.

Mewtwo gave a disbelieving look anyways, despite his friend's assurance. The genetic pokemon turned to face him.

'How can you confirm that?'

"Just read my mind."

The friendly conversation had become a stare off between a legendary pokemon and a legendary trainer.

A little while later, it was starting to become dusk. Erica and Brett waited at the pokemon center for their friend to return. Brett was being patient as it was, but Erica was still embarrassed at what she had to tell him earlier.

"Brett, let me make it clear that you can never tell anyone about that." Demanded Erica with a red face.

"Relax, so you had a-" He didn't get to finish as she pushed him into the ground. A shade of crimson deepened on the blond's face.

"What did I tell you?"

Soon after, Keith entered the pokemon center. He wasn't really surprised by the sight of his rival on the ground and his younger friend with an embarrassed face.

"I'm not going to explain." Said Erica, she then pointed to Brett on the ground. "And if he tries, I'll just get Venus to attack him."

Keith looked at the scene with an unsurprised face. "Yeah, I kinda guessed that already. Just for your information, the gym leader is now available for match." The other two trainers perked up at hearing that.

He walked past them anyways. "I'll go later, go without me."

Brett and Erica went into the gym to challenge the final gym leader of the region. And it seemed that it was absolutely massive on the inside of the building.

"It's alien technology right?" Joked Erica as she elbowed Brett.

"No this one is just underground." She fell to the ground on her butt.

After getting back on her feet, Erica made the first steps to her last gym battle in Kalos.

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